UFO Mysteries Unraveled: ‘Real-Life X-Files’ and a Top Secret UK Project

     A former official at the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence has shed new light on the circumstances surrounding a secret government UFO study that was conducted during the 1990s. By James Rogers Fox News5-11-18 In 1996, the MoD commissioned a defense contractor to produce a comprehensive report on U.K. […]

Number of potentially habitable planets in our galaxy: Tens of billions – Alien UFO Sightings

401 Shares It is one thing to observe the periodic dimming of a star’s light, as NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has done for thousands of planet “candidates” since its launch in 2009. However, to confirm that such dimmings are in fact due to a planet passing in front of a […]

Strange UFO Captured on Video in The Skies Over Toowoomba | AUSTRALIA

      A MYSTERIOUS light that defies explanation has been caught on video in Toowoomba. Rod Bishop was testing his newly-purchased three-ccd camera outside in Newtown when he saw the light in August. Andrew BackhouseChinchilla News12-12-16 He was sitting on his verandah in Tor St looking east just before […]

Huge Glowing’ UFO Filmed Above Moscow Homes | VIDEO

Footage of a ball of light hovering over apartments in a residential area of Moscow has sparked the interest of alien hunters curious about the potentially extraterrestrial origins of the mysterious phenomenon.       Footage of a ball of light hovering over apartments in a residential area of Moscow […]

UFO Almost Collides with Passenger Plane – Peru |

     A luminous UFO was recorded as it flew very close to an airliner. It was taken in the city of Trujillo, Perú, on 22 July 2016. The images were shared on YouTube by user OVNIS ACTUALES on 23 July 2016. By Prensawww.radiosantiago.cl7-25-16 The clip shows a luminous object […]

YouTuber Comes Clean on Viral Hoax Video

Editor’s Note: Youtuber Johnson Thompson has created a second video detailing how he inadvertently gave birth to a viral hoax video described as anywhere from a mystery and or strange light to a UFO exiting a portal from another dimension.–FW See Also: Strange Lights Recorded Above Canberra | UFO NEWS […]

Strange Lights Recorded Above Canberra | UFO NEWS

By www.news.com.au1-6-16       A MYSTERIOUS light over Australia’s capital has captured the imaginations of social media users, with many declaring the baffling flare as evidence of a UFO. Since the video was uploaded to YouTube on January 3, it has been viewed over 137,000 times, with users speculating […]