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The UFO Curse Continues …

The UFO Curse Continues ...

     Recent comments by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos has some in UFOlogy reflecting on the future of their “science”. His comments suggest that UFOs are approaching a mythological status and there appears to be little future in resolving the matter. I also took note of this comment:

It is an unattainable goal to solve 100% of all circulating reports. There will always be unexplained events but it does not mean they are unexplainable. We will always have bad input data. There will always exist people willing to deceive us. There will always be wrong analysis
or biased interpretation on such observations.

By Tim Printy
July-August 2017

It is an interesting observation and reflects my opinion about many of the “unsolved” ufo cases in the various databases. In my continuing articles about the “The UFO evidence under review” and “The 701 club”, I have noticed that many of these “unknowns” can be explained or do have potential solutions. This does not mean that all of these cases can be explained. However, with so many potential or good explanations, what does it say for the remaining “unknowns”? With a database populated with so many mistaken observations, can we really consider the remaining cases proof that UFOs are, as NICAP put it, “manifestations of extraterrestrial life”.

UFOlogy seems to be on the ropes these days. When new “smoking gun” cases are presented, they often are explained by an individual or some group of individuals. Even the older prize cases are being openly questioned. As each of these important cases are
exposed to be not as solid as claimed, the more UFO proponents cite the older classic cases as proof that UFOs are exotic phenomena unknown to science.

A good example of the problems associated with how UFOlogists interpret reports appears on page 6. While some UFOlogists rely solely upon the witness reports, a bit of minor detective work revealed the true source of this “mass sighting”. There is little doubt as to the actual source because of the data gathered by another organization that also specializes in gathering reports. However, their reports were more informative and their observers “knew what they saw”.

As I have mentioned in the past issue, the upcoming solar eclipse will dominate a significant amount of my free time for the next few months. This issue, I have an article about “potential UFOs” being reported during the eclipse. I don’t expect many UFO reports but, then again, I did not expect people to mistake Venus for a UFO in the 1991 eclipse. One never knows for sure. I want to encourage readers near the centerline to travel to the eclipse path and view totality. You will not be disappointed.

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The Roswell Slides Slow and Painful Death

The Roswell Slides Slow and Painful Death

By Tim Printy

     After the release of SUNlite 7-4, the Roswell Slides debacle practically disappeared from the Internet. Maussan and his experts appeared to be still sticking to their guns regarding the supposed size of the body and that the body is not the mummy that was on display at Montezuma Castle/Mesa Verde. Most of their arguments are severely flawed as I pointed out in last issue. They have yet to hold their planned press conference, which was canceled last June. Maybe Maussan will hope that his failure will fade from memory and he can move on to the next UFO promotional event.

From what I have been able to understand, Schmitt and Carey did not mention the slides at the Roswell festival. In August, Carey finally appeared to tell everyone on the Jim Harold podcast that the case was not closed on the slides. His arguments were all the same nonsense spouted out prior to SUNlite 7-4. They are as weak as they are worthless. Carey then went out of his way to show disdain for certain members of the Roswell Slides Research Group. We rained on his parade and now he is attempting to demonize the group.

Meanwhile, the Carey and Schmitt apologists have figured a way to keep them credible. They are being excused for their woefully inadequate research by stating they were limited by Adam Dew’s control of the slides. It is hard to believe such exaggerations because all of the promoters claimed to have access to the high quality scans of the slides prior to the event. Deblurring Bragalia’s scans demonstrated the evidence was there for all to discover. They simply did not want to look.

This excuse of being fooled by Dew, if accurate, brings up a serious problem with Carey and Schmitt’s research that they publish. If they were so easily fooled by a photograph of a mummy, what does it say for all those interviews they claim prove Roswell was the crash of an alien spaceship? Is it possible that some, most, or all of their witnesses have been fooling them as well? How much of what they write is just as inaccurate as the research they conducted on the slides themselves? Quite a few of the statements made by these two “respected researchers” before and after May 5th were so inaccurate and misleading that one has to really question just about anything they say or write about the subject. I have been under the opinion for many years that the writings in Schmitt and Carey’s books are wild exaggerations and distortions. The Roswell slides fiasco confirmed that opinion.

Ten “undeniable truths” about the Roswell slides

Based on how Tom Carey and Don Schmitt write their conclusions about Roswell, an “Undeniable truth” does not have to be a fact. It is just their opinion. With that in mind, I created some of my own “undeniable truths” regarding the Roswell slides. However, contrary to what Carey and Schmitt state about the Roswell case, many of these “truths” ARE facts. Others are opinions based on a preponderance of the evidence.

