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Daily UFO Headlines 10/16/2017

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Transcript of To the Stars Academy Press Conference

This is a quick and rough transcript aided by an auto-transcriber. It will be adjusted and corrected over time. For more information about the people in this presentation, visit: TotheStarsAcademy.com.

— Begin Transcript —

Tom DeLonge: Early this year I set out to do something pretty challenging. I wanted to shift perception on an extraordinary topic that had already over 70 years of research opinion and frankly quite effective just information. I had the rare opportunity to present my ideas to an executive with the Department of Defense who worked in the special access programs in an area called Watertown also known as Area 51. That meeting led to multiple clandestine encounters across the United States from desert airports to vacant buildings deep with Washington DC from these exchanges I learned three things: one, there are certain things that should never have been secret; two their secrets that were justifiable at the time which should now be disclosed. And three, there are things that are so unimaginable that certain interest that they should never ever be made public. After this you might even Agree.

I’m Tom Delonge and thanks for joining us live today.

This quote above me actually happened to me this past year. When I was young I dreamt about playing a rock show in front of all of my neighbors. As a seventh grader that seemed unattainable. I never expected to be so lucky as to have a band like Blink 182 in my life. It was something that was much more further out than a dream. It was something not even possible in any scenario that I can think of when I signed my first major record deal. I took my first check, bought a desktop computer so I could research the possibility of intelligent life in the universe. I’d stay up all night cataloguing archiving and highlighting small pieces of data thinking I could find a unified theory of sorts something to make sense out of the many elusive and mysterious events that seem to have interacted with mankind for thousands of years, sometimes for good and sometimes not so much.

My passion for the subject helped me envision a more interesting existence for us all; something more infinite and more exciting than the usual. I was a typical middle class kid from suburbia. Except I loved mystery. It was like I was on my own imaginary ride searching endlessly for an answer to all that is, as if there was such a thing. Now in adulthood, I’ve started to use my limited notoriety as a tool, a door opener to meet important people. I also did this while combining all of my entrepreneur early experience over the past 15 years into one company that could keep up with my racing mind. The result was a creative machine to help me discover comprehend and communicate large themes about the human race. I called it to the stars. I created a company that can produce original science fiction stories that inspire entertain and galvanize thinking. You would be surprised to know how difficult it is for the major film studios to create progressive content that is relevant, modern and just plain cool.

I’ve met with all of them and their hands are tied in many ways. I believe we’re filling a major void in their content creation space. I sometimes call To the Stars a science fiction Disney but for adults. Our projects are about dreams, the paranormal, consciousness and even a historical fiction account behind the UFO phenomenon and our dealings with it. While the company got on its feet, Blink 182 was unraveling in the press. I was traveling around the country secretly for 18 months at the time. I was working my way through NASA, the Department of Defense and various other agencies, and I couldn’t tell anyone at the time, including the band. Then the Wall Street Journal and some other large news organizations reported a story that some rock star was having video conference calls with senior military and defense contractor officials.

And I don’t think people really knew what to make of it at the time but the major news publications definitely started taking notice. Even they didn’t know how I had that kind of access. And over that time period the story of the millennia, as we call it, sat quietly in my head. I started to tell it in the book Secret Machines. Back then, I was even visited by a man and a certain agency. The conversation put me in my place fast. It was the first time I really digested the enormity of the national security implications of the UFO subject. His words were, and I remember sitting in the small room, “When your book came out there were calls coming in from everywhere. You know things you shouldn’t know. And I need to know who the hell you are.” And two days later, I I believe he realized the same thing that all the generals did that I was meeting with. I was respectful. I am humbled by the opportunity. I did everything I said I was going to do. And I was also an advocate for men and women in uniform. Now back to that Wall Street Journal article, that article lured some very important people out of the shadows. Principal players with the highest credentials and resumes. A strategy was developed that I really think can achieve the impossible. You must first understand that the Department of Defense has a culture of secrecy, not out of disdain or distrust for its citizens, but because it’s appropriate to protect the lives of its people technologies and methods, like my own brother who spent a career in the special forces. It’s not in their job description to help you and me understand the universe, past events or why certain actions were taken on the UFO phenomenon 70 plus years ago. They were too busy actually dealing with it. So this brings us to today. I’ve worked for two years to construct a mechanism that I feel is missing. One that can take the biggest secret and the most… the most controversial secret on earth and surround it with three groundbreaking strategies that will innovate, educate and hopefully wildly entertain at the same time. It’s called To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. We did this, truthfully, as hard as it may be for you to really understand, to define a future and not be victim to one.

And that was a service that I offered and that’s also why I received a ticket to meet some very invisible, but also very important, people. Now there is a subject that could potentially change the world. How would one approach it especially if the subject contained earth changing technology, the need to understand a coming tidal wave of information, and what my partners and I call again the story of the millennia. Again, a technology a need to learn more and some stories to tell. Our institution looks to build a perpetual funding machine that can continuously attack those three things; Aerospace, Science and Entertainment. Again, some important stories to tell, a need to learn more and a plan to engineer the technology observed. This is why I am here. This is why they are here. We’re going to bring it to the world and we’re going to show you today how we aim to achieve this.

We have a plan to bring the unimaginable, the stuff of dreams, to the world. To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science aims to communicate historic events and forward thinking ideas through motion picture and include you on an ongoing scientific discovery and build an exotic craft with an energy source that can revolutionize the world. And I would like you to help us push humanity over an invisible boundary that seems to confine us forcing us to make the same mistakes over and over again. And now let me introduce you to our team. And how are we going to achieve this impossible thing. So first my two co-founders, Jim Semivan, a career spy former senior intelligence service in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations a strategist with the ability to help To the Stars Academy navigate all the many sensitivities involved either with government or with others who may eventually want what we have. Dr. Hal Puthoff is a theoretical physicist and program director for numerous CIA and Department of Defense classified programs. Dr. Puthoff is the creator of the CIA’s own revolutionary psychic spy program still use to this day and his breakthrough science dealing with the engineering of space time is crucial to potentially understanding the technology observed. Leading our aerospace division, Steve Justice, last month, literally last month, Steve finished his career as director of advanced systems at Lockheed Martin Skunkworks and to this day Skunkworks of the U.S. government’s top tier aerospace organization for the development of advanced aircraft that meet our urgent national security needs. He will explain to you how this technology can revolutionize the world. Luis Elizondo literally finished his career at the Department of Defense as a senior intelligence officer in the office of the secretary of defense days ago and now he is on the stage with us. He served as national as director for the national program special management staff. Forgive me, these titles are very long, and he is going to architect some partnerships with some very sensitive places to help protect us to help protect the technology that we are going to be building so we together can achieve the extraordinary. Chris Mellon, chairman of the To the Stars Academy National Security Policy and Scientific Advisory Board, has a long career at the DPD as deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence and minority staff director of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Chris actually was involved in reviewing many of our nation’s most sensitive activities over the course of his career. I actually met him on a cold call one day and he turned out to be an incredible strategist, our main conduit to Washington D.C. and a very cherished friend. Be sure to share this broadcast because everyone is going to want to hear what he has to say, Chris

Chris Mellon: Thanks very much.

