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UFO Sighting in Lenox, Massachusetts on 2017-08-19 22:00:00 – 3 ufos in triangle formation.

I was attending an outdoor concert at tanglewood in lenox, ma. i had noticed various aircraft throughout the evening at high altitude with flashing strobes, etc. point of interest, i grew up around naval air stations and air force bases most of my life, and am extremely familiar with numerous aircraft and aircraft types.

i happened to notice some movement overhead, and was surprised to see 3 teal colored objects in a perfect triangle formation. the color was kind of a dull colored teal, not overly bright. they began accelerating rather quickly and then disappeared into some cloud cover. no strobes at all and they were absolutely and completely silent. all 3 objects accelerated together at a surprising speed, all the while maintaining the perfect triangle formation. total observation time was only 5 or 6 seconds, but it was enough to unnerve me a little bit.

while i have believed in ufos for a very long time, and know some people who had seen some before, this was the first time i have seen any.

i have f-15 eagles, c-5 galaxys, c-130s, chinooks, blackhawks, hueys and other aircraft fly over my home several times a week, at all hours, sometimes quite low and loudly, as i live between the westover afb and the barnes afb.

but this was not something of ours. the precision of the formation, and the coordination of the acceleration, was absolutely perfect, and something we are not able to do. not like this. and all without making sound.

again, it was a bit unnerving.

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UFO Sighting in Altadena, California on 2017-08-19 20:24:00 – Appeared starlike..Got larger,and brighter.Traveled east then in a flash was gone. earlier noticed a black,sphere, but thought it was a balloon.

We were at an outside concert at farnsworth park in altadena,ca. at dush i pointed out a black sphere to my friend, and said that we were being watched. at around 8:20 p.M. or so i noticed a star, but it wasnt there earlier. as i watched it seemed to get larber ,and brighter….It was very white..Ne of the amphitheater. it traveled very slowly east then got even brighter then gone!! all in a matter of seconds…I would say u der a mi ute. i didnt even have a chance to point it out to my friend! i kept searching the sky for something else the rest of the night ,but nothing.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Aurora, Illinois on 2016-07-31 00:00:00 – Me and two other friends witnessed a giant triangular shape with lights on each corner come over the horizon and over the houses, lost sight afterwards

Me and two of my friends were camping in one of the friend’s backyard. while we were sitting at the fire a giant blackish gray triangle with orange-white changing lights on each corner of the shape. all three of us stood to look at it as it passed over us and kept moving slowly over the rooftops until we couldn’t see it anymore. this was about three years ago but all of us remember it vividly. the only reason we noticed it was because i saw one of the lights out of the corner of my eye. either this thing was huge or really close to the ground because it seemed like each light was a few football fields apart. it was midnight so it was hard to gauge distance without light or clouds. there wasn’t any noticeable sound but we all agreed we felt a slight hum while it passed. at first the object looked like three planes flying in unison, but they were way too far apart for a normal flight and the stars were being blocked out by something. there wasn’t any extreme feelings we felt except for amazement and a bit of fear after it left.

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UFO Sighting in Steger, Illinois on 2017-08-19 21:48:00 – I thought it was a blue star until it moved

I had just returned home from a family event and noticed a bright blue light in the sky between the trees as i was exiting my vehicle. it was a cloudless, starry night. i walked down the driveway to get an unobstructed view. i was very intrigued by the unusual sight of a blue star, which was my first impression. it was located amongst a cluster of other stars high in the night sky, but larger and more distinct. my father was nearby and i called him over to my vantage point to observe the phenomenon. we stared at it in amazement trying to figure out what it could be. as i prepared to start recording video with my phone, this “star” began moving slowly in a straight path toward the northeast, accelerated, then descended in a rapid, zigzag pattern until we lost sight of it behind the tree lines on the horizon. i went online attempting to locate any reports of this sighting by others to no avail. it was unlike anything i have ever seen before.

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UFO Sighting in Conroe, Texas on 2017-08-14 23:30:00 – Star like object. naked eye, slow oscillation -1.0 magnitude to 7(visible through 11×80. 15 min to move across 45 degrees of sky

