The CIA’s Secret Counterintelligence Project

     When the U. S. Air Force, under Congressional pressure, appointed Dr. Edward U. Condon of the University of Colorado to head a purported “independent scientific study of UFOs” in 1966, it was the end result of the CIA secretly taking charge of UFO intelligence in late 1957, having […]

A Russian UFO Commission, the CIA, Carl Sagan and Mystery Metal

     When you get a chance, I would appreciate it if you would let Art Lundahl know that I have been in contact with Carl Sagan about the establishment of the UFO commission in the USSR. While Sagan is very interested in the UFO problem and in what we’re […]

UFO / ET Contact at CIA Head Quarters in Washington D.C.?

     [The] so-called “Psychic Incident” which took place at a CIA building in downtown Washington, D.C. … [It] reportedly occurred on July 6, 1959. And according to a report filed by Major Friend, USAF, By Just CauseSept 1978 Commanding Officer of Project Blue Book, contact was made, a UFO […]

CIA Photo Analyst Authenticates UFO Film | UFO CHRONICLE – 1976

     Arthur Lundahl, the government’s top photo interpreter who told President Kennedy that Russian missiles were in Cuba, says he’s seen a film of UFOs which he believes is totally genuine. Newspaper UnknownCirca 1976 Lundahl, 61, studied the original UFO movie film shot in Tremonton, Utah, by Navy photographer […]