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UFO Sighting in Lisburn, Northern Ireland on 2010-09-01 00:00:00 – Fast moving object with lights spotted above. night sky, no ‘craft’ seen just 3 red lights rotating in clockwise direction.

I was at my front door, seeing my mother out when i happened to look up and noticed the red lights. there were a few but not many clouds in the sky that night.

at first i thought it was a helicopter (due to the rotating lights) then i realised there are no lights on the end of rotor blades and they were not fast enough to be on rotors (the red lights i saw spun at about 1 second for a full rotation). they also seemed too close together to be at the ends of blades. the object moved at too fast a speed to be a helicopter and seemed to be a little high to be one too.

it was only in my vision for about 30 seconds but moved in a very fast, straight line. as it was getting dark outside i didn’t see any vehicle/craft so assumed it was black/dark itself. i also did not see any discernible shape except for the 3 red lights that i would say were a triangle formation. these lights themselves, as well as moving forward with the craft, turned in a clockwise direction.

the area i saw the object was a quiet area and i noticed there was no noise from it at all and i know the sound of helicopters as the area i live now has almost daily helicopters in the sky.

i stared at it for a few seconds then pointed up and asked my mother ”what is that?!!” but she didn’t see it as by the time she realised what was going on and looked up, it had vanished, either into or above the cloud. it made me feel really uneasy and did not sleep very well that night. it happened a good few years ago but i will never forget how it looked or how it made me feel.

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UFO Sighting in Kojonup, Western Australia on 2017-11-23 00:00:00 – It was invisible but it’s way was there.

Standing outside a woooden house then standing with. y nose touching the glass window looking into the lounge room scaring the kind with short dark hair holding a pillow screaming then next minute he dream four figures one was a tall tin like gray the other looked just like kenny from south park the forth one couldn’t make vegimitie samwitch the first was a extremely dark entity prior to waking was on a surgery table going down a hall with lights in my eyes and ceiling lights going passed. there whisel’s sounded like if they had water in their mouths when they did it but they didn’t have mouths.

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UFO Sighting in Richmond, Indiana on 2017-11-22 07:03:00 – There are about 10 to 15 lights and the lights were the color of a actual fire reddish orange first pulled up to a s they were coming from west going south i stayed there and watched first i seen to the next thing i know there was 10 to 15 of them.

i was driving home from getting a pop it was 7:03 in the morning indiana eastern time november 22nd 2017 i look to the left which was west and then i seen a couple blowing lights like fire but no flickering just a steady light. i sat there and other cars pulled up but did not see them i pulled over to take pictures or get video that did not have them with me i was so mad i continue to watching them until they all disappeared to the south.

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UFO Sighting in Santa Cruz, California on 2013-06-16 00:00:00 – Fireball turned into space craft, not a single sound

2 friends and i were spending father’s day having a bonfire on a beach in santa cruz. it was around 3 am when we decided to go home. as we were leaving we past a homeless man who was walking onto the beach. as we past this man, he pointed to the sky and asked us “what’s that?”. we all turned to look, and when we seen what he was pointing at we froze. there was a faint fireball coming straight out of the sky. i was raised by an astronomer so at first i thought it was a comet. but, as it got closer it stopped. the flames vanished and i could see this cylindrical metal craft with white lights around the bottom. it looked like a metal toilet paper roll. the craft bottom started to close, like a cartoon satellite opening. as it did that, the shape turned into a disc. almost as if the toilet paper roll had been compressed. it got longer and shorter, i could see a window form at the top that appeared to go 360 degrees around the craft. the lights went out and the craft turned into a bubble. i could see stars behind it, but i could see the reflection of the city lights. the craft started floating north up the coast. we walked to the car keeping an eye on this bubble craft thing. we followed it for about 10 minutes before we lost sight of it. scariest day of my life. i still tear up and get anxiety when i think about it. we are not alone in this universe, i am now a true believer.

