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Clinton Aide Still Mum on UFOs

Webb Hubbell

     Last month, Canadian researcher Grant Cameron, arguably the leading authority on the Clinton administration’s dalliance with UFOs in the Nineties, condensed his research into an ebook called The Clinton UFO Storybook: ET Politics in The White House. It’s gotten a little buzz here and there, The Washington Times, Coast to Coast AM, nothing major, despite the fact that big-media outfits like The New York Times and The Washington Post weren’t shy about rehashing the two-decade old story earlier this year.

“In the end nothing much changed,” states Cameron in an email to De

By Billy Cox
De Void

Void, reflecting on the tepid critical feedback. “People are still busy chasing stories about the latest light in the sky. I thought it might take off but not too surprised it didn’t.”

As Hillary Clinton prepares to accept the Democratic nomination for POTUS tonight, however, Cameron looks back on his long investigation – an investigation that ultimately provided the backdrop for informed queries into HRC’s curiosity about UFOs – with at least a measure of satisfaction. “The biggest thrill of the whole thing was the incident that got me to do the book,” he notes. “That was the statement that Hillary made to (New Hampshire newspaper reporter Draymond) Steer in 2007 telling him that the most requested FOIA item at the Clinton Library was UFOs. At that point I had actually given all my Clinton documents away thinking that waiting for a break from the White House was a big waste of time. When she referenced my FOIAs I thought, ‘Wow they are actually paying attention.’”

Anyhow, given the imminent history-making occasion in Philadelphia, De Void can’t help but flash back to a weird and futile email exchange, beginning in 2012, with the man President Clinton dispatched to prowl around for UFO records 20 years ago. Like some Kung Fu zenmaster, former associate Attorney General Webb Hubbell resisted De Void’s email quest for details with an enigmatic reply: “The answers to all your questions will be revealed.” (???) He batted back all subsequent questions with indifference.

Well, a few weeks ago, looking to promote his latest murder-mystery thriller, Hubbell discharged yet another email blast to media outlets. And with all the enthusiasm of his Confederate ancestors’ assault on Cemetery Ridge, De Void decided to make one more last-gasp pass at the sphinx.

To Webb Hubbell, 7/28/16, 10:29 a.m.: OK, just for the sake of due diligence, I’ll be happy to promote your book if you’ll tell me about your attempts to learn more about UFOs under the Clinton administration. Thanks (again) for your consideration. Regards, bcox

To Billy Cox, 7/28/16, 10:52 a.m.: When Hillary is elected she says she will reveal all I discovered. Your answers are near. W.

To Webb Hubbell, 7/28/16, 11:01 a.m.: I’m not entirely certain she actually said that. Is this something you know for a fact, or just something you believe to be true?

To Billy Cox, 7/28/2016, 11:07 a.m.: Only what I have read. W.

To Webb Hubbell, 7/28/16, 11:11 a.m.: No desire to go on record to see if it will square with what she ultimately delivers? It would make a great yardstick.

To Billy Cox, 7/28/16, 11:13 a.m.: They have the right to decide first. I’ll decide what to do after the election. W.

To Webb Hubbell, 7/28/16, 11:15 a.m.: Well, OK, appreciate the feedback. Keep me in mind when/if you decide to go into detail. Thanks.

To Billy Cox, 7/28/16, 11:19 a.m.: Will do. W.

And the check’s in the mail, the only TV I watch is PBS, I can get another 20 miles on empty, we’ll get right on it, he’s never bitten anyone before, it’s supposed to make that noise, we can still be good friends, etc. etc.

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UFO Psychodrama with President Clinton’s Former Associate, Attorney General Webster “Webb” Hubbell

Webb Hubbell

A Webb of confusion

     De Void’s UFO psychodrama with President Clinton’s former associate Attorney General Webster “Webb” Hubbell briefly defied rigor mortis last week in yet another round of pointless emails. For latecomers to this adventure of the mind, here’s the cheat sheet first:

Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice, Little Rock mayor, and Rose Law Firm partner with Hillary Clinton in the 1970s, Hubbell joined the Clinton Justice Department in 1993. The erstwhile Razorback offensive tackle resigned in 1994 during a tax fraud investigation, which produced an indictment and a conviction. After pulling time in the clanger, Hubbell in his 1997 autobiography Friends In High Places dropped a weird little teaser about how No. 42 assigned him to gather previously undisclosed information about UFOs and the JFK assassination. Webb wrote he didn’t have any luck, and he let it go at that. But his claims begged for elucidation.