I’m thrilled to be here to be part of this team. I will start by providing a rationale for combining science and entertainment in a single company. What is the underlying unity of these distinct activities. There are two primary methods we used to learn about and understand the world. The first is through stories and the second is rational inquiry. There’s nothing more ubiquitous among humans than storytelling. We require stories to recount our experiences convey information and better understand the world. We’ve adapted our storytelling to new technologies but the vital tech the vital function of storytelling remains the same. Rational inquiry or the scientific method is the other principle means we use to make sense of the world. But storytelling and rational inquiry must work hand in hand for the benefit of society much is the right and left hemispheres of our brain work together. One analytical and the other intuitive in holistic. Albert Einstein identified the underlying unity of art and science when he said quote “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious is the source of all true art in science.” Now let me discuss the urgency we feel at To the Stars Academy in connection with our dual mission. Precisely sixty years ago this month the former Soviet Union proudly announced its success in placing the first man made satellite in orbit. The news fomented intense anxiety in the context of the Cold War but America was energized and enthusiastically entered an era known as the space race. Space Exploration sees the public’s imagination and we elected to reach for the moon. Sputnik was an unwelcome shot across the bow but it sparked a boom in science and engineering and enrollment in science and engineering courses surged at the same time the public devoured fiction and nonfiction books TV shows and movies on space exploration using those mediums to process the ramifications of the space age.

Now imagine for a moment that Sputnik had remained a secret known only to the Soviet Union and perhaps a small group at CIA. There would have been no public outcry or debate. This great boost to space exploration would not have occurred if the public had remained ignorant of Sputnik due to excessive secrecy. It will undoubtedly surprise the public to learn that we find ourselves once again in a race for technological innovation. Permit me to tell you a story in the hope of making this clear. We are presently standing within 10 miles of the home port of the USS Nimitz, a five billion dollar warship with a crew of thousands. It is one of the premier assets in the U.S. Navy. Envision the Nimitz operating off the coast of San Diego on a brilliant sunny day escorted by the USS Princeton,  an Aegis class cruiser that protects carrier battle groups by employing the most sophisticated naval air defense system in the world.

Imagine these ships engaging in a routine training exercise when an unidentified aircraft with a small radar cross section appears on the radar heading directly towards the battlegroup. The aircraft has no transponder does not respond to radio calls. The Princeton ? contacts two F-18s already aloft to intercept the target as the two F-18s approach the four aviators see that the object has no wings or exhaust. It is white, oblong, some 40 feet long and perhaps 12 feet thick. One pilot pursues the craft of his wing man stays high. The pilots are astonished to see the object suddenly reorient itself toward the approaching F-18. In a series of discreet tumbling maneuvers that seem to defy the laws of physics.

The object takes a position directly behind the approaching F-18. The pilot’s capture gun camera footage and infrared imagery of the object. They are outmatched by a technology they’ve never seen. Fearful for their safety and running low on fuel both have eight teams returned to the Nimitz. Yet the strange object remains in the vicinity of the Nimitz for hours, monitored by the USS Princeton and radar aboard a Navy E-2 Hawkeye aircraft. At one point the object soars to 80000 feet, hovers, then drops at supersonic speeds coming to a full stop a mere 50 feet above the ocean where it resumes hovering. More F-18s are dispatched but with similar results. As before the engagement occurs in broad daylight in the secret machine easily evades the F-18s. Dozens of military personnel aboard the various planes and ships involved are privy to these interactions.

Bear in mind that naval aviators are the finest observers possible. All have top secret clearances. All are drug tested are ardent Patriots have excellent vision and understand aeronautics and aviation. Clearly this is not an experimental U.S. aircraft but whose is it. How did it accomplish these feats. This story may sound like a sci fi movie but it is a true story and far from being the only one of its kind. I’ve met with one of the pilots and confirmed the account as have other members of the To the Stars Academy team. But the real beauty of this story is that you don’t have to take my word for it or even that of the Navy officer who described these events in an article you can find on the web by searching on Nimitz UFOs 2004 there I was. Better yet the US government itself can verify the events involving the USS Nimitz on November 14th 2004. So the key to revealing whether or not there are advanced vehicles with capabilities far beyond anything made in America is now in the hands of the press and the public. The chairman of the Armed Services Committee and his counterparts and other congressional oversight committees can easily request a briefing to confirm the veracity of this story and the existence of other events of a similar nature. Congress has every right to review the documents generated by this event and request briefings by the military personnel involved. If the oversight committees have not already been briefed on this event and others like it they clearly should be. How else can they adequately assess threats to our forces and our military requirements.

There is nothing to prove here. These are just facts that need to be properly evaluated. Without the facts, neither Congress nor our democracy can function effectively. Once the truth is known some anxieties will certainly be raised but imagination’s will also be fired a renewed interest in space and science will inevitably result in our government and society will respond. But we can only rise to the challenge once the public becomes aware a problem exists. Casting our eyes skyward again to the stars is a constructive and unifying proposition for mankind at a time of growing disarray. We are a corporation with a public purpose and we are all about combining the light of reason and passion of art to stimulate new thinking and discoveries. To the Stars Academy provides an opportunity to embark on an unprecedented journey of storytelling, exploration and innovation. This is more than a commercial venture. It is an intellectual adventure. We hope you all will join us.

Thank you.

Tom DeLonge: For those of you who are just joining us from around the world I want to welcome you. Today we’re announcing To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science a company dedicated to pushing the outer edges of science and understanding and the understanding of aerial phenomenon. You know I want to take a second here. Months ago I had some very important people from inside the government talking about somebody that one day I would possibly be able to meet. And I remember the words were you you can’t know his name but if you were ever to know his name you would have to keep that to yourself till the day you die.

And then I remember there was a big breakthrough where we started referring to this guy by the letter L. Days ago days ago. This person finished his career at the Department of Defense as one of the senior covert intelligence officers in the office of the secretary of defense. I think you need to really listen carefully to what he says. And I still even, working our way up to today, I get the chills when you, when you, when you say it. So I want you to all meet Luis Elizondo.

Luis Elizondo: Well thanks Tom for that very special introduction. My name is Luis Elizondo and as a career intelligence officer I am accustomed to being involved in close hold nuance programs involving national security. This includes being a counterintelligence special agent a case officer and an intelligence practitioner. However by far the most interesting effort I was involved with was the topic of advanced aerial threats. For nearly the last decade, I ran a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies. It was in this position I learned that the phenomena is indeed real. And now as a member of To the Stars Academy we will bring our observations to you. For starters To the Stars Academy is planning exciting new tools and capabilities that allow you and others to effectively take part of what we’re doing and we will allow you to detect analyze categorize and yes even engineer technologies that have remained elusive until now. One of the many ways we seek to accomplish this is through a community of interests, a virtual environment of sorts. This virtual environment provides a platform for the detection and triangulation of phenomena events in real time and allows two way communication between the public and our team regarding this information. My job will be to work as a liaison and an interlocutor in the collection of this information for the science division allowing us to collect facts for analysis. We are also planning to provide never before released footage from real U.S. government systems, not blurry amateur photos but real data and real videos. And we’re inviting our government colleagues and friends and defense to participate regularly with their own findings. Another To the Stars Academy objective is the development of an app that allows you to help us quote unquote crowd crunch the data.

Anyone with a cell phone could be alerted to an event occurring in their area. In essence making them a virtual contributor with millions of people documenting events as they actually happen. Allowing us to cross over a new threshold of understanding To the Stars Academy is on the verge of bringing all of us across that threshold together and I am excited frankly like hell to be part of this effort with you. Thank you sincerely for your time.

