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Are all UFO’s Extraterrestrial? No…

Alejandro Rojas and I, at the Roswell debris site.

Are all UFO’s Extraterrestrial? No… Of-course not. Just because it’s unidentifiable to the witness, doesn’t make it a real UFO, and on the flip side for all you skeptics out there, just because it’s unidentifiable to the witness doesn’t necessarily mean it’s automatically not a UFO either. Unlike Santa Clause where believing is seeing, UFO sightings are a bit more complicated.

Back in January of 2013, I wrote a blog about Occam’s Razor. William of Ockham (1287-1349) was an English Franciscan Friar well-known at that time as a Roman Catholic philosopher. He was born in the village of Ockham in the English county of Surrey. He is well-known today for his methodological principle known as “ Ockham’s Razor, or Occam’s Razor”. It suggests when faced with multiple theories or hypotheses, the one that has the least assumptions should be looked at first. It doesn’t mean the one with least assumptions is the correct one, it simply means that’s a good place to start, especially while doing an investigation.

Skeptics try to use Occam’s Razor as an offensive tactic when saying UFO’s in general are not extraterrestrial, because they misunderstand its meaning. They seem to think Occam’s Razor means, the simplest explanation is the most correct, and that’s wrong. Their misunderstanding turns out to be their weakness in a debate scenario.

If their misunderstanding of Occam’s Razor was applied to law enforcement, then homicide detectives would automatically go with the first assumption when investigating a murder case. If they did that, and some have, then the jails would be over-flowing with innocent people falsely accused of a crime. Currently there have been multiple wrongly accused felons exonerated by new forensic evidence, and released from jail, because forensic science is maturing and so is law enforcement techniques.

Some UFO believers also use the misunderstanding of Occam’s Razor as a defensive tactic saying, if it’s unidentifiable to them, then it must be extraterrestrial. This is wrong too!

The problem falls really on both sides, the believers, and the non-believers. Sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be, and we shouldn’t be making haste assumptions, positive or negative. Sometimes we have a tendency to surmise or make decisions way too quickly without thinking things through properly. Our quick decisions can get us into trouble and sometimes they can get us out of trouble, but when we have a little more time to think about it, maybe there was a better decision.

Take this simple word problem for example:

A bat and baseball cost $1.10. The bat costs one dollar more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? This seems pretty simple to answer using basic logic. If you said, “10 cents”, hey guess what? You’re wrong! It appears the simple or quick thinking answer is not the correct one. The answer is actually “5 cents”.

This is where the misunderstanding of Occam’s Razor applies, and also the misunderstanding of the “seeing is believing” scenario. When you work the word problem out mathematically you get the correct answer.

x represents the price of the ball

x + ($1.00 + x) = $1.10

$1.00 + 2x = $1.10

2x = $1.10 – $1.00

2x = $0.10

Solve for x:

x = $0.05

Even after looking at the equation, it doesn’t make sense when you compare it to the word problem, but there it is, the ball costs 5 cents not 10.

The same type of thinking goes for UFO sightings. Just because you see a light in the sky or a shiny object flying by, don’t automatically assume it’s extraterrestrial. Take a little time trying to understand what you’re seeing. Can you compare it to an airplane? A mylar balloon? A string of balloons? How about an airplane banking in a turn with one of its wings briefly reflecting the sun? How about a bright light at night? Does it move with the stars over a period of time? And now commercial drones are being flown everywhere, can you compare it to that? And after going through all the plausible scenarios, does it still appear to be a true phenomenon?

As for the skeptics, just don’t assume you know what you’re talking about either, go through the same type of decision making process to make your case. You may be right, then again, you may be wrong, remember the 5 cent ball.

As for the base ball word problem, majority of people fail to get the correct answer, including Ivy League graduate students. It’s not that people who got the answer wrong are less smart than those few who got it right, it’s just that we have a habit of making quick decisions and accepting them. The people who got the wrong answer and admitted it, are the ones that see the world a little differently and can except new ideologies… like intelligent life living outside our solar system, with a 5 cent base ball in their hand.  🙂

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“The 37th Parallel” Book, Released Info on Bigelow First, before the New York Times Did!

Standing next to The 37th Parallel book.

When the book, “The 37th Parallel” was released September of 2016, people who bought it, got first hand information about Robert Bigelow’s, involvement with UFOs. Eight months after the release of the book, his May, 2017 interview with CBS; he confessed to the world his belief in alien visitation to this planet. Then seven months later on December 16th, the New York Times printed the article, “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: the Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program, in which Robert Bigelow was a part of.

Dec. 16th, 2017, New York Times excerpt: by Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal, and Leslie Kean.

Contracts obtained by The Times show a congressional appropriation of just under $22 million beginning in late 2008 through 2011. The money was used for management of the program, research and assessments of the threat posed by the objects.

The funding went to Mr. Bigelow’s company, Bigelow Aerospace, which hired subcontractors and solicited research for the program.

Under Mr. Bigelow’s direction, the company modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena. Researchers also studied people who said they had experienced physical effects from encounters with the objects and examined them for any physiological changes. In addition, researchers spoke to military service members who had reported sightings of strange aircraft.

But wait, there’s more!


– Bigelow purchased the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, which is said to be riddled with UFOs, cryptozoological creatures, and hyper-dimensional portals to other realities. It is strictly off limits to the public now.


– Bigelow proposed and succeeded, to fund the efforts of MUFON field investigators to enable them to respond quickly to alleged UFO incidents. The agreement between Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) and MUFON sets up a “Star Team Impact Project” (SIP), with an initial funding period from five months to a year, with the option to renew for a second year.

Note: After the Bigelow/MUFON STAR Team proposal became a reality, rumors start escalating within the MUFON organization that Bigelow’s own personal field investigators were infiltrating some of MUFON STAR investigations, by showing up prior and running their own investigations.

Also, money supposedly allocated from Bigelow to the MUFON STAR department to design rapid-response investigative kits, never materializes. Why? Maybe because Bigelow used the money for his own investigative team?

2010 FAA Press Release:

– “Persons wanting to report UFO/unexplained phenomena activity should contact a UFO/ unex­plained phenomena reporting data collection center, such as Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) (voice: 1-877-979-7444 or e-mail: Reporting@baass.org)”


– Bigelow acquires a piece of a Roswell artifact for testing, found by Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer. After initial testing, results show unable to identify any mass produced polymer that matches the artifact. BAAS holds on to the artifact for a year, then returns it stating it was nothing.

