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231. Free Show: Charles Halt

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates and guest Charles Halt speaks about his new book, The Halt Perspective. This 800 page project was his attempt along with co-author John Hanson to get the truth of what really happened in Rendlesham Forest in late December of 1980. He further discusses disinformation spawn, and how witnesses were messed with including screen memories and more. There are still a great deal of sightings and mysterious goings-on in the region to this very day.

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New Evidence Will Blow The Lid Off Rendlesham UFO Sighting, Claims Retired Air Force Colonel

New Evidence Will Blow The Lid Off Rendlesham UFO Sighting, Claims Retired Air Force Colonel

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

Officer says Air Force encountered “some type of
superior intelligence” that could “change size, change shape.”

     A retired Air Force colonel says he has new evidence to throw light on one of the most notorious UFO reports in history — the 1980 sighting near the Bentwaters Royal Air Force Base in the UK.

Col. Charles Halt has collected sworn statements from air traffic controllers, on duty in 1980 at Bentwaters. They tell him that they witnessed a UFO on radar performing incredible aerial maneuvers. And they were afraid of talking about this until they retired. . . .

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Rendlesham Forest UFO – New Radar Evidence Revealed | VIDEO

Rendlesham Forest UFO – New Radar Evidence Revealed


     Lt Col Charles Halt (ret), former deputy base commander at RAF Bentwaters returned to Woodbridge 11th July 2015 to reveal more about the world famous UFO incident of December 1980. . . .

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Rendlesham Forest UFO Sighting ‘New Evidence’ Claim

Rendlesham Forest UFO Sighting 'New Evidence' Claim

By www.bbc.com

New evidence has been gathered to back up claims a UFO landed near a US airbase in Suffolk, a former deputy commander has claimed.

Col Charles Halt

      Col Charles Halt told the BBC he saw unidentified objects at Rendlesham Forest in December 1980.

He says he now has statements from radar operators at RAF Bentwaters and nearby Wattisham airfield that an unknown object was tracked at the time.

Col Halt claimed it was seen by himself and base security staff.

The 75-year-old, who was deputy commander at the Bentwaters base and now lives in the US state of Virginia, said some former service people had not wanted to speak until they retired but had now provided written statements to him. . . .

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UFOs Over Rendlesham – New Details | VIDEO

Charles Halt On BBC Radio

By BBC Radio Suffolk

     UFOs over Rendlesham? Radar DID detect them says base commander.Lt Col Charles Halt (ret), former deputy base commander at RAF Bentwaters returned to Woodbridge on Saturday to reveal more about the world famous UFO incident of December 1980.Officially, there was nothing seen on radar that night. Mr Halt however tells James Hazell that objects were in fact tracked by UK radar but the details were hidden from the public – the former USAF commander suggesting there was something of a cover up…

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UFOs Over Rendlesham – New DetailsPosted by BBC Radio Suffolk on Sunday, July 12, 2015

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The Rendlesham/Bentwaters UFO Case Had a Nuclear Weapons Connection

UFOs & NUKES | The Rendlesham – Bentwaters Incident | Report TO RAF By Lt Colonel Charles Halt, Deputy Base Commander


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Roswell Researcher, Tom Carey Announces Discovery of Alien Photographs | VIDCAST

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"Two Color Kodachrome Slides … Purport To Show A Glass-Encased Alien Cadaver"

Roswell Alien Slides (Illustration 2)

Now let’s see them pix!!!

By Billy Cox
De Void

      American University cinema instructor John Weiskopf was absolutely jazzed with the way last week’s “UFOs: Encounters by Generals, Pilots and Government Officials” conference worked out. And it wasn’t just him.

“The school is extremely pleased, and they had previously been a little wary,” he said after the first — albeit brief, at three hours — university-sponsored UFO conference in memory. “There were literally close to two dozen people who helped us produce the event. Every single person was in sync in what I would definitely call an historic event. It was a remarkable day and I think American University really set a standard. It was the tone — it wasn’t sensationalistic.”

Um, well, sort of not. The key here, said Weiskopf, was scheduling a lineup of speakers based largely on author Leslie Kean’s sober assessment of the phenomenon, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record.She and two of the book’s chief contributors — former NASA scientist Richard Haines and retired Air Force colonel Charles Halt — were on the panel. But so was Thomas Carey, longtime investigator of the 1947 Roswell Incident, an event so thoroughly analyzed, cogitated, muddied, exploited, debated, disputed, contested, disfigured, wrangled, mangled, hashed, rehashed and overexposed, it has become synonymous with futility, if not cliche.