I am a amateur astronomer living about 45 miles north of houston. i’m 25 miles north of iah. i have seen aircraft of every description and many different kinds of running lights…This was very different from anything i have seen before.
the sky was cloudless and had good visibility. i noticed the object about 11:20pm and thought it might be a high flying jet. it appeared to be moving too slowly to be a jet and for the same reason i concluded that it was not a satellite. using a pair of 11×80 binoculars i could not detect any body to the craft indicating low reflectance, great distance or small size. at less than 10,000ft i generally can see some detail on jets at night with the 11×80 binoculars as they have about a 6mm exit pupil. my guess is that the craft was between 15k and 35k feet in altitude and moving between 100 to 200 mph.
i think the most unusual aspect was the oscillating light. it was beacon like and white. no other light colors were ever observed. if you can imagine a lighthouse on its side, five or six miles up with the light rotating every 20-40 seconds. the light appeared to be rotating on an axis that was parallel to the ground. it was not a strobe light, this light appeared to shine directly into my binoculars as it rotated in my direction and then away. to the naked eye this beacon effect was not visible, only a change in brightness from invisible to visible and then bright(as the light scanned past me).
one other observation…I live out in the country…Its quiet. there was no sound detected.

stan simpson

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UFO Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 2017-08-13 00:00:00 – I was taking pictures of the sunset and saw green lights.

I was taking pictures of the sunset and i saw green lights i pulled the phone away and saw green lights moving around i then looked at the pictures i took and saw that i had pictures of the object.
i then researched website of ufo sightings. i then decided to send it to your website.
at first i was frightened i haven’t seen anything like that. i wasn’t to sure if i should send it or not. but i am very curious to know what it could be. i hope you’ll be able to give me a piece of mind.

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UFO Sighting in Hampton, Virginia on 2017-08-17 20:45:00 – A red light hovered, flew left, turned blue, hovered, turned blinking white and disappeared behind my house.

I was getting in my suv to go to the store around 845 thursday night, aug. 17, 2017. a stationary red light in the dark sky caught my attention. at first i thought it might b mars but it was too bright. then i thought it might be an aircraft moving in my direction which just appeared to be stationary. langley air force base is not far away. i watched the object, puzzled. suddenly it changed color to blue and moved in front of a cloud and then hovered again. finally it turned white, switched on a strobe light and moved steadily toward my right. i got on my cell phone and called my wife to come outside and see a ufo. she was reluctant to do so but finally asserted and came outside. by that time its path took it behind my house. i ran through the house and looked at the sky behind my house, but it was obscured by tall trees. i lost sight of it. i reported the incident to a hampton police dispatcher, a reporter for the local nbc tv affiliate wavy and a reporter for the local abc affiliate, wvec. drone? you got me. living near lafb and newport news williamsburg airport, i am used to seeing and hearing aircraft regularly. i have never seen anything like this.

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UFO Sighting in Ludowici, Georgia on 2017-08-18 22:30:00 – I had just got home from working late i parked in my driveway walked around the truck to get my computer bag out looked up like i always do and i said what are you to the sky then the bright flashes of light started to appear

I was about to open my passenger door to get my computer out and go inside. i looked up as always and i saw the stars clustered together and i said what are you. at that point i saw a flash of light and i just thought it was a shooting star. i kept looking up and saw the flashed of light many more times it looked metallic but i argued with myself because the sky w dark and the object was so far away. i went inside to get my wife and kids to tell them to come and see. by the time they got outside it was not visible anymore.

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UFO Sighting in Boise, Idaho on 2017-08-18 21:45:00 – Ufo, was going west it stopped hovered and started going east.

Ufo came across the sky heading west, i noticed a very slight high pitched sound, it looked like an airplane trying to make a very sharp turn like the plane had one wing pointing straight up and one down, i could not make out the exact shape of the object because it was night but there were far too many lights for it to be an airplane they were sequential lights. as i watched it head west it was as if it turned so that it’s “wings” were horizontal, it stopped dead and started to slowly move slightly to the left and right and also up and down, after about thirty seconds it started to move eastward and began descending behind the tree line, which is when i lost sight of it.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Fort Collins, Colorado on 1991-12-05 18:30:00 – Driving home from loveland to fort collins, looked up and saw this huge triangle to the north moving very slowly

I was traveling north on shields between loveland and fort collins when i noticed something to my right. i slowed down and looked up, and saw a huge triangular craft heading north along with me. i opened all four windows and my sunroof to try to hear something, and heard no noise. came to a stop at the intersection of trilby and shields, and watched the craft slowly turn to the east. i couldn’t turn right to follow, as there were cars in the turn lane, and i couldn’t get over there. my best memory for the description was a large triangle with large white lights at each tip, multi-colored lights all over the bottom of the craft, with a dome-like circle in the middle of the undercarriage. 8 months later, while outside one evening, i noticed three triangular lights way up in the sky above me, moving to the north very slowly. there were no blinking lights on it, so i knew it wasn’t an airplane. i recognized it immediately as the craft i had seen initially.

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