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Air Force Probes Mysterious Egg-Shaped Object | UFO CHRONICLE –1957

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The Night A UFO Landed In Levelland Texas

Levelland 'Flaming Thing' Brings World Knocking at City's Door - Lubbock Morning Avalanche 11-4-1957

By Xavier Ortega

     On November 2nd, 1957, immigrant farmers Pedro Saucedo and Joe Salaz were driving down an isolated Texan road when they saw a blue flash of light. Immediately afterwards their truck crawled to a halt. Its engine sputtered to a dead stop as the men witnessed a strange object rise up from the near distance and approach their vehicle. Pedro jumped out of the truck and hid in the brush while Joe, possibly paralyzed with fear, stayed inside.

What they described to be a “rocket-shaped object” flew directly over their vehicle, rocking it violently as it flew past. Both men felt the object’s intense radiating heat and wind gust as it disappeared into the horizon. Pedro emerged from the brush shaken and puzzled. Looking at his friend for an explanation. The truck’s engine started back up and the men decided to find a pay phone to alert the authorities of what they had just witnessed in the Texan desert. Unbeknownst to them both, there would be several other encounters that night. The night the strange craft landed on Levelland Texas. […]

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Flying Saucer Hovers, Stops Clocks, Affects Radios, Zooms Away at Incredible Speed – 1965


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Saw 'Dish Flying Upside Down,' Portuguese Report - Morning Star (Rockford, IL) 7-13-1965
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By Morning Star (Rockford, IL)

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Huge UFO Lands on Highway in Front of Motorists; Kills Engines, Lights | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

Egg-Shaped UFO Kills Car Engines & Headlights | UFO CHRONICLE 11-4-1957

* Special Thanks To Kay Massingill & The Magonia Exchange Project


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Terrified Motorist Chased By UFOs; Car Electronics Affected

By Roger Marsh

     A Tennessee witness at Silerton reported being chased by two UFOs as both his cell phone and vehicle radio went off beginning at 6:15 a.m. on January 27, 2015, according to testimony in Case 62906 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

. . . “As this is a very open area and very secluded with little to no population, I figured if I could see them, perhaps they can see me. I flashed my lights in a distinct order – two times fast, and a pause for about half a second, and then flashed a second time.”

The witness then began to move his vehicle forward again – but then he noticed the objects had stopped.

“When on a dime both objects stopped without slowing down. As soon as this happened my heart sank and my face became numb and flush with panic. I froze in place and could not think fast enough what to do next.”

The objects appeared to be flashing their lights back at the witness.

“The object on the right blinked and then the object on the left blinked and then together they blinked about half a second later – in the exact sequence I flashed my lights in.”

The witness panicked.

“I immediately sped to the next driveway. I felt as if I needed to hide. I pulled into a driveway and parked where the trees blocked my view of the object that was on the right. I sat for a few seconds and grabbed my phone. I wanted to text my wife and just tell her what was going on.”

But then something unusual happened to the electronics in the witness vehicle.

“I looked at my phone and watched the battery go from 92 percent to 0 and shut off. I was listening to the radio station 107.7 – the Bob and Sheri Show was on. And the station completely went out. I hit the scan button on my radio and could not pick up a single station. The static in the station began to pulsate in the same sequence I flashed my lights.” . . .

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Huge UFO Scares West Texans | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

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UFO Shuts Down Witness’s Car

UFO Shuts Down Witness’s Car

By Roger Marsh

      An Alabama witness recalls a UFO encounter near Scottsboro when “an intense white light” engulfed the vehicle he was driving and shut off the car, street lights and watches, according to December 10, 2014, testimony in Case 61905 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The events occurred in April of 1981 when the witness accompanied his fiancée and her parents to visit the fiancée’s brother and family in Scottsboro. . . .

