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For All Who Want To Prove That Roswell Was an Alien Event – A Challenge Issued By James Carrion

For All Who Want To Prove That Roswell Was an Alien Event – A Challenge Issued By James Carrion

FOIA Pete’s Sake – There’s Roswell Gold in dem Hills!

      I recently pointed out the connection between Carl E. Goldbranson, one of the principal deception planners in the United States and the UFO events of 1947 when Goldbranson’s name was inadvertently disclosed in internal FBI memos. The deception organization that Goldbranson had a long time affiliation with (since 1943) was known as Joint Security Control (JSC) and was subordinate to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

So what does this have to do with Roswell? I will get to that, but first a short history lesson on the origins of Joint Security Control.

James Carrion
By James Carrion

In 1942 when the allies were planning for Operation Torch – the British-American invasion of French North Africa, Fleet Admiral Ernest Joseph King overheard officers at a cocktail party discussing the Torch top secret invasion plans. When Admiral King subsequently found out from his Operations Intelligence Officer Captain George C. Dyer, that 61 persons knew of the plans, King blew a gasket. With such a large number of personnel “in the know”, Torch’s operational security was put at risk.

To mitigate future operational risks, Admiral King in coordination with his Army counterpart General George C. Marshall on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, set up Joint Security Control to prevent such lapses in operational security and made Captain Dyer its first coordinator.

JSC was given broad authority in its original charter and in addition to planning and implementing strategic deception, one of its other primary tasks was to prevent information of military value from falling into the hands of the enemy. This prime directive can be seen in the JSC 1943 charter and reiterated in every revision all the way up to the JSC May 1947 charter, just two months shy of the Roswell incident.

Now let’s dwell on the phrase “information of military value” for a bit. If an extraterrestrial space craft, as Roswell ET proponents believe, crashed on US soil in 1947, was recovered by the Army Air Force and a grand cover-up initiated, then part of the rationale for covering it up would be to maintain exclusive ownership over this technological bonanza. The Cold War was just heating up and the US for damn sure would not want the Russians to have this technology. And which agency just happened to be tasked with keeping such important technology out of the hands of the Soviet Union? Joint Security Control.

Now I would think that the most fervent proponents of the 1947 crash of a UFO near Roswell would be chomping at the bit to explore this new angle. Many of them filled up the FOIA inboxes of the US Air Force, the CIA, the NSA, and every other 3 letter agency in Washington with requests for MJ-12 documents, the alleged organization that initiated the UFO cover up. But unlike the fictional MJ-12, an organization already existed in 1947 to prevent inadvertent disclosure of important military information – Joint Security Control.

So I challenge all who want to prove that Roswell was an alien event to FOIA away for the real organization that would have protected the Roswell secrets – an organization for which real records exist, somewhere in the bowels of a classified Government archive. FOIA for all of the records of Joint Security Control – the real “MJ-12” – not the fake one that sent more than one Ufologist down a deep dark rabbit hole to nowhere.

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Skeptic Group Offers $100,000 for Proof of Paranormal

Skeptic Group Offers $100,000 for Proof of Paranormal

By Jason McClellan

    A skeptical paranormal investigation group offers $100,000 to anyone who can prove that they’ve been aboard a UFO.

The Independent Investigations Group (IIG) is a volunteer organization that is part of the Center for Inquiry in Los Angeles, California, which was founded by James Underdown.

He explains to media outlet Times LIVE, “I live in LA, which is crammed with people with New Age ideas – water dousers, psychics, healers, clairvoyants, past-life regressors.” He continues, “It got to the point at which, instead of arguing, I thought: ‘All this stuff is testable by science’. So I started a centre for inquiry.”

The IIG launched its IIG Challenge several years ago. This challenge calls on people who make extraordinary claims about paranormal abilities or experiences to demonstrate his or her evidence for the group of investigators to scientifically observe. . . .

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MJ-12: Alejandro Rojas Accepts Stanton Friedman’s Debate Challenge

MJ-12: Alejandro Rojas Accepts Stanton Friedman's Debate Challenge

By Alejandro Rojas
The UFO Chronicles

    I cannot speak for others, but I certainly accept the challenge. All of the information I provided came from viable sources, and tells the FULL story. I do not understand how any complete analysis of the MJ-12 documents could not include the circumstances behind how they were brought to the public. These facts cannot be swept under the rug.