Tom over to you.

Tom DeLonge: If you just joined us again welcome to the live announcement of To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. You need to share this for us and you’ll find out why as we go along here. I’m about to bring out one of the most accomplished aerospace engineers in the planet. First time I met Steve Justice I went through, I got the opportunity to go up to Lockheed Martin the skunkworks and I remember I went through this guard gate and they had machine guns and then I first had to get my fingerprints and all that kind of stuff and then I got to go through the machine. And then I go through this door and it’s locked up with security inside another door with electronic codes and more security. I get into a hallway and there’s like hundreds of speakers lining this long hallway with just white noise just static playing to drown out everyone’s conversations.  And then there are more doors that were thick as a safe with these rotary locks. You go in there there’s no windows. Very few people. And it’s the elite of the elite aerospace engineers that are building the stuff that comes out that frankly most people think are you a phone in the sky when they see them. I am a kid in a candy store to share the stage with somebody that works on the coolest stuff in the world. I would like to introduce you to the head of our aerospace division, Steve Justice.

Steve Justice: Thank you Tom. When when Tom came to visit my office I wanted to talk about rock music he wanted to talk about airplanes and so we had to kind of come to a meeting of the minds there about what the discussion was going to be like. I want you to play back in your heads for just a minute what you heard from Chris and Luis and I want you to think about, you know, these these real people that are involved in this how they’ve been impacted by what they’ve seen the witnesses that Chris talked about Lou himself. And when you ask yourself how can I say this is not real. To me this makes it real and that means it can be done. Means it can be done. So if it can be done let’s trust their position. OK, and one of the things I want to do is figure out what those technologies are in this observed vehicle and I want to build that. I want to build something that absolutely stimulates the imagination. And To the Stars Academy is structured to do just that. The science division of the Academy is designed to go out and collect the information. Connect the dots inside there. You know now we’re going to be collecting from sources all over the place as you heard Lou say trying to connect the dots in there in ways that we’ve never been able to do that before.  And the community of interest that you referred to is going to be critical for that. And then we want to try to understand exactly what it means. The aerospace division is going to harvest technologies and understanding from the science division try to go through and demonstrate the technologies build prototypes and even production systems that can change life as we know it. And then finally there’s the entertainment division that Tom talked about where you will walk this journey with us you will participate with us and we’ll inform everyone along the way. We’ll provide education hopefully inspire you to think about the future in a very very very different way. When it comes to shaping the future one of the greatest obstacles you have is your mind.

The best example of this that I can give you is an article that I read when I was in college, I guess I saved this magazine, it was U.S. Air Force magazine had an article about flying U2 and I was recently cleaning out my files. And so I thought what else was going on in 1976 so I was looking through it and there was this article about this magical new system called GPS. And someday if the United States really focused on electronic miniaturization the soldier would be able to wear a backpack that weighed 10 pounds and cost $10000 it would tell him where he is on the face of the earth. Now we laugh at that today because we have something that does that, fits in our hip pocket that costs a couple hundred bucks, but it’s also a camera. Oh and by the way that GPS system can also tell you where to go with verbal instructions if you’re lost. But it’s a camera it’s a telephone and it can connect you with information worldwide. Now this author had written that down in 1976 he would not have been allowed to print it. He would have been laughed out of the room. And yet here we are standing here laughing about it. OK. But what we’re doing is we’re standing in his future looking back. He was standing in his present looking to the future and so the whole trick to this is releasing those boundaries that are inside your head to stand inside the future and if you don’t think that you’re susceptible to these artificial boundaries take this exercise with me. If I ask you to name different kinds of ships and you thought of aircraft carrier ocean liner row boat or destroyer, you’re an incredibly well educated adult. Give yourself an F. If you thought of an airship or a spaceship, give yourself a C. I didn’t ask you to name things that float on water, I asked you to name different kinds of ships, and if you thought of friendship ownership a relationship give yourself A,  but see how easily our mind will sit there and add rules that are not in place and the whole key to the future is reaching out not placing rules in place that are there. And and and then taking that chance and in all likelihood if somebody is laughing at what you say you’re standing in the future and looking back when we have these glimpses of technology now that tell us maybe there’s a way to go do that.

We need to evolve those analyses and realize those technologies for the future. So an example what we may be able to do, the application of this, today is a generation of people that are not buying cars. They’re using On-Demand point to point transportation within cities. Why have a car. Imagine if that was international. You could go anywhere on the face of the earth in a matter of minutes and, just, so now you’ve removed that parameter of distance in time that separates us from from friends on the other side of the Earth. Putting it in a context if we had this technology today. Imagine how quickly we could get supplies where they’re needed for natural disasters delivering directly to neighborhoods as opposed to having to send them on ships in trucks through this chain of supply chain to get it to the point where it’s actually needed.

If you don’t think a technology like this can change the future. I want you to imagine this 15 years ago when you imagine it 15 years ago you didn’t even know you needed a smartphone and now you can’t live without it. The technology that we’re talking about is going to enable a future that is difficult if not impossible to comprehend today. We’re setting the stage, To the Stars Academy is setting the stage for this future. OK. And defining a future of this very difficult for us to comprehend. This quote you see on the screen right now with the patent office where he is the head of the Pandavas in this report says that there may be We’re coming upon the arrival of a period when human improvement must end.

How dare we artificially limit our future. How dare we do that. There is going to be a bunch of people that are going to give us all the reason something cannot be done. We’re going to be told this can’t be done. We’ve got to we’re going to have to expect to hit obstacles both real as well as created. But we believe in this quest. Absolutely. And let’s make sure that we’re not distracted by those that are living within vinta invisible boundaries. Thank you so much for your time. Hope you join us on this journey.

Tom DeLonge: So for all the people out there that are trying to absorb everything that we’re doing. You know we put together a video that kind of summarizes it all together just a few minutes. I’m hoping that this will kind of be the calling card to learn more about what is actually happening here. So right now we would like to play you a video. And and I hope you find it to be emotionally intriguing as well as I found it while we were making it.

— Video —

Tom DeLonge: Have you ever had the desire to look outward to the edge of what is known and unknown. We have the chance to do something revolutionary something that I think has never been attempted before. What if I told you I found a group of like minded people who held senior positions in the U.S. government from the CIA to the Department of Defense to the most advanced aerospace engineering groups within our national security establishment. People who have life skills and collecting and decoding elusive information and they all wanted to do something ambitious something that could help change the conversation about who we are through an unparalleled search for answers that can propel humanity forward.

Today we are presenting you with To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a public benefit corporation, the first transparent partnership of its kind between the fields of aerospace engineering science and cinematic entertainment a collaboration with global citizens to explore the outer edges of conventional thinking targeting the mysteries of the universe and using them to help unify mankind.

Chris Mellon: Humanity is clustered around the campfire surrounded by the shadows of the infinite and cold universe. Tom and the others involved with this enterprise want to take torches stick them in the fire. Go on adventures in the shadows to explore those boundary areas and reveal what’s there.

Tom DeLonge: What if scientists were given resources to investigate the boundaries of traditional theory. We could finally pull together a unified study from religious scholars archaeologists quantum theorists physicists and even the most advanced aerospace engineers on the planet.

Dr Hal Puthoff: The truth of the matter is we now know. Physics which has been advancing that something like warp drive is not out of the question.

Chris Mellon: To the Stars represents an opportunity to reach beyond the normal boundaries of Aerospace to create products that we can call them revolutionary and that’s too mild of a word.