. . . “At around 11:30 p.m. we left her brother’s house and began the 5-7 mile trip to the in-law’s house. After about a quarter-mile the car began to knock and shut off. The radio stopped and shut off. At the same time, a bright white light appeared over the tree line just off the road to the right – approximately to the northeast.”

The sounds of Mother Nature disappeared.

“We had the windows cracked about two inches and noticed no crickets which we heard upon leaving the house and entering the car. The road is narrow at that point, with water on the left side and a house just prior to it. There is a street light at that point, which had also turned off when the bright light appeared.”

The witnesses did not understand what was happening to them.

“As the intense and blinding white light shone upon us through the windshield with us trying to peer up and find out what was going on, Anna asked if we should get out to see.

“I said, ‘No,’ also mentioning that we should stay buckled in and lock the doors, forgetting about the windows being partially down.”

They then noticed another anomaly.

“I looked at my new Seiko LCD watch and it had stopped, as the screen was blank and even the internal light would not work when I pressed the button. Anna’s battery powered analog watch even stopped. I don’t remember the exact time, though.” . . .

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Egg-Shaped UFO Stalls Cars On Highway | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

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Multiple, Pulsating UFOs Affect Electronic Equipment?

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Multiple, Pulsating UFOs Affect Electronic Equipment 8-24-14

Electronics go off as UFOs move over Georgia town

By Roger Marsh

      A Georgia witness at Loganville reported his cell phone, Internet and cable television reception failed during a sighting of “8 to 10 pulsating orbs” moving under 500 feet and less than 100 feet away, according to testimony in Case 59611 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was outside sitting on a deck when he had an “uneasy feeling” in his stomach just as the objects were first noticed about 10:30 p.m. on August 24, 2014.

“I noticed a flash of light out of the corner of my eye,” the witness stated. “When I looked in the direction of the flash there were 8 to 10 orb-like lights close to the tree top level doing what looked like figure 8’s around each other for about 10 to 15 minutes.”

The witness described lights on the objects.

“These orbs were casting light to the ground and I could see the shadows of the trees on the ground.”

But what was more disturbing at the time was the failure of three utilities.

“In the time the orbs were in my sight my cell phone would not work and my Internet and TV both went out. While watching the orbs the ‘uneasy’ feeling I had in my stomach went away and I had a sense of calm come over me. All I could do was stand there and look as the orbs slowly moved from east-northeast to west-southwest.” . . .

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The Coyne Helicopter UFO Case

The Coyne Helicopter UFO Case

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

      I have been working on a new book and so I have been reviewing some interesting older cases. One of those is the Coyne case in which the flight crew of an Army Reserve UH-1H helicopter spotted a UFO which might have caused a radio outage and then a sudden, mysterious climb when Captain Lawrence Coyne had entered a descent to avoid a collision.

Briefly, they were returning to their home station in Cleveland, Ohio, when Sergeant John Healy, seated in the left rear spotted an object or a red light off the left side of the aircraft. He thought it was brighter than the red navigation lights on an aircraft and he could see none of the other aircraft lights required by the FAA. This light disappeared behind the helicopter and Healy thought nothing more about it.

A few moments later, Specialist Five (E-5) Robert Yanacsek, seated in the right rear, saw a red light on the eastern horizon. He, at first, thought it was a red warning light on a radio tower, but the light wasn’t blinking and it seemed to be pacing the aircraft. Finally it seemed to turn so that it was coming toward the helicopter and when it did, he mentioned it to the pilot. Coyne glanced out the right window and also believed the light was coming at them.

Coyne took the controls of the aircraft and believing the object might be on a collision course, pushed down the collective (or technically, the collective pitch, that is a lever on the left side of the seat of the pilot or co-pilot) which changes the pitch of the rotor blades so that the aircraft will gain or lose altitude. He eventually pushed it all the way down to the stop. Believing that he was not descending fast enough, he pushed the cyclic (think of the yoke on an airplane) forward so that he would be descending faster.

