UFOs Witnessed by Pop Star Kesha | VIDEO

UFOs Witnessed by Pop Star Kesha

     Kesha has good reason to feature several spaceships on her Rainbow album cover: she apparently experienced a UFO sighting.

The singer behind the emotional new ballad “Praying” recounted the

By Ashley Iasimone

far-out experience in a new interview on the Zach Sang Show. She didn’t mention an actual encounter with any extraterrestrials, but she did see what looked like “little balls of fire in the sky.”

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Barry Gibb of The Legendary Bee Gees Talks UFOs

Barry Gibb

     Barry Gibb, the last remaining member of the Bee Gees, has been looking back on the group’s career, their biggest hits, their friendship with Michael Jackson and his encounters with UFOs.
By Channels Television

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Nick Jonas Relives His UFO Experience | VIDEO

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Nick Jonas Relives His UFO Experience

By Philip Boucher

      In an interview with This Morning on the U.K.’s ITV on Monday, the pop star explained how a UFO sighting has impacted him.

“This was probably eight years ago,” said Jonas, 23. “I was in my backyard in L.A., and I looked up at the sky and [saw] three flying saucers,” said Jonas, 23.

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Did Rock Star Tom DeLonge Discuss UFOs with President Obama?

Did Rock Star Tom DeLonge Discuss UFOs with President Obama

By Justin OConnell

     . . . Facebook statuses show Delonge meeting with NASA officials, as well as possibly the President, for what he describes as “An important film on something about space.” Delonge’s interest in space dates back many years, in particular with the well-known song, “Aliens Exist,” which includes the lyrics: “I know the CIA will say/what you hear is all hearsay/I wish someone would tell me what was right.”

In the first status update, Delonge discusses his coming trip to DC where he will film for his new production on space. . . .

. . . In the following status, Delonge . . . and a young film crew does seem to be seated in a rather stately room,

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“Yes, the President and I discussed Unidentified Aerial Phenomena…” #ImportantFilmOnSomethingAboutSpace
Posted by Tom DeLonge on Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Real Life UFOs Seen By Celebrities | VIDEO

Real Life UFOs Seen By Celebrities

By Mark Newton

      Every year thousands of people claim they’ve spotted UFOs and alien visitors. With so many people reporting such sightings, it’s no surprise some of them are pretty famous. In fact, some people claim these celebrity sightings are even more believable than those reported by ordinary members of the public – the idea being already famous people do not need the extra attention created by UFO sightings. Personally, I’m not so sure of that fact.

In any case, here are some UFO sightings as reported by notable persons.

Russell Crowe

Back in 2013, Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe set up a camera to record the fruit bats which frequented his botanical garden in Woolloomooloo, Australia. However, when he assessed the footage, he same across three images which appeared to show a UFO. Check them out below:

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UFO researcher planning ‘alien Woodstock’ in Malibu

A UFO researcher thinks aliens are living in a secret underwater base off the coast of Malibu, California. And he thinks these visitors will like Earth music, so he is organizing a concert in an attempt to communicate with these extraterrestrials.

Alien Rock

Cover of Luckman’s book. (Credit: Gallery Books)

Michael C. Luckman, director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research, specializes in celebrity UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters. His book titled Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection is filled with such stories. Now, Luckman is inviting celebrities to both attend and participate in his latest venture.

As The Huffington Post explains, Internet radio show Fade to Black host Jimmy Church says that one of his listeners contacted him in May 2014 with a Google Earth image showing strange underwater topography off the coast of Malibu. And some assert that this anomaly is an underwater alien base. Luckman sees this area as “the Holy Grail for UFO believers,” and he wants to explore it.

Malibu alien base

The alleged alien base off the coast of Malibu. (Credit: Google Earth/Fade to Black)

The New York Post‘s gossip column, Page Six, explains, “The alien advocate, whose business partners helped arrange financing for the various Woodstock festivals, is also hoping to stage a UFO Woodstock concert in Malibu to make contact with alien visitors by using underwater speakers and lasers.” According to Page Six, Luckman is inviting Shirley MacLaine, Russell Crowe, and William Shatner. Musicians reportedly being invited are Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Sting, Ace Frehley, and Yoko Ono.

Many musicians have reported UFO encounters. In 2013, Open Minds’ Spacing Out! team went to the Vans Warped Tour to talk with musicians about extraterrestrials and UFOs. Several of the musicians interviewed there admitted to having personal UFO experiences.

It is unclear when Luckman’s event will take place, or if extraterrestrials will like the music performed. But it should be noted that experts believe the unusual topography off the coast of Malibu is nothing more than a natural formation.

The post UFO researcher planning ‘alien Woodstock’ in Malibu appeared first on Openminds.tv.

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The late movie director Ed Wood Jr. left us a legacy of the most unusual movies ever filmed. He is known as the worst director of all time and his classic movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space” stands alone in cinematic history.

It tells the tale of space aliens using human bodies, dead bodies to carry out their invasion plans. Oddball but it coughed up laughs and scares in the old days and more laughs today.

However, what if Ed Wood Jr. was telling his tale based on the truth?

I for one have some information that not only did Ed Wood Jr. have access to top level UFO information I also know whom he got it from. This is a blockbuster of a disclosure but it fit like a glove.

It all wraps itself around the Hudson Valley, the hotspot of UFOs where Ed Wood Jr. grew up. Tales of aliens and other strange beings go back before the settlers here and now the truth can be told if the public can take it. So stand by.

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NBA Star Baron Davis Admits To Alien Abduction

Well this is a game changer as no one expected such a top sports celebrity or any celebrity for that matter to come forward with such a sensational claim. Baron Davis of the Knicks has come forward quite publicly with this story that if true is one of the most important UFO/alien stories in the subject’s history.

What we have here is a very brave step forward that will be essential in present and future UFO/alien research. The mainstream media can’t ignore this report as Davis is a forthright and courageous man. There are millions of people who have given reports just like Davis’ but all go ignored by corporate media and government. From the classic alien abduction case of Betty and Barney Hill, people who claimed to have been abducted have given similar if not exact accounts. Mr. Baron Davis has got a long road ahead to get this matter addressed and the public has an opportunity as well as UFO researchers to see where this story goes. It may be the game changer that makes other victims come forward and the fact Mr. Davis is an African American and presented his incident to that community might get that community asking questions and breaking through the barriers that no one else has gotten through before.

Needless to say this is going to be one interesting story to follow and your’s truly might get a chance to speak with Mr. Davis so hold on.

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