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Strange UFO Captured on Video in The Skies Over Toowoomba | AUSTRALIA

Strange UFO Video-Taped in The Skies Over Toowoomba 12-13-16

      A MYSTERIOUS light that defies explanation has been caught on video in Toowoomba.

Rod Bishop was testing his newly-purchased three-ccd camera outside in Newtown when he saw the light in August.

Andrew Backhouse
Chinchilla News

He was sitting on his verandah in Tor St looking east just before 6pm when the strange white light appeared.

The light appeared to plummet out of the sky, at one point banking sharply to the right and then left.

At first Mr Bishop thought it was a satellite, but his experience in astronomy led him to believe that it was neither a satellite or aircraft.

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Huge Glowing’ UFO Filmed Above Moscow Homes | VIDEO

Huge Glowing’ UFO Filmed Above Moscow Homes 10-3-16
Footage of a ball of light hovering over apartments in a residential area of Moscow has sparked the interest of alien hunters curious about the potentially extraterrestrial origins of the mysterious phenomenon.

      Footage of a ball of light hovering over apartments in a residential area of Moscow has sparked the interest of alien hunters curious about the potentially extraterrestrial origins of the mysterious phenomenon.

The UFO was recorded on October 3 hovering and flying over homes in the Marfino District of Moscow, according to InformVest. …

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UFO Almost Collides with Passenger Plane – Peru |

UFO Almost Collides with Passenger Plane – Peru 7-25-16

     A luminous UFO was recorded as it flew very close to an airliner. It was taken in the city of Trujillo, Perú, on 22 July 2016. The images were shared on YouTube by user OVNIS ACTUALES on 23 July 2016.
By Prensa

The clip shows a luminous object crossing the sky at high speed. As the witness records the transit of a commercial airplane, the UFO passes very close to the craft. The witnesses did his best to follow the object, but it vanished from sight on account of its speed.

* Translation By Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

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YouTuber Comes Clean on Viral Hoax Video

YouTuber Comes Clean on Viral Hoax Video

Editor’s Note: Youtuber Johnson Thompson has created a second video detailing how he inadvertently gave birth to a viral hoax video described as anywhere from a mystery and or strange light to a UFO exiting a portal from another dimension.–FW

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Strange Lights Recorded Above Canberra | UFO NEWS

Strange Lights Above Canberra (Collage) 1-3-16

By www.news.com.au

      A MYSTERIOUS light over Australia’s capital has captured the imaginations of social media users, with many declaring the baffling flare as evidence of a UFO.

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube on January 3, it has been viewed over 137,000 times, with users speculating it is everything from Bronwyn Bishop in a taxpayer-funded UFO to a flying saucer opening an intergalactic portal.

But many astronomers have discredited the idea that it was a UFO, explaining that it is much more likely to be a rare weather phenomenon known as a ‘ball of lightning’. […]

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UFO Recorded at El Challao, Mendoza | Argentina

UFO Recorded at El Challao, Mendoza, Argentina 11-4-15

By Inexplicata

A woman recorded an unidentified flying object at El Challao on Wednesday around 0400 hours, according to MendozaPost, a web portal in that city. The light that can be seen in the sky was over El Mirador, according to the casual correspondent. She was there with other people, and upon seeing the light, took out her cellphone and recorded it. […]

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‘UFO’ Reported Above Box Hill

'UFO' Reported Above Box Hill

By Dorking Advertiser

      A possible UFO sighting has been reported after a fast moving yellow light was seen in the sky above Box Hill last night (Thur).

The strange object was spotted by Diane Cooper of Cottage Farm, Betchworth who contacted the Advertiser after spotting the mysterious object.

She said: “Has anyone reported seeing what I can only describe as a UFO across the front of Boxhill last night?

“It was 12.01am, there was a very bright large yellow light that came from the left, heading the Dorking way around the front of the hill, moving very, very fast and very low. When it got just past the back of my house it went over the top of the hill still very low.

“It gave the impression it was going to crash. . . .

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UFO Over New York Spurs 911 Calls

UFO Over New York Spurs 911 Calls 4-25-15

By Tom Wilson and Kathianne Boniello

     The truth is out there — and it’s hovering over The Bronx.

A mysterious light in the sky so freaked out some Hunts Points residents that they called authorities to report their only possible explanation: the arrival of aliens from outer space.

A “flying spaceship” is moving swiftly over East 149th Street and the Bruckner Expressway, one terrified woman told a 911 operator Saturday night, according to an FDNY source.

Juan Marrero said he, too, had a close encounter.

“I look up and see this fireball, ‘Whoosh!’ and then another, ‘Whoosh!’ ” said Marrero, 57, a pigeon fancier who was on the roof of his building at 11:30 p.m. when he saw two bright lights streaking across the sky. “From one side of the sky to the other, too fast for an airplane.”

Andres Morales, 25, said he also saw the speedy orb — and did his best to document his out-of-this-world experience.

“I stuck my hand out the car window and snapped like crazy,” he told The Post. “I don’t know what it was but it was moving crazy fast.” . . .

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Detection of Light Bouncing Off An Exoplanet—A First!

Detection of Light Bouncing Off An Exoplanet—A First

By Joseph Stromberg

it could help us identify which planets
are habitable — and may contain life

      A team of Portuguese astronomers has detected light bouncing directly off the surface of an exoplanet for the first time.

Why is this a big deal? Studying the light reflecting from exoplanets can give us clues about the gases present in that planet’s atmosphere. That could help researchers identify which planets are habitable and may contain life.

Until now, we’ve discovered about 1,900 exoplanets, but we’ve only seen the vast majority of them indirectly — most often by noticing when they pass in front of their stars, causing a momentary dip in light. In a few cases, we’ve also detected tiny amounts of starlight passing through planets’ atmospheres at the same time.

This new technique, looking at light reflecting off of planets directly, could open up a much bigger range of distant planets’ atmospheres for study in future years — especially if it’s employed by the next generation of even bigger telescopes currently under construction. . . .

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Mysterious UFO Sighting Over Bakersfield | VIDEO

Mysterious UFO Sighting Over Bakersfield 3-14-15

By Lindsey Adams

      Several neighbors living off Alderpointe Street near Panama and Gosford in southwest Bakersfield say they first witnessed a mysterious blue light in the sky back in February, and again in March. Both times they saw it on the 14th.

“I was taking the recycling out to the trash can, and I saw this blue light in the sky, and I thought, that’s kinda bright to be a star, I’ve never seen a blue star be that bright,” said Kelly Castruita.

“Watched it for about 10 minutes, just doing weird stuff, it would turn on and off and it would disappear,” added Kelly’s husband Jeff.

Neighbors said the blue light was about the size of a dime, and started off just above the skyline, and then migrated northwest.

“It pretty much flew, stopped, then started doing some upward motion and downward motion, so I’ve never seen anything like it,” said neighbor Randy Gabriel. . . .

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