Ghost ship, UFO? Mysterious floating object appears on Lake Superior

Jason Asselin and his friends were watching and filming a rainbow at the lake on Saturday when they saw something weird in the distance. Jason: Saturday evening far off coast from Marquette, Michigan appeared this mysterious ship that had to be gigantic! Almost as if a ghost ship was showing […]

Tourist captures vessel floating above the horizon at Cocoa Beach, Florida

A tourist has filmed a strange object that appears to be floating above the horizon at Cocoa Beach in Florida. Is it an alien craft, a hologram deliberately put in the sky or it is something that appears from a parallel universe? According to experts it is a rare natural […]

Huge Mysterious City Floating In The clouds Over Foshan Guangdong, China

The footage which was recorded by a local resident appears to show a huge mysterious city, including skyscrapers, floating in the clouds over the city of Foshan in in central Guangdong province, China on October 7, 2015. The apparition which was witnessed by hundreds of shocked local residents only lasted […]