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Voting for the Title of Mike’s Next Novel: UPDATE

So far just over 900 people have voted between the four choices for the title of my third novel. Here’s where we currently stand:



It’s a pretty tight contest. Voting will continue until the end of the year. If you want to vote, subscribe to my newsletter. That puts you on my email list. I’ll be sending out an email Sunday night to remind subscribers to vote — there will be a link to the survey in the email that subscribers will receive.

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Win a Signed Copy of Either The Facade or The Portent!

Win a signed copy of either The Façade or The Portent!

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Amazon.com and review my book, The Unseen Realm. Right now there are 475 reviews. I want to push past 500. Once the reviews hit 525, the giveaway will end.
  2. I will randomly select 16 winners – I have eight copies of each book to give away. I will notify the winners after the giveaway closes by posting a comment under your review. That comment will say something like: “You’ve won a copy of one of Mike’s novels (The Façade, The Portent)! Send your mailing address to Mike at [XYZ email address] and tell him which book you want.”
  3. It will be up to you to check your review after we cross 525 to see if you won—and to send me your address. Just give it a day or two after we hit 525 for me to post the winner notification note. Please include your first name so I can personalize the signing. If you want the book signed for someone else, make that clear in the email.
  4. If I run out of the novel you want, sorry! I’ll send along whichever novel I have left.
  5. If you have previously reviewed The Unseen Realm, I’ll let you review it again, but I think Amazon requires a different email address (?) – not sure really. They may weed you out, but you can try!

Remember, once reviews hit 525 the giveaway is closed. That means fifty more reviews with 16 books to give away. You have roughly a 1-in-3 chance to win one!


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Instagram and Novel # 3

Well, I’ve entered “novel #3 research mode.” Not sure what clicked in my head, but the last couple of days I’ve had a bunch of scenes and ideas fly into my head. I guess it’s time. I hope to start writing this fall.

Readers of The Facade and The Portent will know that one of the new characters introduced in the latter was Summit. That’s the nickname of my youngest daughter. Like her namesake character, Summit (real name: Simcha/Simmi) is something of a prodigy. In her case it’s drawing. Here’s something she just posted on her instagram account (she’s been watching the Anne of Green Gables remake, “Anne with an E”). It’s an hour’s worth of work. Free hand. Good grief. The girl that plays the part in the show “liked” it on Instagram, too.

Her picture actually reminded me that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that my wife started an Instagram account for me. It’s part of the Miqlat newsletter. Please subscribe! (Where else can you see genuine pictures of Bigfoot? … he showed up at our FringePop321 studio).


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Mike Interviewed about The Facade

Those who have never read my first novel, The Facademay find this interview interesting.  It was fun — got me more in the mood than ever for book 3. Hope to start writing that in May.

The centerpiece of the novel is a simple, but profound, question: What would the impact be on the traditional Judeo-Christian faith if there were a genuine extraterrestrial disclosure?

From the Amazon page for The Facade:

Sci-fi meets historical fact in this thrilling novel by ancient-language scholar Michael S. Heiser.

Haunted by his parents’ death and his career failures, Dr. Brian Scott has begun to settle for the life he’s been given.

Until he’s kidnapped by military insiders known as The Group.

Disappearances. Visitations. Murder.

Brian and a team of world-class scholars are given a confidential mission: To prepare humanity for a new reality. They are here. But as the government’s involvement with extraterrestrials is revealed, strange things begin to happen.

Something isn’t right. Unpeeling layer after layer of deception and counter-deception, Brian moves toward a shocking revelation that will forever alter how humanity sees itself.

Every document cited in The Façade actually exists.

Every ancient text discussed in The Façade is authentic.

Every historical figure referred to or quoted in The Façade is real.


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Boeing Acknowledges Anti-Gravity Project – Right out of The Facade

Nick Cook, long time writer for the prestigious Jane’s Defense Weekly and author of the book, The Hunt for Zero Point, has written a worthwhile essay on aerospace giant Boeing’s recent admission it is working on anti-gravity. The piece begins:

Boeing, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, has admitted it is working on experimental anti-gravity projects that could overturn a century of conventional aerospace propulsion technology if the science underpinning them can be engineered into hardware.

The effort has become public as a result of a briefing document obtained by Jane’s Defense Weekly. The project is being run out of Boeing’s Phantom Works facility in Seattle. My favorite part of the revelation is that Boeing is “trying to solicit the services of a Russian scientist who claims he has developed anti-gravity devices in Russia and Finland.”

That scientist’s name? Dr. Evgeny Podkletnov. Sound familiar? It will if you’ve read The Facade.

How ’bout that?


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