Jim Semivan: I’m very excited about this. I think it’s an opportunity for us to take certain topics whether that’s unidentified aerial phenomena or ESP or telepathy and really get to the bottom of it.

Dr. Hal Puthoff: Starting as a kid, I’ve always been interested in the actual forefront of physics right at the edge these days and in mainstream physics is really outstripping science fiction.

Luis Elizondo: I was in charge of the advanced aerospace threat that deals with highly sophisticated unidentified phenomenon. In the last 10 years, we’ve come a long way in our understanding of our place here in this universe. There are physics that we don’t quite yet understand, doesn’t mean that they’re not real, just simply means that we don’t have the capacity to understand those physics.

Chris Mellon: I think we’re all frustrated by the fact that our government and conventional science neglects some of the most interesting and provocative and potentially important issues out there.

Steve Justice: One of the things that we must do is challenge ourselves to stand in the future and look back to the present. That’s the key to breakthroughs. That’s the key to changing life as we know it.

Luis Elizondo: I think it’s in our nature to go out and explore and report back what we see. The fact is we may not necessarily be alone.

Jim Semivan: These things are real. These things are out there. They’ve been out there for a long time. They are not the provenance of the government or any government in the world. They belong to us. These are things that happened to people all the time. And these are things that we need to explore. And we need finally to get to gather up to figure out what this is all about.

Tom DeLonge: Using state of the art technology our own advanced research and development programs and unique storytelling experiences. Our goal is to introduce these unconventional subjects and the potential to affect the world positively through a model that innovates educates and entertains to present a positive and unifying message to all generations in every country and every belief system that the growth of consciousness that we all desire if we start here right now.

Luis Elizondo: I truly believe now is a time for us to move forward and finally begin to answer some of life’s most deepest mysteries.

Dr. Hal Puthoff: We can either crawl forward or we can take that viewpoint and say “OK let’s move forward. Let’s try to get that 21st century science this century.”

Tom DeLonge: This is the time that we are inviting you the public to help build a paradigm shift in global movement and to own it with us. Together we can create a vehicle that pushes us forward where we can hopefully learn that we are much more special and much more connected to each other than we could ever imagine. And. We are To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science a public benefit corporation.

— End Video —

Tom DeLonge: We’re living in an age where a new universal view of ourselves is possible and revolutionary technology is finally within our reach. If we just have the courage to grasp it and whether it’s trying to launch satellites into space with lasers which we are aiming to do are making major motion pictures that spark the imagination of generations to come. The rule must be the same. No one person one government or one hidden institution should own this information and technology unto themselves and we must relentlessly pursue access to the information that will shape our future. Look very closely at these people and who they are and take notice of where they come from and think about the realities of what this team has the ability to accomplish and deliver if we’re fully equipped and be a part of making history and join us at the start we cannot wait and depend for others depend on others to do it for us. And you have the ability to take ownership from day one and keep all this in the public’s hands.

And that is my goal here. You can join us in on a piece of this because that’s what it’s going to take for this to happen. And you have to visit To the stars Academy dot com and click on the Invest button and you will learn about the regulation a equity crowdfunding and this process removes the middleman and democratizes access to equity ownership. Go To the stars Academy dot com you can read the offering circular You can see the business plan you can see the investment opportunities and all the risks involved investing in this type of adventure. But this may be the only time in history you will ever see one of the biggest aerospace engineers in the world, a senior intelligence officer from the CIA, two former senior Pentagon officials and an experimental physicist from the DRC take a giant leap of faith to tell you something.

And I ask that you listen very carefully. These guys really went out on a limb here and the only way to do this is if we do it in the public realm and the only way to bring it out here is if you help us we’re offering you the opportunity to be on the ground floor of building the future. And this is only the beginning. There is so much more coming. We’re making history and I’m inviting you to be wonderfully surprised at what we got in store. Thank you so much.

— End Transcript —

The presentation can be viewed here.


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Richard Beckwith – Wyoming’s UFO Hunting Lawyer – October 3, 2017

Open Minds UFO Radio: Richard has been with MUFON for more than ten years and presently serves as the State Director for Wyoming and on the Board of Directors. He has been a practicing attorney for more than 22 years and possesses a Juris Doctorate from the University of Wyoming College of Law, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Wyoming. He wrote for the Land and Water Law Review and published his first novel in 2016. He presently serves as the Assistant City Attorney for the City of Rock Springs, Wyoming.

In this interview, we talk to Richard about how he got involved with UFOs and MUFON, and how his colleagues have reacted to his UFO interests. We also cover some interesting Wyoming UFO cases.

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Update on former deputy sheriff’s Roswell UFO sighting claims

By Irena Scott PhD & Philip Mantle

Philip Mantle and I released the testimony of a new Roswell witness, the late Deputy Sheriff Charles Forgus, in the new book, UFOs TODAY, 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-Up, in June 2017. Deputy Forgus thought that he had witnessed the UFO crash at Roswell in 1947. He had been the Deputy Sheriff in Big Springs, Texas, after serving in the military during WWII.

He was en-route to Roswell with the Sheriff to pick up a prisoner. When they approached the Roswell area, they heard about the crash on the police radio and were able to find the roads to this area. When they arrived, they observed the recovery of a 100-foot diameter round craft and four strange-looking dead bodies before being told to leave the area by the military. This testimony was given to a US private investigator by the name of Deanna Short in 1999. Unfortunately, she has also passed away. There is a video interview of Deputy Forgus where he details these events which runs for approximately 16 minutes.

Charles Forgus with his wife. (Credit: Irena Scott/Philip Mantle)

Thus, the crash might have happened in 1947, which was the time that Deputy Forgus recalled that it was.

Glen said that Charles was very straight arrow and not impressed by false knowledge. He was a no-nonsense type of person, having been in law enforcement. He had been a police officer and in the military. Glen looked up to his father as a John Wayne kind of hero. During the war, Charles was in the army but on loan to the Navy and was a deep-sea diver. Charles and his crew would dive down and weld patches on the sunken ships so they could refloat them and get them out of the harbour. When MacArthur made his reappearance to the Philippians, there had been a lot of fighting and there were a lot of ships sunk in the harbour. One of the ships settled on a reef, and the wave action would rock it. The ship slipped off the reef, squashed him in the mud, and it took three days to get him out.

Forgus’ Army discharge papers.

One main thing Glen emphasized was that his father was very honest and ethical. He was definitely not the kind of person who would make up a lie. Glen gave the same impression–he was very knowledgeable about current news and events and very civic minded. He had an electric car and powered it using a wind turbine power generator.

Thus the possibility exists that Deputy Charles Forgus did see the crash in the time frame that he reported. Charles had said that neither he nor the person he was with talked about it much, and this was likely because no one had heard of UFOs or Roswell at that time, which might help to further date the event. In addition, he did not recognize the uniforms of the attendant soldiers as Air Force, which did not did not become a separate military service until September 1947.

Artist’s impression of the Roswell UFO crash. (Credit: Flying Disk Press)

When we released the original information regarding the late Deputy Charles Forgus we were criticised far and wide despite the fact that we also pointed out the number of discrepancies in the testimony on tape. One well-known Roswell researcher simply labelled the testimony from Deputy Forgus as a lie. Now, we have information from a nephew and the son of this witness the latter of whom supports his late fathers story. Do doubt we will still be criticized but I think it is fair to say that we have now been vindicated in releasing this information and to continue to look for more.