At this point Coyne looked up and said the object was covering the front of the windshield. Coyne said that there was a red light at the front of the object, a green light that seemed to reflect off the rear of the object, and a green light, like a searchlight coming from the rear.

The object hovered there for what seemed like a long time and then took off toward the northwest. They could see the light at the rear of the aircraft was bright white. Coyne looked at the altimeter and realized they were at 3500 feet. Coyne said the collective was still full down and he couldn’t explain the ascent. Coyne then pulled up on the collective (which, of course, the opposite of what he should have done to stop an ascent but then the collective was full down so he couldn’t have pushed it any lower anyway) and at 3800 feet, they felt a bump and the climb ceased.

Philip Klass, when he heard about the case decided to take a look at it. He was on a television show with Healy, and he recorded another show that aired the next night that featured Coyne. Klass, in his book UFO’s Explained, wrote, “As I studied the transcript of my tape recording [of Coyne on the Dick Cavett Show] my attention began to focus on the possibility that the UFO might have been a bright meteor-fireball.”

He then spends a great deal of time reporting on his search for a record of a meteor at the time and place in question but failed. True, not every meteor is reported, but this one would have been spectacular enough that someone else should have seen it. No one did and no reports were filed. But that’s okay, because Klass is hung up on the meteor explanation and cited examples of many people being fooled by fireballs, miscalculating the distance to them, their altitude, their shape and the length of time they are visible, and some other UFO cases that were explained by fireballs which is all irrelevant here.

Klass mentions nothing of Healy’s sighting of the red object that was seen out the left side of the aircraft and that slide to the rear. If it was the same object, then clearly it wasn’t a meteor and Klass’ explanation fails at that point.

He mentions that the cockpit was bathed in green light as the object passed overhead and reports that there are two Plexiglas panels set above the pilots’ heads and these are tinted green. We called them, cleverly, the greenhouses, but they are directly over the pilots and are not part of the windshield. Klass seems to have confused these green tinted areas for something on the windshield much as cars used to have a green tint at the top of the windshield. The crew was not looking through the greenhouses and the light was not coming through them. Besides, the crew described other colored lights on the object which they were watching through the windshield.

Klass admits that the climb is the “real puzzler.” He discussed it with Dave Brown, an “experienced pilot with some hours in a helicopter [which tells me nothing and I wonder if those hours are as a pilot and if there are very many of them]. Brown suggested that perhaps the pilot or co-pilot might unconsciously have pulled back on the collective and or cyclic-pitch control(s) as he leaned back in his seat to view the luminous object overhead.”

Well, the co-pilot, Lieutenant Arrigo Jezzi would never have done that. How do I know? Because Coyne, Jezzi and I had all gone through the same flight training, though not at the same time. Had Jezzi felt the aircraft was in danger and he needed to take over the controls, he would have put his hands on them and said, “I’ve got it.”

Coyne would have relinquished control taking his hands off and said, “You’ve got it.”

This was done so that the pilots wouldn’t be fighting each other for control. In similar circumstances, meaning one of us in the cockpit saw something the other didn’t that might endanger the aircraft, this is what we did, and that includes combat assaults under fire, which can easily be as stressful as seeing a UFO. We followed the ritual even at times like that, so, we know that Jezzi didn’t take over control.

Could leaning back in the seat, trying to see the UFO above have caused Coyne to pull up on the collective (as opposed to have pulled back as Klass suggests)? Not really given the way the controls are configured. Could he have pulled back on the cyclic in such a circumstance? Maybe, but there would have been other consequences to that action, including a slowing of the airspeed and a change in the orientation of the cockpit. Or, in other words, that would have been noticed. Besides, given the circumstances, it is more likely that Coyne would have pushed the cyclic forward as he attempted to see the object, which would have increased the rate of descent.

