Mosquito Bites Leave A Lasting Impression On Our Immune System – D-brief

(Credit: Kokhanchikov/Shutterstock) Mosquito bites are like a gross form of French kissing — the insects swap your blood with their saliva, and leave a trail of salivary secretions behind like mosquito cooties. Some of those compounds prevent clotting as the insects slurp up your blood. Now researchers find mosquito spit aggravates […]

Kean & Chile UFO Update – Early Conclusions Inconclusive!!

I’ve posted about the Chilean UFO’s a few times and followed the story closely since it first broke but when Leslie Kean posted an update a few days ago (13th April) a month to the day after her original story I initially decided I wasn’t going to comment on it, […]

Chile – Multiple UFO Update, New Analysis & Videos Posted

‘Bugs, Birds & Blurfos’ (Oh My…)   Two recent videos, one created and one located, appear to further cast massive doubts on the probability of the Chilean UFOs being anything extraordinary.. Here’s a timeline (of sorts) providing a quick recap as well as trying to to place the newest videos […]