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UFO Eludes Supersonic Fighter-Bomber, Reports Air Force | UFO CHRONICLE –1968

Spaniards Say UFO Eluded Supersonic Fighter-Bomber - The Tampa Tribune (Tampa, Florida) 9-7-1968

     MADRID (UPI) – The Spanish air force said yesterday an “unidentified flying object” eluded one of its supersonic jet fighter-bombers as a rash of flying saucer reports spread from Latin America to Europe.

The sighting of a bright object in the night sky over Madrid caused a monumental traffic jam and sent the U.S. built F104 jet scrambling to find out what it was.

The Tampa Tribune

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Flying Ball Chases Man In Arkansas

Flying Ball Chases Man In Arkansas - The Detroit Times 4-24-1954

     Six workmen reported yesterday that they saw a man-chasing, white hot ball 10 feet in diameter, which for twenty minutes circled diabolically over the house in which they met.
The Detroit Times

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Military Jet Chases UFO, Report Witnesses | VIDEO

Military Jet Chases UFO Report Witnesses - Joshua Tree 5-21-17

     A California witness at Landers reported that a group of people at a UFO conference watched and videotaped a military jet “chasing” two lights sources that may have been two independent objects, according to testimony in Case 84123 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The sighting occurred about 10 p.m. on May 21, 2017, at the conference in Joshua Tree, CA, that included one participant shooting video with night vision goggles.

By Roger Marsh

“Luckily one of my participants caught this and many of our other sightings (from all three nights no less), with his black-and-white night vision video camera,” the witness stated. “His additional footage of some of the other incredible sightings will be posted at a future date once they are compiled.”

The witness described the event.

“At just before 10 p.m. (did not note exact time), some of my participants and I saw a large, amber-colored light low to the horizon just behind Giant Rock from where my whole group of about 50-plus people were gathered and using 15 pair of night vision goggles. A contingency of about 20 of us ran to get a better view of it. To the naked eye it appeared to be a large, orangish (amber) light, that, quoting some of the 20 people; ‘flew like a bumble bee.’”

One of the guests had a good look.

Military Jet Chases UFO Report Witnesses (Witness Drawing) - Joshua Tree 5-21-17
“One guest came running with a pair of the goggles in hand and got a good look at it. She said that through the goggles it looked like ‘a large diamond-shaped UFO.’ She drew a picture of it, attached here. This object then flew behind a small hill right behind the entire Sky Watch larger group. As those of us who ran off walked back to join the others, three military jets flew over in the direction of the object now gone from sight behind the hill. Some of us commented that if they were following it, meaning the jets, they were a few minutes too late.”

The group then heard the sound of a low flying jet from behind the hill.

“Suddenly clearing the top of the hill and right over our heads, came a very fast military jet chasing a faster, large, red-glowing light. The military jet had both red and white blinking strobe lights and glowing afterburners and was very loud as it flew directly above our heads. The large red light had no blinking lights and no sound at all. It became clear to all 50-plus witnesses, this was no jet. Those folks present who looked with the aid of the goggles said they were seeing either two lights, or one object with two light sources on it.”

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UFOs Chase Autos ; Air Force to Investigate | UFO CHRONICLE – 8-11-1963

Mysterious Lights Chasing Autos - Lowell Sun 8-11-1963
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     Those mysterious lights in the skies over Southern Illinois coal fields have begun chasing cars at Mt Vernon, residents claim.


Lowell Sun

Mt Vernon police said nine person reported seeing the lights. … A team from Scott Air Force Base … plans to investigate the incidents.

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UFO Eludes P-51 Fighter Pilot | UFO CHRONICLE – 1948

Lighted Flying Disk' Eludes' F-51 Pilot - AP 10-2-1948

     A National Guard fighter pilot today told a story of a thirty-minute encounter with a mysterious flying object over this city last night–and his account was supported by two control tower operators and another flier.

In a signed statement for Air force Intelligence, the pilot, Lieutenant George Gorman of the 178th Fighter Squadron, North Dakota Air National Guard, asserted that he chased and engaged in aerial maneuvers with a lighted, disk-like object which outran and out maneuvered him. He was flying an F-51 fighter.