I highly respect Stanton and his work, and I included Stanton’s comments in my story, but with all due respect, although Menzel’s background is interesting, it is completely circumstantial and proves no connection to extraterrestrials. Just because the facts related to Doty, Moore, Shandera, and Bennewitz are complicated and difficult to understand and cast doubt on the veracity of the documents, they are still very pertinent. Using the uranium atoms analogy, the credibility of the scientists and the reputation of the labs where scientific tests are conducted are certainly weighed heavily when it comes to the veracity and accuracy of scientific claims.

It is too late to add such a debate to the roster of the 2015 International UFO Congress. We schedule that out many months in advance, and if you go to the event’s website you will see the line-up has been set. The only TBAs are people we are in the final process of confirming and have not yet announced their names. We certainly can look to holding such a debate in 2016. However, I propose that we debate this matter on Open Minds UFO Radio in the near future.

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MJ-12: Renowned Ufologist, Stanton Friedman Issues Debate Challenge To Naysayers

MJ-12: Renowned Ufologist, Stanton Friedman Issues Debate Challenge To Naysayers

MJ-12: Renowned Ufologist, Stanton Friedman Issues Debate Challenge To Naysayers

By Stanton Friedman
The UFO Chronicles
© 9-21-14

     I would hereby like to Publicly challenge Kevin and/or Robert Hastings, and/or Barry Greenwood, and/or Alejandro Rojas or all together to a debate about the legitimacy of the the Cutler Twining Memo, The Truman Forrestal memo, the Eisenhower Briefing Document. I have long acknowledged that there are a large number of phony documents out there. The question is whether those three are legitimate as I have demonstrated. I think an appropriate site would be during the IUFOC in February in Arizona.The debate I had 2 years ago there with John Alexander was very well attended.I have no idea why people think it is more important to talk about the machinations of Richard Doty, Bill Moore, Jaime Shandera, Paul Bennewitz etc than about all the facts that I noted which were not known to be true until after the documents were received.How did a hoaxer know those facts?As a nuclear guy I long ago leaned to focus on what is relevant. That 99.3% of uranium atoms in nature are not fissionable, tellls us nothing about the 0.3% that are. I would say let all sell their books What say you all?


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UFO Debate: James Carrion Issues a Challenge to Stanton Friedman

UFO Debate: James Carrion Issues a Challenge to Stanton Friedman

I will have Pastrami with that Debate

James Carrion By James Carrion

      Stanton Friedman has reiterated calling my book The Rosetta Deception disinformation even though he hasn’t bothered to read it. He also said that I am full of baloney and puts forward an article he wrote for the MUFON Journal in 2010 as the basis for his comments. What he doesn’t yet realize (because he hasn’t read my book) is that his 2010 comments only bolster the book’s theory and do no not detract from it.

I didn’t respond back in 2010 but since Stan decided to dredge up his article, it is time I set the record straight. I won’t address his comments on Roswell because my book is NOT about Roswell. If he had bothered to read it, he probably would have tempered his comments accordingly. Instead, I will focus on Stanton’s comments on the subject of disinformation.

Stan says:

“I am definitely in agreement with James that disinformation is a very important aspect of hot and cold war activities. Certainly New Mexico is no stranger to disinformation and intentional misinformation. When the extraordinary first nuclear explosion was set off at Trinity site on the White Sands Missile Range on July 16, 1947, at 5:29 AM, it was seen by people as far as 100 miles away. Many calls were made to Sheriff’s offices, police forces, etc. In a few days a totally false story was released indicating that an ammunition dump had blown up and that fortunately nobody was injured. It was only after the nuclear detonations on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, on August 6 and 9, that the true story came out. The city of Los Alamos, NM, where the scientific work connected with the development of those weapons was conducted was a totally secret city. Nobel prize winning scientists travelled under assumed names. And there were many more examples. A very distressing disinformation release occurred on Sept.12, 1945, when the New York Times quoted General T.F. Farrell, Chief of the War Departmentís mission to Hiroshima, saying that the bomb produced no long lived radioactivity. That was known to be totally false as a result of medical observations of very sick people in Hiroshima a month after the blast.”

