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UFO Sightings: Is the Government Withholding An Interest in Alien Life?

UFO Recorded On a FLIR Camera BY The Chilean Navy 11-11-14

This article, along with others exploring the possibilities of alien life and other mysteries hidden beyond the stars, is featured in Newsweek’s Special Edition: Life Beyond Earth? The Mission to Find the Answer.

     In December 1969, the United States government called for the end of Project Blue Book, its 22-year investigation into unidentified airborne phenomena. Overnight, the authorities’ official position changed from one of indulgent public curiosity to absolute public
By Newsweek Special Edition

disinterest. “The Air Force was the head agency during Project Blue Book, where they went out into the field and talked to witnesses, essentially trying to figure out what was going on,” explains John Greenewald, founder of The Black Vault, an Internet-based resource that has compiled more than 1.4 million declassified government documents. “After 1969, it was the United States Air Force that said, ‘no government agency including our own has any interest in this phenomenon.’” But thanks to the dogged effort of Greenewald and other UFO researchers wielding Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, anyone with an Internet connection and an open mind can deduce the government isn’t quite as apathetic toward UFOs as it claims.

One curious item indicative of the cat-and-mouse game Greenewald feels the government plays with UFO researchers was an entry in an Air Force training manual discovered through a FOIA request. “I discovered, about eight to 10 years ago now, an Air Force regulation, Air Force Instruction 10-206,” Greenewald says. “It deals with what to do if pilots see something strange in the sky and how they have to report it. The rule was a short list of things to look for—for example if they saw a missile streak across the sky, that was outlined as something they would need to report. On this very short list was the entry, ‘Unidentified Flying Objects.’ Obviously we’re talking about 30 or more years after their investigation was stopped.”

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More UFO Files Lost, says U.S. Government

More UFO Files Lost, says U.S. Government

By Alejandro Rojas

      Government documents related to UFOs seem to have a habit of disappearing. This time the files belonged to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).


In 1996, in a response to a FOIA request, [John] Greenewald received nearly 250 files from the Defense Intelligence Agency regarding UFOs. Supposedly, everything they had on the topic. However, several of the files were heavily redacted, meaning that there were portions that were blacked out, presumably, because those portions regard information that is still considered classified.


In 2014, Greenewald requested an MDR for the DIA documents he had obtained in 1996. In his request, Greenewald included links to download the files he had received from the DIA which he now wanted reviewed.


The DIA wrote, “it appears the FOIA case files have been purged from the FOIA database.” […]

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The Roswell Slides Reveal: Probable Hoax or Easily Explainable / Misidentified

Credit: Coast To Coast AM

John Greenewald By John Greenewald
The Black Vault

     For months, the world has waited for the release of alleged “Roswell Alien” slides that were teased in 2014. Of course highly controversial, these slides were believed to have been the “Smoking Gun” – with irrefutable proof aliens exist and have visited Earth.

After months of waiting, researchers attached to this story (which include Donald Schmitt, Tom Carey, Richard Dolan, and Jaime Maussan) decided that May 5, 2015, or Cinco de Mayo, was the right day to reveal to the world what was on these slides.

Well, that is, if you wanted to fork over some money to watch the reveal.

Curious onlookers paid $20 to login to view the presentation, which quickly became a joke to many who paid.

Social media roared with the fact that many paid money, and saw a screen with an error, as the stream was not working. Others who did get in, waited for the moment they finally revealed the slide. But, as many put it, it was “underwhelming” at best.

Those who have promoted this slide for months, say experts from Kodak confirmed it truly was from decades ago, and was unaltered. But does that prove anything? At first glance, I, along with quite a few others, get the “museum” vibe from this. Not “alien.”

To further prove this point, I did some analysis on the highest resolution slide I could find.

First, I highlighted what appears to be a gorilla or ape head, in the same case as the “alien.” Would this make any sense whatsoever? It would in a museum — not if this was an alien. . . .

