Remember Those Phony Alien Mummies Courtesy of Serial Hoaxer Maussan? – Dr. Michael Heiser

Back in June 2017 I blogged about the newest hoax by serial hoaxer Jaime Maussan — the “discovery” of three-fingered alien mummies in Peru. Maussan of course was one of the people behind the ridiculous Roswell slides. I suggested at the time the same hoaxing techniques that seemed to obviously (at […]

STAN ROMANEK UPDATE: Sentenced to 2 Years for Possession of Child Pornography

[…] Four months after his conviction for possession of child pornography, Romanek was sentenced to two years in Larimer County community corrections, a halfway house program for criminal offenders. By Saja Hindi The Coloradoan12-14-17 […] A 12-member jury found Romanek guilty in August for felony possession of child pornography but […]

Richard Doty Refutes “Liar” Label | INTERVIEW

[…]      Doty, a former retired Special Agent who worked for Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), is the subject of many By www.punkrockandufos.com11-20-17 debates and conversations regarding government-induced disinformation campaigns. Doty claims his innocence, and was even the subject of the documentary film “Mirage Men,” which focused […]

UFO Disinformation Agent Richard Doty is Up to His Old Tricks: Beware the Many Lies He Tells Steven Greer

     As one of the first persons to expose Richard Doty’s disinformational activities, decades ago, I would like to offer the following information. First, a few words about myself: Since 1973, I have interviewed more than 160 former or retired U.S. Air Force personnel regarding incidents involving UFO incursions […]

STAN ROMANEK UPDATE: Sentencing Delayed in Child Porn Case

     A sentencing court hearing for Loveland alien abduction author Stanley Romanek has been delayed to Dec. 14. The hearing, originally scheduled for Thursday, will inform Romanek By www.reporterherald.com10-18-17 of his punishment for being found guilty in August of felony possession of child pornography on a computer in his […]


Stan Romanek was “found guilty of felony possession of child pornography.”      A more than three-year-long child pornography case that gained national notoriety came to a close Tuesday with a split verdict. At least, for now. By Saja HindiThe Coloradoan8-8-17 Stanley Tiger Romanek, a 54-year-old Loveland man, was found […]

STAN ROMANEK UPDATE: Jury Will Begin Deliberations in Child Pornography Trial

     A jury will begin deliberations Tuesday in the trial of a Loveland man accused of possession and distribution of child pornography. Defense attorneys made their closing arguments to jurors Monday By Saja HindiThe Coloradoan8-7-17 afternoon, urging them to look at the evidence in its entirety and not base […]

STAN ROMANEK UPDATE: Defense Presents Witnesses in Child Porn Trial

Prosecutors have established police noticed child pornography for years at Romanek’s IP address      FORT COLLINS — Witnesses in a child pornography trial against Loveland resident Stanley Romanek called into question the defendant’s whereabouts during suspicious computer activity on his home internet connection Friday. By Sam LounsberryReporter-Herald 8-4-17 Romanek […]

STAN ROMANEK UPDATE: Attorneys Present Opening Statements | VIDEO

     Defense attorneys asked jurors in the opening statements of Stanley Romanek’s trial on Tuesday to pay attention to the facts in the case, despite the gravity of the charges. By Saja Hindiwww.coloradoan.com8-1-17 “No one is here to say child pornography is OK in any shape or form,” attorney […]

Stan Romanek’s Child Pornography Trial Begins Monday (7-31-17)

     A Loveland man, who gained fame for a documentary depiciting his experience with aliens, will attend on Monday for the possession and distribution of child pornography. […] By Haley CandelarioThe Rocky Mountain Collegian7-28-17 A report obtained by the Huffington Post indicates that Romanek was under investigation for child […]