The UFO Curse Continues …

     Recent comments by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos has some in UFOlogy reflecting on the future of their “science”. His comments suggest that UFOs are approaching a mythological status and there appears to be little future in resolving the matter. I also took note of this comment: It is an […]

The Roswell Slides Slow and Painful Death

By Tim PrintySUNlite9-29-15      After the release of SUNlite 7-4, the Roswell Slides debacle practically disappeared from the Internet. Maussan and his experts appeared to be still sticking to their guns regarding the supposed size of the body and that the body is not the mummy that was on […]

BEWOEFUL: The Death of The Roswell Slides

By Tim PrintySUNlite7-1-15 “The program was a train wreck that tried to cram five pounds of crap into a one pound bag.“      Against my better judgment, I chose to invest $15 of my hard earned money and three hours out of my life on the “BeWitness” program. I […]

Roswell Slides: ‘Dead on Arrival’

Roswell Messiah? By Tim PrintySUNlite5-1-15     Amid an air of religious fanaticism, the May 5th revival meeting is about to happen and, if you believe the promoters, the Roswell case will be resurrected. It is their opinion that we will all see the evidence with our own eyes and […]

The Arizona UFO Controversy | 18th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

By Tim PrintySUNlite3-6-15 Trying to misrepresent the skeptical arguments      . . . Dr. Kitei, and her supporters, want everyone to believe that skeptics state the 8 PM event was produced by flares dropped over the Barry Goldwater range. I have never seen an informed skeptic make that claim […]

UFOs on the Tube

UFO conspiracies: UFO swarm By Tim PrintySUNlite1-8-15       The first part of the program was an evaluation of the Arizona UFOs of March 13, 1997. The presentation started with amateur photographer/astronomer Gerry Church, who was on a hillside that night photographing comet Hale-Bopp. He saw the formation of […]

"The Science of Ufology is Dead …"

Boring UFOlogy By Tim PrintySUNlite9-5-14       I returned from a long vacation to discover that the infamous Roswell slides have yet to make their appearance. It seems that we may never see these slides, which makes one wonder about how compelling they really are. So, we all have […]