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What if the Roswell Slides Saga is a Social Experiment or a Hoax?

What if the Roswell Slides Saga is a Social Experiment or a Hoax?

Gilles Fernandez
By Gilles Fernandez
Skeptics vs. Flying Saucer

Bullshit Saying

     In our previous article adressing the Roswell Slides Saga, we mainly focused on conventional leads from Child Mummy to an anatomical curiosity of some sort. But do the hypothesis of a social experiment or hoax something a true agnostic must take into account as a possibility regarding this saga? Our answer is yes, it is a possibility.

Does this new Adam Dew Team teaser look like a Social Experiment?

Pickled Sloth

What would be the lambda reactions if A. Dew have presented the following picture (see right) to street individuals? Alien? The answer of what is depicted here is at the end of this article.

First, at least two the protagonists and promoters of this saga have a “shady past” (to remain civil and respectful). So, Donald Schmitt have been the center of a scandal in the 90’s as I summarized in French in my book “Roswell : Rencontre du Premier Mythe”. In English and using your favorite search engine, there are several sources where the curious reader can find an overview of this scandal. For example, this section in Roswell Files web site.

Even worse, Jaime Maussan endorsed and publicized many hoaxes including CGI generated UFO videos presented as genuine or endorsed previous extraterrestrial creatures saga which have been proven as hoaxes. For example, the “famous” 2009 video from P. Hernandez & A. Quarillo of an UFO releasing spheres is for sure a CGI. People immersed in ufology still now have in mind the Jaime Maussan Metepec creature saga which was proven as another hoax. . . .

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The Roswell Slides Saga: Some Claims vs Some Facts

The Roswell Slides Saga: Some Claims vs Some Facts
“I do not know what this image represents. Therefore, it could be extraterrestrial faces”. Actually, no, not at all!

Gilles Fernandez
By Gilles Fernandez
Skeptics vs. Flying Saucer

      ATTENTION: This work is the result or the operation of a collective research team Roswell Slides and therefore represents a personal adaptation of this work. I tried as much as possible to credit the images, montages, etc. It is possible that I forgot the author for some, and I pray the kindly excuse me or let me know

Roswell Slides is a team based on “the principle of the White Paper”, ie bringing together people of all stripes and trends, skeptical historians, ufologists, psychologists, “anomalists” defending people rather exotic reality behind the UFO or not (UFO skeptics). Among its members (more than fifteen), we can count (apart from those wishing to remain anonymous):

• José Antonio Caravaca (read also the article by José appeared on the same day as mine: Mummy Is this the famous “Alien” in the Roswell Slides )

• Curt Collins

• Roger Glassel

• Paul Kimball

• Lance Moody

• Tim Printy

• Chris Rutkowski

and yours truly.

. . .


The “saga slide Roswell” UFO appeared in the microcosm there are about 1 and a half. Difficult to sum it all up! But best of all efforts to summarize in my humble opinion, and probably the one found on the website (in English) Blue Blurry Lines, held by Curt Collins entitled “Rowell Slides” or Fraud Prints.

In other words, from only slides, some investigators would be able to say that what is alien and is more accurately linked without doubt to the Roswell!

From only slides? Not just, not really … In fact, the main promoters of this saga is far from new entrants and “agnostic” such as would be expected for an alleged discovery of such magnitude.

Among the major developers, there is indeed Donald Schmitt, Tom Carey and Anthony Bragalia and therefore people who have a strong background, best-selling books and dozens of articles on the myth of Roswell. “I” am often returned to my book about Don Schmitt or on certain assertions Anthony Bragalia.

In short, these are people carrying the myth of Roswell (StoryTellers / Mythmakers in English) for years, so researchers really can not in any way be influenced by it when they encounter one or two slides which appears a small body they can not identify.

Consciously or not, these slides can only help some confirmation bias , to echo their own beliefs, behave “as a projective test”, plus some “mercantile” design …

In addition, it is added to this promotion, Jaime Maussan, which is far from being seriously held within the microcosm UFO advocate of exotic reality behind the UFO. See for example (the list of extraordinary claims “cans” or outright bidonnées would be very long and especially off-topic) “my” debunking one of his previous promo … This is to say and it s’ is by no means men of science or devoid of any critical sense and personal interest in promoting these slides (and draw some money or material to future bestseller) …

Finally, it is important to note that ancient storytellers / mythmakers the myth of Roswell, as Kevin Randle and David Rudiak had separated from the opinion and findings of the team promoting the slides. For example, include the bestselling author Kevin Randle :

What all this means, quite simply, and although the slides prove to the satisfaction of everyone as exposed and developed in 1947 or 1948, they will not be able to prove the extraterrestrial nature what is photographed. The mummies appear to be […] the best explanation of what the slide show or a mummy found in the desert. This has nothing to do with the Roswell case. . . .

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Do Foo Fighter Images Represent ‘The Real Foo Fighters?’

Foo Fighter Pic from Gilles Fernandez

By Gilles Fernandez

     Foo-Fighters are aerial phenomena (usually one or more white balls of light, yellow or red) reported on numerous occasions by the crews of the Allied air forces or Axis during the Second World War ( Wiki ).

I emphasized “reported” because all the research I have done to date leads me to note that no newspaper articles, military documents from the forties, i.e., any or all historical/graphical sources that have been made available—are not accompanied by a picture whatsoever. In other words, one would find that the evidence, i.e., reports, briefs etc., are just text, and there weren’t any photographs associated therein.

However, now with the onset of computers and the web, just type “foo fighters” in your favorite search engine and there are numerous vintage photographs illustrating or intended to illustrate the phenomenon.

In other words, when I became interested about 2010 in Foo-Fighters, since they are a recurring theme of ufology, I wondered if these photographs had not been added retrospectively by ufologists, while in no case do they actually represent the phenomenon.

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