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New Air Force UFO Files Site is Mysteriously "Unavailable"

New Air Force UFO Files Site is Mysteriously "Unavailable"

      Editor’s Note: For reasons unknown, John Greenewald’s extension to his Black Vault web-site, housing copies of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book Files is currently inaccessible.

When attempting to access the site (http://projectbluebook.theblackvault.com/) we find the following message: “Due to situations out of my control, The Project Blue Book material is currently unavailable.”

The news of Grenewald’s addition (Project Blue Book files) has been trending with both mainstream media and social networks for over two weeks, albeit with erroneous information. The common theme with almost all the news outlets is that Greenewald made the Blue Book Files not only available, but accessible online for free for the first time. Nothing could be further from the truth.

John himsef stated:

First off, I never, EVER, made it appear these documents were newly declassified. The media created that, and many outlets copied each other. Many of the stories you see, I was never even interviewed for, yet I am quoted extensively.

Second, I went out of my way to say these documents have been available, even in some places online, during the course of the interviews I did do.

We’ve reached out to John to see what’s going on–FW

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New Air Force UFO Files Site is Mysteriously "Unavailable"

New Air Force UFO Files Site is Mysteriously "Unavailable"

      Editor’s Note: For reasons unknown, John Greenewald’s extension to his Black Vault web-site, housing copies of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book Files is currently inaccessible.

When attempting to access the site (http://projectbluebook.theblackvault.com/) we find the following message: “Due to situations out of my control, The Project Blue Book material is currently unavailable.”

The news of Grenewald’s addition (Project Blue Book files) has been trending with both mainstream media and social networks for over two weeks, albeit with erroneous information. The common theme with almost all the news outlets is that Greenewald made the Blue Book Files not only available, but accessible online for free for the first time. Nothing could be further from the truth.

John himsef stated:

First off, I never, EVER, made it appear these documents were newly declassified. The media created that, and many outlets copied each other. Many of the stories you see, I was never even interviewed for, yet I am quoted extensively.

Second, I went out of my way to say these documents have been available, even in some places online, during the course of the interviews I did do.

We’ve reached out to John to see what’s going on–FW

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"Corporate Media’s Latest Orgy of Ineptitude Over UFOs — AGAIN"

"Corporate Media’s Latest Orgy of Ineptitude Over UFOs — AGAIN"

At least nobody got killed

By Billy Cox
De Void

     Don’t even waste your time reading this one today, because it’s so inside baseball, so utterly constipated and confounding I want to set my head on fire and swan-dive into a pond of gasoline. Yeah, that’s right, it’s the corporate media’s latest orgy of ineptitude over UFOs — AGAIN — so you guys can just step back and move right along while I ingest an emetic and hurl.

Whoa whoa whoa. Whoa. At ease. Deep breath, visualize world peace. Context first. Remember the context.

Ahem. OK:

In 1970, shortly after shutting down Project Blue Book, the Air Force moved its UFO files to Maxwell AFB in Huntsville, Ala. And just to settle on definitions, these weren’t actually formal studies. As Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla, the Blue Book director, stated in 1968, “Our primary responsibility is to collect data and then check the subjective material to see what the stimulus might be . . . We’re not an investigative force. . . . We collect data. It’s a misnomer to think we investigate.”

Furthermore: These files were never secret; you had to schedule an appointment, but you could read them yourself. Among the first to comb through the 100,000-plus hard-copy documents was Fund for UFO Research founder Don Berliner. In 1974 or thereabouts, Berliner spent a week at Maxwell, writing down names of the eyewitnesses for potential followup material. Some of those names were found only in newspaper articles; Blue Book was big on collecting and saving clippings.

