Alien Encounters, UFO Sightings, Time Travel To Be Explored in Reboot of ‘In Search Of,” Hosted By Zachary Quinto (Spock)

In Search Of… is returning to television!      On Tuesday, HISTORY greenlit a new In Search Of series hosted and executive produced by Zachary Quinto (Star Trek). The 10-episode unscripted series, which is inspired by the 1970s franchise of the same By ew.com1-30-18 name, will explore unexplained phenomena — […]

New Photographic Evidence Suggests Amelia Earhart May Have Survived Crash-Landing!

A photo discovered in the National Archives shows a woman who resembles Amelia Earhart on a dock in the Marshall Islands.      A newly discovered photograph suggests legendary aviator Amelia Earhart, who vanished 80 years ago on a round-the-world flight, survived a crash-landing in the Marshall Islands. The photo, […]

Old Post About My Being Censored by the History Channel

I just discovered that this very old web page (2003) doesn’t live anywhere in my new website ecosystem. It’s an orphan of my old website. Consequently, I’m posting it here so it does. Sorry that this appeared on Twitter, but that’s automated.  Anyway, I’ve been asked four times now to […]