1. Tom Carey, after examining the slides, declared that the photographs were not taken in a museum setting even though there are numerous artifacts visible in the photograph that demonstrate it was a museum of some kind.

2. Don Schmitt conceded that the slides showed a mummy but reversed his opinion a few weeks later.

3. Tom Carey stated that skeptics could not admit when they are wrong but can not admit he might have made a mistake with the Roswell slides.

4. The placard, when deblurred, states that the body is that of a mummified two year old boy. This is a proven fact that many people have been able to replicate.

5. There was a mummified body of a two year old boy that was on display at Mesa Verde in early 1947. Photographs of this body in the records, despite objections by Carey, Schmitt, and Maussan, are a good match to the body seen in the Roswell slides.

6. The Rays visited Colorado during the mid to late 1940s as evidenced by their photographs from the region.

7. There is no evidence, that can be verified, which proves Bernard and Hilda Ray ever personally knew the Eisenhowers.

8. Jaimie Maussan has reneged on his reward for photographs that match the Roswell slides. He can make everyone think the body is not the same but the evidence indicates otherwise.

9. None of the scientists, employed by Maussan, have published any of their findings in independent scientific journals where their work is subject to criticism from qualified experts.

10. There is no evidence presented that the Roswell Slides are a photograph of an alien discovered at Roswell or that it is something that is not human.

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BEWOEFUL: The Death of The Roswell Slides

The Death of The Roswell Slides

By Tim Printy

The program was a train wreck that tried
to cram five pounds of crap into a one pound bag.

     Against my better judgment, I chose to invest $15 of my hard earned money and three hours out of my life on the “BeWitness” program. I half expected to be surprised with new revelations about the slides because the promoters were so adamant that they were images of an alien being. In a poorly organized presentation, Maussan practically put his audience to sleep as he tried to build suspense for the big reveal. When the program was complete, I was asking myself, ”Why did I waste my time and money?”.

BeBored: May 5th was mostly a snooze fest

There is an old saying that I learned, early on in my naval career, which stated, “prior planning prevents piss-poor performance”. Most of what we did involved a plan. That plan did not always work in the heat of the moment because events might change the situation and one had to adapt as one saw fit. However, when it came to presentations, they usually went off like clockwork. It was practiced and everybody had a time and place to be. In the case of BeWitness, there appeared to be not much of a plan. Instead of two or three hours, the program took five hours. Most of it was extremely boring. . . .

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Roswell Slides: ‘Dead on Arrival’

Roswell Slides: 'Dead on Arrival'

Roswell Messiah?

By Tim Printy

    Amid an air of religious fanaticism, the May 5th revival meeting is about to happen and, if you believe the promoters, the Roswell case will be resurrected. It is their opinion that we will all see the evidence with our own eyes and believe, without question, that we are not alone in the Universe. Unfortunately for the promoters, there are a lot of people that are not convinced this will occur. I seriously doubt that the slides will even be presented in a manner that will allow them to be carefully analyzed by those outside the “inner circle”. There are rules for no cameras being used at the proceedings in Mexico City, which makes me wonder how serious the promoters are when they promise that everybody will be able to see the slides after that date. I envision that they will show the slides for those in the auditorium but they will not be very high resolution and may not be much better than the images we have seen on the web so far. The actual high resolution images are probably going to be safe guarded because, once they are out there, those precious items will be all over the Internet. . . .

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The Arizona UFO Controversy | 18th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

The Arizona UFO Controversy | 18th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

By Tim Printy

Trying to misrepresent the skeptical arguments

     . . . Dr. Kitei, and her supporters, want everyone to believe that skeptics state the 8 PM event was produced by flares dropped over the Barry Goldwater range. I have never seen an informed skeptic make that claim and those that have, alter their viewpoints once they become aware of all the facts. My articles in SUNlite and elsewhere have made it clear that the flares only explained the 10PM event. The promoters of the Arizona UFO event, who continue to misrepresent the skeptic’s position are guilty of either being ignorant of that position or deliberately misleading people in order to make skeptics appear to be uninformed.

I know what I saw

This is the last refuge of the UFO investigator, or UFO witness, who is not willing to admit they might have been mistaken. Nobody wants to be wrong but, when the evidence points towards a probable explanation, witnesses and investigators have to recognize they could have erred in their perception of the event. What Dr. Kitei, who is a UFO promoter, does not want to tell everyone is that she has been fooled by two different flare exercises. She gave her videos to Dr. Bruce Maccabee back in 1998 for analysis. Through triangulation, he determined that all the videos, including hers, were of lights hovering over the Barry Goldwater range at the same time the Maryland and Michigan National Guards had been conducting exercises involving dropping of illumination flares. Unless Dr. Maccabee can be proven to be wrong, then Dr. Kitei is wrong and knows that she was wrong. Still, she promotes
her images as “true UFOs”.

