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Black Triangle Sighting in Tampa, Florida on 2017-03-25 21:30:00 – It was 930 at night and i went outside to have a cigarette and saw 25 to 30 triangle shaped lights going by in the sky

Report filled out at mufon headquarters with witness on the phone, by field investigator l. flechtner 18809 on 4/26/2017

it was 930 pm and i went outside for a smoke. when i looked up i saw 25 to 30 triangle shaped objects going by. they were glowing yellow very brightly in the middle and yellowish orange on the edges. they flew in formation across the sky. they moved from the north to the southwest. i would say they were 500′ to 1000′ high in the sky and were 20 to 40′ in size. they just flew across the sky and just before i lost sight of them they seemed to shoot up into the stratosphere. the whole event lasted 2 minutes.
i did get some pictures with my phone, but i didn’t have time to take a video. i do not have internet so i could not attach the pictures.

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UFO Sighting in Beaumont, California on 2017-04-19 21:08:00 – Object fades into view, brightens & hovers, moves slowly ne, then fades from view

I regularly film the night sky in my area, using an unattended, tripod mounted full-spectrum ‘ghost-pro’ camera. upon review of the night of 4/19/2017, i found i had captured an object that seems to fade into view, & slowly moves in a northeast direction, moving so slowly i have to call it hovering. it brightened, then fades away, just as it appeared, it seemed to be under intelligent control, & the incident lasts for a full 5 seconds. the attached video shows a real-time ‘raw’ footage, then highly zoomed, & slowed by 50%, then i applied an ‘edge detection’ & further slowed to 30% of real time. i noticed flashes all around the object become visible when slowed. after the video i provided close-up stills, with both negative photographic value, & ‘green-screen’ for comparison. the stills show the object appearing to ‘morph’, while in movement. the orientation of the camera is; north is ‘down’, east is right-side of picture, filming ursa major area, but full-spectrum photography doesn’t pick-up starlight very well. camera is equipped with a microphone, but the incident is silent.

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UFO Sighting in Rhyolite, Nevada on 2017-04-13 00:00:00 – Solid white light moved left to right, stopped, changed color to red and disappeared

While photographing long exposures with two friends, myself and one other were looking at the stars. we could clearly distinguish between what was a shooting star, an airplane, and a satellite.

at one point we noticed a bright moving light, which we at first thought was a shooting star, but we determined it was too slow. we determined it was not an airplane either because it did not have a flashing beacon light.

after observing the light for 30-45 seconds, the object abruptly stopped and hovered in place for around 10 seconds, and then changed color from white to red and disappeared.

we discussed the object for quite some time, not jumping to conclusion it was something extraterrestrial, but maybe some kind of military craft because of our proximity to area 51 (around 150-200 miles) but even that conclusion doesn’t feel entirely satisfying.

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Alien Encounter in Paignton, England on 2016-08-09 05:09:00 – Oldway mansion entity

I was walking around the grounds of oldway mansion and i had just walked along a path that had trees on both side and had just walked down a small set of steps when i had the feeling of being watched. i turned around and to my amazement there was some type of entity floating slightly off the ground next to a tree. the entity had a sphere that was floating above it’s right shoulder. i was gobsmacked. luckily i had my small fujifilm pocket camera with me. i quickly got the camera out of my pocket and ready to take a photograph. with that the entity started to disappear the legs first followed by the rest of it’s body. the sphere that was above the entity flew up through the trees in to the sky and disappeared out of sight. i run over to the spot were the entity had been and there was no sign of anything. i had managed to take a photograph just as the entity had started to disappear and managed to capture the upper body of the entity along with the sphere that was above it. the strange thing is that i had the same thing happen to me at decoy country park with what appeared to be a pleiadian being. it’s very strange. the photograph was taken on 9 ‎august ‎2016, 5:09 pm at oldway mansion paignton devon england.