The files were shipped from Maxwell to the National Archives and Records Administration in 1975 and compressed into 94 spools of microfilm. “A lot of people wanted to see them,” says Berliner. “They were really popular.” So, in 1976, reservists Xeroxed the stuff for transfer into public-release microfilm. But with a hitch. A USAF review board ordered the worker bees to black out eyewitnesses’ names. “They even censored the names of people mentioned in the newspaper accounts,” says Berliner. “They cited privacy reasons, but that didn’t make much sense to me, considering how the names had been available for so long. What it meant was, if you were a researcher, you couldn’t go back and reinvestigate the cases.”

Nevertheless, even though Berliner — and who knows how many others — had already recorded eyewitness names before the clampdown, FUFOR decided to purchase the entire catalogue of censored Blue Book microfilm. And that was pretty much that, until 1998, when one of Berliner’s associates who was visiting NARA called to say he was actually looking at the raw unedited microfilm records, complete with unredacted names. “I said are you sure? He said yeah, they’re on the original 16 millimeter film. So I told him to use our credit card and order a complete set.” FUFOR sprang for about $3,000. “But we got the original version with all the names.” So much for the embargo..

In 2007, a history website digitized the Archives’ censored version of Blue Book and placed them online. It wasn’t newsy enough to rate MSM coverage back then. A year or so ago, just for grins, Berliner called the Archives and asked if he could see the original uncensored 16 millimeter files, “and they said ‘Absolutely not.’ I said ‘Well, would you like a copy? I’ve got one.’ They didn’t think that was very funny.”

So try to imagine the bewilderment, in extremely small hardcore circles, over the MSM clusterf*#! when the Open Minds website announced on Jan. 12 how those Blue Book files — the ones with the censored names, which have been languishing in the public domain online for nearly eight years — were now available in John Greenewald’s Black Vault database without charge. Greenewald, a Los Angeles rez, has been downloading FOIA-acquired government documents — on UFOs and other federal matters — onto his site since he was a teenager in the Nineties. What happened a week after Open Minds produced its piece caught Greenwald off guard, as he states in an email to De Void: “I never claimed this is the first time they hit the web, but rather, I got them compiled then just converted them to a much easier to use format. Crazy how the media works sometimes.”

Crazy? That’s being charitable.

From the New York Daily News to the Washington Post, from Fox News to the Chicago Sun Times, this sucker couldn’t have made a bigger splash if Larry Flynt belly-flopped from the second floor. And the reliable cliches (“The truth is out there — now on the web,” USA Today; “Is the truth out there?”, Christian Science Monitor; “It’s enough to make Mulder and Scully seethe with envy,” CNN) were the least of it. This was a magpie chorus to see who could mangle the most facts with the least effort possible (“Blue Book was shut down in 1985 …”, Fox31 Denver). Even the Air Force Times screwed it up, calling it the “Air Force’s top secret files on sightings … by a California man who spent nearly 20 years hounding the government to produce them.”

NBC’s Today Show anchor Natalie Morales alerted the nation with this especially piquant intro: “The U.S. Air Force just released the files to a top secret government program called the Project Blue Book, launched to investigate more than 12,000 UFO sightings … NBC News has reached out to the Air Force and we are waiting for a response.”

(Psst, Natalie: You’re still waiting because they don’t take you seriously, girl …)

Again, just to reiterate, the media had kittens over the Blue Book files sans noms. Were Greenewald’s Black Vault database all he had to work with, Minnesota researcher Tom Tulien never would’ve been able, in 2011, to add eyewitness gravitas to his indictment of the arguably most significant and embarrassing UFO incident in the USAF’s official records. This one involved a UFO incursion over the Strategic Air Command base in Minot, N.D., in 1968. Seriously, check it out at minotb52ufo.com This one’s got everything — nuclear missiles, security-team recon, air and ground sightings, radio communications outages, and radarscope confirmation from a B-52 in flight. The brass didn’t know what the hell to make of that one. They officially blamed everything from Sirius to Vega to plasmas to ball lightning. Nearly 50 years later, the USAF veterans who were there remain incredulous over the whitewash.

