Space Serpent-like object spotted flying in front of Harvest Moon

A mysterious long ‘object’ traveled completely across the entire disk of the Harvest Moon as it had just rose above the horizon on October 5, 2017. Although I haven’t the slightest idea what this is, could it be a so-called Zeroid, a biological entity that may exist in outer space? […]

A Zeroid which inhabit the cosmic void crossing the Moon?

A camera that is said to have a super powerful lens captured an unidentified flying object close to the Moon. The video shows an unknown huge black shadow flying upwards across the base of the Moon going to the center. As the camera lens zooms in, the tip of the […]

Strange Polymorphic Anomaly in the sky over Miami, Fl

Everybody knows that we are constantly immersed in a soup of microorganisms, inside us and all around us, but we can’t see them, because they are very tiny, microscopic. The fact that we cannot see them do not implies that they do not exist. We have an intrinsic limitation in […]