2017 December, New York Times Article:

– 2007 to 2012, $22 million dollar budget for the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, most of the money went to Bigelow Aerospace. (BAAS)

– Luis Elizondo ran the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program in the Pentagon which the government has now admitted existed. The government is saying the program ended a few years ago, but Elizondo is already on record talking about his replacement and the fact that it’s still going on.

– Under Bigelow’s direction, Bigelow’s company modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials.

In my opinion, the Pentagon’s Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program is still active today with Bigelow being a big part of it, and this is why. The US Defense Department has a simple way of keeping certain programs on-going just by changing their names. History attests to this when looking at Project Blue Book in the 1950’s. First the project started out as Project Sign in the late 1940’s, then moved into Project Grudge, and eventually changed to Project Blue Book. By changing the name of a program and maybe moving it from one department to another, funding appears to haven been open and closed for each. In the Black Project arena using government funding money, or money acquired under other circumstances, this is a simple way to throw suspicion off-track. One type of funding like this is called, “Secret Funding”. As an example, secret funding was used for the Manhattan Project during World War II. The atomic bomb project  needed over two billion dollars for completion. Congress approved this budget under the direction of the president not knowing what is was for. These are refereed as, “General Appropriation Funding”, for secret projects.

Is it necessary for the Pentagon to fund UFO sightings?  Let’s look at the numbers for valid sightings in 2016 and 2017 to answer this question.

Some UFO Sightings are real!

Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist believes, 5% of UFO sightings are real, and are worth investigating. So let’s crunch some numbers.

National UFO Reporting Center

2016 – 5, 619 sighting reports

2017 – 4,655 sighting reports (as of date)

But, how many people actually take the time to report their sighting? We know as investigators, that not everyone who has a sighting actually takes the time to report it. First you have to get to a computer, then find a website to report it, then go through all the questions some sites have to report it. If it’s too much trouble or takes too much time, some people won’t bother reporting their sighting, only those few who are really concerned, will.

Let’s say out of 100 sightings, only 20% of the people will take the time to report it. This number, in my opinion, is a little high, realistically it’s probably less than 15%, but let’s use 20.

2016: 20%(x) = 5619 → 5619/20% → x = 28,096 Actual total sightings

2017: 20%(x) = 4655 → 4655/20% → x = 23,275 Actual total sightings

Now let’s use the Michio Kaku 5% real UFO theory.

2016 → 28,096 sightings  x .05 = 1,404 Real UFO sightings were scientific investigation.

2017 → 23,275 sightings  x .05 = 1,164  Real UFO sightings were scientific investigation.

The previous data was referenced from just one UFO reporting center, what if we add another UFO reporting center like, MUFON. Now you may ask, what if a person reports their sighting to “two” separate reporting websites? Well MUFON periodically checks to see if their reports have been reported on other websites, and based on their checks, it’s less than 1% probability.

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Sighting Reports just USA:

2016 → 5365 sightings

2017 → 5446 sightings (as of date)

Use the 20% sighting ratio and include the 5% Michio Kaku theory:

2016 → 5365 sightings/20% = 26,825 x .05 =  1,341 UFO Sightings Real

2017 → 5446 sightings/20% = 27,230 x .05 =  1,361 UFO Sightings Real

Add total number of 2016’s National UFO Reporting Center reports with MUFON’s reports.

NUFORC → 2016 →  1,404
MUFON   → 2016 →  1,341
total   2,745

2016 : 2,745 sightings were actual UFO’ s (+-1%).

Add total number of 2017’s National UFO Reporting Center reports with MUFON’s reports.

NUFORC → 2017 →  1,164
MUFON   → 2017 →  1,361
total   2,525

2017 : 2,525 sightings were actual UFO’ s (+-1%).

Add 2016 with 2017 -> 5,270

Just over 5000 sightings combined from 2016 and 2017 were considered valid UFO sightings and worth being investigated by the scientific community. That’s huge! Now you know why the Pentagon is interested in this. But the big question is? Are they running their own investigations, or merely monitoring what they already know? Only time will tell.

As for the New York Times article released December 16th, 2017 tying Robert Bigelow with a government agency investigating UFOs? If the New York Times had paid a little more attention to their own book review of The 37th Parallel back on November 25th, of 2016, and had someone other than non qualified idiot like Sam Kean review it saying, “The book falls flat as a conspiracy thriller because its revelations are so pathetic”, they would have known about the Bigelow-UFO tie-in, a year earlier!

To the New York Times… You need to re-review the book and you definitely owe me and Ben Mezrich, an apology!

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December UFO/Paranormal Events Throughout History

As a UFO/Paranormal Investigator, December is my favorite month out of the year because there’s always one guaranteed UFO-type sighting, which occurs late December 24th. But what about the month of December in general, have there been some popular unusual events in the past? Yep, and here’s a few good ones worth mentioning.

UFO related:

December 9th, 1965, the Kecksburg UFO Incident.

Kecksburg UFO

( A model of the crashed object, originally created for the show Unsolved Mysteries, and put on display near the Kecksburg fire station. Image courtesy Wikipedia. )

In Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, United States, a large fireball was seen by thousands in at least six U.S. states and Ontario, Canada. It streaked over the Detroit, Michigan/Windsor, Ontario area, reportedly dropped hot metal debris over Michigan and northern Ohio, starting some grass fires and caused sonic booms in Western Pennsylvania. It was generally assumed and reported by the press to be a meteor after authorities discounted other proposed explanations such as a plane crash, errant missile test, or reentering satellite debris. [ref. Files Mufon.com]

December 26th, 1980, the Rendlesham Forest Incident,
also known as “Britain’s Roswell”.

Rendlesham Forest marker

Rendlesham model

(Images courtesy Forestry Commission, England)




Lt. Col. Charles Halt stated, around 3:00am on the 26th of December, strange lights were reported by a security patrol near the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge apparently descending into nearby Rendlesham Forest. Servicemen initially thought it was a downed aircraft but, upon entering the forest to investigate they saw, according to Halt’s memo, a strange glowing object, metallic in appearance, with colored lights. As they approached, it moved through the trees, and “the animals on a nearby farm went into a frenzy”. The craft left three impressions or depressions on the ground that were visible the next day. One of the servicemen, Sgt. Jim Penniston, later claimed to have encountered a “craft of unknown origin” and to have made detailed notes of its features, touched its “warm” surface, and copied the numerous symbols on its body. The object allegedly flew away after their brief encounter. Penniston also claimed to have seen triangular landing gear on the object. [ref. Files Mufon.com]

December 29th, 1980, the Cash-Landrum Incident.