Klass, continues his speculation about all of this, based on the information he has collected, some of which he fails to report, and he concludes, “…we should all be grateful for the instinctive, if unconscious, reactions of pilot Coyne or co-pilot Jezzi in pulling their helicopter out of its steep descent barely four hundred feet about the ground.”

So Klass has solved the case by creating a meteor where none was reported, ignoring the flight of the light when it doesn’t conform to his ideas, misunderstanding the configuration of the cockpit controls that doesn’t fit his belief and his failure to understand the flight procedures of Army helicopter pilots. His analysis is badly flawed and his speculations are not driven by facts.

Oh, and he does mention the report from someone on the ground who might have seen the UFO, but he never found him and for our purposes as well as those of Klass that witness does not exist. There are two other witnesses who saw the UFO from the ground and they have provided statements about what they saw corroborating, after a fashion, the sighting by Coyne and his crew.

In the end, this is a case that screams to be labeled as “unidentified” because there is no a valid explanation for it. Klass was simply wrong in his analysis and his speculations should be ignored because of his manipulation of the evidence and his lack of understanding of the flight characteristics of the helicopter. There is no easy solution here and sometimes that is about all that can be said about a case.

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UFO Shuts Down USAF Air Police Vehicles at Nuclear Bomber Base

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UFO Shuts Down USAF Air Police Vehicles at Nuclear Bomber Base

By Robert Hastings

     Over the past 41 years, I have interviewed nearly 150 U.S. military veterans regarding their involvement in, or knowledge of, nuclear weapons-related UFO incidents. On September 27, 2010, seven of those individuals participated in my “UFOs and Nukes” press conference in Washington D.C., which CNN streamed live (see below):

The most recent veteran to come forward, former U.S. Air Force Air Policeman Regenold “Reggie” Brown, contacted me after reading an account by another former USAF Air Policeman, Larry W. Rogers, whose UFO experience is posted at my website. Both had been stationed at Ben Guerir Air Base, Morocco, in the early 1960s, although at different times.

During that era, the base was home to B-47 and B-52 bomber squadrons, whose nuclear weapons would have been unleashed against the Soviet Union and her allies if war between the superpowers had erupted. The location of Ben Guerir, in North Africa, meant that the older model B-47s would not have to refuel in flight to reach targets in the U.S.S.R.

Reggie Brown told me, in an email and follow-up telephone call—his comments are combined here—that he was aware of a UFO incursion at the base:

I was stationed at Ben Guerir in 1961-62 and worked in the Air Police K-9 unit. I do not recall Larry Rogers but he could have been [stationed there] before me or after me.

The only incident I remember occurred when I was guarding the atomic bomb storage site one night. There was a lot of excitement about a lighted sphere, about the size of a basketball, sighted near the runway. [It was] hovering above the ground when the strike team arrived. Their truck’s engine quit working and the radio and the lights too.

The reserve strike team came to the first team’s aid but their truck also quit working. They pushed the first truck back away from the sphere; it was about a hundred feet from it. This all took about 30 minutes. This sphere looked like a bright light during the incident.

Then, as quickly as it appeared, it left. The next day we were taken into a room and told we could not talk about this incident. I did not see this sphere myself because I was working in a different area, but was able to hear all of the chatter on my radio that night.

I asked Brown where the sphere had hovered, relative to the Weapons Storage Area and the Bomber Alert Area. He said, “The runway was three miles long and the object was located about half-way, just off to the side of it. It wasn’t too near the bomb storage site or the bombers.”

I asked Brown who had debriefed him and the other Air Policemen the following day. He said, “Some lieutenant. I don’t think I knew him.” I asked whether that individual might have been an Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) agent, given that they often debrief USAF personnel following UFO incidents, according to many of my other sources. Brown said he didn’t know. “Whoever he was, he made it very clear that we were not to talk about the sphere; that we would be in big trouble if we did.”

Reggie Brown provided me with his DD214—the U.S. military’s standard service record form—which confirmed his position as a USAF Air Policeman.

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