Roswell Alien Kodachrome Slide Fraud Put To Rest

Yes, the pun is intended. As I (and of course others) suspected as soon as we saw the picture, the alleged alien is a mummy. OpenMinds TV has an expose here. Good work by Alejandro Rojas and, in particular, Isaac Koi. Make sure you download the Anthronotes study of the […]

Roswell “Alien” Slide – Black Vault Initial Analysis

For those interested, the Black Vault posted a good summary of the suspicious aspects of this “smoking gun” evidence for proof of an alien body from Roswell. I especially wonder (with the Black Vault) why the card at the leg of the “alien” wasn’t enhanced along with the rest of […]

Alleged Slides Proving Roswell Aliens to be Released Today (Sigh)

Here’s the news item. This was teased at IUFO. I’ve seen the Kodachrome slide. I thought immediately it was a child mummy (it’s in some sort of display case). I’ve shown the photo to several Egyptologists. They said the same thing. You can see why when you juxtapose the “alien” […]

Another Promotional Trailer for Roswell Alien Slides & Upcoming Show | VIDEO

Producer Adam Dew showing the Roswell Alien Slides to folks on the streets of Chicago       Editor’s Note: Another promotional video for the upcoming documentary, Kodachrome and the spectacle in Mexico City (exhibiting the so-called Roswell Alien Slides) was released by producer Adam Dew / Slidebox Media, yesterday […]

The Roswell Slides and the ‘Lieutenant’

By Kevin RandleA Different Perspective3-27-15      In his Kodachrome documentary, Adam Dew interviews a man (and since his name is well known, I see no point in repeating it here) who was in Roswell in 1947 who said that the body in the slides resembled that he had seen […]

Noted Skeptic, Robert Sheaffer Gets Face-Time with Roswell Alien Slides Documentary Film-Maker, Adam Dew

A Skeptic at the UFO Congress, 2015 – Part 3 (final) By Robert Sheafferbadufos.blogspot.com2-25-15 Editor’s note: Noted skeptic, Robert Sheaffer made the trip to The UFO Congress last week and posted his experience to his blog (while there), which in large part were the talks he attended by various UFO […]

Roswell Alien Slides: "It’s Not a Scam," says Jaime Maussan | INTERVIEW

By www.altrogiornale.org2-23-15 – rough translation –      The history of modern UFOlogy could be at a turning point. The next May 5 in Mexico City, during a meeting in the Auditorium National, the journalist journalist and Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan will present slides showing the body of an extraterrestrial […]

More Info On Roswell Alien Slides; Adam Dew Interviewed By Chicago News Station | VIDEO

Roswell Slides – Adam Dew on WGN (Chicago) By Kevin RandleA Different Perspective2-19-15      We have now heard more about the Roswell Slides, again from Adam Dew and again on video, though this comes from WGN-TV in Chicago. Dew was interviewed about the slides. He told us that the […]

The Roswell Alien Slides and The Truth

Credit: (Above Images) Slidebox Media By Anthony BragaliaThe UFO Chronicles2-19-15      The announcement that slides dating from 1947 found to have belonged to lawyer Hilda Ray and her husband Bernerd Ray (a top oil exploration geologist working in NM and TX during that time) have caused what can only […]