About the authors:

Dr. Irena Scott received her PhD from the University of Missouri in physiology, did post-doctoral research at Cornell University, has been an Assistant Professor at St. Bonaventure University, and has done research and teaching at The Ohio State University, the University of Missouri, the University of Nevada, and at Battelle Memorial Institute. She worked for the Defence Intelligence Agency and the Aerospace Center in satellite photography, was a volunteer astronomer at the Ohio State University Radio Observatory, and has taken flying lessons. Her publications include books, and works in scientific journals, magazines, newspapers, and she was a correspondent for Popular Mechanics magazine. She served on the MUFON Board of Directors (1993 to 2000), is a MUFON consultant in physiology and astronomy and a field investigator. She co-edited eight symposium proceedings, has been a State Section Director for Ohio MUFON, was a founding member of the Mid-Ohio Research Associates (MORA) and its journal editor, and has published UFO material in books and journals (including scientific journals).

Philip Mantle is the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and is the founder of FLYING DISK PRESS. He can be contacted at FLYING DISK PRESS: FlyingDiskPress.blogspot.co.uk.

UFOs TODAY – 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-Ups by Irena Scott PhD is out now on Amazon. For more on this story, see Mantle’s original post on it here.


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Roswell alien autopsy: A summary of the truth behind the video that shocked the world

It was 1993 when I was first contacted by London businessman Ray Santilli. It was l995 when Santilli’s controversial ‘Alien Autopsy Film’ was released around the world. I have covered events surrounding this film in many publications around the world and in my new book ‘ROSWELL ALIEN AUTOPSY – The Truth Behind the Film That Shocked the World’ so forgive me if I don’t cover old ground here. All the relevant details of my previous research can be located on my website at: www.beyondroswell.com.

On June 22nd 2007, I travelled by train to London to meet up with Ray Santilli and his business partner Gary Shoefield. We had a pleasant lunch together and Ray Santilli showed me some frames of film encased in a type of perspex material. Santilli claimed these were original vintage 1947 frames of film from the alien autopsy. As they came with no official seal of approval or had been authenticated by anyone they were useless.

From left: Shoefield, Philip Mantle (Author), Ray Santilli

Within a couple of days of this meeting my friend and colleague Russel Callaghan, editor of UFO DATA magazine, had a phone call from a man by the name of Spyros Melaris. This man claimed he had lead the team that faked the whole alien autopsy film. He was a magician and filmmaker and he was now ready to spill the beans. He gave Russel a run down of the who, what, why and where of the whole affair. Because of my involvement in this affair Russel was soon on the phone to me with the details. It wasn’t long before I spoke to Spyros Melaris myself and he was telling me things in great detail. During the next few weeks I had several telephone conversations with Spyros Melaris and also put him in contact with US TV producer Robert (Bob) Kiviat at his request. Spyros was considering the best way to go public with his story, he had a book planned and thought that a TV documentary might also be a good idea.

Along with my colleagues Russel Callaghan, Michael Buckley and Steve Johnston, I was one of the co-organisers of the UFO DATA annual conference. It just so happened, that the 2007 conference had a loose Roswell theme to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident. My colleagues and I discussed the possibility of asking Spyros Melaris to make his first public statement on this whole thing at our conference and eventually he agreed. The conference itself was held over the weekend of October 20th & 21st 2007 in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. A packed audience saw Spyros take the stage on Sunday October 21st. I had met him in person for the first time the night before at the hotel and I made loose arrangements to formally interview him at his home later in the year. As promised, Spyros took to the stage and told of his involvement in the making of the alien autopsy film. A small few members of the audience were rather upset to hear this but the vast majority were fascinated by what he had to say.

Spyros Melaris speaking at the UFO DATA conference in 2007. (Credit: Philip Mantle)

I made arrangements to visit the home of Spyros Melaris on November 16th 2007 and I drove to his house in Hertfordshire with my partner Christine. Before the formal audio-taped interview began we had lunch with Spyros and his lovely wife Anne. Over lunch Spyros showed us some of the documentary evidence he has to support his claims. This included his diary from l995, hand drawn sketches of the alien, a full list of hand painted story board images of the whole alien autopsy film, original fax messages from Kodak in the USA providing copies of l947 fill canister labels, and a large portfolio of research material. This was mainly of vintage (l940’s) US military vehicles and some vintage US military medical photographs. The interview itself lasted around two hours and we only touched the tip of the iceberg. The full interview can be located online at: http://www.outtahear.com/beyond_updates/index.html (Alien Autopsy Information section). I would like to thank my colleague Steve Johnston for transcribing this interview in full. The following is based on that interview.

Spyros Melaris (right) with Philip Mantle in 2007. (Credit: Philip Mantle)

Who is Spyros Melaris?  

As the name might give it away Spyros was originally born in Cyprus. As a boy he was taught a magic trick by his grandfather and his love of magic was born. The other passion as a boy growing up in the UK was film making. At school he told his careers officer that he wanted to be an actor but this was discouraged. A proper job was what he should have. So a proper job he took and after leaving school became an apprentice trained motor mechanic. However, his love of magic and film making eventually won over and he eventually became a magician and a filmmaker. He now owns his own TV studio in London and makes TV shows for all the major networks in the UK and independent production companies alike. In short, in his owns words, we make programmes for “anyone who books us.”

How He Met Ray Santilli

In January 1995 he was to attend the MIDEM music industry event in Cannes, France. He was taking a film crew there and had some spare time on his hands so he sent fax messages to 4 production companies picked at random from a media directory. He basically asked them if they wanted to hire him and his crew while in Cannes. One of these happened to be the Merlin Group owned by Ray Santilli. Spyros and Ray Santilli had a few telephone conversations but did not meet and arranged to meet in Cannes. By pure chance they bumped into each other at a restaurant in Cannes and it was here that Ray Santilli fist told Spyros Melaris that he had obtained film footage of an alien. Holding back a smirk Spyros asked Santilli if he was serious and he replied he was, not only that, he wanted Spyros to make a documentary from this footage. They eventually agreed to meet at Ray Santilli’s office back in London. A few days later Spyros kept his appointment with Santilli at his office in London. Here he met an almost distraught Ray Santilli who told him he’d bought this film but it had turned out to be very poor quality. Spyros was shown what has become known as the ‘tent footage’ and he immediately recognised it as been shot on video. The tape he was shown was on VHS format. Santilli seemed surprised that he had recognised it as being shot on video so quickly and he realised the game was up. Again in Spyros’s own words “If I can’t get it past this guy, I’m not going to get it past anyone else. He realised it was game up. That’s when the meeting ended. I thought the guy’s mad. He’s trying a fast one. I thought it was over at that point.”

So How Did The Idea of a Fake Film Come About?

 Melaris met up with his friend and colleague John Humphreys. Humphreys is a Royal Academy trained sculptor whose work had sometimes overlapped into film and TV special effects. Melaris and Humphreys had known each other for a long time and had worked on a number of things together in the past. Melaris simply put the idea to Humphreys, “John, do you fancy sculpting an alien?” Melaris told Humphreys of his meeting with Santilli and basically came up with the idea of making it. They talked things over from a legal point of view and how it might help them break into other projects, even Hollywood. The idea was to make it, release it to the world, and then make a second programme shortly after showing how they did it. Humphreys agreed and Melaris pitched the idea to Santilli. Santilli looked like a man reborn and agreed. The budget put forward by Melaris was about £30,000 and it was Santilli’s business partner and friend Volker Spielberg who put up the money. The funding was in place, contracts and a confidentiality agreement were signed and the ball was rolling.