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Air Force Jets Chase Mysterious Unidentified Flying Object | UFO CHRONICLE – 1951

Here's That Flying Saucer Again - New York Post 9-11-1951

     Two Air force jet pilots reported today they chased a mysterious, round flying object, traveling at a speed they estimated at 900 miles an hour.
New York Post

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U.S. Marine Helicopters Chase UFO Over Valley Center, Pauma

UFO Spotted Over Valley Center, Pauma

By The Roadrunner

    Several local residents reported seeing a UFO, described as “a green orb” fly over Pauma Valley on the evening of Tuesday, November 24, with much slower U.S. Marine helicopters giving chase.

The Roadrunner has obtained an eyewitness account of the sighting by local resident Dave MacPherson. Several other local residents, including residents on Miller Road have confirmed MacPherson’s account.

The following is MacPherson’s account: “On Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at around 7:30 p.m. while sitting on our porch my daughter and I observed a military helicopter flying at about 3,000 feet headed east over Pauma Valley. When the helicopter reached the junction of Highway 76 and S6 it turned around and flew back directly west over Pauma Valley.

“At this time we observed a green orb flying west over Pauma Valley at 7,000 feet. The helicopter was giving chase. The green orb continued west and stopped at I 15. It then flew back east and stopped just east of the junction of Cole Grade Road and Highway 76. As the helicopter still flying west approached this point, the green orb shot straight up stopping at approximately 20,000 feet. […]

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Strange Craft Chased in North Carolina Skies | UFO CHRONICLE – 1949

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A Formation of UFOs Over CNY

A Formation of UFOs Over CNY

By Cheryl Costa

Thomas stayed up to watch the 11 O’clock news; he never expected to witness a formation of UFOs instead.

     It was early October 2014 in Mexico, NY. Thomas was getting ready to watch the11 o’clock news before heading to bed. Suddenly the apartment he lives in began to shake with a rumbling sound. The sound was familiar to him; it was the sound of a military helicopter.

“I walked out my back door, there was a very low flying military Black Hawk helicopter chasing three low and glowing flying objects that made no sound.”

Thomas knew that as this Black Hawk had no other reason to be in area and was apparently not searching or looking for anything or anyone, the military craft flying low and was clearly chasing the Unidentified Flying Objects. As the bright formation of UFOs continued on their course, it was obvious to Thomas that the Black Hawk was having a hard time keeping up with them. He says that the formation of UFOs banked from NNE to SSE in an irregular manner that made no sense to him. . . .

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Terrified Motorist Chased By UFOs; Car Electronics Affected

By Roger Marsh

     A Tennessee witness at Silerton reported being chased by two UFOs as both his cell phone and vehicle radio went off beginning at 6:15 a.m. on January 27, 2015, according to testimony in Case 62906 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

. . . “As this is a very open area and very secluded with little to no population, I figured if I could see them, perhaps they can see me. I flashed my lights in a distinct order – two times fast, and a pause for about half a second, and then flashed a second time.”

The witness then began to move his vehicle forward again – but then he noticed the objects had stopped.

“When on a dime both objects stopped without slowing down. As soon as this happened my heart sank and my face became numb and flush with panic. I froze in place and could not think fast enough what to do next.”

The objects appeared to be flashing their lights back at the witness.

“The object on the right blinked and then the object on the left blinked and then together they blinked about half a second later – in the exact sequence I flashed my lights in.”

The witness panicked.

“I immediately sped to the next driveway. I felt as if I needed to hide. I pulled into a driveway and parked where the trees blocked my view of the object that was on the right. I sat for a few seconds and grabbed my phone. I wanted to text my wife and just tell her what was going on.”

But then something unusual happened to the electronics in the witness vehicle.

“I looked at my phone and watched the battery go from 92 percent to 0 and shut off. I was listening to the radio station 107.7 – the Bob and Sheri Show was on. And the station completely went out. I hit the scan button on my radio and could not pick up a single station. The static in the station began to pulsate in the same sequence I flashed my lights.” . . .

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