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UFO Sighting in Princeton/Trenton NJ, New Jersey on 2017-09-20 21:00:00 – Hundreds of flying objects – monroe, nj

I went for a walk around 9pm when i saw an object in the distant night’s sky getting closer. it was large with blinking red and white lights. as i continued my walk, i noticed more approaching from behind me. they were of various shapes and sizes, and their lights were all different colors. no two looked identical, except for the larger ones which looked similar in size and shape. they were flying at different speeds and different distances from me. before i knew it, within a matter of a half hour, hundreds were in the night sky. some were orb-like, others looked like twinkling stars in the distance, and only a few other were grey/black larger kite-shaped vehicles with blinking lights – some white, some white, red and green, others red and white, as well as green and white. i noticed only one of hundreds emitting a cloud trail. upon turning around and returning home, i noticed their flying pattern seemed to be in a cyclical rotation spanning for miles above. some were flying and hovering in clusters while others were independent. some ascended and descended while others moved at such a slow speed, they didn’t seem to be flying at all. i was unable to capture any film with my phone. once i returned home, i caught some with my laptop; however, the pictures do the experience no justice. within an hour, airplanes also appeared. there were at least four planes over the approximate scene right above my head. there were hundreds of strange aircrafts!!!

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UFO Sighting in Aberdeen, South Dakota on 2017-09-21 05:16:00 – Orb-like craft with faint trail and direction change

Around 5:16 am i was watching the sky while enjoying the night sky, something i frequently do on cooler and clear nights. it’s completely clear and there was no mist and no visible or frequent fireballs. while watching to the ne i could see a rather large object, much like a low flying plane with blue under lighting moving really slowly across the sky, traveling about the same speed across a distance apparent to the tip of my thumb held 2 feet out over a period of 25 seconds. i figured it could be a very slow, larger fireball beginning to form in the upper atmosphere but it’s size was just too large to be as faint as it was. after my eyes adjusted more i began to notice the edges of the rounded object was much darker than the sky behind it and blocked out a few stars on it’s path. about 5:19 am it abruptly turned slightly more east and a very faint red tail was visible, however it was not fire like with what you would see from a typical fireball and nothing a plane would cause. it was more like a thin laser trail that lingered well behind the object and slowly faded as the object went along. about 2 minutes later it made one more turn towards the north and faded away, the trail slowly fading behind it. i was honestly stunned. nothing that big should be that high up and not be burning up, and nothing would make sense that low and show those characteristics. i’ve noticed government planes flying in the area throughout the year at high altitudes but there is normally sound or no visible trail even over night (as i normally take time lapse exposure photos/videos and can usually pick them out) unless there was a satellite that would leave a trail, a rocket that uses non-combustible thrust, or a plane that left a laser-like trail to it i could call it nothing less than a ufo.

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UFO Sighting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 2017-09-20 20:43:00 – I did not observe it – noticed them in my photos later.

I was walking around at point park around 8:40 p.M. i snapped a few photos of the fountain, stadiums, etc. it was dark, so i had to manually “focus” the camera, otherwise the photos appeared “fuzzy.” later, i was looking at the photos and noticed in one picture that there were three objects in the sky. at first glance, they resemble military aircraft. however, you’ll see when you zoom-in that they bear no resemblance to normal aircraft. in a second photo taken one minute before the photo described above, you can see one of the objects (and you can faintly see another). in that photo, the object looks like it has little lights or circles on the bottom. it reminds me of a footprint.

normally, i would write off this type of thing. what’s bugging me is that we neither saw nor heard these things flying above us. i feel like i would have noticed them – i was staring up at the sky. if they hadn’t appeared in my photos, we would have never noticed them. also, i don’t think they would have shown up in my photos if i hadn’t focused the camera.

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UFO Sighting in Litchfield, Nebraska on 2017-09-21 00:00:00 – At first glance, i thought there was an airplane going down. had neon looking lights. ufo in back was between the size of a semi truck and an airplane and ufo in front approx. size of a suv

I was driving on a gravel road in nebraska a little after midnight. all of a sudden i saw what at first looked like an airplane going down. then after about 4 seconds i saw that they were two bizarre looking objects. they seemed to be hovering fairly slowly (10 mph) heading west, smaller one in front of the other on the same path with the other one appearing to be about 2-3× it’s size. i was in complete awe. i’m so stunned that i can’t perfectly describe the first object or identify it’s color; the larger one appeared to be neon red on top and neon blue on the bottom (clear outline) with white neon outside the outline and inside the object. it disappeared within 10 seconds of viewing. it came out of no where and then vanished. within a 5 mile radius of where this even took place, several cattle mutilations have been reported (including several from my own personal farm) as well as several spottings discussed among the locals.

