Object Lands On Highway

     Sightings of a blazing oval shaped object that landed on highways and then took off at tremendous speeds straight up early this moring have been reported to sheriff’s offices here by at least five witnesses from different points near Levelland. By Amarillo Daily News 11-4-1957 […] “I’ve had […]

Army Alerted as Burning UFO Crashes

     U.S. Army officials and the Pennsylvania State Police Thursday night sealed off an area in southwestern Pennsylvania explaining there “is an unidentified flying object in the woods.” By The Orlando Sentinel12-10-1965 A spokesman for a team of radar experts from the Army’s 662 radar squadron here said, We […]

Kecksburg UFO Incident: Eyewitness Interviews | VIDEO

Editor’s Note: The Unsolved Mysteries series would first investigate the Kecksburg UFO Incident, in September 19, 1990; they would revisit the case in 2008, as seen below. Watch eyewitnesses describe in their own words, seeing a mysterious craft land in the woods, followed by a military response and retrieval of […]

Kecksburg UFO Incident: Scientist Says ‘Flying Object Was Not A Meteorite’ | UFO CHRONICLE – 1965

     Shortly before sundown on Dec. 9 (1965), a fiery bright-orange object, or objects, flew from Michigan to the tip of Ontario and western Lake Erie, and then the northeast corner of Ohio, apparently landing in a densely wooded area about 30 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pa. By Ivan […]

Kecksburg UFO Crash – First Eyewitness?

     On December 9, 1965 hundreds of eyewitnesses watched an amazing object streak across the sky, the object was witnessed from Canada all the way to Kecksburg, Pennsylvania where the object crash landed. Soon after it was reported to be a spectacular meteorite by military and other officials. Eyewitnesses […]

UFO Lands On Conyngham Mountain | UFO CHRONICLE – 1947

     A “Flying Saucer” landed on Conyngham mountain on Friday, June 27 [1947], according to the eyewitness description of a Conyngham woman, who asked that her name not be used. The Plain Speaker7-8-1947 […] See Also: LANDING OF SAUCER REPORTED Air Force / National Guard Investigation/Report of UFO Landing […]

Eerie UFO Reported to Land by Marine Pilots | UFO CHRONICLE –- 1953

     An eerie account of a glowing disk-like object seen by four pilots was released today by officials at the Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point. One of the pilots thought he saw it land, and believed it started a forest fire. Greensboro Daily News (North Carolina) 2-12-1953 See […]

The X-37B Secret Space Plane Lands With A Boom

     The Air Force’s experimental X-37B space plane announced the end of its nearly two-year mission by creating a sonic boom on Sunday that surprised residents along Florida’s Space Coast. Officials have provided only vague details about the unmanned craft’s more than 700-day mission. By Bill Chappellwww.npr.org5-8-17 “Not much […]

‘Kecksburg UFO Crash’ Movie Sparks Casting Call for Local Actors

     KINGWOOD — Regional actors of all ages seeking roles are invited to audition on May 7 at the Preston Community Arts Center in Kingwood for a part in a forthcoming feature film based on the historical incident of a supposed UFO crash-landing in Pennsylvania. By www.theet.com5-2-17 Continue Reading […]

UFO Contact in Loco, Texas – April 1, 1967

      Carroll Wayne Watts said he had a close encounter with a UFO the night of March 31, 1967, but it was not reported until the following day, on April 1. Watts lived in the tiny town of Loco, in the Texas Panhandle, just south of Wellington, about […]