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UFO Sighting in Newton Abbot, England on 2015-12-24 15:38:00 – Egg shaped ufo with pulsing light

I was sky watching when i spotted an egg shaped object that was quite low in the sky. the egg shaped object was moving fast at first but then slowed right down giving me enough time and the opportunity to take a photograph. the object did not seem to care if it was seen or photographed. the egg shaped object had what looked like a searchlight on the bottom of it. the light would pulse on and off in short bursts it was very strange. i managed to take three photographs of this strange egg shaped object before it slowly moved off over some houses and off into the distance. other people must of seen this bizarre object as it was broad daylight and the object was low in the sky. the photographs were taken on the 24th of ‎december ‎2015, 3:48 pm gmt at newton abbot devon england.

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UFO Sighting in Huntington, West Virginia on 2012-07-01 00:00:00 – Object came floating down like a leaf and stood about 2 feet in front of me and daughter.

my daughter and i was coming out of my apt around 11 pm at night. we were getting the children into the car. after fastening the first child into his seatbelt i went around to the back of the car to approach the other side to help her get the other child buckled in. this was when i first noticed the object in the sky. i noticed what i thought was a bag descending out of the east and it was floating like a leaf. it was a hot summer night and a little breeze was blowing and it was possible that the wind could have been carrying an empty paper bag. it was hard to see at first of the color and shape until it got closer. but once it got closer the appearance was totally different then what we observed when it was in midair. my daughter and i stood and watched it after getting the children fastened into the car seats. when this thing got within two feet of both of us i was amazed and dumbfounded to what i was looking at as i never ever seen anything like it and nor has my daughter. i really believe it had intelligent life and i will explain why. this objects shape was a long oval like but bigger, wider. the body was like that of a jellyfish that you could see through. in the middle of this object which was about 2 to 3 feet long, had a rod in it but not like a regular rod maybe i should say it was shaped like a rod and it was pulsating blue and from this rod like thing it flashed like lightening does. now the reason i believe this had intelligent life is because the moment i said to my daughter “oh my god, what is that”, it stopped right in front of us. i am 5’4″ tall and this thing was at eye level with me. i was not scared but fascinated and curious as i have never seen anything like it. we stood there and observed it for about 2 to 3 mins making small talk about what it could be. my daughter all of a sudden felt afraid and said she was leaving. when i went to close her passenger front door and she got in the car this thing left going to the east and went in between two apt buildings. when my daughter left i went to see where it may have gone but it was no where to be seen between the two apt buildings where i saw it go. i called the weather station that night and told them what i had seen and the only thing they said was i saw something extraordinary. although this happened about 4 or 5 years ago i still can’t get it out of my head. i have thought about being put under hypnosis and have someone draw what we saw but have never done it. i have searched on the internet to try and find what we saw and still have not found anything remotely close. i really wish i knew what it was, what it was doing and where it came from. i didn’t know about this site before or who to call to report it. i moved out of my apt a few months later not because of what i had seen or anything to do with that. my next door neighbor called me and told me she had seen that thing that my daughter and i had seen. i am 62 years old and i don’t make up things so this is the god’s truth. i hope you or somebody can explain what it was i saw.

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UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on 2017-04-23 04:30:00 – White greyish cigar ufo

It was sunday april 23rd about 4:30 am, i was alone on the balcony of my home having a cigarette and was gazing at the moon above the forest in front of my house, it was a waning crescent moon that night which was a reddish color at that moment. as i was observing the moon thinking about different non related things in my mind, i all of the sudden noticed a big cigar shaped object a couple degrees to the right of the moon, the object seemed large it was of a white/grey color, cylindrical shaped, what seemed to be the front of the cylinder was a couple degrees upward and the bottom a couple degrees downward in other words it was at an angle, it did not move it was static in the sky at the moment i noticed it. i was confused as i didn’t understand what it was, a lapse of 3 seconds went by until the object seemed to pulsate once a white circular light at the bottom end of the ship, in a fraction of a second after this pulse was emitted the object pro-pulsed itself at an incredible speed the movement lasted about a second, at the end of the second the object pulsated another white circular light this time at the front of the the ship, and it seemed to have entered this light and disappeared. there was absolutely no sounds emitted whatsoever before during or after the incident.
the ottawa airport is about 2 mins away from where the incident happened, and i am used to seeing airplanes taking off or flying by i always hear them, and i am more than certain that this was no plane, this object was huge, had no wings, it was static in the air, it made no sounds what so ever!,it flew at a speed of a shooting star upwards and disappeared.
after i witnessed this event i went inside my house scared and woke up my friend who was sleeping on my couch, i told him what had happened but he was really sleepy so he went to bed.