Cash Landrum

( Photo of newspaper article courtesy, blueblurrylines.com )

The evening of December 29th, Betty Cash and Vickie and Colby Landrum, were driving home to Dayton, Texas after dining out. Around 9:00 p.m., while driving on a isolated two-lane road in the dense woods, they originally observed a light over the trees that came closer revealing a diamond-shaped object. Cash got out of the car to investigate and noticed the heat was strong enough to make the car’s metal body hot to the touch. The object moved higher in the sky, soon to be surrounded by 23 helicopters as it flew out of sight. Later that evening all the cars occupants suffered symptoms from ionizing radiation contact.

December 12th, 1985, the famous Whitley Strieber abduction Incident.


(Photo courtesy Whitley Strieber website.)

Whitley Strieber writer, states he was abducted by aliens from his cabin in upstate New York the evening of December 26th. Based on his personal experience, he wrote the popular book, Communion.

Monster Related:

December 12th, 1964, the Hook Island Sea Monster.

Hook Island sea monster

(Purposed “colored” picture of Robert Le Serrec’s Hook Island sea monster,
courtesy Scientific American.)

Robert Le Serrec and his family were crossing Stonehaven bay, heading to Hook Island, Queensland, spotted a large, tadpole-like monster about 30 feet long. The family said the creature had eyes on the top of its head, pale looking with slit shaped pupils. It was black in color, with traverse stripes, and the skin appeared to be smooth. They took multiple photos which today is still being debated.

December 1st, 1987, the Ilkley Moor Alien Incident, Yorkshire, U.K.

Ilkleymoor photo

( Photo courtesy Philip Spencer, pulled from un-named source, internet.)

Philip Spencer, a retired policeman was walking across the moor to his father-in-laws house, wanting to take pictures of some strange lights seen on the moor. While loading his camera he saw a strange looking creature through the fog. The small being was on the slopes of the moor, and Spencer took a photograph of it. He then ran towards the being trying to chase him down when he saw a flying craft with a top dome, rising up from the moor grounds. It quickly disappeared into the sky. He couldn’t get a photograph of the craft, but was able to photograph the small being. The photo shows a grainy image of the bi-pedal creature, but not clear enough for definitive proof of the being. Philip Spencer relinquished all rights of the photo for analysis, and had never made any money from it.

December 11th, 1999, the Lake Murray Monster of Papua New Guinea.

Lake Murray Lodge

(Photo courtesy, Papua New Guinea’s Lake Murray Lodge.)

Villagers traveling in a canoe reported seeing a large creature wading in the shallow water near Boboa. The creature was described as having a body as long as a large construction truck with a long neck and long slender tail. It’s hind legs were as wide as coconut palm tree trunks, and had two smaller forelegs. The head resembled the shape of a cow’s head with large eyes and sharp teeth as long as fingers. The skin was similar to a crocodile’s skin, and it had large triangular-like scoops on its back.

Bermuda Triangle Incidents.

December 30th, 1812, Theodosia Burr Alston

Arron Burr

( Aaron Burr, photo courtesy biography.com )

Theodosia the daughter of former United States Vice President Aaron Burr, was on board the sailing ship, Patriot, which sailed from Charleston, South Carolina to New York City never to be seen again. Even though this incident is towards the out-skirts of the Triangle, some consider it related to the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon.

December 5th, 1945. Flight 19:

Bermuda Flight 19

(Photo source, Bermuda Attractions)

One of the most talked about Bermuda Triangle incident, five Grumman TBM Avenger torpedo bombers of US Navy went missing while flying over the Atlantic. They were scheduled to go due east from Florida Naval base for 120 miles, then north for 73 miles, and then get back to a final 120-mile route which would return them to the naval base. They never arrived. Two rescue Martin Mariner aircraft with a 13-man crew were sent out to search for them, and one of the Martin Mariners never returned and never seen again. This event is still a mystery today.

December 28th, 1948 Flight DC-3 Disappearance:

Bermuda DC3

(Photo source, Bermuda Attractions)

On the night of December 28th, a Douglas DST airliner traveling from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Miami, Florida, carrying 29 passengers and 3 crew members, never made it to its final destination. Only 50 miles south of Florida, the aircraft has never been found.

December 15, 2008 Britten-Norman Trislander.

Bermuda Trislander

(Photo source: Britten-Norman)

Trislander took off from Santiago for New York on December 15, 2008 at around 3:30pm with 12 persons on board. After about 35 minutes from take off, the aircraft fell off the radar. A massive search operation was launched by US Coast Guards, but the aircraft was never traced again. Its last known location was about 4 miles west of West Caicos Island. No debris has ever been found.

Famous Ghost Sightings in December?

Marley was dead: to begin with…

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Alien Feast

Animal mutilations have been going on for centuries, not decades, and we still know very little about them, but we’re getting better in the investigation area. Some investigators have found trace evidence of micro-meteorites on the animal’s hide, I’ve found high levels of EM (electro-magnetics) and changes in the soil nutrients (CEC’s), and we’ve all interviewed ranchers who’ve seen either UFO’s or Balls of Light from  time to time. But have animal mutilations, cows in particular, been associated with a major UFO event? The following blog was taken from a recent article I wrote for the Roswell Daily Record newspaper which may tie an animal mutilation or a type of animal phenomenon, to the 1947 Roswell UFO event.


On September 9th, 1967, members of the King family ranch in the San Luis Valley, Colorado, found the dead body of their three year old horse near the base of Blanca Peak, which is a sacred mountain of the Navajo Indian Tribe. Lady the horse, later mis-identified as Snippy, had her flesh removed around the right side of her jaw line and neck including other unusual cuts along her body. “These wounds were precisely done as if by a surgeon”, said the rancher and law enforcement at the scene. The King ranch and other ranchers in the area had experienced cattle deaths on their land before due to natural causes, but had never seen anything like this before.

Not to go into a gross detailed explanation, but the animal mutilation phenomenon consists of a death of an animal, commonly a cow or a horse under unknown and unusual circumstances. The animal is drained of blood and surgical-like cuts are seen on the carcass. I’ve personally seen some animals lying in a crop-circle-like depression and their bodies facing an east to west (or visa-versa) direction. Also, majority of them are found lying on their right side. George Knapp, an investigative reporter out of Las Vegas, Nevada, had researched and learned, that over 10,000 unusual animal mutilation cases have been reported since that 1967 case. Out of all those unusual cases investigated by law enforcement, as well as new ones, no human evidence has been found relating to the cause of death, so no one has ever been caught, or convicted of the crime. These are truly the largest animal cruelty cases in the US.

