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Tom DeLonge Exhibits His Naiveté Re Ufology in Joe Rogan Interview

Tom DeLonge Exhibits His Naiveté Re Ufology in Joe Rogan Interview

     Tom Delonge has been interviewed by Joe Rogan about Delonge’s new company / UFO research on “The Joe Rogan Experience”,see below:
Isaac Koi
The UFO Chronicles

At 1 hour 2 minutes 42 seconds, Delonge was asked where the Greys (which DeLonge said are androids) come from and Delgonge said he has “never asked” but “I do know that there’s connections to – man you wouldn’t even fucking believe it, I’ll tell you – to Atlantis … and that’s why … on the Roswell wreckage there is Greek writing…it’s online … ” telling people to look up “Roswell I-beam” to see it. (The relevant photo is part of the alien autopsy footage…).

At 1 hour 7 minutes 4 seconds, Delonge states that Zecharia Sitchin was the “closest thing we’ve got”.

At 1 hour 17 minutes 52 seconds Delonge confirms that he subscribes to the idea that human beings are the product of genetic engineering, saying that Garry Nolan is the person to ask about this. (Delonge returned to the theme at 1 hour 20 minutes 30 seconds, stating that at some point in history someone came here and “tampered with existing creatures and made us” and “upgraded us”). I’ve asked Garry Nolan for his comments

At 1 hour 19 minutes 3 seconds Delonge states that “they” had found a human footprint had been found that is “like” 100 million years old which threw everything upside down, that he wouldn’t doubt at all that people walked with dinosaurs and that there have been cycles of civilizations. DeLonge said that people on the inside know this.

At 40 minutes 10 seconds, DeLonge talks about being able to show a craft using “the power behind the atom”. He then plays the video below (at 41 minutes 58 craft). He says this is the craft in his book. He talks about this video being “leaked on purpose” and that the craft is “pretty big”. He says it is “not alien per se” but built off technology “that came from there”. The interviewer says this looks “so fake” (at 43 minutes 3 seconds). DeLonge’s response is that you can find more videos on Youtube. I wrote about the relevant video of a triangular craft back in 2009, after someone in England had claimed to have taken the video in Dudley – but one of the problems with that story was it had circulated the year before as being taken over Paris. So, which story does DeLonge believe? Or does he believe that the same footage (including the buildings…) was taken over two different countries? At least one of the stories associated with the video is a hoax. Why not both? Most of the people that commented on the video in 2008 and again in 2009 thought it was a fairly transparently CGI, i.e. Computer Generated Imagery, and posted reasons for that conclusion, see links below:



Those reasons were not mentioned by DeLonge when talking about this video, nor indeed was the existence of CGI when he referred to videos on Youtube Unfortunately, Delonge’s discussion of this video simply does not address the possibility of any hoax, even when the interviewer expressly raises this.


TRIANGLE UFO Paris France Possible TR 3B Project Francais July 23, 2008

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Bogus Imagery Muddles Compelling Navy UFO Encounter

Bogus Imagery Muddles Compelling Navy UFO Encounter

UFO sighting in Britain on 10th July 2005

     During the recent presentation about Tom Delonge’s new company, reference was made to an alleged UFO incident involving the USS Nimitz in November 2004. That discussion was accompanied by an image (left)(which was in fact of a sighting in Britain on 10th July 2005, probably of a balloon). That

By Isaac Koi
The UFO Chronicles

sighting is now being associated with footage (see below) which has, supposedly, recently been “leaked” online. In fact, that footage was posted online in 2007 and I reposted it recently in response to a request from another researcher that was having difficulty obtaining it.

Back in 2007, I tracked the first online copy of the video back to the website of a group of German film students that specialised in creating science-fiction movies with lots of special effects (Vision Unlimited). The story being posted back then didn’t make sense and promised evidence was never supplied. The person posting about the video on ATS denied that he was a member of that group of film students and claimed that the video was uploaded to their website because it was more secure than websites in the USA. Mmm. This doesn’t (and didn’t) necessarily mean that the footage was a hoax but I found it rather interesting and, in the absence of the promised further confirmation/evidence, in 2007 I was inclined to reach the tentative conclusion that it was a hoax (while repeatedly requesting the promised further evidence that it was genuine).

I find it very interesting that the current rounds of discussion seem to ignore the provenance of the footage and don’t mention that the footage was sourced from the website of several German film students interested in creating science fiction material. Are the researchers currently promoting this footage unaware of that background (which is easy to find online, in my posts in 2007 on ATS)or are they simply not mentioning this background (which I would find, um, questionable). I’ve been told that the footage has since been “authenticated” – but haven’t seen any evidence of that.

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The Most Popular UFO Videos: The Real Stories

The Most Popular UFO Videos

By Isaac Koi

     . . . Ufology has never been very good at policing itself. There is a complete lack of an organised effort to fight back in a constructive manner against some of the more persistent hoaxes and misrepresentations that have circulated within ufology for years. This applies to various “classic” cases, documents and photographs but perhaps the most egregious examples relate to “UFO” videos.

In this thread I highlight known facts about various very popular “UFO” and “alien” videos. When looking into UFO videos during the last decade or so, I have generally prioritised videos with the most views online. Many of the videos below have received over 1 million views on Youtube. . . .

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