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Kecksburg UFO Incident: Eyewitness Interviews | VIDEO

Kecksburg UFO

Editor’s Note: The Unsolved Mysteries series would first investigate the Kecksburg UFO Incident, in September 19, 1990; they would revisit the case in 2008, as seen below. Watch eyewitnesses describe in their own words, seeing a mysterious craft land in the woods, followed by a military response and retrieval of the unidentified craft–FW
By Unsolved Mysteries

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Kecksburg UFO Incident: Scientist Says ‘Flying Object Was Not A Meteorite’ | UFO CHRONICLE – 1965

Scientist Says Flying Object Was Not A Meteorite - Amarillo Globe-Times 12-16-1965

     Shortly before sundown on Dec. 9 (1965), a fiery bright-orange object, or objects, flew from Michigan to the tip of Ontario and western Lake Erie, and then the northeast corner of Ohio, apparently landing in a densely wooded area about 30 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pa.
By Ivan T. Sanderson
Amarillo Globe-Times

* Special Thanks To Tim Printy / SUNlite

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UFO Lands On Conyngham Mountain | UFO CHRONICLE – 1947

Flying Saucer Lands On Conyngham Mountain - The Plain Speaker (Hazleton, Pennsylvania) 7-8-1947

     A “Flying Saucer” landed on Conyngham mountain on Friday, June 27 [1947], according to the eyewitness description of a Conyngham woman, who asked that her name not be used.
The Plain Speaker

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Flying Ball Chases Man In Arkansas

Flying Ball Chases Man In Arkansas - The Detroit Times 4-24-1954

     Six workmen reported yesterday that they saw a man-chasing, white hot ball 10 feet in diameter, which for twenty minutes circled diabolically over the house in which they met.
The Detroit Times

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Cattleman Says UFO Rustles Steer | UFO CHRONICLE – 1956

Cattleman Says Flying Saucer Rustles Steer - Nampa Idaho Free Press 9-10-1956

     A Twin Falls attorney reported that a “Flying Saucer” swooped down on his ranch south of here Friday night and apparently made off with a 400-pound steer.
By Nampa Idaho Free Press
From Curt Collins

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UFO Footage Shot By Nick Mariana | UFO CHRONICLE – 1950 • Great Falls, Montana

Nick Mariana UFO Footage (2) 1950 - Great Falls, Montana

“They appeared to be of a bright, shiny metal, like polished silver. Both were the same size and traveling at the same rate of speed, which was much slower then the jets that shot by shortly after I filmed the discs. Suddenly they stopped. It weas then I remembered the camera ….”

     It just might be the most famous home movie ever shot in Montana. It’s been uploaded by multiple sources, but this clip from the little-known 1956 film “U.F.O.” shows Great Falls Electrics baseball
By helenair.com

team general manager Nick Mariana describing his home movie of what is purported to be two unidentified flying objects in the skies over the Electric City in August 1950.

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Eerie UFO Reported to Land by Marine Pilots | UFO CHRONICLE –- 1953

Marine Pilots Spot Eerie Flying Object - Greensboro Daily News (North Carolina) 2-12-1953

     An eerie account of a glowing disk-like object seen by four pilots was released today by officials at the Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point.

One of the pilots thought he saw it land, and believed it started a forest fire.

Greensboro Daily News
(North Carolina)

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UFO Crashes Near Crystal Springs, MS | UFO CHRONICLE –- 1950

Flying Saucer Crashes Near Crystal Springs (Heading) 5-13-1950

      Bobby Mohon called the Jackson paper late Friday night from Crystal Springs with the story of how a flying saucer had struck a power company transformer on the night of May 12, causing an electrical outage in the city. He reported mangled bodies laying near the wreckage which had markings indicating it was an unusual military
By Curt Collins
Saucers That Time Forgot

aircraft. In 1950, the term “UFO” had not yet come into usage, and “flying saucer” was used for unidentified flying objects of any shape. Mohon’s saucer was actually described as cylindrical, and “definitely not an airplane.” The Clarion Ledger scooped the nation with the saucer news, and credited the witness as co-author of the story, along with reporter Tommy E. Hederman.

The story was rushed to press and was on sale Saturday morning before all the facts were in. The investigation by Crystal Springs authorities was reported later the same day by other area news papers.

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Pilot Spots UFO Near Boston, Inceptors Scrambled! | UFO CHRONICLE – 1954

Pilot Sights Flying Disk - Daily News (New York) 6-2-1954

     Pilot sights a “Flying Disk,” a “large white, disk-like object” was sighted near Boston and kept in view for a full 10 minutes in plain daylight yesterday morning by a TWA Paris-to-New York air-liner ….
Daily News
(New York)

Capt. Kratovil spotted the object first at about 9:30 am when he arrived at International Air Port here he reported that he received word back that a flight of jets had been sent aloft. Pilots of the jets saw the object when they reached 10,000 ft and according to the message from Boston, said it appeared to be “about 10,000 ft above us and climbing very fast.”

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UFO / ET Contact at CIA Head Quarters in Washington D.C.?

UFO / ET Contact at CIA Head Quarters in Washington D.C.?

     [The] so-called “Psychic Incident” which took place at a CIA building in downtown Washington, D.C. … [It] reportedly occurred on July 6, 1959. And according to a report filed by Major Friend, USAF,
By Just Cause
Sept 1978

Commanding Officer of Project Blue Book, contact was made, a UFO appeared upon request and was viewed through the window by CIA personnel, and the sighting was later confirmed by radar.

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