But has this been happening just since 1967? I interviewed a member of the Navajo nation in the San Luis Colorado area, and it appeared their ancestors had seen this type of animal destruction well before the European migration. With further research, I learned about another case happening before 1967.

In Volume 38, No. 11 of a 1985 Fate Magazine issue was a reprinting of an article from 1896, in Howell, Missouri, describing a UFO hovering over a rancher’s pasture. The article stated; the family first watched strange lights slowly descend upon their ranch from the night sky, eventually turning into a solid craft. The craft then hovered over their barn and pasture area where the cows were kept. The family ran into the house extremely frightened, and the youngest daughter exclaimed in the article, “This was the longest night of their lives.” The next day when checking the herd, three cows were found dead. After the father examined the carcasses, he saw they were completely void of blood.

In the summer of 2007 I had the wonderful opportunity to interview in person 99 year old Geraldine Perkins, out of Corona, New Mexico. Geraldine was a pharmacist in Corona back in 1947, when the Roswell Incident occurred. She personally knew some of the key individuals who were directly associated with that event like, Mac Brazel and Dee Proctor. She said her pharmacy store had one of only three long distance telephone lines in the town, and Mac Brazel probably used it to set up an appointment with the Roswell Sheriff to show him the debris he had found at the debris site.

I had heard that while the debris was present and even after it was removed from its scattered location that horses and live-stock refused to cross the area for a few years. Something about that debris spooked the animals. So I asked Geraldine, “Do you remember anything unusual pertaining to animals around the same time-frame people were talking about the flying saucer crash in July 1947?” I initially asked this question pertaining to the animals at the debris site, but got an unexpected answer.

Geraldine remembered a concerned rancher coming into her pharmacy store with a very unusual question. He asked her if she had heard about some cattle whose hides had turned bleach white, and if her store had any type of medication for that. Geraldine remembers this because, not only was she a pharmacist, but her store also carried essential medical supplies for the local rancher’s lives stock. This particular question was so strange that one threatening possibility could be a viral epidemic in the area. She quickly asked the rancher where this had happened, and he replied, west of Socorro, on the Plains of San Agustin, New Mexico.

Now for readers who follow the story about the 1947 Roswell incident, you might have heard there is a suspected second crash site which occurred on the Plains of San Agustin. UFO researchers Stanton Friedman and Chuck Wade, hold fast to this theory. The story goes; two or more craft were flying in formation near Roswell the night of the first week of July in 1947 and collided due to atmospheric conditions combined with the microwave radar used while tracking them. Another theory is, they were actually brought down by the microwave radar system used by simply turning up the radar intensity and using it as a weapon to disrupt navigational controls. Bottom line? There’s a possibility of a second crash on the Plains of San Agustin and Geraldine Perkins’ remembers cows were reported turning bleach white in that area. She couldn’t remember if the animals had survived the event, just that a couple of ranchers were concerned about a possible viral epidemic.

So is there a tie between the two events? Cows found bleach white in an area of a supposed second UFO crash in 1947? Were these animals associated with the strange animal mutilation phenomenon still going on today? How about Animal Mutilations in general? Some say they are directly related to UFOs and Aliens! Craft and unusual balls of light have been seen in areas of the mutilations, as recently as 2016 in one of my cases. Sometimes un-marked helicopters have been seen afterwards as if the occupants are running their own post-investigation. No human evidence has ever been found causing these mutilations, and I can personally attest to that, because I’ve investigated multiple animal mutilations cases along with local law enforcement. So who is the culprit? Some unknown natural predator lurking around in the darkness of night, or could it be, some sort of an Alien Feast.

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Spirits Walk Among Us

Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Note: This is an article I wrote for the Roswell Daily Record newspaper’s Opinion section, October, 26th, 2017.

As a UFO Investigator I started out my adventures investigating UFO crash sites like Roswell and Aztec, New Mexico, and Cape Girardeau, Missouri, but soon ventured into other realms of the Paranormal.

First, the word Paranormal doesn’t pertain to just ghosts, it basically covers all things that are impossible to explain by known natural forces or by science, or what I like to say, “Anything outside we consider normal.” My investigations soon included, Cattle Mutilations, Bigfoot and different types of creature sightings like flying humanoids and Shape Shifters, but one type of investigation always seems to be the toughest one for me and that’s, Spirit Investigations.

To be honest, I’ve always believed in life after death, just like I’ve always believed in extraterrestrials. The many ghost-type stories I’ve heard from my family while growing up, just solidified my beliefs. So it didn’t surprise me to eventually try some spirit investigations for myself, considering I already had the necessary equipment.

The electromagnetic field equipment, or EMF devices and night vision cameras seen on Ghost Investigating TV shows, I used for UFO investigations, and the DVR recording cameras and motion sensing cameras you also see on those shows, I used for Cattle Mutilation and Bigfoot investigations. So combining what equipment I had including a few other things like a voice recorder and infra-red lights, I started learning more about the after-life.

My first investigation was a private house in Colorado Springs where I caught on video, just a glimpse of large board game dice being knocked off a living room end table. I also recorded a couple of EVP’s or, Electronic Voice Phenomenon’s there too! More investigations included; bed and breakfasts, some museums, and a couple of famous hotels like, Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and the Stanley Hotel, in Estes Park, Colorado. In July 2016 while in Roswell for a panel discussion, I did an investigation at a house just outside former Walker Air Force Base, also known as Roswell Army Air Field. I learned there’s more tied to that base than just aliens, like underground passages, balls of light seen, triangular craft flyovers, and now spirits.

Like I mentioned previously, I’ve always believed in life after death, but how can I scientifically explain that? I started looking at current scientific theories for answers and thought, maybe String Theory could help me. In Physics, String Theory is a theoretical framework in which point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. There’s way more to explaining String Theory, but the one thing that makes String Theory work for me is, multi-dimensions. A dimension could be made up of mass, length and time, and String Theory postulates three basic types of theories involving different number of dimensions. The Bosonic String Theory has 26 dimensions, the Superstring Theory has 10, and the M-Theory has 11, so modern day science is basically telling us there’s more to life than the one dimension we live in. I started thinking about that when originally trying to theorize Time Travel, but soon realized something else.

In May of 2016, I wrote a blog on my website called, “Time Travel, Symmetrical Universe” which is a hypothesis I’m working on about the possibilities of time travel. While writing the blog and drawing some nifty pictures trying to explain myself, I soon realized, my hypothesis could also explain the possibility of life after death from an amateur science point of view. Here’s how it works in a UFO-Nut shell.

