I Guess I Have to See The Shape of Water

The recent movie The Shape of Water won the Academy Award for best picture this past weekend. Like most of the country, I wasn’t watching. However, it appears I’m going to have to see it. Its plotline sounds a little too familiar. In case you’re not familiar with the film, it’s about […]

Mike at Grace Church Bellingham: Thinking Like an Israelite: Week 1: Impurity and Sin

In the event that our livestream works for tonight’s talk, I thought I’d post my slides as a PDF file for any who want to watch the stream. Even if the stream doesn’t work, you still have the slides: Wk1-Impurity and Sin-2 The post Mike at Grace Church Bellingham: Thinking […]

The Biblical Prohibition of Intermarriage

I came across the article below today. It’s on a site for an old journal — all the issues are freely accessible. Here’s the article, but check out the site! Cohen From the Bible to the Talmud-The Prohibition of Intermarriage Note: The Old Testament does not prohibit all marriage with […]

Of Yehovah and Jehovah’s Witnesses

A week or so ago I saw something on Twitter that made me shake my head. An apparently well meaning Hebrew enthusiast gleefully reported that, after searching through hundreds of manuscripts, he’d found thousands of places where the divine name (YHWH) was vocalized by scribes as “Yehovah” but (and here’s […]

New Online Hebrew Transliteration Tool

I sometimes get email asking about transliteration (and pronunciation) of Hebrew words. Transliteration can help folks who want to try and pronounce Hebrew. This new online tool allows you to paste in Hebrew text and get an instant transliteration (an accurate one, not the sort of thing you see in […]

Heavenly Worship in Second Temple Judaism, Early Christianity, and Gnostic Sects: Part 2

By guest blogger Stephen L. Huebscher   STEP THREE: LOOKING AT THE THREE GROUPS INDIVIDUALLY CONCEPTIONS OF HEAVENLY WORSHIP IN SECOND TEMPLE JUDAISM The variety of groups and beliefs at this time was reflected in the variety of sacred texts used. It was common to believe in joint human/angelic worship. […]

Naked Bible Podcast Episode 168: Melchizedek, Part 2: Second Temple Jewish Literature

In the previous two episodes on Melchizedek (1a, 1b) we covered the Old Testament data on this enigmatic figure. Jewish writers and readers in the Second Temple Period (ca. 500 BC – 70 AD) naturally had ideas on who Melchizedek was and how to understand him as a king-priest. This […]

Matthew 24 and the Days of Noah Once Again

I recently added this to my FAQ, but I thought I’d post it here as well. Do you think Matthew 24:37-38 is a prophecy about the return of nephilim or has anything to do with Genesis 6:1-4? The short answer to both is no. (I also don’t think it has […]