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The New World Order: The Movement Reloaded

The Illuminati are portrayed by conspiracy theorists and Christian and Muslim Fundamentalists as the puppetmasters of the world. The world’s real puppetmasters are self-evident: they are the 80 individuals who own more wealth than half the world’s population. The 80 are the Archons of free-market capitalism, and are propped up by the vast capitalist infrastructure that exists […]

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Mark Pilkington’s top 10 books about UFOs

Mark Pilkington is a writer with a fascination for the further shores of culture, science and belief. He also publishes books as Strange Attractor Press. In Mirage Men Pilkington travels across America looking to explain his own UFO sighting. After scouring the subject’s history and meeting former air force and intelligence insiders, Pilkington concludes that instead of covering […]

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Nazi Germany achieved its technological advantage with aliens’ help?

Researchers wonder if the Germans had advanced alien technology . There is some opinions to suggest that they were able to make their own flying saucers,  called Haunebu! Nazi scientists were studying ancient Indian texts that describe the flying machines “Vimana” and they’ ve been searching worldwide ancient knowledge that will give them the “superiority” . The […]

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The real Men in Black, Hollywood and the great UFO cover-up

In a new documentary, US government agents claim they spent decades giving fake evidence of extraterrestrials to gullible ufologists. But why? And how can we trust them now?  idden among the avalanche of documents leaked by Edward Snowden were images from a Powerpoint presentation by GCHQ, entitled The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation […]

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‘Alien orbs’ captured on camera hovering over Brit crop circle claims expert

A CROP circle expert believes he has captured strange UFOs flying over one in the UK. Pierre Beake is convinced the mysterious marks in the countryside are the result of paranormal activity and not hoaxers. He has dedicated years of his life investigating the circles in the south west of England. And he was stunned […]

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NASA Mars Hoax: “Rover” Is on Devon Island, Canada? You Decide

Where On Earth Are NASA’s Rovers Sending Pictures From? There is an increasing number of people who believe that NASA’s rovers never left the Earth in the first place, and the pictures they are allegedly sending back from Mars are taken in remote areas of our planet. But if NASA’s rovers are not on Mars, […]

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According to the genesis story, the twelfth planet, known as Nibiru was populated by humanoid beings very similar to us humans. After they encountered a severe atmosphere problem, they went on a quest through the solar system in order to find gold, a special metal that could heal their planet. When Nibiru approached Earth’s orbit, […]

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Jim Marrs, Noted Author and Conspiracy Theorist Has Died

Jim Marrs

     Jim Marrs, an author and conspiracy theorist who studied the Aurora alien spaceship crash of 1897, died Wednesday. He was 73.

According to a post on Marrs’ official Facebook page, he died

By Racey Burden

following a heart attack. Marrs bowed out of speaking engagements earlier this year due to poor health.

Marrs is best known for his book on the John F. Kennedy assassination, “Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy,” and his book “Alien Agenda,” which delved into the world of UFOs.

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APOCALYPSE WHEN? Five times in recent memory the world was supposed to end… from alien invasions to man-made black holes

SINCE the beginning of recorded history, man has been trying to predict when the world will end. With earth heating up and nuclear tensions a hot topic on everyone’s lips in 2017, Doomsday may be closer than ever before. But is the complete destruction of mankind a realistic possibility in the foreseeable future? Probably not. […]

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Amazing first hand testimonials from Dulce, New Mexico families

(It is important to bear in mind that the following personal testimonies, no matter how interesting, fascinating and how realistic it may appear or sound, do not constitute any conclusive evidence that what they had witnessed were actual physical events except to those who claimed to have observed such events. Without any physical, tangible proof, they do not constitute any […]

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