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Travelin’ Man

It’s been a real busy summer, including a wonderful trip to Roswell, New Mexico for the annual conference at the Roswell Museum. Always a delight to work with these fine folks, who preserve the legacy of that fateful 1947 event. More importantly, they bring everyone together to share how far we’UFO Roswell Museum Derrel Simsve come in exposing the reality of the alien presence, and how much further we still have to go. One of my favorite parts of the conference is getting to moderate the experiencers panel. As I’ve always said, it’s going to take all of us sharing our discoveries and encounters–that means both the investigators and abductees/contactees. Some of the best pieces of evidence I have came from folks out there that were paying attention enough to share with me things they’ve found (on their own bodies and around them.)

I had a fun trip a couple of weeks ago to New Mexico to follow up on an unusual sighting of something unusual. Hate to be cagey about this, but I can’t share details just yet. Hopefully soon!

Those of you who heard me on Jimmy Church’s Fade To Black know I’m working an extraordinary case right now with a woman from India. The medical records I’ve seen so far, and my contact with her, lead me to believe this could be one of those rare cases of alien implants. Looks like I’ll be heading out there next month to find out more. I’ll be connecting with a couple of young researchers there and visiting local UFO hot spots and more. Can’t wait to share it all with Alien Hunter Nation!

Then looks like I’ll be heading to colder climate in October–a conference in Edmonton, Canada. I have a couple of ongoing cases nearby, too, so this will be a great chance to work them up close and personal.

Looking forward to sharing more insights with you here and on my Facebook page!

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The Top 10 Strangest Canadian UFO Reports

In honour of Canada Day, I hereby present:

The “Top 10” Strangest Canadian UFO Reports

Canadian UFO researchers and investigators were polled for their personal picks of the most remarkable Canadian cases of the past century (or so). They are, in chronological order:

Ottawa, Ontario                                           February 15, 1915

A “phantom invasion” of unusual aerial objects caused enough panic throughout the National Capital Region that the lights on Parliament Hill were extinguished in order to prevent targeting by the “enemy.”

Gander, Newfoundland                            February 10, 1951

A US Navy Transport plane was reported to have nearly collided with a giant circular orange object that almost literally flew circles around the American aircraft as it flew between Iceland and Newfoundland.

Shirley’s Bay, Ontario                               August 8, 1954

Wilbert Smith, a Defence Department engineer, set up a “flying saucer detection station” at a government facility. On this date, his instruments recorded a large magnetic disturbance overhead, which Smith believed to be from an alien craft.

Fort Macleod, Alberta                                August 23, 1956

RCAF Squadron Leader Robert Childerhose and his flight lieutenant were attempting to set a cross-Canada speed record in their Sabre jet when they observed and photographed a bright oval object near their plane at an altitude of 36,000 feet.

Falcon Lake, Manitoba                             May 20, 1967

Weekend prospector Stefan Michalak was burned by a saucer-shaped object which had landed near him. Later radioactivity at the site was considered high enough to consider closing the Provincial park entirely. Despite investigations by American and Canadian officials, the case was listed as “unexplained” by the United States Air Force.

Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia                     October 4, 1967

Many witnesses, including RCMP constables, observed a bright object fall from the sky into the ocean. Later, a patch of luminous foam was found on the surface of the water where it was presumed to have sunk. Rumours that a US Navy recovery operation located and removed a mysterious object persist to this day.

Langenburg, Saskatchewan                    September 1, 1974

Farmer Edwin Fuhr was swathing when he came upon several metallic bowl-shaped objects spinning rapidly in a hayfield. The objects took off and left behind circular impressions which predated “crop circles” found years later in England.

Carman, Manitoba                                       May 13, 1975

Hundreds of people observed a bobbing, bright reddish-orange light in the sky beginning about this date and continuing for several months. The object was seen so frequently, it was affectionately named “Charlie Redstar.”