By Billy Cox
De Void

In 2012, with a former CIA agent stating he discovered a smoking-gun cache of Roswell evidence in the Agency’s archives in 1995, De Void contacted Hubbell for a response. What followed was a protracted and bizarre exchange that – fshhzzt! – simply fizzled out like a little party balloon. Still, De Void continued to receive Webb’s email blasts because he’s writing books now, nonfiction this time, thrillers evidently. Earlier this month, I got another one touting the upcoming release of quote “the next Jack Patterson Thriller, A Game of Inches, which comes out in May.”

So what the hell, right?

To Webb Hubbell, 2/17/16, 4:18 p.m.: How about a comment or two on the Hillary/Podesta advocacy for transparency on UFOs?

Two minutes later …

To Billy Cox, 2/17/16, 4:20 p.m.: That’s a good idea. W


To Webb Hubbell, 2/17/16, 4:21 p.m.: Seriously, it could help promote your book.

To Billy Cox, 2/17/16, 5:19 p.m.: I’m serious. good idea. W

OK dude. Don’t blow it. Don’t come off all lovesick and craven. Let him sleep on it.

To Webb Hubbell, 2/18/16, 9:13 a.m. Great. Should we do a phoner, or would you prefer a list of email questions?

No reply. But it’s Thursday. Give him the weekend to climb into the attic and lug down all those boxloads of notes.

The weekend comes and goes. Monday comes and goes. Now it’s Tuesday.

To Webb Hubbell, 2/23/16, 10:00 a.m.: Cold feet? I get that. Still – it’s time this country had the long overdue adult conversation. I hope you’ll be a part of it.

To Billy Cox, 2/23/16, 10:13 a.m.: Don’t have cold feet. Its not March yet. W.

Hunh? Doesn’t the weather start to warm up in March? Maybe he’s in the Southern Hemisphere. Either way, screw it, the bobber’s still twitching.

To Webb Hubbell, 2/23/16, 1:26 p.m.: OK, here goes: Was there any context for your assignment to look for UFO records? In other words, were you aware of any longstanding interest by the Clintons in the phenomenon before they got to the White House? Did you ask why President was interested in this subject?

Do you remember exactly when President Clinton initially contacted you about researching UFOs/JFK? Was the assignment a surprise to you, or had you sort of been expecting it? Personally, I might’ve thought someone with military or intelligence credentials would be better positioned to dig for this stuff.

Did you ask for an intelligence briefing on the subject? If so, who did that for you and what were you told? How much time did you devote to your research? Was it just you or did you have staffers helping out? With what agencies or individuals did you consult? Did you check in with John Gibbons at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy? How much did you know about Laurance Rockefeller’s lobbying efforts to bring transparency to this issue? Any interaction with John Podesta on UFOs during this period? When you stated you didn’t find anything, was it because there was nothing there, or was it because you ran into a wall of classification? Were you satisfied with the access you got? When and why did you conclude your search? And how surprised are you today that Podesta and Hillary aren’t afraid to talk about an issue that most politicians wouldn’t touch without strapping themselves into hazmat suits?

Evidently the Clinton library has released more than 7,000 pages of files on the JFK assassination. Were you surprised by anything you discovered on that end?

Again, I’ll be happy to mention your book.

No reply. He’s probably deliriously ecstatic about having his literary endeavors promoted in De Void. I’ll give him a night to steady his nerves. He’ll probably have something waiting for me in my inbox first thing in the morning.

To Webb Hubbell, 2/24/16, 3:05 p.m.: OK, just for the sake of clarity, you were just pulling my chain, right?

The day goes by. Then another day. And another. This is soooo not the way to get De Void to rave about the next Jack Patterson Thriller.

