Diamond-Shaped UFOs Over New York State

By Cheryl Costawww.syracusenewtimes.com1-30-15      The old saying goes “Diamond are a girl’s best friend” but the question is, what’s with the Diamond UFOs over New York? It was a little after 9 p.m. on September 27th, 2014 Hank, a Buffalo, NY resident went outside for a cigarette. While gazing […]

Brass Colored Disc Hovering Over Lake Erie | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

1957 UFO – A Brass Colored Disc Over Lake Erie By Cheryl Costawww.syracusenewtimes.com9-12-14      A high school student witnesses a brass colored disc over Lake Erie but it would be 57 years before we would know the depth of his sighting. On the afternoon of September 20th 1957 in […]