And, of course, the only major media outlet to cover the AU discussion — Washington’s news-talk station, WTOP — couldn’t help but catch the shiny Roswell bling and lead with it, big time. Who wouldn’t? After all, Carey, co-author of Witness To Roswell, claimed to have the “smoking gun” — two color Kodachrome slides, allegedly stock-dated to 1947, that purport to show a glass-encased alien cadaver.

The Kodachrome controversy has been percolating for nearly two years now, and the acrimonious fallout says far more about human ego than it does about the evidence at hand. In fact, no one outside a select few have actually seen that evidence, which Carey promised nearly 200 AU audience members would be released sometime next year. But what a tease.

The corpse, he said as reported by WTOP, was “3 and a half to 4 feet tall, the head is almost insect-like. The head has been severed, and there’s been a partial autopsy; the innards have been removed, and we believe the cadaver has been embalmed, at least at the time this picture was taken. The owners of the slide — it’s an amazing story. The woman was a high-powered Midland, Texas, lawyer with a pilot’s license. We think she was involved in intelligence in World War II, and her husband was a field geologist for an oil company.”

Shades of “Alien Autopsy.” Simply irresistable.

“Well, that was pretty sensational,” admitted Weiskopf, whose first and foremost obligation was to AU students enrolled in his “Alien Contact: Science and Science Fiction” honors course. “But I wanted to balance it out with a more popularized speaker, and Roswell is still in the popular mind.”

True that. If the points that other panelists hoped to score with larger audiences got eclipsed by the Roswell presentation, no one chose to vent on the record. Haines, whose National Aviation Reporting Center On Anomalous Phenomena focuses on aircraft safety posed by The Great Taboo, volunteered nothing but praise for AU’s hosting “such a controversial subject in an open and publicized way. I personally hope that this event might encourage other institutions of higher learning to do the same, both within their own honors program departments and also within other main-line departments.”

Halt, whose own startling UFO encounter at a U.S. airbase in southeast England in 1980 continues to provoke debate, said he was “extremely impressed” by AU’s adventurous initiative. Nevertheless, “Don’t hold your breath waiting for another university to step up,” he cautioned in an email. “Most are afraid to accept the truth and are fearful of being pilloried by the media. That said,” he added, “I see (this) as (a) glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.”

Ever the diplomat, Kean preferred to concentrate on bridge maintenance, with an eye to the future. “AU did a superb job and everything went smoothly — and it’s amazing that they did it and got such a favorable response,” she said. “So it was extremely positive.”

‘Nuff said. At least for now.

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Noted Roswell Researcher Talks of ‘Smoking Gun Evidence’ at University Forum

UFO Experts Say 'We Are Not Alone'

UFO experts say ‘we are not alone’

By Michelle Basch

“one of the speakers used the occasion to reveal evidence he called a ‘smoking gun.'”

      WASHINGTON — UFOs were the topic of a panel discussion Wednesday night at American University, and one of the speakers used the occasion to reveal evidence he called a “smoking gun.”

“We have come into possession of a couple of Kodachrome color slides of an alien being lying in a glass case,” author and researcher Thomas Carey told the near-capacity crowd in Abramson Recital Hall.

He’s been researching the 1947 Roswell incident since 1991.

“What’s interesting is, the film is dated 1947. We took it to the official historian of Kodak up in Rochester, New York, and he did his due diligence on it, and he said yes, this filmstrip, the slides are from 1947. It’s 1947 stock. And from the emulsions on the image, it’s not something that’s been Photoshopped like today. It’s original 1947 images, and it shows an alien who’s been partially dissected lying in a case.”

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“How Often Does An Honors Class Take A Serious Look At UFOS?"

American University Panel - UFOs, Encounters by Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials

A crack in the wall

By Billy Cox
De Void

     Hate to keep working a plowed field, but today we need to revisit the seminal “Sovereignty and the UFO” essay in the journal of Political Theory. That’s because of what’s happening tomorrow in Washington, D.C.

The “Sovereignty” piece, penned by political scientists Alexander Wendt and Raymond Duvall in 2008, laid out a theory for why America’s higher-learning institutions were incapable of entertaining serious debates on The Great Taboo. The disconnect was more political than scientific, and the result, they argued, was intellectual poverty on a broad scale.

“If academics’ first responsibility is to tell the truth,” they declared, “then the truth is that after sixty years of modern UFOs, human beings still have no idea what they are, and are not even trying to find out. That should surprise and disturb us all, and cast doubt on the structure of rule that requires and sustains it.”