Synchronous Dimensional Universes are universes that were started exactly at the same time as ours, and are in-sync with us, like a mirror image, but could have different levels of time. We live in a three dimensional plane (sorta), but adding time forms a larger fourth-dimensional body called, “Space Time”. The “Time” variable could flow through each dimensional universe faster or slower or exactly at the same rate as us. This could explain forward and backward time travel, but only through connected synchronous universes.

Looking at Newton’s Third Law which basically explains motion, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and forces always come in pairs. Newton’s Third Law also involves “placed energy”, which is a specific energy that cannot be manipulated later, like residual energy.

If Newton’s Third law could be considered when explaining the creation of dimensional universes, then when one dimensional universe is created, another dimensional universe is created due to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and forces always come in pairs. True my theory is a stretch, but hey, it could be plausible. So as life begins, an Active Life dimension is created with an opposite action creating placed energy or a Residual Life Energy dimension. But when we die, we could go through an equal and opposite reaction as well, into a Spiritual Life dimension and a Residual Spiritual Life dimension.

Our own Dimensional Time-Line could consist of a Residual Dimension, which can only be viewed like an old TV rerun in which we can’t interact with. This could explain Residual Hauntings which is a playback of a past event also known as a placed memory. The apparitions involved are not spirits; they are energy recordings of a particular event that we can sometimes see due to some type of parallel dimensional connection.

Some people and some investigators have been able to interact with spirits, so how do we explain this? Well that could be the Spiritual Life dimension in which our life force (i.e. souls, conscience, spirits) go when we die. Now since the Spiritual Life Dimension is an active dimension and not a residual one, we and they could have the ability to cross-communicate through some type of dimensional connection. I’m guessing the dimensional connection must be associated with electromagnetic energy, that’s why we can tell when spirits are nearby using our EMF devices.

I know this brief explanation of my theory is a little confusing and probably way off base making the physics community cringe, but it’s one way for me to try and understand life after death. With my previous ghost investigations which I prefer to call “Spirit Investigations”, I’ve personally witnessed interaction between this dimensional plane and theirs and I’ve also witnessed the Residual Dimension where there is no interaction. I don’t want to insult anybody’s religious beliefs or personal opinions trying to explain life after death, I’m just trying to understand it for myself. But regardless of your opinions or beliefs or if you agree with me or not, one thing is for certain, Spirits Walk Among Us!

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Air Force Denies Close Encounters of the Roswell Kind

October 2017 Roswell Article

The following, is an article I wrote for the Roswell Daily Record news paper, Roswell, New Mexico, which was published on Thursday, October 5th, 2017.

The movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, originally released in November of 1977, has become a cult classic not only to UFO investigators like myself, but non-enthusiasts alike. Written and directed by Steven Spielberg, a self-proclaimed ufologist, the movie follows the life of an Indiana electrical lineman, Roy Neary, who had his own UFO encounter. 2017 marks the movie’s 40th anniversary with a special re-release at selected movie theaters last August, and a 40th anniversary Blu-Ray edition. Many question; as fantastic as this movie was/is, was the concept based on fiction or… non-fiction?

In July of 1947, something, which is still being debated today, crashed outside of Roswell on some remote ranch land. My investigations indicated, a rancher, his son, and his son’s friend came across debris from some type of aircraft crash while checking on their sheep after a horrific thunder storm the night before. What is debatable after all these years is, exactly what that debris was? What’s even more debatable is, the four foot tall occupants that were seen at the impact site some 17 miles from the ranchers debris site! Grey Aliens!

On July 8th 1947, Roswell Army Airfield put out a press release stating it captured a Flying Saucer on a ranch in the Roswell region. Later the press release was retracted from a Fort Worth, Texas, Army Airfield base stating it was a weather balloon. Later, as recently as 1994, the Air Force once again retracted the story, now stating the weather balloon was actually a high altitude balloon chain with special electronics that could detect nuclear-test blasts from foreign countries. Even later in June of 1997, the Air Force came out once again stating, the bodies that were seen at the alleged crash site were six feet tall test dummies being thrown out of airplanes. However these test dummies weren’t actually used in New Mexico until 1953, so if any type of humanoids lying on the desert floor were observed, it wasn’t in 1947, the Air Force claimed, it was really 1953. So basically the Air Force said the observers must have their dates wrong. Hmm…

Or… Maybe there was a time-phase-slip phenomenon that caused test dummies that were thrown out of airplanes in 1953 to travel back in time to 1947, lose about 3 feet in height, thus resembling four foot, four finger creatures with large heads and elongated eyes, which some people actually saw! Hey, that could happen… Yeah, maybe in the movies.

Speaking of movies, back to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” The movie title was derived from UFO researcher, J. Allen Hynek’s 1972 book, “The UFO Experience.” Part two of the book, “The Data and the Problem”, discussed six different types of UFO encounters which include; Nocturnal Lights, UFO’s Seen in the Daytime, Radar-Visual UFO Reports, and finally, Close Encounters of the First, Second, and Third Kind.

J. Allen Hynek, was a professor of astronomy at Ohio State University and served as the astronomical consultant to the Air Force’s UFO research projects; Project Sign (1947-1949), Project Grudge (1949-1952) and Project Blue Book (1952-1969). His major role for the Air Force was to debunk the UFO reports he investigated by explaining them away as some type of natural phenomenon like Venus or even the mythical, swamp gas scenario. Through all the years and sighting reports he investigated, Dr. Hynek turned from a skeptic and debunker to a believer. As a result, his Air Force contract was canceled and he ultimately started “CUFOS”, the Center for UFO Studies.

His book, “The UFO Experience,” categorized Close Encounters of the “First Kind” as very brilliant light or lights that are close to the observers less than 500 feet away. The “Second Kind” entails a UFO- type craft that leaves a visible record of its visit or encounter with human observers. The “Third Kind” is when the presence of animated creatures are reported. Animated creatures in this case refer to humanoid creatures or robots, as opposed to creatures that are computer generated.

Now the movie itself goes beyond “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” into “Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind,” which is an expansion on Dr. Hynek’s scale by his good friend and fellow UFO researcher, Jacques Vallee. Now known as the Vallee Classification, which many mainstream UFO organizations follow, “The Fourth Kind” is when the witness has been abducted or taken by the aliens. This last classification stands out very clearly at the end of the movie when human occupants are released from the mother craft. Richard Dreyfuss’s character, Roy Neary, goes into the craft by his own submission, which doesn’t follow the Vallee Classification. We’ll just have to call that, “Close Encounters of the Roy Kind.”