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Alien Hunter’s Guide to the 2016 Election

Alien Hunter’s Guide to the 2016 Election

By Daniel Oberhaus

     Of all the fringe interest groups orbiting the landscape of American politics, there are perhaps none quite as maligned as those committed to uncovering the truth about extraterrestrial life. In recent elections, these UFO advocates have mostly laid low, ignored—if not openly mocked—by politicians seeking higher office. But as the 2016 race gets officially underway, alien hunters are starting to wonder if this election might be different.

The group got some high-profile encouragement last month from none other than Hillary Clinton. In an interview with a small New Hampshire newspaper, the Democratic presidential candidate promised that, if elected, she would share whatever information exists about the government’s contact with extraterrestrials.

“I’m going to get to the bottom of it,” Clinton told the Conway Daily Sun. “I think we may have been [visited already]. We don’t know for sure.” […]

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Hillary Clinton Talks UFOs and Area 51! – Open Minds UFO Report

Welcome to the Open Minds UFO Report! We bring you the latest UFO news on weekly basis, with interviews from news makers and UFO researchers. You won’t want to miss an episode!

Stories in this week’s show:

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The Clinton Chronicles

Daily News @ http://globalpoliticalawakening.blogspot.com — Why does the media cover-up all of President/Governor Clinton’s crimes?

Most people think that the biggest felony made by Bill Clinton might be that he swore falsely under oath in the Lewinsky affair. But this is peanuts compared to the real crimes, yet undetected by most American people.


It was in Oxford as a student Clinton came to hear about the One World Government for the first time, and what was required to be a member of this New World Order. In an interview in 1994 Clinton said that he’d known about the “Shadow-government” already in his youth, and had been very enthusiastic to get an entrance into the “Inner Circle” and from there have the opportunity to participate in decisions regarding the future of the world.

He succeeded! The “President-maker” David Rockefeller met Clinton in the mid 80’s in Arkansas to prepare him for what was to come. The State of Arkansas, by the way, is a major seat for the Brotherhood elite. The south branch of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry has its center here, and from this area Albert Pike (33 degree Freemason) created the Ku Klux Klan.


Clinton worked himself up rapidly and became a governor of Arkansas. As a governor Bill Clinton committed a series of high crimes, related to his Illuminati connection. He became the leader of a gigantic network which dealt with drug-smuggling, laundering of drug-money and corruption in general.

A good friend of Clinton from Arkansas, Larry Nichols, was interviewed in a film. Clinton thought that Nichols would keep his mouth shut, but he didn’t. He was hired by Clinton and had found out that Clinton’s firm, “Arkansas Development Finance Authority” (ADFA), laundered drug-money. Cocaine to a value of $10.000.000 (ten million dollars!) a week was flown in from Mena Airport in Arkansas. The money was laundered via ADFA to a bank in Florida, to a bank in Georgia, to Citycorp in New York, and from there it was transferred out of the country. All this regarding to Larry Nichols.

Clinton’s best friend, Dan Lasater, led the operations. Lasater and Bill Clinton’s brother, Roger Clinton, later spent time in jail due to drug related crimes.

The Chief of Police in Arkansas at that time, Doc Delaughter, said he had gathered information from many persons in Lasater’s surroundings, how he smuggled drugs and abused young girls sexually. During those investigations Doc was harassed by persons from his own police department, paid by Clinton.

Bill Clinton created new laws that helped “Tyson Foods” to be the biggest company in Arkansas. The owner, Don Tyson, received a loan from the Clinton-owned ADFA, but never had to pay back. Doc says he has evidence enough against Tyson to start an investigation regarding illegal drug-trade. Nichols says in the film:

The first loan ADFA approved was to “Park-O-Meter” … When I investigated the company, I found that the Directive Secretary and cashier was Webb Hubbell … Guess who wrote the law proposition … which made ADFA possible. Webb Hubbell. Guess who drove the law proposition which looked into- and admitted (Park-O-Meter’s) request. “Rose Law Firm” (owned by Hillary Clinton). Who signed the admittance? Webb Hubbell and Hillary Clinton.

Nichols said that when journalists started investigating the loans to “Park-O-Meter”, they discovered that the company did not make parking meters, but removable airplane nose-cones, delivered to the air-field in Mena. The equipment was used to smuggle narcotics into the country, and with this Clinton and his companions participated heavily to the pushing of street-drugs in the USA.