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UFO Sighting in Sunrise, Florida on 2015-09-10 02:00:00 – 2 huge and monolithic looking ship. see story.

I understand that there are questions to answers here so i will very simply tell you (or whomever is reading this experience of mine) exactly what i saw that night and how strange of an occurrence it was. i understand that it’s quite lengthy and my paragraphs might be large and uneven, but i seriously need to get this story out there as weird things have been happening around my house at night ever since. here it goes.

i was playing a show at the infamous and long standing venue called “churchills pub” with my metal band. perhaps you’ve heard of the place? i play bass guitar. anywho, it was 1 in the morning when i decided to leave and somehow i ended up on the sawgrass expressway, i was a little new to driving at the time so i guess that’s how, however before i proceed with my story, i’d like to mention that me and a couple of friends had been seeing ufo’s around my city and out above the everglades since we live so close to it. they still remember seeing them. and i remember the exact date of july4th 2015 where we saw a fleet that was massive and coordinated/intelligent. however, after that day i began to understand that weird things are and were happening around my area and in the everglades out west. behind the city i live in. weird things with *little* explanation.

anyways back to my story. i was driving back kind of half weirded/sketched out after what me and my friends had been seeing and i had just got off of i-75 for sawgrass expressway. i had just barely entered the broward county area when i saw the ufo’s again. the same orange and red shining/pulsating lights were off to my right as i went over a bridge for one of the exit’s and they were what looked to be about, or atleast, 3 miles out. very far off in the distance. i remember my radio was acting up from what i remember and just as soon as i went to fiddle with it and fix it they were above my car. yes, from the time it took to look down and fix it then look back up at the road they were above my car. i looked up and there, above my car about 30 feet in the air, were two huge alien aircraft hovering/floating above my car with there red and orange lights reflecting off my dashboard.

i remember looking up at them in utter awe and amazement. i will describe the hull of the ship/design and exterior in this paragraph so i urge you to imagine. they were 10 feet above the center median lights, which i’d like to mention there are no center median lights on the express way so i believe that i was taken somewhere, i am seeking regression therapy for a possible case of “transformed reality”. anywho, i remember that the hull, or what looked to be like armor, of the ships were colored with a dark-colored black and bronze metal and coated with a very thick looking gloss. imagine a laminated piece of paper but 100 times over. the black and bronze meant that it was some sort of metal or perhaps compound because the only known metal to survive high intensity heat from the atmosphere (assuming they came from another world which i believe they did) is tungsten which is used in military aircraft. so whatever it was made of, made literally no sense. the two ships had 3 parts. the underhull, which looked like a cargo bay that was diamond shaped. the light that pulsated was above that on what looked like a flat surface. then you had the bridge with black windows. possible that an alien was looking back at me?. now for the design of the ship. bare with me here because this is seriously insane. the design of the ship was truly something from another world and i don’t think any ufo reports out there match what i saw. i may have been the first to see such a thing.

the design like pattern, be it if it was a pattern at all, looked very similar to a 3-dimensional “sri yantra” ,if you don’t know what that is then please google it as it will give you an understanding of what it looked like, the ancient spiritual consciousness symbol. yet at the same time, the more i looked at it the more it made no sense at all. it had hundreds of angles etched all around it, and i can not find a shape in the human geometric system that looked even *similar* to those ships. the sri yantra is the only thing that comes even a quarter close to what it looked like. the design was clearly not from this world. there is no way.

furthermore, i’d like to speak more about the surrounding environment. as i’ve mentioned before, center median lights are none existent on the expressway but on that night there were lights on both sides for as far as you can see. i went back the following day just to make sure. there are none. i’d also like to mention that there was a car behind me about 40 yards back. when i passed by the aircrafts and went over the bridge i finally mustered the courage after being frightened from what i saw, i looked in the rear view window and that car was gone. he didn’t get off the exit for as we both went past it and over the bridge. i must’ve been taken somewhere.

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UFO Sighting in Chandler, Arizona on 2017-09-18 12:30:00 – One ufo appeared then vanished the other two acted likewise.

I was driving down the 347 when i saw a shiny object in the sky. it was moving in straight line the way an airplane would but it looked like an shiny metal cylinder as opposed to an airplane. it had no wings and no tail. when i looked back up it was gone. moments later a second identical shiny object appeared, i focused back on the road and looked up and it was gone. then once again another flying object that looked just like the others appeared and while i was looking at it it sort of shined and then it was gone.
i was scared and left wondering if anyone else had witnessed what i had. i was alone in this experience but i swear on life what happened was real.