Thanks Stan for confirming that the NY Times was a conduit for disinformation. I highlight the NT Times complicity in disinformation in my book on page 169.

Stan continues:

“During World War II there were many examples of Disinformation. The allies made a very elaborate and subtle effort to convince Hitler that the expected invasion of Germany would take place near Calais, France, under General Patton. Instead Normandy was the location. Hitler was fooled and withheld his reserve troops not knowing that Normandy was just a feint. It was too late when he finally responded.”

Thanks Stan for mentioning the WW2 disinformation operations that were conducted as strategic deception against the Axis powers. The deception planners that designed and conducted those disinformation operations were the London Controlling Section in the UK and Joint Security Control in the United States. The perpetrators of the 1946 Ghost Rockets just so happened to be the successor members of these two deception planning organizations. On the American side, these included Joint Security Control members General Hoyt Vandenberg, General George McDonald, General Stephen Chamberlin and General Clayton Bissell, among others. If you read the book you will find extensive footnotes that point to the official documents that show the involvement of these characters.

Stan further asserts:

James goes on at some length about a Project Seal supposedly conducted in secrecy by New Zealand, the USA and the United Kingdom towards the end of WW II. The idea was to see if an artificial Tsunami could be created using underwater explosives and causing a huge tidal wave to wash away the Japanese troops on Pacific Islands. He focused on articles appearing in Mid-June 1947 suggesting the project had been working on something as powerful as the atomic bomb and makes much of the timing of one of the articles being in a newspaper next to one about Kenneth Arnold’s sighting. For reasons unknown the articles named 2 professionals involved in the project. James is right to ask what that was all about. Was it to tantalize the Russians? But he provides no link between that story and Roswell or the Soviets.

There is no “supposedly” about it. Project Seal was a wartime classified project. I have posted the declassified project documents on my blog rosettadeception.blogspot.com. What you failed to mention to your readers is that the project was terminated in 1945 but promoted as ongoing in 1947 by the original scientists working on the project. These scientists were purposely telling lies but packaging it as truth – that is called disinformation.

You also failed to mention that the press in 1947 did not know that the already terminated project was a tsunami creator as the project wasn’t declassified till much later. Instead the speculation two weeks before Kenneth Arnold had his sighting was that the super secret weapon was an airborne weapon. When you read my book you will see the connection this story has with the Soviets.

What is that debunking tactic you really hate others using? Oh yes – “What the Public doesn’t know, don’t tell them”

Stan acts surprised when:

“Carrion doesn’t mention the story told by Professor Valery Burdakov of the Scientific Geoinformation Center of the USSR Academy of Sciences in a large article in Rabochhaya Tribuna (the Workers Tribune) in August 1991, Professor Burdakov told how he had been told by Sergey Korolyev, the Soviet Union’s top rocket designer,that Josef Stalin had ordered Korolyev to spend time in secret reviewing a number of foreign articles about UFOs including about Roswell. Several Translators were provided.”

You won’t be surprised Stan to see in my book that this is exactly what the Rosetta Deception was about – to get the Soviets interested first in the Ghost Rockets and later Flying Saucers for a mundane although highly important reason that had nothing to do with ET. The book will explain how important those foreign articles were to pulling off the deception.

And most importantly Stan, thank you for mentioning that:

“Korolyev told Stalin the saucers seemed to be real, but were not a security threat to the USSR. Stalin said other scientists had provided the same opinion. Burdakov was asked about the source of the information. His answer was from Spies. We now know, of course that there were, in 1947, Russian spies such as the Rosenbergs and Klaus Fuchs working at Los Alamos.”

Yes Stan, the source were Soviet spies because the Rosetta Deception is intimately tied to the Venona Project, the highly secret counterintelligence program that was being conducted from 1946 onward to expose those very spies.

So Stan, thank you for bolstering my book precognitively in 2010. It is too bad your precognitive abilities failed you when you predicted before reading the book, that the Rosetta Deception itself is just disinformation. If you still stand by that comment, then you won’t object to a public debate where you present evidence disputing that my book presents anything other than factual evidence backed up by documented sources.

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