Nichols says further that Clinton most of the time was involved in drug trade and the people he surrounded himself with followed him all the way to the White House.


Full Article:


“When there’s no one left to tell the people the truth, the people will believe what the media tells them they believe.”

—George Orwell

It’s time to Wake Up! You, too, can join the Global Political Awakening!

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Mother Jones Bobbled the Ball in its ‘ETs for Hillary’ Piece

Mother Jones Bobbled the Ball in its ‘ETs for Hillary’ Piece

There’s no business like …

By Billy Cox
De Void

     Hillary Clinton’s Nixonesque relationship with her email account as Secretary of State may ultimately force the Dems to scramble for a Plan B to retain the White House, but the longer she stays in the limelight, the better. Last week, Mother Jones became the latest media outfit to go snooping around the perimeters of the Clinton admin’s flirtation with The Great Taboo. And as the 2016 campaign yawns on, who knows, maybe somebody with decent resources and perspective can actually get it right.

Building a rep for watchdog rabble-rousing on its ability to flesh out the sorts of primary sources traditional media tend to ignore, Mother Jones bobbled the ball in its April 5 “ETs for Hillary” piece, but the effort nevertheless inched the controversy justthismuch closer to the mainstream. And that’s about all we can hope for at this point. To his credit, reporter A.J. Vicens made a dutiful query to Team Hillary for insights into what happened 20 years ago, which elicited this throwaway riposte: “Our non-campaign has a strict policy of not commenting on extraterrestrial activity. BUT, the Truth Is Out There”. (Ha! Good ‘un! Never heard that before!) But Vicens was largely content to let outsiders Stephen Bassett and Michael Salla speculate at will. On the other hand, Vicens’ reporting left a lot of unconnected dots hanging around out there. And it’s probably safe to say this was the first time MJ readers ever encountered the so-called Rockefeller Initiative, Bill Clinton’s fidgety former Office of Science and Technology Policy director Jack Gibbons and, more recently, former Clinton White House chief of staff John Podesta’s Twitter lamentation on his failure to acquire federal UFO files during .

In fairness, Vicens also attempted unsuccessfully to contact Podesta and Gibbons for comment. What he might’ve discovered had he dug a little deeper is that those in a position to know something either never respond at all or speak only in controlled venues. For instance, trying to get former Clinton Associate Attorney General Webb Hubbell to elaborate on his futile efforts to retrieve UFO material for his boss is practically an exercise in mysticism.

Actually, there is one name in this slippery mix the Mother Jones audience might remember — Chase Brandon. Brandon’s name surfaced in the magazine’s pages in 1998, during an expose on the mysterious death of one of The Agency’s former covert operatives, Monte Overacre, in Guatemala. Lesser known is how, also during the Nineties, while Hubbell conducted his snipe hunt for UFO data, Brandon actually located Roswell documents buried in The Agency’s Historical Intelligence Collection archives. Or at least he said he did, during a national radio interview in 2012. Although a PIO at Langley countered by saying historians couldn’t find the stuff, not even Brandon’s former boss, now-retired CIA Director Robert Gates, would contradict his claims. But Brandon hasn’t uttered a peep on the matter ever since. Critics said he probably fabricated the Roswell story three years ago to boost sales of his new novel.

Anyhow, between now and 2016, where do we look for more clues about what happened during the Clinton years on the UFO front? Fittingly, in this era of the big-media journalism implosion, the edge goes to entertainment, and specifically, Jimmy Kimmel. As a late-night comic, Kimmel is free to ask whatever he wants without having to feel self-conscious or to clear his curiosity with squirrely editors. Last year, he put Bill Clinton in the UFO chair, and last month it was President Obama’s turn. And Kimmel he pointed out to No. 44, “Now you know there are a lot of people who are gonna examine your facial expressions here, every twitch, everything …”

And of course, that’s exactly what happened. The body-language analyses on both presidents were conducted by Ben Hansen, former lead investigator for SyFy Channel’s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” series. And both assessments are worth watching because they’re, well, let’s just say it, entertaining. After spending 36 minutes profiling Clinton’s performance and another 40 minutes on Obama’s kinesiology, Hansen makes a cogent case that both chief executives exhibited signs of stress during the outwardly jocular and light-hearted confab.

