Remember Those Phony Alien Mummies Courtesy of Serial Hoaxer Maussan? – Dr. Michael Heiser

Back in June 2017 I blogged about the newest hoax by serial hoaxer Jaime Maussan — the “discovery” of three-fingered alien mummies in Peru. Maussan of course was one of the people behind the ridiculous Roswell slides. I suggested at the time the same hoaxing techniques that seemed to obviously (at […]

The Paranormal Radio Host and the Money Scandal – Pt 3

Updates on Paracast Host Gene Steinberg ‘Emergency’ Cash Solicitations      This is a follow up to a Jan. 2, 2018, blog post, Gene Steinberg Personal ‘Emergency’ Cash Solicitations Span Years, Hundreds of Emails. See the original post for information on Steinberg’s years of repetitive cash solicitations framed as emergencies. […]

The Paranormal Radio Host and the Money Scandal – Pt 2

Gene Steinberg Personal ‘Emergency’ Cash Solicitations Span Years, Hundreds of Emails      Gene Steinberg solicited cash donations from an e-list hundreds of times since 2014 and earlier, including 139 emails during 2017, for circumstances framed as financial emergencies. Screenshots of subject lines of many of the emails are posted […]

STAN ROMANEK UPDATE: Sentenced to 2 Years for Possession of Child Pornography

[…] Four months after his conviction for possession of child pornography, Romanek was sentenced to two years in Larimer County community corrections, a halfway house program for criminal offenders. By Saja Hindi The Coloradoan12-14-17 […] A 12-member jury found Romanek guilty in August for felony possession of child pornography but […]

Joe Rogan Bashes Tom Delonge, Says His UFO Commentary is ‘Ridiculous’ | VIDEO

“What he was saying to me was so ridiculous, I don’t even have to challenge him on this because it’s so obviously ridiculous every one is going to see it’s ridiculous…”–Joe Rogan Editor’s note: In a recent interview on the Joe Rogan Experience with guest Mick West, a game programmer, […]

Richard Doty Refutes “Liar” Label | INTERVIEW

[…]      Doty, a former retired Special Agent who worked for Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), is the subject of many By www.punkrockandufos.com11-20-17 debates and conversations regarding government-induced disinformation campaigns. Doty claims his innocence, and was even the subject of the documentary film “Mirage Men,” which focused […]

“Tom DeLonge … Believes Practically Every Crazy UFO Story He Hears”

Tom DeLonge, Serial Deleter      By now you probably have heard all about rocker Tom DeLonge, formerly of Blink 182, and his long-promised “UFO announcement” on October 11 that turned out to be nothing more than a fund-raising scheme to provide income for him and his colleagues, with whatever […]

Tom DeLonge Exhibits His Naiveté Re Ufology in Joe Rogan Interview

     Tom Delonge has been interviewed by Joe Rogan about Delonge’s new company / UFO research on “The Joe Rogan Experience”,see below: Isaac KoiThe UFO Chronicles10-29-17 At 1 hour 2 minutes 42 seconds, Delonge was asked where the Greys (which DeLonge said are androids) come from and Delgonge said […]

UFO Disinformation Agent Richard Doty is Up to His Old Tricks: Beware the Many Lies He Tells Steven Greer

     As one of the first persons to expose Richard Doty’s disinformational activities, decades ago, I would like to offer the following information. First, a few words about myself: Since 1973, I have interviewed more than 160 former or retired U.S. Air Force personnel regarding incidents involving UFO incursions […]

STAN ROMANEK UPDATE: Sentencing Delayed in Child Porn Case

     A sentencing court hearing for Loveland alien abduction author Stanley Romanek has been delayed to Dec. 14. The hearing, originally scheduled for Thursday, will inform Romanek By www.reporterherald.com10-18-17 of his punishment for being found guilty in August of felony possession of child pornography on a computer in his […]