Finding Proof of Space Aliens, What Happens Next?

Protocols for responding to the discovery of extraterrestrialintelligence have been created, but they might not be followed.      First came the suggestion that an “alien megastructure” had been observed around KIC 8462852, a.k.a. Tabby’s Star. Months later, people were talking about a signal seen by a Russian telescope that […]

WOW Signal: Was It Aliens Or Just a Comet?

     There’s no such thing as a “close call” in SETI – either the radio telescope has picked up an alien signal, or it hasn’t. “Close” doesn’t exist in this one-bit experiment, any more than it does in pregnancy. By Seth Shostakwww.seti.org6-13-17 […] … At close to midnight on […]

Winston Churchill and E.T.

      It was 1939, and the storm of history’s greatest conflict was gathering on the European continent. The situation for Britain was ominous. But even in those terrible, By Seth ShostakSETI2-28-17 turbulent times, Winston Churchill took the opportunity to speculate on the possibility of intelligent beings elsewhere in […]

Intelligent Life 94 Light-Years Away? | VIDEO

A SETI Signal?      A star system 94 light-years away is in the spotlight as a possible candidate for intelligent inhabitants, thanks to the discovery of a radio signal by a group of Russian astronomers. Seth Shostakwww.seti.org8-30-16 HD 164595, a solar system a few billion years older than the […]

Gravity Waves and ET

     The other shoe has dropped. After a century of speculation and a half-century of searching, science teams using instruments built by Caltech and MIT have made a discovery that will take up permanent residency in physics textbooks from now to the end of textbooks. They’ve found the gravity […]

Planet Nine: What Would It Mean?

By Seth ShostakThe Huffington Post1-21-16       It could be the first new planet discovered in the last 170 years — or at least the last 85, if you’re one of those stubborn folk who still insist on calling Pluto a planet. Two Caltech astronomers, Mike Brown and Konstantin […]

Are There Signals Coming from Deep Space?

By Seth ShostakThe Huffington Post11-5-15      The star KIC 8462852 may have an unpronounceable name, but just about everyone with an interest in aliens has been talking about it. As of today, they can elaborate their discourse with some new results. The conversations started about three weeks ago, when […]

SETI’s Follow up on Mysterious Star That Might Be Home To ET

The Mysterious Star KIC 8462852 By Seth Shostakwww.seti.org10-27-15       The SETI Institute is following up on the possibility that the stellar system KIC 8462852 might be home to an advanced civilization. This star, slightly brighter than the Sun and more than 1400 light-years away, has been the subject […]

SETI’s Seth Shostak Chimes in On The Roswell Slides

Roswell Aliens Not So Alien By Seth ShostakThe Huffington Post5-25-15     Nearly 70 years after extraterrestrials supposedly pushed the wrong button in their spacecraft and nose-dived into scrubby ranchland near Roswell, New Mexico, that town is again in the news. This time the headlines are centered on the discovery of […]