i have attached a sketch of what i saw and i have enumerated the sequence of how the event happened, the following is a brief description of the events:

1) noticed the cylinder object static a couple degrees from the moon. duration 3 secs.

2) object emits one pulse of white light at the bottom end. duration about 1 second.

3) object shoots off at an incredible speed upwards the positioning of the moon.

4) object while moving at the incredible speed emits a pulse of white light at the front end.

5) object while moving enters the white light.

6) white light disappears.

7) event finished. duration a total of give or take 5 seconds.

fyi: the sticks at the bottom of each drawing are trees.

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UFO Sighting in Wilmington, Illinois on 2017-04-22 00:00:00 – There was a orb of red/orange light that had a tail similar to a shooting star, but definitely was not a shooting star. it happened so quickly, the “tail” was a gust of white, like a mist

Me and a group of friends were walking down the mindow forest preserve trail heading to the old joliet arsenal. we all saw this happen, it happened so quick.

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UFO Sighting in Hudson, Wisconsin on 2017-04-22 23:30:00 – Glimpsed a large object glide like a leaf just before concealing behind a building. brownish, illuminated, moving about 20 mph, non-static object, bigger than a car, completely silent. the most noticeable features were the speed and the way it moved.

Location: middle of historic hudson, wi, several blocks from the st. croix river in a residential area. late saturday night. i was about to get into my car in the parking lot of a building. the car was pointed south with the building (roughly 4 stories) behind us across the parking lot. i was on the drivers side, my fiance was on the passenger side. i was facing south, she faced north. i was about to open the door when my fiance says “wow, what is that?!?!” and i turn around just in time to see a large, brownish, object disappear behind the building. it moved west above a street and quickly moved out of sight behind the building. it was illuminated though i could not see if it was reflecting or providing its own light. it seemed like it had undefined edges and moved quickly, i approximate around 25 mph to conceal itself behind the building. the weirdest thing was how it moved: best described like how a piece of paper or a leaf moves when it is lifted by heat from a fire. gliding. i had no idea what it was when i first saw it. not like anything i have ever seen before or would have expected to see from a ufo sighting. i heard no sound from it. completely silent. i barely glimpsed it, though my fiance saw it for several more seconds than i did. it was not natural. it was much to large to be a bird – around the size of a sedan. it glided and had an undefined shape. it was above the treetops. we immediately ran around the building to try to spot it again but did not see anything. we stayed in the area a while longer and looked on roof tops and around the block but saw nothing. while walking around one corner of the building i felt my hair rise and i got goosebumps but saw nothing. just a very disturbing feeling. i returned to where i was when i saw it and waited for cars to drive by to see if maybe it was just their lights on the trees. it definitely was not. nothing else to report.

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UFO Sighting in Riverside, California on 2017-04-24 00:00:00 – Multiple objects recorded on video, don;t know what they are, not birds or planes.

I recently shot some footage with my new full spectum camera, of what was going to be sun shots.
i began moving the camera around by hand, not using a tripod, looking into the view finder, just to test the lighting.

i saw a long chem trail going from west to east right over my apartment, it looked like it has been there for a bit, so it was pretty dispersed.
i wasn’t specifically training the camera on anything, just in the general directions of both the chem trail and the sun.

this lasted only a few minutes, then i went back into my apartment.
the next day, is when i decide to look at the footage, and caught a few objects moving around.

to note, i did not see any of these object moving around the previous day with the naked eye. i did not see any birds or planes, just the already there chem trail.

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