Certified in forensic interviewing techniques, having invested countless hours with the Utah County sex crimes task force interviewing victims and perpetrators, the former FBI agent said the Clinton/Obama nonverbal tells were relatively easy to spot, and that the high-def picture quality of Obama’s altered breathing rate provided a real windfall in detail.

What makes those brief Q&A’s especially noteworthy, he adds, is the likelihood that both men were given advance notice of Kimmel’s agenda. “I think it’d be a great liability for a president to say, sure I’ll agree to anything you want to talk about,” says Hansen. “So the idea that there was probably a forewarning about the subject matter makes it even more interesting. Neither was under oath or giving a deposition, but both showed fairly significant shifts in their demeanor when the UFO questions came up.”

There’s not much else to be done with this latest chapter of Reading The Tea Leaves. So far, no feedback on his conclusions from the Obama-Clinton-Kimmel camps. Hansen says he spent at least 80 hours producing and editing the Clinton/Obama exchanges, and “it’s fun but it doesn’t pay the bills.” Frankly, he adds, “I hope Kimmel doesn’t interview any more presidents (about UFOs) for awhile.” But what if he booked Hillary and threw The Great Taboo at her? “That,” Hansen says, “would be awesome.”

And that, as they say, would be entertainment.

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Talking UFOs with Kimmel stressed out Clinton

According to a body language analysis posted online, Bill Clinton may have been hiding something when he answered questions about UFOs on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The analysis was done by Ben Hansen, host of the TV show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Hansen believes Clinton showed signs of “significant apprehension, stress, and guarded behavior.”

Ben Hansen

Ben Hansen

Hansen says on his TV show they interview a lot of people to find out if they are telling the truth about their paranormal encounters, and he was getting a lot of questions from fans about Kimmel’s interview with Clinton on UFOs and aliens. He says on Fact or Faked they used a lot of techniques to identify deception, and he decided to look at Clinton’s non-verbal communication during the interview to see what he could find.

Hansen also has a background in law enforcement, although he admits he is not an expert in the field of non-verbal communication. He has degrees in sociology and criminology, and has been involved with state level investigations, primarily child sex crimes and white collar crimes. He has also worked with federal law enforcement. So, while he doesn’t have a degree in non-verbal communication, he does have a lot of experience using it.

Hansen says he saw immediate changes in Clinton’s demeanor when Kimmel began asking questions about UFOs. For most of the interview Clinton had his feet flat and was gesturing with both hands. When the UFO conversation started, Clinton crossed his legs and got a better grip on the arms of the chair. Hansen says folded arms and legs can indicate a defensive stance, close-mindedness, or an attempt to conceal information.

Fact or FakedKimmel’s first question was if Clinton had looked into UFOs. Hansen says Clinton didn’t seem to be able to get the chronology right in his answer, and the details didn’t make sense. He noted that Clinton says he did “sort of” look into UFOs, but it wasn’t until his second term, but then seemed to backtrack on that timing. Clinton also mentioned people beleiving aliens were at Area 51 because workers had to wear special clothing. Hansen says special clothing has never been an aspect of the Area 51 alien rumors.

In fact, Hansen thinks perhaps Clinton shared, or was trying not to share information that is not public knowledge. Hansen says several times it seemed Clinton stopped himself from saying things. Hansen wonders if Clinton had more to share.

Hansen says he also found incidents of incongruence between what Clinton said and his body language. For instance, Clinton said he looked into Roswell and had “everything” checked. However, he shook his head, as in a “no” gesture when he said this. Hansen wonders what this subconscious “no” could mean. He speculates perhaps it means, no, Clinton did not find a cover-up; he was frustrated with the outcome of his Roswell findings; or perhaps, no, he didn’t really have the papers reviewed.

Hansen also argues that there were no Roswell files to review. Hansen references a report by the General Accounting Office (GAO) in 1995. It was in response to a request by New Mexico Congressman Steve Schiff to look into the Roswell UFO files. The report states that administrative and communication files of the Roswell Army Air Field between 1946 and 1949 were destroyed. Thus, to Hansen, this raises further suspicions that Clinton is being deceitful in his answer.