The Team Behind The Making of The Film 

First off there was Spyros Melaris. He designed and directed the film, instructed and paid the rest of the team, made the autopsy table along with many of the other props, he also made the ‘contamination suits’ as well as obtain the props and cameras. The main researcher behind it all was Spyros’s then girlfriend Geraldine. She was the one who checked the medical books, spoke with surgeons and pathologists and she even played the part of the nurse in the film. Geraldine is not her real name as she wishes to remain anonymous. John Humphreys of course made the alien’s bodies. The mould was actually made from John’s ten year-old son who was quite tall. As a trained sculptor Humphreys had also studied anatomy so he was the man who played the surgeon in the film. Another friend of Spyros’s was Greg Simmons. He was seen occasionally in the film in one of the contamination suits and he also played the part of the soldier in the Debris Footage. Gareth Watson, a colleague of Santilli’s and Shoefield’s was the man in the surgical mask behind the glass, and finally Spyros’s brother Peter helped behind the scenes. The set was built in Geraldine’s house in Camden in London. The property was in the process of being converted into three flats (apartments) at the time and was therefore empty. The props were obtained from someone Spyros knew in the USA. She was not told what they were for and were all ordered separately and delivered to different addresses so as not to arouse suspicion. The camera’s were obtained by Spyros; one bought and one borrowed from a friend.

Original pencil sketch of a design for the alien creature by Spyros Melaris. (Credit: Spyros Melaris)

Original pencil sketch of a design for the alien creature by Spyros Melaris. (Credit:Spyros Melaris)

Why There Are Two Separate Autopsy Films 

According to Spyros the first ‘Alien Autopsy’ film went pretty much as planned. However, upon completion Geraldine noticed that a few of the medical procedures were not correct. They therefore had to make another creature and film another one. Apparently Santilli was ready for packing it all in at this point as there was no more money in the budget to film it again. They persevered and made another one at Spyros’s cost the very next day. This too was not without problems. The foam latex used to fill the dummy had not worked right and an air bubble had left a hollow space in the creature’s leg. Humphreys was despatched to the local butchers by Spyros to get a leg joint of a sheep. This was inserted into the hollow part in the alien’s right leg, a few other things were added, the outside of the leg was gently burnt with a blowtorch and hey presto, the leg wound. Some of the inner organs were manufactured by Melaris, and animal organs were also used for the alien’s innards, although altered with a scalpel and coated with latex. The alien’s brain was actually made from three sheep’s brains and part of a pig’s brain cast in gelatine. This is how there came to be two separate autopsy films one of which was shown in its entirety, while the second one made, has only ever been released in part.

The Wreckage and I-beams

These were all designed by Spyros himself. At the October 2007 UFO DATA conference Spyros showed me how he had designed the ‘writing’ on them and what it said. The wreckage was then manufactured by John Humphreys, Spyros and his brother Peter. He told me that he based it on Greek lettering, a bit of ancient Egyptian stylising and some artistic license. On the main large beams, if translated correctly, reads ‘FREEDOM’. Spyros thought this a fitting name for an alien spacecraft. While designing the letters which spell the word ‘FREEDOM’, Spyros noticed that if the word is turned upside down, the word ‘VIDEO’ could be seen. He adjusted some of the letters to better facilitate this, so the piece would throw a little red herring into the mix. The translation of the smaller beam is being held back for Spyros’s book.

Spyros Melaris shows two of the many paintings he did for the original ‘story board’ for the alien autopsy film. (Credit: Philip Mantle)

The Cameraman’s Home Video Interview 

According to Melaris, Ray Santilli was put under a lot of pressure by various parties to arrange an interview with the fictitious cameraman he allegedly bought the film from. Of course, according to Melaris, there was no such person, so he came up with the idea of creating this aspect of the whole affair as well. The basic scenario is that Melaris flew to Los Angeles and met up with Santilli’s partner Gary Shoefield. Melaris wanted to find an eighty year old tramp on the streets of L.A., pay him a few hundred dollars, put him in front of a camera and ask him to read from a script. Santilli and Shoefield were nervous, and not sure this would work but Spyros was confident he could pull this off, and went ahead. He found an old guy living rough on the street, offered him $500 and a night in the hotel and he duly agreed. Again, by pure chance the chap had been an actor many years ago. Melaris took his name and the name of a movie he had appeared in. These details will be released in his book. He cleaned him up, gave him a shave, and added a bit of make up and a false prosthetic nose and chin and the job was done. The man himself did not know what he was reading or where it was going to be used. There was little chance that he would see the broadcast either. No one would recognise him in a thousand years. And they never did. This film was delivered in person in New York to US TV producer Bob Kiviat by Gary Shoefield and a man claiming to be the cameraman’s son. Eventually the film in question was broadcast on TV in Japan only and from there it was copied and distributed to UFO researchers around the world. The trick worked, no one has identified the man in question, and Melaris claims he is the only one who can do this.

The Crash Site 

There are a number of people who believe the alien autopsy film is authentic, not because of the film itself but because of the crash site. Ray Santilli released details, supposedly from his cameraman, as to where the incident took place in the desert. How did this come about? Well, according to Spyros this was quite simple. In l995, he flew to Roswell. Here he interviewed many local people including Loretta Proctor. Mrs. Proctor was the neighbour of rancher Mac Brazel and it was she who suggested that Mac take some of the UFO debris into town after he found it. Spyros also met and hired private pilot Rodney Corn. He asked corn to fly him over the UFO crash site, to which he replied “which one.” There are in fact at least three such sites. So, Spyros flew over all three of them, filming as he went. Rodney Corn was able to show Spyros a great deal from the air, far better than would have been possible on foot. This included small dirt roads and long forgotten landmarks. Before the interview took place Spyros also informed me that he obtained both old and new maps of the area. All of this information was handed to Ray Santilli and it was Santilli, not Spyros, who then put it all together to make a location for a nonexistent crash site.

Field where the “real” Roswell debris is said to have been found. (Credit: OpenMinds.tv)

The Grand Plan 

I asked Spyros what was the grand plan. The research was done, the film was made, so what next. Apparently it was a rather simple plan. To release the film to a broadcaster, ask them to investigate and see what happens. They were confident that it would not be exposed as a fake. Then, after a few months the plan was to hold their hands up and tell all. The reason this didn’t happen was money. Spyros had signed a confidentiality agreement with Ray Santilli and Santilli was still adamant that he needed to recoup his initial investment allegedly paid for the tent footage. Santilli told Melaris that he had invested a lot of money on this film and he must recoup that before they were to go public. Santilli reminded Spyros that he was bound by the confidentiality agreement and he was not to say or do anything until Santilli said so. Apart from a cheque for about £10,000, which Spyros split with his team, no royalties were ever paid. Santilli told him that due to the fact that he had stated publicly that it was a military film, that it had simply been copied by third parties without permission and used without payment as the people who were using the film believed that the copyright was vested with the US Military and not with Santilli. Eventually time went on and Spyros just got on with life. He was constantly working on other projects with Santilli and earning a living and the alien autopsy film was all but forgotten.

Going Public

Alien Autopsy movie poster. (Credit: Warner Bros.)