Because Dr. Kitei apparently did not like the results of this analysis, she asked Dr. Maccabee to see if her March 13, 1997 videos showed lights in front of the Estrella mountains and not behind them.2 He was unable to determine one way or the other because the lights were on, or slightly below, the ridge line when they disappeared. Dr. Maccabee did mention that there was a potential for error in his alignments, which might lead to the lights being slightly below the ridge before they disappeared. Considering the very close proximity of the lights to the ridge line and the triangulation results, it seems very probable that the lights were disappearing behind the ridge line just like all the other videos taken that night. Her continued promotion of these images/videos demonstrates she is ignoring any scientific evaluation of the evidence. . . .

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UFOs on the Tube

UFOs on the tube

UFO conspiracies: UFO swarm

By Tim Printy

      The first part of the program was an evaluation of the Arizona UFOs of March 13, 1997. The presentation started with amateur photographer/astronomer Gerry Church, who was on a hillside that night photographing comet Hale-Bopp. He saw the formation of lights come from the NW and proceed southeast. Another individual, by the name of Gary (who fears to lose his job if he does not remain anonymous), states he was in his car with his wife. They saw the formation and he thought it might be jets but then realized jets don’t fly in formation at night. He did not see any navigation lights and there was no sound. These lights also disappeared into the southeast. It is important to note that both these witnesses only describe a formation of lights and did not describe a massive triangle that was reported by some of the witnesses, who received a lot of media attention.

We were then treated to the champion of the Phoenix lights, Dr. Lynne Kitei. She states that she saw the lights over the hills as the “triangle formation” retreated towards the southeast. From what I recall, her videos are of the 10PM event and not the 8PM event. Kitei would later state she is open to any explanation but that seems to be a false statement as several explanations have been presented and she refuses to accept them.

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"The Science of Ufology is Dead …"

Boring UFOlogy

By Tim Printy

      I returned from a long vacation to discover that the infamous Roswell slides have yet to make their appearance. It seems that we may never see these slides, which makes one wonder about how compelling they really are. So, we all have to wait until the Roswell team, and the slide’s owner, finds a “benefactor” that will pay them the money they want.

Kevin Randle sent me an e-mail and complained about my critique of his comments on the episode of “Close Encounters” discussing the “Oscar flight” event. Mr. Randle stated he did mention that this was all based on the testimony of Robert Salas in his interview, which is my biggest argument about the Oscar Flight UFO case. Not surprisingly, his comments were left out in the production. It really does not matter that Randle noted this problem or not. The complaint I had was his, and the roducer’s of the program, presentation of the case as if it were a proven fact, which it is not. There are plenty of reasons to question Salas’ version of events and to go on a program and promote the case indicates Randle finds his story compelling. Until the promoters of this case provide evidence that it actually occurred, the distinct possibility exists that it is nothing more than a figment of alas’ imagination.

The annual migration to various UFO conferences also occurred this summer. MUFON chose to perform their latest “symposium” in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with the focus being on UFO and the media. In other words, how can UFOlogists get the media to tell their version of what they think UFOs are? This resulted in the usual dog and pony show of various individuals talking about how the media does not give UFOs a fair hearing. All one has to do is watch MUFON’s “Hanger one” and do a bit of research to demonstrate that this is exactly why the media does not take the subject seriously. To top it off, MUFON chose to give Steve Bassett the “excellence in UFOlogy” award. This is apparently due to his organization of the infamous “$600,000 flying saucer fizzle”, where nothing was accomplished other than getting attention from the news media for a few days. Like “Hanger one”, it was full of UFO “celebrities” getting paid to promote all kinds of wild tales in front of the camera with not a single person questioning what they presented! I recapped this all in SUNlite 5-4 if the reader is interested in refreshing their memories on the affair. UFOlogists are their own worst enemy when it comes to media attention.

While I was in Paris, I managed to drop by for evening of conspiring with fellow UFO skeptic Gilles Fernandez. Much was discussed and we seemed to agree that UFOlogical debates have become boring and a waste time as the same points keep getting rehashed over and over again with no resolution. I have noticed over the years that UFOlogy itself has become rather boring and predictable. The only effort being expended appears to be towards UFO conferences/festivals and television/radio/internet programs. The science of UFOlogy (if we can call it that) is dead and nothing new is really being done. . . .

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