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UFO Sighting in Doral, Florida on 2017-11-18 18:31:00 – Star like light moving very fast south

Me and my friend were looking at the stars and one “star-like light” was stationary then quickly went south and then goes behind a cloud and you could still see the light through the cloud and when it got out a tree was in my way so i couldn’t see it anymore and when i moved to keep it in view i couldn’t find it anymore. (me and my friend saw the same exact thing) i told him to record right when we noticed it and he tried but the light was too far so the camera didn’t catch it. i started crying after because i was in shock.

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UFO Sighting in Ouray, Colorado on 2017-11-16 10:52:00 – We stopped along the million dollar highway (550) at bear creek falls, looking south at abrams mountain. we began taking photos of the beautifully rocky mountain valley. we had no idea our two separate iphones would capture this object at exactly 10:52.

This is one of those discoveries that happened after the events were captured on november 16th, 2017 on our way to glennwood springs, colorado. my friend and i were both taking photos on our iphones while parked at a viewpoint for bear creek falls along the million dollar highway just south of ouray, colorado. we were shooting pics of the long beautiful valley extending south towards the base of abrams mountain rising in the distance. we both shot lots of photos, not noticing anything out of the ordinary at the time of the events, but in the last two days we have both discovered striking shots of a green orb in our photos at exactly the same time from different vantage points looking in the same direction. 10:52am seems to be the time we both got our shots. from the photos timing/sequencing, this object or green sphere seems to have traveled miles in less than a microsecond, changes shapes, even gives off a transparent saucer-like sparkly shaped white hue at one point surrounding the green sphere. because of the position of the sun and the shadows in the valley and the fact that both cameras captured the same thing, we have ruled out sun flares playing off of our phone lenses. this feels and looks genuine to me.

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UFO Sighting in Jackson, New Jersey on 2017-11-16 03:00:00 – I went outside in the middle of the night for a smoke i couildnt sleep, an there were 6 circle lights over the woods an at first i wasnt sure what it was but then in a blink of an eye it was above me but there were clouds so all i could see was the lights

I was up at 3 am because i couldn’t sleep. so i decided to step on the porch for a smoke. as i was out there i noticed above the trees their were lights in the sky an at first it kind of looked like a beam. it would appear then disappear at different places among that area across the street over the woods. the problem at first was it was cloudy at night so i couldn’t see an objects just the lights. so i watched an the next thing i knew it was above me an i never seen it come across the woods towards me. it was like a blink of an eye. it had 6 circled lights 3 on each side an if it was a ufo it had to be huge. i hurried up an ran inside i was to scared to come back out to take pictures. now there is a base near me an a airport but i’ve never seen anything like that !

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UFO Sighting in Kingsley, Pennsylvania on 2017-11-21 06:00:00 – Observed the above moving faster then any plane or other familiar aircrafts known to me and it went straight up over my house, then changed direction reoriented itself and started going down wards when i went outside there were also cris cross paths left

I was laying down watching tv when i heard this “thump thump” and a whirring buzzing sound and i got up to look out my window when i saw a white almost glowing object flying almost straight up into the sky and another object sitting still next to it i was unsure the still object was craft and not a star or something when it started flickering i went to take a video on my phone and took the picture on accident then when i switched to video my phone went dead. at this point when i looked up to continue observing the object there was only the mobile one left in the sky as it flew over my house. i then thew on my slippers and ran outside and watched it fly over. i turned my head i saw another identical craft to the one i was watching when it turned direction and appeard to then go downward. by the time they were done it almost looked like exhaust trails or something ,im not sure but same as in the picture and that was all that was left after a few minutes and there cris crossing pattern in the sky above me.

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UFO Sighting in Aberdeen, Washington on 2017-09-14 08:45:00 – I was standing on the porch with my wife and took pictures of the sunset and about 5 to 10 mins later i realized i had caught an object in multiple photos moving in unnatural ways

I was standing on my porch with my wife taking pictures of the sunset and when we checked them there was an object moving in unnatural ways so we evaluated the photos and we’re convinced it’s a ufo and the wierdest thing was we couldn’t see it with the naked eye

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