The one thing that I first asked Spyros was why was it that he had decided to go public with this information now. It was twelve years since the alien autopsy film hit the headlines. Melaris stuck to his confidentiality agreement. From a legal point of view if he broke it he could have been sued. However, in 2005 he was approached by Santilli and Shoefield to be involved in the movie version of this whole affair. He asked both if they would now tell the true story and reveal that it was all a fake but they said no, they were going to maintain that they really did have original film. Again, Santilli and Shoefield stated that there was no money in it and that they were doing it for “a bit of fun” when pressed they admitted that both Santilli and Shoefield would get paid a percentage of the profits, there was no such offer for Melaris. Melaris declined their offer. He left that meeting under the impression that the movie was not going to be made. However, the movie was made and distributed by Warner Bros and so Melaris felt that he was now able to speak as the story was now in the public domain.

The Doubters

To round off the interview I asked Spyros Melaris what he had to say to the doubters out there, those that believe the alien autopsy film is the genuine article. I’m not going to paraphrase this; instead I will use his words in full:

PM: Time’s against us, Spyros. I’ll ask one last question. There are those out there who believe in this film and Santilli 100% and they think that you’re some kind of pathological liar, playing devil’s advocate here, so please don’t be offended.

SM: No. Go ahead.

PM: What would you say if you could say one thing to the doubters out there? Is there any one thing that you can say that would say to them Spyros Melaris is who he says he is and has made this film?

SM: I don’t think that there’s any doubt that somebody made it today. That’s fair to say that somebody made the film and even Santilli said it’s a fake, but it was made from original film. I think that’s really the question. The question isn’t whether I made it because I can prove I made it. John Humphries will tell you I made it. Ray would probably tell you I made it! He couldn’t deny it. There’s too much evidence. The question is did I make it from original film? And the simple answer to that is no. There was never any original film other than the tent footage. I’ve never seen any other film. Ray maintains that he’s got original film. My question to Ray is how would that film marry with what I made? It can’t. I haven’t actually seen the film. Now you may say, “Maybe you’re lying and you did see the film and you made it.”

The story’s a bigger story if there was a real film. There would be more money in it. There wouldn’t be a reason for me and Ray to be parted. Why would we fall out? The common sense has got to come into the argument. I’m part of something as big as real film of a real alien. Why would I jeopardise being part of that and go off on my own? There’s no reason to. That’s the first thing.

The second thing. I promise you, something happened in Roswell. I’m not an easy person… I’m a sceptic. I’m not an easy person to convince. Thirty people that I talked to out there, clever people, doctors, lecturers, all sorts of people tell me they saw something. And I believe them. Something happened. A lot of ordinary people. Something happened. So, I don’t think there’s dispute about whether or not something happened in Roswell or other sightings or whether or not everything’s fake. No, I don’t think everything’s fake. I do know this is. I also know that if Ray had original film, he’d be jumping through hoops to let you test it. I’m sorry, but that’s what you would do. You would say, “Give me billions of pounds for this.” That’s what you would say. You would say, “I’ve got nothing to worry about. The cameraman doesn’t want to speak, but look at the film.” That’s what you’d do! That’s what you would do.

PM: Say no more.


Once again I would like to reiterate that this is only part of what Spyros Melaris had to tell me. The full-unedited interview can be found in the alien autopsy section of our web site at: http://www.outtahear.com/beyond_updates/index.html.


Checking The Facts

So how do we check that what Spyros Melaris is telling us is correct? It is no easy task I can assure you. The documentary material shown to me by Spyros is intriguing but not proof positive. My colleague Mark Center in the USA checked the private pilot Rodney Corn for me and he does exist. Mark spoke to him on the phone but he has no recollection of being hired by Spyros Melaris. This could be because he was hired by Geraldine, and we are talking about an event which happened over 12 years ago.

At the UFO DATA conference in October 2007 was German researcher Michael Hesemann. Michael was also one of the speakers that weekend. Michael investigated the alien autopsy film from l995 through to l997 and believes it to be authentic. After the conference when Michael was back home in Germany he sent me an email that quite frankly left me stunned. He admitted for the first time that in l996 someone sent Michael an email telling him that Spyros Melaris was the hoaxer. Hesemann had never shared this information with anyone. I asked him what he did with it and he simply told me that he phoned Ray Santilli and asked him if he knew this man to which Santilli replied he did not. Michael told me he left it at that.

However, Spyros Melaris independently informed me that in l996 he had received a phone call from someone with a German accent asking him if he was the hoaxer and he of course denied it. He did not know who the caller was until he met Hesemann at our conference. I pressed Michael about this and eventually he admitted he did phone Spyros back in l996. Why Michael Hesemann never shared this information with anyone else is beyond me. In his defence, Michael has stated that there were others mentioned at the time and he did not want to spread false rumours, but these others names were circulated and eliminated. I have to be honest and say here and now that I cannot understand why Hesemann sat on this information and never told anyone. I leave it to you to make up your own mind.

A colleague of mine who is a veteran TV and movie special effects artist also took a look at the interview with Spyros. In his considered opinion the techniques and materials used by Melaris and his team to make the fake alien creature are 100% correct. There is no question in his mind that the dummies were made in the way described. He does have a few questions he’d like to ask, but these are purely little points of clarification and there is nothing wrong with what Melaris has had to say.

The other main person involved in all of this is of course US TV producer Bob Kiviat. Several years back my colleague Tim Mathews and I were tipped off about John Humphreys, Humphreys was part of the team and he made the dummies. Bob tried for years to get Humphreys on camera and make a TV documentary but all to no avail. Eventually, Bob did make a TV show for Channel 5 but without Humphreys in it. This was never broadcast. Both Humphreys and Melaris have spoken at length to Bob Kiviat about their involvement in this whole affair so I took the opportunity to ask Bob a few questions on December 4th 2007. This mini question and answer session is reproduced here in full:

Q: How many times did you speak with UK sculptor John Humphreys?

A: Once before the Ant & Dec movie came out. In approximately 2003. Once after that.

Q: Did Humphreys tell you on what he based the design for his alien creatures?

A: Yes, just on his own research, books and such. No other help.

Q: Did Humphreys ever see any original film, stills or otherwise?

A: No, never. He claimed it all came from his creative efforts and book research.

Q: During your conversations with Humphreys did he ever mention the name Spyros Melaris?

A: Yes. He said Spyros was the one who hired him for Santilli, who he met perhaps twice and came to the set once. All the money came through Spyros. Also, Spyros was the cameraman.

Q: Did Humphreys provide the names of anyone else involved. If yes what are those names?

A: No other names.

Q: Why was Humphreys looking to work with you on a documentary?

A: Yes, Humphreys wanted me to get him a network TV show based on his revelations that he made the autopsy footage, with Spyros acting as money man and cameraman, who he believed was working for Santilli.

Q: Was Humphreys going to tell all and sink the stories put out by Ray Santilli?

A: Yes, but until I got a commitment from a TV network and guaranteed money for his exclusive he kept much close to his chest.

Q: Did you speak to Humphreys agent/advisor?

A: Yes, his business manager was my main contact for all of 2003 and 2004, and it was he who informed me John was going to do the Ant & Dec movie, without giving me the details. There would also be a companion documentary “that would be my worst nightmare,” he said.

Q: If you did, what did he tell you about Humphreys involvement and reasons for wanting to spill the beans?