“The story’s good, it’s remarkable,” says Tulien, “but the real value is what it tells us about Air Force procedures and protocols. Blue Book was always a public relations stunt — you just don’t find SAC investigating UFO cases. But that’s exactly what happened this time because this was serious. And the Minot report fell right through the cracks.”

Minot was so good, with an assist from Tulien, even Peter Jennings took a peek and included it in ABC’s “UFOs: Seeing is Believing” in 2005. But Jennings’ cursory report barely scratched the surface. Imagine the impact the media could make if it directed national attention to the night The Great Taboo punctured American security surrounding the most dangerous weapons the world has ever known. But press coverage of real news? That would be even more unbelievable.

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Air Force UFO Files ‘Have Been On-Line for Years’

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Air Force UFO Files 'Have Been On-Line for Years'

By Caitlin Dewey

    Thousands of pages of new UFO documents were not just released online. Big news week for UFOs, huh? If you spent any time with a newspaper or cable news channel this week, you may have spotted headlines like these: “Air Force UFO Files Hit the Web,” “U.S. Air Force Releases Thousands of Pages of Declassified UFO files,” “Two decades of mysterious Air Force UFO files now available online.” (That last one’s from The Post. We are not immune!) But while the coverage of the Air Force’s “Project Blue Book” — a government investigation into UFOs — suggested that the files had been newly declassified and digitized, they’ve actually been online for years … and they’ve been declassified way longer than that, available for public perusal at the National Archives.

A spokesman for Fold3, an Ancestry.com subsidiary and one of several sites hosting the Blue Book files, confirmed to The Post that they’ve had the full document available online for free since 2007. . . .

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Project Blue Book Declassified – Really?

Project Blue Book Declassified - Really?

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

“the only ‘news’ here is that John has provided us with another site where we can see these files”

      I’m watching the ABC Evening News, something I attempt to avoid because there is so little news in the broadcast (but that’s another story) and they tell me that the Project Blue Book files are now declassified and on line. I’m wondering what they mean because they have been on line for quite some time.

They’re referring to John Greenwald’s efforts to post all of these files at his Black Vault website, and his effort is commendable. But NICAP had many of the files on line for years and I have never found a gap in the Fold 3’s Blue Book files also on line. Or, in other words, the only “news” here is that John has provided us with another site where we can see these files.

ABC also seemed to suggest that this was something new. The Air Force had finally released all of the files of its investigation, except, of course, they did that in 1976. I made a trip down to Maxwell Air Force Base and spent time going through the files*. Anyone could have done it but the fact the files had been declassified hadn’t been announced publically. There had been some sort of announcement in an Air Force bulletin that I happened to see, so I made arrangements to take a look.

And once those files were transferred to the National Archives in Washington, D.C., they were more accessible to the public. You could buy the microfilm copies for something like eight or ten dollars a roll back then, but there were ninety some rolls of them. Over the years I actually managed to obtain a full set of the microfilms, so I’ve had all of the Blue Book files in my office for a couple of decades.

The statistics “announced” by ABC didn’t tell the whole story either, and they seemed to think Blue Book began as a result of the Roswell UFO crash (Roswell isn’t even mentioned in the Blue Book files except a short paragraph in a newspaper clipping that is part of another file), but actually the idea for an investigation can be traced back to December 1946 and probably had more to do with the Ghost Rockets of Sweden and some sightings in the US than it did with either Roswell or the Kenneth Arnold sightings. I laid this out in Government UFO Files, along with documentation to support the idea.

They said that 701 cases of the some 12,000 remained unidentified but the truth is that many of the cases are labeled, but not identified. These are labeled as “insufficient data for a scientific analysis.” In many of those cases all the information necessary for a complete investigation is included, but it is labeled that way. This was an attempt to reduce the number of unidentified cases by labeling them as something else and that is all that it was.