Most people who aren’t familiar with Ufology seem to think Steven Spielberg came up with the four foot Grey Alien design for the movie. However, research and eye witness testimony shows the little Grey Aliens seen in the movie were seen back in 1947 at Roswell. It’s possible that J. Allen Hynek, who was technical advisor for the movie, had some input on that. And the cover-ups? The movie used some type of nerve gas scenario from a train wreck, whereas with Roswell, it was the Air Force retracting multiple stories before finally claiming some people can’t tell the difference between 1947 and 1953! Either way, this year Roswell celebrated the 70th anniversary of the 1947 UFO event, and still today, relatives of eye witnesses are coming forward and fueling the fire in favor of something other than a balloon chain hitting the desert. My question is, when will the Air Force finally retract their last explanation and finally admit that people in and around Roswell really did have their own, “Close Encounters of the Roswell Kind.”

Chuck Zukowski

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Argentina and Possible Arizona, Cattle Mutilations

On October 3rd, 2017, Mysterious Universe website published an article ” Argentine Rancher Believes Aliens Mutilated His Cattle”. Thanks to Paul Seaburn with Mysterious Universe who published information on the latest mutilation out of Argentina, and thanks again for also mentioning me, my sister Debbie, and the 37th Parallel book within his article.

The following info is from a link posted on that article.  Mysterious Universe article link is located at the end of this blog.

General San Martin Mute

(Picture courtesy, Ala Arena Publications, via Mysterious Universe website)

General San Martin Partido, Gran Buenos Aires Province, Argentina:

Ala Arena News Publication: (Google Translation)
(General San Martín) – Another animal appeared mutilated over the weekend, in this case in a field near the town of General San Martin, property of Julio Zurbrigk who considered that the authors are not terrestrial. The cattle, a black Aberdeen Angus cow, with particular characteristics, was found on the weekend in a rural settlement about 15 kilometers south of the village by the owner of the field. According to Zurbrigk, the animal lacked the back organs, the tongue, the eyes, the jaws and presented perfect cuts cauterized.

The article went on to state the Aberdeen Angus was pregnant and in perfect health, and the fetus was found inside the womb, untouched. The animal also appeared to have been dropped, and a similar mutilation had occurred 20 years earlier with no conclusions. The rancher also stated, “There is no doubt that these are extraterrestrial beings. “

Animal mutilations have been occurring all around the planet, not just in Argentina and the USA. I’ve personally seen reports from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Canada, UK, Peru, and reports of human mutilations as well. This is a world-wide phenomenon, which means not one particular person, persons, or government is responsible. So who is responsible? Julio Zurbrigk of Argentina says, Aliens.

Possible Arizona Cattle Mutilation:

Obviously I can’t know about every mutilation occurring in the US, nor can I personally investigate them, so it really helps out when people visit this website and inform me of possible mutes in their area. One such case happened around the first week of June, 2017, outside the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Mutilation Case:

I received this email:
>Hello, I have a couple of pictures taken in phx az, of a cow I came across that may or may not be of interest. I’d like to send them in if you are interested in taking a look. Please inform me if you’re interested and I’d be more than happy to send them in to get your take. Thank you…. Ish Castro

Of course I said, yes, please send me the pictures.

June 2017 Phoenix Mute case

Lower Jaw completely removed.

June 2017 mute case

Right side of ear removed.

2017 Phoenix mute case

Udder removed.

Ish Castro wrote, there were no obvious signs of cause of death, and there were no signs of massive amounts of blood pooling, except some pooling inside the jaw area. There was no human evidence either, like foot prints or vehicle tracks nearby. One thing that Ish found intriguing was, he could find no cow tracks leading up to the carcass. He also stated, he could find no tracks nearby. It looked as though the animal carcass was placed there.

June 2017 cow muteMap drawing sent by Ish Castro, location was near Maricopa Rd/aka Mobile road.

Upon looking at the pictures in detail, it appears to be a female Limousin breed, about one thousand pounds. There is evidence of scavenger damage, but the carcass damage especially around the jaw area and the missing ear, is a little unusual. Usually if a carcass is ripped apart by scavengers, bone and hide debris are nearby, and none were seen. I emailed the pictures to a rancher who had multiple mutilations in the past for him to critique, and this is what he said.

Even though the facial wounds show ripping, the amount of carnage isn’t normal compared with what he’s seen in the past with natural deaths. He said scavengers will chew the flesh around the jaw line where blood accumulates, but not usually rip the jaw bone out. If that does occur due to a large animal like a bear or wolf, then there is carnage evidence nearby the carcass. (Ish found none.)

Missing flesh around the jaw area, missing ears, and removing the udders, is very common with cattle mutilation cases. Since all we had were pictures to look at and Ish Castro’s personal observation, both rancher and I think this could be a possible mutilation case, with altered wounds by scavengers.

Animal mutilation events are extremely difficult to investigate. To do a proper investigation, I would need to be at the carcass within 32 hours of the animals death. That means the rancher has to know for a fact that particular animal he or she finds dead with the unusual cut marks, was last seen alive the day before. The other issue is who to call? Most of the time when a rancher finds an animal dead under extreme unusual circumstances, they’ll contact local law enforcement. Animal Cruelty is a major concern with ranchers, and their first thought would be human caused. When law enforcement arrives and investigates the dead animal and finds no human evidence or cause of death, then both the rancher and the law enforcement person, are completely perplexed. What to do next?

Well I’ve done enough animal mutilation cases in the Walsenburg/Trinidad Colorado area, that some of the ranchers know me, and if a fellow rancher contacts one of them about a possible mutilation case, then they’ll contact me. Most of the time I hear about the mutilation cases within days of the animal’s death, not hours. With cases like the one presented by Ish Castro from outside my state, the best I can do is interview the witness, critique the pictures, and if need be, send them off for a second opinion. In this Arizona case, the rancher and I both give it a 50/50 possibility it was an actual mutilation based on the information given to us.

I’d like to thank Ish Castro for taking the time to report this case to the UFOnut website, which then gives me an opportunity to share this information with you.


Link to Ala Arena Translated web page, courtesy Mysterious Universe:

Ala Arena Cattle Mutilation Article

Link to Mysterious Universe’s article on Argentine Mutilation:

Mysterious Universe

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Brother and Sister Alien Hunters Discover ‘UFO Highway’

Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer
Image of Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer credit: John Chapple

     A BROTHER and sister alien hunting team have discovered a “UFO highway” across America along which hundreds of unexplained events have taken place – from cattle mutilations to alien abductions.
By Emma Parry
The Sun

Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer have spent years travelling across the US investigating hundreds of UFO sightings and other paranormal occurrences.

