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The Portent Portending: Synthetic Genomes Are Just a Click Away

Readers of my fiction know that synthetic biology was a sub-plot element in The Portent. Well, we’re moving down the road toward creating humans from scratch (or some sort of human derivative). This article describes a new process for creating a functioning gene.

What could go wrong?

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Bizarre, Glowing Sea Creatures Appear in the Pacific

Bizarre, Glowing Sea Creatures in the Pacific

     After three years of unprecedented warm water along the U.S. West Coast, sea temperatures in 2017 had finally cooled. Fat shrimplike krill had returned and again were providing rich meals for salmon. Sea lions and other marine mammals were no longer washing
By Craig Welch
National Geographic

ashore shriveled and starving. Things appeared to be getting back to normal.

Then they showed up.

Beginning this spring, millions of bizarre primitive-seeming jellyfish-like bioluminescent sea creatures—some more than two feet long—started gumming up research nets, glomming onto fishing hooks, and cascading onto beaches along the West Coast.

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DNA CRISPR Critters: We Shall Be as Gods

Have you read my novel, The Portent?  If so, the subject matter of the link below will sound familiar:

Gene Drives – Will Conqueror Biomolecular Bots Dictate a New Book of Life?

One of the sub-plots to The Portent is the use of genetic alteration and synthetic biology to create new species — or alien life forms, so as to create the fulfillment of that “discovery prediction.”

If you haven’t read it, perhaps intelligent fiction with theological twists isn’t for you.

And don’t forget — The Portent is the sequel to The Facade, so you’ll be lost without reading that first.

Check out the reviews on Amazon for both!

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