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UFO Sighting in Belleville, Ontario on 1987-10-31 00:00:00 – 3 objects below cloud cover going over me

It was 1987 in the month of november. i was 15 years old having a cigarette in the backyard when i observed this. it was overcast and the objects were flying below the clouds. they were boomerang shaped with no lights. flying too slow for conventional flight. there were 3 flying in a v formation. at first i thought nothing of it because living near to trenton on the location of canada’s largest air base i’m used to seeing aircraft flying over. but it suddenly occurred to me…There was no sound. no lights. i haven’t told anyone about this experience. until now.

UFO Sighting in Knoxville, Tennessee on 2007-06-01 00:00:00 – Was driving nw on cecil ave to go home topped the hill and there was a huge ufo in the clouds partially in and partially out there were no lights on it was like 2 disc on top and bottom with windows all around the ufo in the middle of the 2 disc,

1. driving on cecil ave nw toward n broadway
2. topped a hill
3. i knew what it was and i gave it the finger
4. it was like 2 disc on top and bottom with windows in the middle all the way around it.
5. i was talking to my husband while i was driving, i got mad, i felt like i wanted to fight it, and gave it the finger and called it a name, but husband says he did not see it was wondering if i was loosing my mind.
6. i lost sight of it when i looked back down at the road to not hit anyone and try to pull over so could get better look when i looked back up it was cloked or hid behind the cloud it was in cause i was not able to see it anymore.

UFO Sighting in Lexington, Kentucky on 2018-03-03 17:43:00 – Travelling on hywy 64w noticed a bright elongated object going straight up with several other objects going from south to north.

Saturday march 3,2018, myself and a friend were heading back to louisville from the red mile gaming facility at about 5:30 . we were heading west on hywy 64w. the sun was starting to set, being a sky watcher i noticed this elongated looking object that appeared to be hovering (not moving), and then we saw several fast moving objects moving from south to north at almost horizon level. i was able to snap a few photos, but due to flowing traffic i was unable get better shots. i circled the objects in question.

UFO Sighting in Texas on 2018-03-07 10:34:00 – Large, very low to the ground and very fast. est 1800 mph

Object appeared slightly east of rt 183 1 mile north of gonzales tx, traveling due west at a very high rate. when i crested the hill and was able to see the object again, i saw 2 of them, apperared to be in a formation were one was lower and to the right. they were completely out of sight in seconds. talked to ken atg the san antonio office, he told me to file this report. i first thought it was an ultra light plane by our little airport, but quickly realised it was big, the i thought…Man is that thing booking accross the sky. then i saw the other one. no time to react…Soooooo fast!

UFO Sighting in Trabuco Canyon, California on 2018-03-07 00:00:00 – I was sitting with my mothers caregiver in the livingroom. it was about 12:30am i looked up at the skylight to see the stars now and again. i looked up and saw a white orb-like object slowly moving north. it looked like the size of a basketball.

I was sitting with my mothers caregiver in the livingroom. it was about 12:30am i looked up at the skylight to see the stars now and again. at one point i looked up and saw a white orb-like object slowly moving north. it looked like the size of a basketball. i said “look at that weird light, what is that?” the caregiver was sitting on the other side of the room and did not have the view i did. i stood up, it was still moving slowly north. i took one more look to study it for details. it was featureless, except for the white glow. as i studied it, it suddenly moved out of sight. the caregiver was slow to get up from the other side of the room and did not see the object. we went outside to see if we could see anything, it was a clear stary night. we could not see anything that could explain what i saw.

UFO Sighting in Pasadena, California on 2018-02-18 15:20:00 – Metalic like sphere size of an exercising ballon maybe 3ft on diameter

I was outside laundromat on the parking lot waiting for my laundry and i was sitted on my car facing north i noticed a gray metalic sphere passing by going on a straight light, no traces no sound were observed. object disapeared. it was traveling on one direction steady speed, i cannot calculate the speed but it was not going fast. flying kind of low.

UFO Sighting in Envigado, Antioquia on 2018-02-04 21:00:00 – Just 3red lights moving to diferent ways towards a start

I was watching the sky, when my mother and i saw three red lights on sky .
they were moving toward a star, in diferent direcctions; first up then toward, then looked like turned around and then they go up and dissapear.
two lights were close , the other appear from the south and went to south west direction.

UFO Sighting in Sonoita, Arizona on 2018-02-19 06:19:00 – Light seen under cloud cover while camping.

My son and i were camping at parker lake sunday to monday. i was looking for a break in the cloud cover around 6am. spotted a light below clouds approx 3 miles south. moved to less than a mile very quickly. light pulsed from bright to dark in three phases. i took 3 photos before my phone would no longer take pictures. it had a grid on the screen that i have not ever seen before. i tried to record video, did not work and would not photograph in any mode. after the light went dark for the last time phone functions went back to normal. my truck stalled three times when i started it around 10am to leave because the rain had not stopped. around ari i g home it stalled again and would not start. the fuel pump was affected, i removed it and ran a direct current to it and it started to work again. the object was due south and traveled 3 miles north in the ti e it took for me to turn and pick up my phone and turn back. i had hoped to use the camera to get an idea of what i was seeing. there is no way it was anything g in the sky, stars or planets due to the unbroken thick cloud cover. it had started to rain about 5:30 pm and did not stop. it was still raining when we left around 10am on monday morning.
i tried to wake my seven year old son to see the object but he was fast asleep and would not wake up. there were no vehicles moving anywhere, no boats on the lake, no obvious lights of any kind that i could see. it is not possible that it was an aircraft, either fixed wing or helicopter due to the distance traveled in such a short amount of time. there was no sound and the object appeared to be south over the far bank of the lake and a little below the cloud cover. it wen from very bright to a mid brightness to almost dark. it continued this cycle for approximately 25-30 mi utes before going completely dark at which time my phone began to function normally again. i have 3 photos taken one after the other in less than one minute. i will attach them in order along with zoomed copies in order taken.

UFO Sighting in Richfield, Wisconsin on 2017-08-12 00:00:00 – Multiple orange orbs

i was driving home, going south on highway 41where the road joins up with highway 45 and as i looked to the east, right before the merging, i noticed these lights lined up vertically, possibly could’ve been a communication tower but the color orange was bugging me. i’m trying to steal glances as i’m driving.

i found an area to observe, which took about 5 minutes, got out of the car and started the video. they are slowly, drifting different directions (not uniformly as balloons/lanterns might) at different rates, appearing, disappearing, pulsing; there was no audible sound and the area is primarily farm land.

i had no alcohol in my system and completely sober. and was a trained observer and combat aircrewman on the p3 orion. this is my first sighting of something that i cannot explain. this location is near holy hill, richfield wi. which has long been rumored to have ufo activity

UFO Sighting in Lake Village, Indiana on 2018-02-27 22:20:00 – 2 bright white flashes ovalish in shape to the west

I was sitting on the porch relaxing and noticed a flash out of the corner of my eye then i started watching the sky and 5 minutes later i saw the second flash directly to the west up in the clouds it was a very bright white flash kind of ovalish in shape more round than a football my fiance also saw it on her way home from work she was driving down rt 10 towards us 41 at roughly 10:20 10:30 pm it looked way to white to be a natural phenomenon like lighning