UFO Article: “Physicist says some UFOs are ‘supremely advanced technology’ ”

By Alejandro Rojas, 22 July 2013 (OpenMinds.tv, Tempe, Arizona) OpenMinds.tv presents the comments of U.S. astrophysicist Eric W. Davis. http://www.openminds.tv/physicist-says-some-ufos-are-supremely-advanced-technology-1086/22950 Eric W. Davis, U.S. Astrophysicist (youtube.com image) Check out the original article here. Author: Blogger

UFO News Article: “Jesuit Astronomer sees flying Saucers 1965 Argentina” (not the article’s headline)

Volume LXVIII, Number 13, 22 July 1965 (Catholic Transcript) Source: ufonewspaper.blogspot.com The whole article: “ A Jesuit priest-astronomer here said he has seen unidentified flying objects — ‘flying saucers’ — in Argentine skies. Father Benito Reyna, S.J., is professor of mathematics at Salvador University in Buenos Aires and an astronomer […]

First Person To Report UFO’s Still Believes in Phenomenon | UFO CHRONICLE – 1977

     On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, of Meridian, Idaho, was flying his two-seater plane from Chehalis to Yakima, Washington, over Mt Rainier. Grit 7-10-1977 Suddenly, there in his path, he said, were nine shiny, pulsating objects flying over the Cascade Mountains as fast as 1,700 miles per hour. […]

Mysterious Object Zips Over Antartic

     Military and scientific personnel in the Atlantic watched what they called a curious celestial body for about 20 minutes Monday, the Chilean Air Force reported. Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard7-7-1965 Air Force HQ released a report that stated personnel at the Pedro Aguirre Cerda Base in the Antarctic witnessed a […]

UFO Reported Over Woburn

     Strange, silent and rapidly-moving lights made an appearance in the summer night sky over the city, according to one family, which noted what they said they saw in a national UFO database. By Margaret Smithwoburn.wickedlocal.com8-23-17 The anonymous report describes a “fast-moving red light, with flashing white and green […]

Space Lightning Over Hawaii | VIDEO

     Every night, the Gemini cloudcam atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii monitor storms approaching some of the world’s largest telescopes. It often captures bright bolts of lightning lancing down to the ground below the towering dormant volcano. On July 24th it captured something lancing up: By spaceweather.com7-26-17 “This amazing […]

Mystery UFOs Over Cornwall – The Eden Project | VIDEO

A bizarre, swarming UFO “appeared” in multiple places over the English coastal peninsula, but it’s not a sign of an impending alien invasion.      If you’ve been following social media posts from people in Cornwall over the last week, then you may think the alien invasion of Earth has […]

Mysterious UFO Caught on Film Across Cornwall | VIDEO

People have been taking to social media with startling footage of what looks suspiciously like a UFO over various spots in Cornwall.      Over the last couple of days the strange, shimmering black object has been spotted over Truro city centre, Carluddon clay tip, Fistral beach in Newquay, over […]

UFO Photographed Over Chelmsford (UK)

     A man has described his surprise at seeing two large UFOs in the sky over Chelmsford. The resident, who did not want to be named, saw the objects in the By Clare_Youell Essex Live7-19-17 air over Manor Road where he lives on Monday afternoon (July 17). The two […]

Crashed UFO Misinformation

Crashed Saucer Misinformation      Time recently spent in Roswell gave me the opportunity to talk UFOs with some people quite knowledgeable on the topic. Among them was Nick Redfern. Aware of my interest in the overlapping of the UFO and intelligence communities, Nick shared his thoughts on several such […]