A: Instead of Humphreys spilling the beans to me, his manager clearly implied John had lost patience and saw a payday elsewhere – the movie, etc.

Q: You made a TV documentary for Channel 5 in 2006 in which I appeared, could you tell us why it was never broadcast?

Channel 5 was rushing instructions to my productions offices in L.A. from England telling me how the show needed to be styled, and they also wanted to move the airdate up to an almost impossible deadline. We were working around the clock already to appease the Channel 5 executive in charge when one of the top people at 5 actually listed the show in a TV guide of some sort. That’s when Gary Shoefield contacted 5 and falsely claimed Ray Santilli was involved in the ownership of my original Fox show, which the new 5 show was jumping off from. It was an outright fabrication, for my company has the only US copyright to the show AND THE ALIEN AUTOPSY FOOTAGE ITSELF!

While we were sorting through this false claim, we interviewed you. When the 5 executives saw you naming Humphreys as the guy who made the dummy and who was the key pro behind the footage, they wanted confirmation so they ILLEGALLY contacted Humphreys through a consulting producer. Humphreys freaked out, told them he wanted nothing to do with the 5 show and said he had to contact Warner Bros. Ultimately 5 reneged on their agreement with my distributor, my distributor did not fight for the airing, and this is how things were left. I’m still debating what course of action I can take to recover my substantial losses and damage!

Q: You have spoken on the telephone at length with Spyros Melaris. Are you convinced he is telling the truth?

A: For the most part, I can’t find any outlandish things that make his story unbelievable. But I do wonder how he could have been so naïve about the amount of money Santilli was making around the world. This part seems odd, as if he was playing dumb. On the contrary, he seems very bright. And if Ray gave him just enough work to keep him quiet afterward, I still wonder why he let all the other money go into Ray’s pocket without him demanding his share. This doesn’t add up, literally, pound for pound.

Q: You have been involved with the Alien Autopsy film since 1995, you have interviewed or spoken to most if not all the main players in it all, so what now is your conclusion?

A: I’m going to need more time to answer that question. Spryros’ actions or non actions in court will have a lot to do with this, and I’m looking into another intriguing angle that could impact my conclusions.

Robert Kiviat. End of interview.

It is clear from this brief interview with Bob Kiviat that there are slight differences between what John Humphreys says about his role in the faking of the film and what Melaris says. However, Humphreys does state quite clearly that it was Spyros Melaris who was the money man, it was Melaris who hired him on behalf of Santilli. Humphreys also confirms without any doubt that there never was any original film. It was a complete and utter fabrication.

I could go on but I think I’ve made my point. In l996, Spyros Melaris was outlined as the hoaxer to German researcher Michael Hesemann. In 2003, US TV producer Bob Kiviat spoke with UK sculptor John Humphreys who confirmed that Spyros was the man in charge and that there was no original film. In 2007, Spyros Melaris goes on the record for the first time and tells how it was all made. Well, perhaps not all. Spyros is holding back certain things for his book, which was supposed to be available in early 2008. And as for Ray Santilli, well he’s pretty quiet at the moment but I doubt if he will ever own up as he is quite simply in it too deep.

The long awaited book by Spyros Melaris ‘ALIEN AUTOPSY: The Myth Exposed’ comes with an accompanying DVD. It was originally scheduled to be released in 2008, but for a variety of reason it has been delayed with no firm date yet for its release.

ROSWELL ALIEN AUTOPSY – The Truth Behind the Film That Shocked the World is published by RoswellBooks.com where it can be purchased, and is avail via Amazon.com.

You can find information about recent developments regarding Melaris and Santilli’s Alien Autopsy shenanigans here.


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Chase Kloetzke – Investigating the “Starchild Skull” – July 17, 2017

chase_kloetzke-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: Chase Kloetzke is a former Master Trainer/Master Instructor with the Department of Defense, and has an accreditation in Bio-Mechanical Engineering. Among other things, she trained Force Readiness and Elite Force Protection. She has now brought these skills to UFO research. Chase joined the Mutual UFO Network in 1996. She has served as the STAR Team Director and Deputy Director of Investigations. She now leads the Special Assignment Team (SAT). They respond to reports that need specific and thorough attention. She also aides in International UFO investigations in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Central America.

The focus of this interview is another interesting area of research Chase participates in. Chase has been investigating strange skulls that some believe may be of extraterrestrial origins. Her most thorough investigation has been of what is known as “The Starchild Skull.” Along with her research partners, she has released a full report on her findings. She has also investigated elongated skulls from Peru and her team has made some fascinating discoveries.

For more information about Chase, visit: ChaseKloetzke.com

For more information about Chase’s investigations, visit: thefieldreportscom.wordpress.com

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Daily UFO Headlines 5/25/2017

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Witness describes helicopter chasing ball of light

A Kansas witness at Lawrence reported watching a military helicopter apparently chasing an orange ball of light moving overhead under 1,000 feet, according to testimony in Case 83535 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness went outside upon hearing a low flying helicopter on May 4, 2017. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

The witness went outside upon hearing a low flying helicopter on May 4, 2017. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

The witness was inside an apartment watching television when the sound of a helicopter was heard at 11:15 p.m. on May 4, 2017.

“It sounded very low and powerful, so I figured it had to be military, and I, being a total nerd, had to run out to the parking lot to get a look,” the witness stated.“By the time I was out my door and in the parking lot, I had just enough time to watch a small, orange ball of light being chased by what I assume to be a Blackhawk helicopter (because of size and sound) disappear behind the rooftops of the buildings east of me.”

This struck the witness as bizarre.

“I saw something similar some months ago in the same general area – the skies south of Lawrence. I live on the south side of town, not far from Baker Wetlands.”

The witness saw a military helicopter apparently chasing an orange ball of light. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

The witness saw a military helicopter apparently chasing an orange ball of light. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

The witness described the event.

“The light was small and orange in color and was about 50-100 yards ahead of the helicopter. It made no erratic movements, but was travelling at a fair clip as the helicopter was tracking it at almost the exact speed and it was moving pretty quickly.”

The witness does not believe the orange light could have been a sky lantern.

“I have my doubts that this could’ve been a paper lantern – though the color and intensity of the light were similar to one – and the distance ahead of the helicopter rules out a refueling boom. I’d give the altitude of the two objects to be between 500-1,000 feet AGL and the speed of both to be about 100 knots at the time I saw them.”

The witness noted there was one other object in the sky.

Both objects were flying under 1,000 feet. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

Both objects were flying under 1,000 feet. Pictured: Lawrence, Kansas. (Credit: Google)

“I saw another object in the sky in the general area at the same time, though it may not have been connected. This object seemed to be an aircraft judging by the red and white lights it had on it, but it hovered in place for a moment until the lights slowly faded out with no apparent change in location. The direction I was looking toward would be about a straight line to KCI, so I wasn’t immediately suspicious, but – having seen plenty of air traffic heading to and from KCI on that flight path – this didn’t look like anything I’d seen before – and no landing lights. I mention this because it was odd and because the previous sighting of a few months earlier of the same kind of event had two helicopters chasing the light instead of just one. Maybe this was the second.”

Lawrence is the sixth largest city in the state of Kansas and the county seat of Douglas County, Kansas, population 87,643. Kansas MUFON State Director Stan Seba is investigating. No photos or videos were included with the report which was filed on May 5, 2017. Please remember that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to MUFON.com.

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