In addition to that, many cases that are labeled with a solution are clearly in error. For example, the Portage County UFO chase of 1966. (It was on April 17 and involved several police officers, deputy sheriffs and their supervisors and a stylized version was seen at the beginning of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. See also my posting here on May 20, 2014 for more information.). It has been explained as a combination of Venus and a satellite. The police officers saw the satellite in the west and as it passed over them, as they chased it across Ohio and into Pennsylvania; their attention was then drawn to Venus. The trouble here, as outlined in the Project Blue Book files is that there were no satellites visible in that part of the United States at that time of the morning. Letters and other documents in the Blue Book file prove this, yet the satellite portion of the solution is allowed to stand.

To make it worse, drawings made by the police officers show what was visible in the sky. Those drawings mark the position of the UFO, that of the moon, and that of Venus. Or, to put a point on it, the police officers did see Venus and identified it as such. But the label on the case, which is clearly in error, is allowed to stand and the case is shown to have a solution.

There are many such cases in the Blue Book files. Cases in which the solutions are simply not borne out of the documentation available. Yet we continue to hear about only 701 unidentified cases when the number is probably closer to 5000 when the solutions are examined carefully and those labeled as insufficient data are included. Insufficient data is not a solution, but is a label other than unidentified.

It was good to see a news report that treated UFOs seriously. It was not so good to see facts and figures used that were clearly inaccurate. I’m sure John knew the difference but I’ll wager that the reporter looked at a few things on line, misunderstood them, and ran with his story. The best thing about all this is that you don’t have to believe me. You can look it all up in the Black Vault.

*Bob Cornett and I might have [been] the first outsiders to go through the Blue Book files. The first thing we did was list all the unidentified cases complete with the names and locations. When the files were released into the public mainstream the names had been redacted. We could, of course, put the names back in… but the job of redacting was poorly done and in most of the case files you can find the names. A complete listing of the unidentified cases is available in Project Blue Book – Exposed in both hardback and as a Kindle ebook.

I will note that Jack Webb, in preparation for his TV series about Project Blue Book paid to have all the files microfilmed. We all owe him thanks for doing that.

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UFO Sightings in Tampa Bay Lead to Air Force Investigations | VIDEO

UFO Sightings in Tampa Bay Lead to Air Force Investigations

By Steve Andrews

    Whether real or imagined, reports of unidentified flying objects have been on the radar of the U.S. Air Force for decades.

Recently released government documents reveal 2 unidentified flying object sightings in Tampa Bay sparked Air Force investigations.

That information is buried in more than 130,000 pages of Air Force files on UFO sightings and investigations just made available online. On Jan. 12, UFO enthusiast John Greenewald posted all the documents on his online database, “The Black Vault.”

The Air Force investigated sightings in Miami, one in Brooksville, which it deemed a hoax, and two in Tampa Bay.

“As far as the possibility of life, we can’t dismiss that,” Museum of Science and Industry’s Director of Innovation Anthony Pelaez said.

From 1947 to 1969 the Air Force investigated more than 12,000 reported sightings.

“There are a lot of natural phenomenon that occur that we see, and I think that our imaginations are very powerful,” Pelaez added.

On June 5 1949, 20 miles northwest of Tampa, there were reports of a “bright object…spinning and spiraling toward earth.” The weather service claimed it was a meteor. Ten members of the 307th Bombardment Wing stationed at MacDill Air Force base disagreed.

The Air Intelligence Information Report states, “An unidentified object traveling … at a very high rate of speed was observed by Aircrew personnel of the 307th Bm Gp. This object was emitting white smoke and/or vapor trail which indicated its flight path was horizontal but very erratic in direction. It made a large “Z” turn on course and then faded from view. It is the opinion of this officer that this object was not a meteor due to its erratic course.”

It was signed by Captain Alexander Bebenin, USAF Wing Intelligence officer. . . .