It was during one cattle mutilation investigation that Chuck realised that many of the unexplained events he had looked into had taken place on the 37th latitude.

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1889 Gunslinger Dave Mather, Taken by Aliens?

Dodge City, Kansas

Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City, Kansas (Sept. 2017)

While visiting the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, Kansas, my wife Tammy brought my attention to one particular informational display. On the display located at the jail exhibit, a gunslinger named, “Mysterious Dave Mather” was associated with a very unique story. Dodge City is well known for famous gunslingers like, Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson, but it’s also known for a few gun fights too! One gunfight in particular was actually between two lawmen, Mysterious Dave Mather, and Tom Nixon, who had both been assistant marshals there.
(A little western history first.)

Gun fight at the Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City, Kansas.

June 1st, 1883, Mather was hired as an Assistant City Marshal, he served only 9 months and was replaced on April 10th, 1884 by Tom Nixon which sparked a feud between the two. The feud increased when a city ordinance was passed outlawing dance halls within the Dodge City limits, and was immediately enforced against Mather’s Opera House Saloon, but not against Nixon’s, Lady Gay Saloon. A fight broke out between the two men on July 18th, 1884, and Nixon shot Mather but only slightly wounding him. Three days later on July 21st, Mather and Nixon got into another confrontation, but this time Mather shot and killed Nixon. Mather claimed self-defense and was acquitted. Later that year Mather was involved in another confrontation, but this time after his bail was set, he skipped out of Dodge to New Kiowa, Kansas, and ultimately left there too!

Interesting western stories, but it’s what happened to Dave Mather later in life, that caught my “UFO” attention.

    Dave Mather
(Picture taken courtesy, Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City, Kansas

David Allen Mather (August 10, 1851 – unknown), also known by the nickname “Mysterious Dave”, was an American lawman and gunfighter in the Old West. His taciturn personality may have earned him the nickname “Mysterious Dave”. He served as a lawman in Dodge City, Kansas, and Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Jump to 1996 reports from numerous news sites:

(Exact date unknown) An elderly Mexican man named Jorge Hernandez, was on his deathbed and asked to speak to his Roman Catholic priest, Father Joel de Mola, in Nacozari de Garcia, Mexico. He claimed to have been present in September 1899 when American lawman, Mysterious Dave Mather vanished “mysteriously” in northern Mexico.

The story sorta goes like this:

In August 1889, ranchers in the Sierrita mountains, southwest of Tucson, began complaining about missing cattle. Dave Mather put together a posse and set out to track down what they assumed were rustlers. Included in the posse was 14-year-old Jorge Hernandez. Led by a tracker from the San Carlos reservation, the posse followed the trail into Mexico.

About 50 miles southwest of Nogales, in Mexico’s Sonora state, Jorge said, the posse spotted “a huge silver bowl in the sky.” The huge silver bowl ” flew ahead of the posse in spurts, staying about a half-mile ahead at all times.” Reaching a range of low hills, Mather suggested that they split up and “Try to find that damned airship again.”

Note: Airships or dirigible balloons, made their first flight on September 24th, 1852. Invented by Henri Giffard, out of France, they would have been well-known in the US by the late 1800s.

Soon young Jorge Hernandez, found himself riding down a lonely barranca. Suddenly, “A tiny man in silver-colored clothes confronted him with a hollow tube,” instantly Jorge’s horse reared and he was thrown to the ground. Yelling, he drew his .45 caliber Colt Single Action Army revolver and shot at the tiny man.

Jorge kept firing as fast as he could and all six bullets went straight towards the man, but “the little man flickered like a candle flame and disappeared.”

Jumping to his feet, Jorge ran as fast as he could out of the gorge. The other members of the posse quickly gathered, as he told them his story. They didn’t believe him at first, except for the tracker who showed fear in his eyes.

Mather then told the Posse,  he would go check out the barranca himself. He said he’d fire a shot if he ran into any trouble. Jorge and the rest of the posse waited. About an hour later, one man shouted and pointed towards the barranca. The silver bowl rose about 200 feet into the air and took off over the horizon, never to be seen again.

When the posse entered the barranca, they found Mather’s horse, highly agitated, but no sign of Dave. There was no evidence of any violence, and Mather’s Winchester was still snug in its leather boot. His canteen was half-full, and there was no blood on the saddle or the bedroll.

Their tracker backtracked the horse’s hoof-prints and found something very odd. The tracks coming into the gorge were slightly deeper than the ones made recently by the horse, as if Dave had suddenly dismounted. But there was no sign of Dave’s footprints or any sign that his body had hit the ground.

Without another word, the tracker climbed onto his own horse and rode back to San Carlos.

“What’s wrong?” Jorge asked him.

“Pueblo de cielo,” the tracker muttered. (Spanish for “Sky People”) He quickly rode away…

Jorge and the rest of the posse searched the area afterwards, but they never found Dave Mather.

In an interview on Mexican television in 1996, Father de Mola said, “The old man was on his deathbed when he related it to me. He was convinced that the spaceship had been sent from heaven by God.”

After some research I found an article from www.historynet.com called, “Mather to Nixon: ‘You Have Lived Long Enough’. This article was about the gun fight between Mather and Nixon stated earlier in this blog, but towards the end of the article I saw this:

One fantastical tidbit appeared in a 1963 issue of Frontier Times magazine, describing not Dave’s death but rather his abduction by aliens. The schlock tabloid Weekly World News later ran an “eye witness” story head lined UFO SHOCKER!

Did Aliens Kidnap Old West Lawman in 1889?

They might as well have. To date, no reliable records exist to account for Mather’s movements from the day he skipped bail and fled New Kiowa. Until and unless such records surface, the life and death of David Allen “Mysterious Dave” Mather—lawman, badman, gambler and killer of Tom Nixon—must remain, well…mysterious.

Note: Obviously one problem with this story is, the Weekly World News, which is famous for fabricated stories. It reported the Jorge Hernandez story on August 9th, 1994, but as stated by [history.net] the original story was published in a 1963 issue of Frontier Times, magazine. Frontier Times magazine had a reputation for writing articles largely from the vantage point of the eye-witness observer or actual participant in the event. Was their article based on a Jorge Hernandez testimony or someone else?

And if this story is true, was the missing cattle which alerted Dave to form a Posse, related to the craft? Was this an 1889 cattle mutilation incident and was Dave Mather ultimately abducted?