At American University, international relations professor Patrick Jackson, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education at the School of International Service, is not only familiar with the Wendt/Duvall piece, he sympathizes with major portions of it. “Science is the excitement of not knowing. I’d like to think we want our students to think more broadly than to simply reproduce in some form or fashion the same old idea they’ve heard all their lives,” says Jackson. “I mean, what is tenure if not to explore what Nietzche called untimely thoughts?”

Accordingly, on Wednesday, Jackson has volunteered to sub for PBS science reporter Miles O’Brien (scheduling conflict) and moderate AU’s three-hour panel discussion “UFOs: Encounters by Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials.” This is a free public event extending from an honors colloquium taught by cinema professor John Weiskopf. The lineup includes USAF veteran Charles Halt (the Bentwaters incident), retired NASA scientist Richard Haines (National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena founder), Roswell investigator Thomas Carey, and New York Times bestselling author Leslie Kean (UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record).

This is a big deal. Although increasing numbers of institutions are warming to the idea of sponsoring discussions about extraterrestrial intelligence, the SETI model — ETs are just like us, playing around with radio signals while conveniently stranded on some cosmic island far, far away — is about as far as they’ll typically extend their necks. Wednesday’s roundtable is different.

“How often does an honors class take a serious look at UFOs? John Weiskopf is to be commended for making this happen,” states Kean. “American University is breaking ground here which could help encourage other universities to do the same. Many people and departments at AU are rallying around this event and they all take the subject seriously. I hope this will pave the way for the academic community to become more objective and rational about this subject.”

To be sure, cautions Jackson, the classroom bridge into this exotic realm is built on the foundation of science fiction in popular culture. But it’s also a novel way of introducing students to AU’s School of International Service, one of the top-ranked foreign studies programs in the country.

“What are international relations about if not an encounter with ‘the other’ in some way? In this case, it would the alien,” says Jackson, who has yet to be convinced the evidence supports the ET premise. “If you look at Star Trek, whether it’s Klingons they’re dealing with or the Federation, it’s all international politics. What we want to do is stimulate intellectual creativity and promote robust discussion, not to shut it down by saying it’s prima facie absurd.”

Could a successful AU symposium signal to other universities that it’s OK to hold UFO forums without getting the cooties? “I could imagine a pathway,” Jackson says. “But let’s hold this forum and see what happens.”

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‘Miles O’Brien is Out’ as Moderator of UFO Panel

Miles O'Brien is Out as Moderator of UFO Panel

Don’t hold your breath

By Billy Cox
De Void

     Bad news for the Nov. 12 “UFOs: Encounters by Generals, Pilots and Government Officials” conference at American University — Miles O’Brien is out.

“I’ve had to cancel my participation in this event because of another assignment,” the PBS science correspondent and former CNN anchor stated in an email to De Void. “I have no problem addressing this issue and have done so publicly in the past. And I intend to in the future. I’m just too busy right now.”


John Weiskopf, the AU film professor who’s sponsoring the panel discussion, hasn’t settled on a replacement, but “we are working on it,” he writes. “It will be somebody good.”

If only. You’d stand a better chance of starting a turtle feather collection than of booking a blue-chip mainstream journalist who knows beans about The Great Taboo. About the only sure-fire things that pass for UFO coverage these days are breezy little blurbs about ambiguous images in the night sky. Here’s the latest and, swear to god, when I first read about this one it sounded so familiar I thought they were flogging the same dead horse from August.

A smudgy image appeared off the ISS during a spacewalk on Oct. 7, as two astronauts attempted to recover a kaput cooling pump. When the sequence was uploaded to YouTube last week, the “alien spacecraft” speculation began, predictable as flies on slop. There were diverse culprits like the San Jose Mercury News, which did zero digging but managed to post a quickie, headlined “Video: Did a UFO photobomb a NASA space video?” Ultimately, given the UFO’s perfect synchronization with the ISS movements, sources quoted by the UK tabloid Daily Mail (the only outlet to bother with picking up a phone) attributed the mystery to either lens flare or a camera artifact.

Missing from this mix, of course, was any feedback at all from NASA, which failed to reply to The Mail’s queries. The space agency, which has traditionally done a lousy job of promoting its assets, also declined comment on a carbon-copy incident back in August. They have their reasons. NASA could probably staff an entire UFO hotline desk to explain lens flare and camera artifacts and it still wouldn’t make any difference. People will see what they want to see.

Still, there’s a vacuum here, and it’s the reason we need informed, persistent, and open-minded reporting — not doctrinaire pseudo-skepticism — to run interference. Despite the mindless clutter, weird things do happen, in space and closer to the ground. Finding journalists smart and inquisitive enough to know the difference is a virtual fool’s errand these days. Good luck, John Weiskopf.

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