Daily UFO Headlines 3/14/2018

Video Shows U.S. Navy Run-in With UFO – Popular Mechanics The Phoenix Lights: UFO or military training op? Questions remain 21 years later – AZ Family The Phoenix Lights still fascinate, 21 years later – AZ Fox 10 Watch this space: Seen a UFO in N.C.? You’re not alone (in […]

Daily UFO Headlines 3/15/2018

Stephen Hawking on Alien Life, Extraterrestrials and the Possibility of UFOs Visiting Earth – Newsweek ‘They investigated quite significantly’: Canadian government researched UFO sightings – CTV Kaikōura UFO mystery still flummoxing locals 40 years on – MSN UFOs and the Illusion of Money – Syracuse New Times Here’s a Video […]

Ex-CIA Chief – Keep Studying UFOs

     Shortly before taking the stage Monday morning at Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota to discuss his career as a Central Intelligence Agency officer, John Brennan paused backstage for a few questions from the press. Thirty-seven years in intel, his last four as President Obama’s CIA chief, […]

SETI’s Seth Shostak On The Pentagon UFO Program | VIDEO

     Seth Shostak took to his FaceBook page to do a one man stand-up show, performing his shtick last Thursday (1-18-18) and taking questions in the aftermath. For those who presumed that the revelation of a 5 year secret UFO investigation perpetrated by the By Frank WarrenThe UFO Chronicles1-21-18 […]

Luis Elizando Former Head of Secret Pentagon UFO Program Describes Five Categories of UFOs | INTERVIEW

There is a taboo around the knowledge of extraterrestrial phenomena: Luis Elizondo      The former director of the Pentagon program dedicated to investigating possible sightings of UFOs explains in the importance of continuing with this type of program. By W Radio1-10-18Transcribed By Dave Haith W Radio: Mr Luis Elizondo, […]

Daily UFO Headlines 12/20/2017

Former Navy pilot: UFO ‘something I had never seen in my life’ – CNN Sarah Sanders Won’t Say Whether Trump Believes in U.F.O.s – Vanity Fair How Conspiracy Theorists on Reddit Are Reacting to That New York Times UFO Story – Slate Unexplained lights in Valley sky Monday night spark […]

Daily UFO Headlines 12/11/2017

WAR OF THE WORLDS Former MoD UFO investigator reveals battle plan for if Earth was INVADED by aliens … and it’s terrifying – The Sun “Don’t assume it’s a UFO”: Military aircraft caused mystery lights in Colorado skies – CBS News Plane? Meteor? UFO? None of the above – Enid […]

Daily UFO Headlines 12/7/2017

Astronomer sees UFO in the sky on Tuesday – Surrey Now-Leader NASA: ‘Cannonball’ spotted on Mars isn’t what it seems – CNET Sky’s limit for UFO spotters – The Forest Review What is the best day to spot a UFO? – Fox News Legendary UFO expert Erich Von Daniken on […]

Alleged alien abductee running for congress (Video)

Although Florida politician Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera shared her alien experience with a Spanish language television nearly 8 years ago, it is only now that she is running for congress that her claims are making headlines. Her campaign was already flailing, but local political analysts believe the media attention surrounding her […]

Daily UFO Headlines 10/23/2017

Top 25 Cities For UFO Sightings In The US – Syracuse New Times Looking for signs of life on distant planets just got easier – Universe Today Close Encounters With Congress? – NPR FILM: Local UFOlogist shares ‘Travis’ doc on alien abduction – Montgomery Media UFO Day, Halloween Candlelight Hike […]