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Glowing UFOs Perform Odd Maneuvers | VIDEO

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

     This video will finally make you believe — that video editing software has come a long way.

There are a slew of inconsistencies in this UFO video, reportedly shot in Massachusetts. It’s unclear exactly when, where and by whom it was created. Shortly after the original video was posted, it was removed from YouTube “due to a copyright claim by Die Hoaxer.”

It all started with a YouTuber named Bobby Johnson, who wrote on his page that he videotaped UFOs from a rooftop in western Massachusetts. It shows a large, circular glowing orb hovering above street lights, homes and traffic. . . .

. . . If this is a video of an actual occurrence in the air, it’s also a bit odd that the videographer himself doesn’t seem excited in the least at what he supposedly is capturing on tape.

Further convoluting the whole issue is that earlier on Thursday, a YouTube video appeared, posted by someone named HOAXKiller1, outlining in detail why the UFO video is a complete fabrication. As the day progressed, HOAXKiller1’s video was removed from YouTube, with the following message: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by richard simmons.”

We’re already tired of these orbs. . . .

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Video of UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs – Labeled a Hoax | VIDEO

UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Video – Labeled a Hoax

By HOAXKiller1

* Note–original video has been removed by YouTube for alleged copyright violation

** Update: Since publication, the video by HOAXKiller1 (below) detailing how the original video was “created” has had a copyright claim against it and removed by YouTube. However, it can be viewed in toto at the link provided below (continue watching/reading).

   . . .This hoax has been confirmed. It turns out they animated some fake UFOs onto a photograph, and then displayed it onto a computer screen or TV, and used a video camera to record the screen. You can see the pixels of the screen when they zoom in.

This ‘recording a computer monitor: method is used by amateur hoaxers who don’t want to get caught by people like me (but still fail). Its a method used often. . . .

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UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation? | VIDEO

UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Into a Formation 1-13-15

     Editor’s note: A video published at YouTube (see below) on the 13th (2015) purporting to be a “UFO releasing glowing orbs” is going viral. The account is under “Bobby Johnson” and he in part writes:

“Weird UFO dropping glowing orbs in the distance. The UFOs went into formation before disappearing. Me and my neighbors watched this from my roof in western massachusetts”


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