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UFOs Sighted Over Plata (Huila) | COLOMBIA

UFOs Sighted Over Plata (Huila) | COLOMBIA

     n March 3, 2017, starting at 3:00 p.m., a phenomenon was recorded over Plata (Huila) that left locals looking for answers. Three mysterious UFOs were sighted in the skies over the community. According to eyewitnesses, the objects remained static most of the
By Inexplicata

time and as evening grew closer, they flew toward each other quickly until they vanished.

A witness to the event remarked: “Three unidentified flying vehicles remained static most of the afternoon until dusk, then flew quickly toward each other until they vanished,” according to Lucas Martinez.

UFO sightings over Colombia are on the rise with many more cases reporting everything from small lights to possible structured craft flying over towns, municipalities and even some of the nation’s cities.

Photos show white objects, clearly distant from the witnesses. A drawing depicts the manner in which the craft were described by witnesses.

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Is Colombia a new UFO hotspot? – Spacing Out! Episode 101


Recent alleged UFO videos covered by the media have some wondering if Colombia is a new hotbed for UFO activity. Also, recent discoveries have added to the possibility that Mars might be home to alien life. That and other space and UFO news on this final 2014 episode of Spacing Out!

Stories discussed on this episode:

Multiple UFOs streak through the sky above Leicestershire

Did ISS cam capture footage of a UFO firing a laser?

Is Colombia a new UFO hotspot?

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New UFO Hotspot: Medellin, Colombia | VIDEO

New UFO Hotspot: Medellin, Colombia

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

     UFOs show up all over the world, making seemingly random appearances — except, of course, for the many that are easily created via various software, posted online and promoted as the “real thing,” whatever that real thing is.

But every once in a while, and over a relatively short period of time, reports of unidentified flying objects emerge from the same geographic area, and for no apparent reason.

During 2014, Medellin, Colombia, became one of those places. Medellin, population of 2.44 million, is the second-largest city in Colombia, located in the central Andes Mountains of South America.

The Epoch Times reports that an almond-shaped UFO was videotaped moving slowly in the sky over a forest near Medellin on Nov. 16 and eventually uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 5.

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Saucer-Shaped UFO Over Forest in Columbia? | VIDEO

Saucer-Shaped UFO Over Forest in Columbia 11-16-14

By Jack Phillips
Epoch Times

     A resident in Medellin, Colombia, appears to have captured an object in the sky over a forest.

The video was uploaded on YouTube a few days ago but the footage was originally shot on Nov. 16.

The shaky video goes in an out of focus and shows what looks like a “classic” flying saucer in the sky. However, it’s hard to make out due to the clouds.

“The footage shows a saucer-shaped UFO seen in several locations in South America. The UFO is similar to the saucer-shaped UFO filmed in South Wales, UK on November 30, 2014,” says UFO Sightings Hotspot. “It is remarkable that the video of the UFO filmed in South Wales is not longer available and the uploader has closed his account.” . . .

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