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‘Fleet’ of UFOs Reported Over Carabobo, Venezuela

'Fleet' of UFOs Reported Over Carabobo, Venezuela 6-19-17
Drawing by Franco Di Marco

     Franco Di Marco and his brother, employees of his machine shop were startled in witnessing more than 9 Unidentified Flying Objects over the skies of the state Carabobo , a region in North Central Venezuela.
By Héctor Escalante
The UFO Chronicles

The incident occurred on June 19 at 08:03 in the morning, Di Marco told journalist Héctor Escalante during a telephone conversation. The UFOs were seen from the Bolivar Avenue at the Carabobean capital, but the witness estimated that they may have been several kilometers ahead, towards Puerto Cabello.

He pointed out that his brother outside, “smoking a cigarette,” when he inadvertently spotted the strange objects in the sky. “He started screaming to come and see, and we all went out because we did not know what was happening,” he explained.

According to him, “there were about nine objects, perhaps more, with round lights of very bright white color”. He indicated that they were not all together, since a cloud separated them: On the one hand, there was a group forming a “sort of triangle”, and in the end, another smaller group “stayed in alignment”. Of the seven people who witnessed the unusual event, “no one took pictures because of the excitement of the moment,” he said.

He said that the UFOs, whose size – in the distance – resembled that of a small light bulb, remained a little more than two minutes suspended in the air, at high altitude, “until one of them made a right angle turn and disappeared.” The rest of the objects seem to have followed the other, he argued, because they quickly lost sight of them. The description provided by the other witnesses , which can be seen in drawing by them, realize that the objects were not kept static.

'Fleet' of UFOs Reported Over Carabobo, Venezuela (2) 6-19-17
Drawing by the witness Milagros Ruiz

'Fleet' of UFOs Reported Over Carabobo, Venezuela (3) 6-19-17
Drawing by the witness Víctor Di Marco

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Héctor Escalante

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UFO Photographed Over San Carlos, Venezuela

UFO Photographed Over San Carlos, Venezuela 12-20-2016

     A luminous body, elongated and light in color, was photographed on December 15 while moving over the skies of the city of San Carlos, Cojedes State, in central Venezuela.
By Héctor Escalante

After six in the afternoon, William Escobar was in the garage of his mother’s house, when he noticed the presence of a planet shining in the sky, so he took his cell phone to capture the extraordinary scene with the camera .

“I’m fond of astronomy, and I wanted to take the photo of Venus that looked pretty nice,” he said. But as he held up the cell phone pointing up at the sky, a reflection in the distance attracted his attention. “I know it was something, because with my eyes off the phone I saw something happen very fast,” he warns, but I was still doubtful.

Shortly afterwards, as he reviewed the images, William found a response to his uneasiness, discovering surprisingly that the opaque flash, almost unnoticed, had been recorded on his mobile device, and that it was not a simple reflection, it had a defined shape.

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UFO Fleet or Drone Race Over Waraira?

UFO Fleet or Drone Race Over Waraira?

By Héctor Escalante
Ovnis en Venezuela
(Rough Google Translation)

     A set of flashing lights -of red and green color flew over the mountains at El Ávila National Park, at the level of Altamira in eastern Caracas and were observed on October 3rd by Jesus Martinez and his wife.

“It was a group of 20 lights, about moving in a straight line, like a plane, but did not respect distance, they passed each other like a race,” said the journalist Hector Escalante witness. He said that they “lit interchangeably, as if they were individual objects with their own autonomy.”

The incident sparked at 08:15 pm (HLV), while the couple was dining on the terrace of the restaurant 360, located on the 19th floor of the hotel Altamira Suites, in the Los Palos Grandes. He said that what they saw that night seemed “a flock of birds with lights moving” toward somewhere. Although he tried to take pictures with your cell phone, so far, he could not catch anything.

Martinez thinks the color of the lights, which were to be seen for a while to the extent that could distanciando- were treated professional drones. However, it recognizes that if so, should have been more. Also, the height at which moved not be achieved by such devices. “The truth is that it was quite strange,” he said.

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Luminous UFO Reported Over Cemetery | Venezuela

Luminous UFO Reported Over Cemetery

By Héctor Escalante

     On March 12 2015, six people witnessed the transit of a large luminous object over the vicinity of Cementerio del Este, located in the municipality of El Hatillo in northeastern Miranda State, in the Venezuelan capital region.

Map of Cemeterio Del Este

“At around 10:00 p.m. we were chatting as a group on an apartment terrace when one person asked us in astonishment to look skyward, and we saw three lights forming a triangle,” said Jacqueline López to journalist Héctor Escalante.

According to her account, the lights were red, white and green and blinked frequently. She said that after noticing the object – which remained static in the sky without making any kind of noise, they changed their topic of conversation to speculate on the artifact’s possible origin.

“It made a sudden turn to the right, remained there for a while, and then repeated the same action in different directions,” she added. The object then began descending slowly and in a straight line over a bright white light that shone from the ground, until it vanished from sight.

“The light was broad and arched, and its edges were clearly outlined. It looked like a stadium light. The impression it gave us was that it was something casting light upward from the ground,” she added. The moment it lit up, she adds, “all of the dogs in the area began to bark.”

It remained there for a good while, she describes, and “then it turned off” and nothing further was seen. The witness notes that no one took photos or videos because they were enthralled by the UFO and did not want it out of their sight. “We were on a terrace and our things were inside the house. I asked them to go find a cellphone and no one wanted to go, so as not to miss the spectacle.”

[NOTE: The apparent attraction that consecrated ground holds for unidentified flying objects has always been of interest. For more on this subject, click here.

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UFO Filmed Hovering Over Venezuelan Farmhouse | VIDEO

UFO Filmed Hovering Over Venezuelan Farmhouse 3-2-15

By Héctor Escalante

      A video taken from the Francisco Fajardo highway in the La Urbina in Sucre, Miranda Distributor La Urbina in Sucre, a municipality of Miranda, shows evidence of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hovering over a farmhouse in the town of Petare.

The video was made by Francisco Lemus, on March 2, 2015 at 09:29 am (HLV) with a smart cell phone while traveling on major highway, linking west to the east of Caracas.

In it you can see a dark, elongated object over the mountain. A specialist in aerospace, who asked not to be named, hesitated on the nature of the artifact and noted that the characteristics presented, does not appear to resemble any known aircraft. . . .

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Image of UFO Over Shanghai, Captured By Venezuelan Photographer

Image of UFO Over Shanghai, Captured By Venezuelan Photographer (400 px) 8-26-14

By Héctor Escalante

     A large unidentified flying object was photographed by chance, last August 26 around the International Financial Center in Shanghai ( Shanghai IFC Mall), located in its namesake city in eastern China.

The image was taken by Venezuelan photographer, Avelino Rodrigues, with a Samsung Galaxy brand mobile phone, model S4, at 10:30 pm, while he recording the Asian architecture.

The photographer, who was visiting Shanghai to cover 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing for a print medium, whom he works for in Caracas, told the journalist Héctor Escalante he did not observe anything unusual .

“When I took the picture I saw nothing, but then, when reviewing the phone, this got my attention and I went on to the other photos to see if anything came out, but there was nothing else,” he testified.

The UFO, which is ring-shaped and has about 10 points of light yellow at their lower edges, appears to be at a considerable height exceeding half of the tower.

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