Montreal, Quebec                                         January 6, 1977

Ms Florida Malboeuf watched as a saucer-shaped object appeared to land on the roof of a building across from her home. Two spindly creatures in tight-fitting suits appeared on the edge of the roof and then disappeared before the object took off.

Duncan, British Columbia                          November, 1980

Granger Taylor was a teenager who was obsessed with aliens and UFOs to the point of building his own huge full-size model in his backyard. One day, following a series of UFO sightings in the area, he announced to his friends he was going to be taken away by aliens—and he was never seen again. Police eventually located his truck in a secluded area, along with evidence Granger committed suicide.

Although there are many, many more examples of Canadian UFO cases, these are among the most significantly unusual on record. Whether or not they are “real” is irrelevant. They each have helped fire the Canadian imagination and fascination with the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe.

Posted with permission from Chris Rutkowski’s Ufology Research blog. Original post can be found here.

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UFOs photographed in Alberta, Canada

Sam Martine and her daughter Baylie. (Credit: Tim Devlin/CBC)

Sam Martine and her daughter Baylie. (Credit: Tim Devlin/CBC)

A mother and her daughter spotted UFOs flying over their home outside of Nanton in southern Alberta, Canada on Sunday, and were able to snap a couple of pictures. Neighbors reported seeing the same objects earlier in the night.

Sam Martine and her daughter Baylie say they were watching TV at 11 pm when they noticed bright lights hovering over a nearby field. When they went to have a look, they say the lights started moving towards them. They passed right over the Martines’ home and continued to the northwest.

Sam told Nanton News, “The first light was about as big as a large yard light — that is what I thought it was at first — but very bright white.”

She says the lights hovered in the same place for a few minutes then began moving upwards. That is when the two went outside and the lights began moving towards them.

Sam says, “Then you could see red light and blue light and could hear it. It went over our house. The other light stayed still, then it started to move up  — but not as high as the first light— and again went over our house.”

Baylie attempted to take a picture of the objects with her cell phone, but it malfunctioned. Sam also had problems when she tried to take a picture with her DSLR camera. Sam said, “I could take pics of the sky but when I would aim at the lights flying, my camera would not work. Finally out the back of our place I finally got the camera to work.”

Sam was able to snap two pictures, one of which can be seen here.

One of the UFO pictures taken by the Martine family. (Credit: Sam Martine)

One of the UFO pictures taken by the Martine family. (Credit: Sam Martine)

Sam says she thinks the objects also startled her cattle. The next morning she found they had run through the fence, and were standing on a nearby hill. Luckily, none were lost and they could all be accounted for.

The Martines say they do not believe the objects were helicopters because they were not making any noise when they hovered. Sam says, “I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

Canadian UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski is not so sure what they Martines photographed is unusual. He told CBC News, “The tip offs are the red and blue lights, which are very common in aircraft.”

Robyn Foret, who is with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, agrees. He says, “The shaking of the object or the movement of the object — that looks like a camera with a time exposure that may have been bumped. It looked very sporadic.”

However, Sam and Baylie Martine were not the only two to see strange lights that night. About a mile northeast of the Martines’ farm, Pat and Donald Comstock saw lights they could not explain. Pat says she was in the kitchen knitting sometime between 9:30 and 10:00 pm when she noticed a bright light shining in the kitchen window.

She looked outside and saw two white lights, one higher than the other, coming towards their house. She called Donald to have a look, and they both went out to their deck to get a better view. They noticed that the lights were at the front of the objects.

Donald said the moon was bright enough to see that the objects were made of metal. He said they were dull metallic in color. The Comstocks do not believe the objects were helicopters, because they did not make noise like the local ambulance helicopter.

Pat reported her sighting to Nanton News after hearing about the Martines’ account. She figured that what she and Donald had seen were the same objects the Martines’ had seen when the objects made another pass by the neighborhood later that night.

CBC News notes that Alberta is no stranger to UFO sightings. Rutkowski recently co-authored a report called the Canadian UFO Survey documenting 1180 UFO Reports in 2013. Over 100 of the reports came from Alberta.

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