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UFO Sighting in Khardaha, West Bengal on 2014-05-08 21:30:00 – It was summer of 2014 and and i observed strange bright lights in the northern sky for few consecutive days

It was summer of 2014 and and i observed strange bright lights in the northern sky for few consecutive days. bright orb, yellow and white if i remember correctly. i was out on my terrace soaking the summer breeze and that is when i noticed a strange bright light that hovered over a house across mine. thought it was an airplane but it was completely silent and would stay still in the air for a while before disappearing away behind a cover of trees in the nw direction and would sometimes reappear back in the same spot after a while.I spotted it for a few consecutive days then stopped seeing it. later i thought it was a drone but nobody flies a drone around here specially at night and drones were really not a trend in 2014. didn’t have a camera in my house, only had a smartphone with below average camera with me so couldn’t get a picture. the object was relatively slow moving but was unusually bright.

i myself take the whole thing with a grain of salt, it could have been an airplane or drone but only the maneuver was strange for an airplane. if i spot it ever again then i will make sure i get some kind of image or video for better credibility.

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Black Triangle Sighting in San Diego, California on 2017-09-15 21:30:00 – Observed thru telescope while trained on planet saturn then polaris, the pole star

While observing saturn thru my 6 in refractor at my house a triangular object passed traveling at low speed due east as viewed thru the telescope. i was unable to locate theo bject after looking directly for it with naked eye. turned the scope in the opposite direction and located polaris and then saw a 2nd identical onject in the scope also traveling due east, removed my eye from the lens and was unable to see it with naked eye. this occurred in the span of 3 minutes.

at first i thought the object was an aircraft as i live proximal to class b airspace, but itwas traveling in the wrong direction. then i thought that it could be a model airplane but its physical structure was inconsistent with any aircraft i have ever seen.

it’s significant that the images were identical in shape and form, apparent altitude, speed and both were traveling due east. the first was located south of me an the second was due north.

i could observe them in the scope’s field of view but could not see either of them after lifting my gaze from the scope.

i am convinced they were not birds or remotely controlled drones and they resembled no aircraft i have ever seen. there w as no illumination on either object except for ambient and reflected light. this occurred several hours after sundown.

i had no particular emotion other than curiosity. after my viewing session i began to think about the origin and nature of the two objects and spent time tryin to explain to myself and several others what i had seen. still not satisfied with my conclusions.

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UFO Sighting in Paradise, Nevada on 2017-09-15 17:25:00 – Observed a light directly above me, was red in color, would change to silver, looked like a star

I was playing in a lacrosse tournament on the unlv campus in las vegas. our first game ended at about 1650, and next game was at 1800. i was resting between games, laying on my back. almost directly above me i saw a red light, next to a small cloud. i thought it might be an airplane. i noticed it was not moving and could not be a plane. it was still completely bright outside. it looked like a red star to me. the object would dim, appear to be almost silver, then turn bright red again. i pointed it out to another player who was next to me. he confirmed he could see it too and said he thought it was the star beattleguise (spelling?) no other stars were visible as it was bright outside. the object was visible for about five minutes and stayed in one place the whole time. it finally dimmed and i couldn’t reaquire it.

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UFO Sighting in California on 2017-09-15 12:10:00 – Didn’t notice at the time – until seeing photos later

Something urged me to go to pescadero this past fri., 9/15/2017 approx. 12 p.M.
while sitting at the road work stop on hwy. 1 heading south, something told me to take pictures. so i did. at first glimpse i saw something whiteish and round in the water not too far offshore – maybe 50 feet. was high tide.
so, i took pictures (for thoughts of something way different than this.)

traffic started to go so i gave it no thought until i looked t the pictures 3 days later. i was able to tske 3 pictures from the front of my car window, 2 from the side windo and 2 from the backseat side window, (all from the drivers seat.
i had washed my car earlier that day, and by this time it was completely dry.)

didn’t look at the pictures until monday night,9/18/2107 approx.8:30 p.M.

i felt nothing odd, (as i have been used to seeing ufo’s on many occasions in my life. no feelings of bad or harm, just an un-canny feeling of being observed while s a desolate beach. no-one else was around.
they are okay, they mean no harm is the general feeling i get when sightings occur. (except for 1 in the past.)

hope the picts. are good enough. were taken on my cell phone.
proof is in the pictures. have more pictures than what is attached.

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