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"… Temporary Power Outages and Blackouts Occurred as UFOs Passed Overhead"

"... Temporary Power Outages and Blackouts Occurred as UFOs Passed Overhead"

Drilling for fossils in ancient sediment

By Billy Cox
De Void


Dt: 1957 December 18
Lo: Sarasota, Fla.
Ty: Obj., wht;
Dtl: TV set exhibt. interf. as obj. glided overhead

The minimalist verbatim text comes from a single index card wedged inside a metallic filing box large (or small) enough to contain a softball. Actually, there are two of these little boxes, each packed with so many index cards De Void doesn’t bother to count them all. Each card summarizes a single UFO case. Each case engages the same theme — how the local environment responds to electromagnetic field effects. The chronology begins with a U.S. warplane experiencing engine problems as it encounters a UFO over Burma in 1943. The final entry concludes on the evening of Jan. 3, 1991, near Barcelona, when a ground-level UFO apparently kills the lights and engine of an automobile.

The reason for revisiting the modest UFO archives of former NASA electrical engineer John Reiss is because the entire searchable database of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book is finally in the public domain in a no-fee and accessible format, thanks to John Greenewald at The Black Vault. You want to see if the Sarasota case, which occurred here nearly 60 years ago, was logged with the Air Force. A few simple clicks, a little scrolling and nope — not there. Which isn’t surprising. A UFO passes over a single house and messes with the antenna reception. So what.

De Void has briefly noodled around in the more cumbersome earlier versions of the declassified Blue Book files before, and found no reason to linger, given that most of the material is so colorless and convoluted it bored the snot out of me. Plus, as UFOs and Nukes author Robert Hastings is quick to point out, the 22-year Air Force study was largely a public relations scam:

“BB documents,” he states in an email, “are of potential value if one just focuses on the data collected — the sighting witness(es’) comments — and not on the recording officer’s conclusions. It is well known that, after 1952, BB’s marching orders were to debunk as many of the cases as possible, so as to keep the number of unknowns as small as possible. Both [astromer/military consultant Allen] Hynek and former USAF staffers have confirmed this. If a witness said the object ‘looked sort of like a balloon’ the BB conclusion was ‘balloon’ and so on, even though the witness may have also said that the object flew against the wind, performed maneuvers, and so on.”

Also consider the arbitrary nature of what sorts of incidents did and didn’t make it into the federal database. Like Blue Book, the late John Reiss, who contributed to planetary missions from Viking to Cassini at his Kennedy Space Center office, included not only American cases in his inventory, but fairly dramatic incidents abroad. Take two of his index cards from 1967. One occurred in Durban, South Africa; the other in Arbroath, Scotland. In both cities, temporary power outages and blackouts occurred as UFOs passed overhead. Neither example of apparent UFO electromagnetic effects made it into the official U.S. military ledger.

That said, for veteran researchers like Jan Aldrich, whose meticulously documented and often surprising Project 1947 website recently expanded its Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard archives of obscure encounters at sea, Blue Book’s more efficiently catalogued database could prove a windfall for organization and cross-referencing.

“It is a big deal for me,” Aldrich tells De Void in an email. “Easier to find material when it is on line. No more trying to find a microfilm reader. I have already used it quite a bit … When you put everything in one pile, things start to come together.”

Blue Book and its mind-numbing caseload of 12,618 events came to an end in 1969, decades before the digital age changed everything. This week’s announcement that those archives had slipped the paywall made me imagine John Reiss back in the day, an old Smith Corona at the ready, combing through multiple sources for piecemeal EMF data linked to The Great Taboo. There he is, positioning each and every little index card into the paper roller, twisting the platen knobs, tapping out pica-font keystrokes, flush left, flush left, cranking the carriage-lever return, adding card after card to the burgeoning stack of evidence. But to what end? He will keep his lonely mission to himself, never sharing his obsession over the mystery of the age with colleagues at KSC. He had no heirs. And he had no answers.

De Void suspects Reiss would be having a field day now, working the forbidding volume of online documents with relative ease, for whatever they can give him, for clues, for patterns, for insight into his own character maybe, amid the thankless tedium where curiosity itself may be the only reward worth chasing.

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