After numerous attempts, I’ve been unable (at this time) to locate the 1963 issue of Frontier Magazine to verify the article about Dave Mather’s alien abduction, or really solidify Jorge Hernandez’s story; but… historian and author Ron Soodalter, who writes for the Wild West Magazine and is a regular contributor to Weider History Group publications, appears to be a very reliable source.

As for Dave Mather? No actual records exist about where he finally ended up or about his death. Some say he died in Texas with a bullet to head, some say he ended up on the East Coast, and some say he ended up in Canada, but there is no real proof of any of those situations. What is proof at this time is, there’s no record of his death, just a story from an old man who claimed to be one of the last people in a Posse, to see Dave Mather alive.

David Allen Mather ( August 10, 1851 – UNKNOWN )

Blog references:

Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City, Kansas
Boot Hill Museum

Historynet.com Mather-Nixon lived long enough!

Kansas History.com

ufoinfo.com (1899: Where is Dave Mather?)

Mysterious Dave Mather

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August 21st, Not only the Eclipse, but a UFO Anniversary as Well

August 21st Eclipse, Colorado Springs

August 21st, 2017 was a great day for the USA, we put aside our personal politics, and came together for one awesome solar eclipse event. Here in Colorado, we experienced 90% totality, but our friends next door in Wyoming, got to see the “Big Show”. I experienced my eclipse event, using my older eight inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with an eight inch solar filter cap. It was 90 percent of totality awesome! But during the event, it reminded me about past solar and lunar events, where UFO’s were spotted. Some people believe these events spark UFO activity, but I believe it’s just because more people are looking towards the sky’s, and see something unusual. But August 21st, also reminded me of a very interesting UFO-related event that happened back on August 21st, 1955, where farmers came head to head with extraterrestrials.

The 37th Parallel: Kelly/Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Alien Encounter, August 1955.

It all started on August 21st, 1955 when five adults and seven children went to the Hopkinsville police station to report a close encounter with extraterrestrials which involved gun fire. They claimed earlier in the evening, small aliens, who had landed their spaceship nearby the farm-house, were trying to get inside their home. For nearly four hours, two of the adults, Elmer Sutton and Bill Ray Taylor, stated they had been shooting at twelve to fifteen short dark creatures, trying to keep them away from their home.

Four city police, five state troopers, three deputy sheriffs, and four military police from nearby US Army Fort Campbell, drove to the Sutton farmhouse located near the town of Kelly, in Christian County, Kentucky to investigate. They found no evidence of extraterrestrials, but did find evidence a fire fight took place.


Residents of the farmhouse included Glennie Lankford, her children, Lonnie, Charlton, and Mary, two sons from a previous marriage, Elmer “Lucky” Sutton, John Charley “J.C.” Sutton, and their respective wives, Vera and Alene, Alene’s brother O.P. Baker, and Billy Ray Taylor and his wife June. Both the Taylors, “Lucky” and Vera Sutton were reportedly itinerant carnival workers that were visiting the farmhouse. The next day, neighbors told two officers that the families had “packed up and left” after claiming “the creatures had returned about 3:30 in the morning”.

The Encounter:

Billy Ray Taylor and his wife were visiting the Sutton farm that night, when Billy left the house to gather water from the Sutton family well. While getting the water, he watched a bright shining object land about a quarter of a mile from the farmhouse. Frightened, he ran back to the house explaining what he saw, but no one believed him at that time.

Shortly thereafter, strange things started happening. The family dog began to bark as if there was an intruder nearby, Lucky Sutton and Billy Ray went outside the farmhouse to investigate. They were both frightened when they saw a three to four-foot creature walking towards them with its hands up. They said the creature had large eyes, thin build, a long thin mouth, short legs, large ears and had claws at the end of its fingers. In fear, Billy Ray fired his .22 caliber rifle, and Lucky fired his shotgun towards the creature. The bullets had no effect on it, making a pinging sound as if it was wearing some type of metallic armor. The creature then fell backwards and headed back into the woods.

Kelly/Hopkinsville alien

Lucky and Billy Ray, ran back to the farmhouse fearing for their lives. No sooner had the two men reentered the home, that another creature appeared at the window. They shot at it, leaving a gun shot hole through the screen. They ran back outside to see if the creature was dead, but found no trace of it. Standing at the front of the house, the men were terrified when a clawed hand reached down from the roof trying to touch them. Again they shot at it, but the creature just slowly floated down to the ground, then took off towards the woods.

The two men ran back into the farmhouse, where they and their family appeared to be under siege. The creatures would periodically peer into the windows, surrounding the house. After several hours of taking pot shots and in fear for their lives, the family decided to make a break for it, scrambled to two vehicles, and headed for the police department.

After the police had visited the farmhouse and finding no evidence of the creatures, they left the area about 2:15am. As soon as they did, the creatures returned and began peering into the windows. More gun fire took place, but with no effect. Several more hours of intense confrontation took place, and finally just before daybreak, the creatures left.

On 08/22/55, the Kentucky “New Era” newspaper ran the story of the event, but several readers thought it to be a hoax.

Obviously something took place on that farm back in 1955. The Sutton family never made any money from the story and didn’t seek any publicity. All of them were questioned periodically and described the creatures and the events correctly. As the years passed, their story never changed or was exaggerated.

One note I need to make: While reading about this particular event throughout the years, at no time did I ever read the aliens tried to harm the occupants. They never used any type of weapon, while being shot at, and never tried to commit bodily harm to any family member. They appeared to be more curious than deadly. We the humans, appeared to be the aggressor. But in defense for the Sutton family, this was a very unusual, out of the ordinary, scary event. With all the space alien and UFO type movies in the theaters at that time, from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, to “It Came from Outer Space”, and of course “War of the Worlds”, no wonder a farmer would fear for his and his family’s lives, and shoot first then ask questions later.

Movies can be positive for disclosure like with ET, and this year’s 40th anniversary, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but also equally negative, like with Aliens, and Predator.

Today, the 1955 event is celebrated with the “Kelly Little Green Men Days Festival” August, in Kelly, Kentucky. The annual Kelly Little Green Men Days Festival is 4 days of music, games, food, set in a family friendly environment. Similar to the other events like the Roswell Festival in July; Kelly, Kentucky doesn’t shy away from the 1955 event, but embraces it with a festival. Since 1955, sightings still occur of these Gremlin-like creatures, as recently as 2016, so this story is never going away.

Some References:

UFOcasebook Kelly-Hopkinsville
Wikipedia Hopkinsville Encounter<a href="//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly%E2%80

Kelly Festival



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