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UFO Sightings Over Port Natales Cause Curiosity and Fear | Chile

UFO Sightings Over Port Natales Cause Curiosity and Fear

• Phenomenon has been occurring since September

• “Flying Saucers” reported in the Sierra Dorotea sector and on the roads of Huertos Familiares

     Reports of unidentified flying objects in the skies over the province of Ultima Esperanza began to emerge in the month of September of this year, causing a blend of curiosity and fear.
By Inexplicata

Patricio Frias, a representative for UFO Noise Patagonia (a body devoted to researching anomalous phenomena), stated that a light had been reported on 9 September 2017 in Sierra Dorotea, suspended halfway up the mountain and emitting bright flashes in broad daylight. The foregoing was witnessed for about 10 minutes by witnesses in the Camino Tres sector of Huertos Familiares.

On 28 September, an inter-provincial bus driver witnesses and alleged craft in the Camino 4 sector of Huertos Familiares, northwest of the city of Puerto Natales. The vehicle allegedly made a close flyby of the bus before speeding off toward the north. In this case, the witness managed to take three photographs showing the object’s maneuvers.

Finally on Wednesday, 18 October at around 23:00 hours, witnesses in Camino 4 of Huertos Familiares saw a light toward the Teniente Julio Gallardo airport. The particulars of these events are being analyzed in Santiago by the AION group led by renowned researcher Rodrigo Fuenzalida.

Patricio Frias noted that “there is an increase in phenomena of this sort around this time of the year, and we call upon the community to be on the lookout and forward any information to our attention at andcultura@gmail.com, whether it involves reports, photographs or video evidence.”

Persons interested in these matters can explore it more fully at the ufologist’s “Realidades del cosmos” Facebook page. Moreover, stories from those who have experienced phenomena of this sort can be heard on the program broadcasted on Wednesdays from 22:00 hours on Viento Sur radio.

* Source: Planeta UFO and La Prensa Austral (Chile)

[Translation © 2017 S. Corrales, IHU, with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

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Man Defends Home From Space Aliens with Aluminum Foil and Spotlights | VIDEO

Man Defends Home From Space Aliens with Aluminum Foil and Spotlights

Neighbors say Arthur Brown, 78, is afraid of aliens

By Nadine Grimley

     HERMITAGE, Pa. (WKBN) – A Mercer County neighborhood is fed up with an elderly man on their street, so much so that they’ve taken him to court for excessive use of spotlights.

Wearing a baseball hat, 78-year-old Arthur Brown came out of his foil-wrapped house on Virginia Road in Hermitage Thursday, not to talk, but shining a spotlight, and snapping a few pictures.

Nancy Raich lives across the street.

“Over the years he’s become a real problem. He has a lot of issues fearing aliens,” Raich said.

Raich said this behavior has been going on for more than 20 years, and she’s had enough. […]

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