Mass Sighting – Bizarre, Swirling Lights Over Arizona, California and Mexico – Alien UFO Sightings

Shares 294 PHOENIX (KSAZ) – Viewers have reported seeing an odd “cloud” in the sky on Monday night, as they looked to the west. Throughout the night, FOX 10 Phoenix has received photos and video from people in Phoenix, Yuma, as well as Coachell, Menifee and San Diego in California, showing what happened. […]

Mysterious Cloud Engulfs East Sussex, Sends Scores To The Hospital

     The bizarre gas cloud swept in over Beachy Head and left 150 in hospital with stinging eyes and noses, breathing difficulties and being sick. By & Crick and Gemma MullinThe Scottish Sun8-28-17 Authorities yesterday said it would take time to find out what caused the puzzling chemical mist […]

Solitary Cloud-Shrouded UFOs Reported Near Nuclear Weapons Facilities

     Retired U.S. Air Force Captain Michael T. Crowley recently contacted me and wrote: Briefly, I started my Air Force career in February 1966 and ended it at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming, in December of 1992. I was a weather observer my first four years on active duty, then […]

UFO Sighting Makes Headlines in Seguin, Texas | VIDEO

By www.wwmt.com9-29-15      SEGUIN, Texas (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A Texas woman says she saw a star change shape a couple of times, then flatten out to a disc shape. She never uses the acronym “UFO,” but she did report it to the local branch of the Mutual UFO Network […]

Cloud-Like UFO Filmed Over Philadelphia | VIDEO

Credit: Hector Garcia By Lee SpeigelThe Huffington Post7-10-15      It may look like a cloud at first, especially when you see it as individual screen shots (shown above). But when you look at the following video shot by Philadelphia resident Hector Garcia over the July 4th weekend, you might […]

Creators of UFO Hoax Come Forward

Creators of UFO Hoax Come Forward By Stuart THE creators of a UFO hoax who set social media buzzing have come clean.      Several images of an unidentified object hovering over Portsmouth did the rounds last week, sparking speculation that the city could be the landing site of […]

‘UFO’ Photographed Over the Skies of Portsmouth (UK)

UFO NEWS: ‘UFO’ Photographed Over the Skies of Portsmouth (UK) By Priya PEOPLE have spotted a strange flying object in the skies of Portsmouth and believe it could be a UFO      A grey-spherical object has been seen floating around in the sky, and claims it could be […]

‘Green Beam’ UFO Sighting Over Hinckley

By Sian Youngwww.hinckleytimes.net8-7-14 Two witnesses have come forward separately to say they saw a very bright beam of light descend out of the sky.      A UFO has been reported by a number of residents in the borough. Two witnesses have come forward separately to say they saw a […]