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Space Has Become Available on the Israel Trip with Mike

A while back I blogged about a trip to Israel this coming May 6-16 that I’m going on, courtesy of Lipkin Tours. I’ll be a “talking head” on that tour along with Derek Gilbert. The trip had closed, but a few people have dropped out. Consequently, there is a brief window of opportunity for anyone who’d like to go. Click through the link above to my old post. Use the link on that post for registration and details.

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Supernatural Translations Posted on the MIQLAT Site

Most of you will know that my non-profit, MIQLAT, is funding the translation of my book, Supernatural: What the Bible Says About the Unseen World–And Why it Matters. It’s the “lite” version of The Unseen Realm.

Over 20 translations are running or have been completed. Here’s the link to the page where the translations will live online. There are two translations not yet added that have recently finished.

The translations are free to reproduce and distribute in any form. The idea is that the book will be free to any who read these languages and that people will send the files all over the internet. Piracy is encouraged. I’d like the book on every phone in all these languages.

Eventually we hope to have Kindle versions posted as well.

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666 Giveaway!

I figured that title would get some attention.

Right now my book, The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible, is at 661 reviews. That got me thinking about a giveaway for the 666th review. But that would encourage no one to review the book until it hit 665. So … a better idea …

I’ve decided to give away a copy (either hard copy or Logos Bible Software format) of the Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible. It’s my favorite reference work for biblical studies. All reviews of The Unseen Realm on Amazon are eligible, from number 660 through 700. Once the reviews cross 700, I will randomly select the winner from those reviews (661-700). It’s an expensive book, so there will be only one winner.

Here’s what you need to do. Once you post your review, take a screen shot of it and email it to me. That way I will be able to match your screenshot with the winning review and the correct email address. I’ll email the winner for a mailing address and announce him/her here and in the Naked Bible Facebook page.

If you have already reviewed Unseen Realm, you can’t participate on this giveaway (the earlier idea of altering old reviews just didn’t work well). However, you can still win something. Right now my latest book, The Bible Unfiltered: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms, is at 18 reviews. Once the 700th review for Unseen Realm appears I will check the reviews for The Bible Unfiltered. Anyone posting a review for that book from this point forward (#18+) is eligible to win a book chosen from the list below. I will pick one winner:

The Origin of Evil Spirits: The Reception of Genesis 6:1-4 in Early Jewish Literature, Revised Edition

The Watchers in Jewish and Christian Traditions

Ancient Israelite Religion: Essays in Honor of Frank Moore Cross

Same rules as above — once you post the review, send me a screen shot via email.

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Voting for the Title of Mike’s Next Novel: UPDATE

So far just over 900 people have voted between the four choices for the title of my third novel. Here’s where we currently stand:



It’s a pretty tight contest. Voting will continue until the end of the year. If you want to vote, subscribe to my newsletter. That puts you on my email list. I’ll be sending out an email Sunday night to remind subscribers to vote — there will be a link to the survey in the email that subscribers will receive.

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Mike talks Unseen Realm on the Eric Metaxas Show

My interview on the Eric Metaxas Show airs today (2-4 pm Eastern time; I’m in hour 2, starting at 3pm Eastern).

I’m a newcomer to Eric’s show (about two months now). I enjoy its eclectic nature and the fact that he’s unafraid to make the faith orientation of his show clear to listeners. Who would have thought … an intelligent Christian radio show from the heart of New Your City! Here’s the archive link for those encountering this later than today (look for December 13).

On a personal level, this was an interesting interview. Those of you familiar with The Unseen Realm and divine council content in general will note how Eric reflexively assumes Psalm 82 is about humans. His background is Greek Orthodox (not sure how he defines his faith tradition now), so that may have something to do with where his thinking went once we got into Psalm 82. Orthodoxy places significant emphasis on theosis — human believers becoming divine (what evangelicals call glorification, and what scholars call deification). We spent a lot of time on the psalm, with me explaining that the ‘elohim there aren’t people — and that matters for what Jesus says in John 10.

In a nutshell, not the kind of conversation you’d expect from a mainstream Christian talk show. But I’d guess that’s why his show is popular. A lot of believers — a lot of people in general — are hungry for intelligent content and conversation.

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First Look at the New 60-Second Scholar Series

Below are the covers of the new 60-Second Scholar series. They are now available on Amazon for pre-order, but will only be released May 1. You may recall that Zondervan acquired this series from me, explaining why the old books were retired on Amazon (and now have stupidly high prices attached to them). Each book has been trimmed from 100 short essays to 80.


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It Had to Happen: Heiser-isms About the Bible

A few days ago while I was traveling this popped up on my Twitter account:

10 Quotes That Challenge the Way You Study the Bible

It’s a post by Jake Mailhout of Lexham Press about my new book, The Bible Unfiltered: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms. While blogging about the post is a bit awkward for me, I hope it encourages you to buy a copy — or several — for yourself, friends, and family. Truth be told, the content of the book was written on company time, so I get no royalties. But I don’t do what I do to go to Tahiti. I want it to sell — a lot — because people who care about Scripture need such books. We can’t complain about lay people (and even pastors) not having a good grasp of biblical content if (a) scholars don’t write for them, and (b) people don’t buy the books and read them. This is a book with solid “Heiserian” content written for people who want more Bible but who are frightened by Christian Middle Earth. The same goes for its earlier companion, I Dare You Not to Bore Me with The Bible.

Both books, along with Supernatural would make excellent Christmas gifts — and help people graduate to The Unseen Realm.

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