However, the GAO report does say that other files were reviewed, including Air Force crash reports and UFO files. They mention two documents in particular pertaining to the incident. One is a history report that refers to the recovery of a “flying disc” that was later determined to be a weather balloon, and the other was an FBI memo of the recovery of a weather balloon that was being investigated at Wright-Patterson, but was of no concern to the FBI.

Either way, Hansen points out that Clinton never went on to say there was no evidence of UFOs or aliens involved with Roswell. Although, Clinton did say they didn’t find any aliens at Area 51.

Area 51 warning signs.

Area 51 warning signs.

Hansen notes other instances of Clinton clinching his jaw, looking away from Kimmel, and closing his eyes. All of these are indications to Hansen that Clinton was concealing his feelings, stressed, and perhaps being deceitful.

Hansen notes that when Clinton felt the UFO questions were finished he went back to being relaxed and articulate. He did not stammer or avert his eyes, as he did during the UFO questions.

That is until Kimmel hit him with an unexpected question. Clinton had mentioned how there is growing evidence that extraterrestrial life exists, and it is “increasingly less likely that we are alone.” Kimmel quipped, “Oh, you are trying to give me a hint that there are aliens.”

Hansen says Clinton seemed set aback by the question, and notes that while Clinton tells Kimmel “no,” he nods “yes.” Further evidence that this question stressed Clinton is that he seemed to be oblivious of Kimmel’s sarcasm. Hansen says people experiencing stress or fear have a hard time processing sarcasm.

Hansen highlights many other instances to support his theories in the 35 minute plus YouTube video. However, his final thoughts are that there is “Evidence of significant apprehension, stress, and guarded behavior. Several times when he started down a road and stopped himself in awkward ways as if he was about to say something he shouldn’t.”

Hansen speculates that perhaps Clinton knows more about UFOs and aliens than he lets on, or perhaps he was frustrated by his inability to find out more while he was president. Another possibility, says Hansen, is that he found out just enough to indicate to him that he better stop looking into it out of a sense of duty to his country.

Clinton answering UFO questions on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Clinton answering UFO questions on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Hansen suspects that maybe whatever he discovered could be the reason he “wouldn’t be surprised” if we were visited by ET today. Then again, I have to admit I get stressed out and am very careful of the words I choose when I talk about UFOs and aliens in social settings. There is the inevitable eye-rolling , and there is always the fear that you will be taken less seriously if you are pegged as a “UFO guy.”

Another possibility for Clinton’s stress could be that while president he signed a Presidential Determination that allowed “The Air Force’s Operating Location Near Groom Lake, Nevada (Area 51)” to be exempt from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. This allowed the Air Force and the EPA to get out of a law suit brought forth by victims and their families of former employees at Area 51 who had been told to burn toxic chemicals in open pits. Many of the employees got sick and some died. Could a guilty conscious cause the anxiety Hansen observed?

It is hard to say what was stressing Clinton out while he talked UFOs with Kimmel. His interactions with Laurance Rockefeller, and his Chief of Staff’s alien interests are another couple UFO skeletons in Clinton’s closet. What else could be lurking in there? Check out Hansen’s analysis and tell us what you think.

The post Talking UFOs with Kimmel stressed out Clinton appeared first on Openminds.tv.

Bill Clinton talks about UFOs and Area 51 again

Even though it is Jimmy Carter who famously had a UFO sighting, Bill Clinton seems to be the one who talks the most about them, and he is open to the idea of extraterrestrial visitation.  He has a long history of association with the UFO subject and Area 51 that spans back throughout his presidency.

UFO buffs, and reporters, where poised at their televisions last night, ready to find out if Jimmy Kimmel would keep his promise when the other night he said he would ask Clinton about UFOs when he came on the show. Kimmel kept his promise, and in typical Kimmel fashion, in a light hearted and funny way. However, he did get some interesting and heartfelt comments from the former president.

Kimmel brought up the subject by saying that if he were president he would immediately go find out about UFOs. He said, “I probably wouldn’t even finish the oath. I would run to the White House. I’d demand to see all of the classified files on the UFOs because I want to know. I want to know what has been going on. Did you do that?”

Clinton replied, “Sort of.”

Clinton said he began looking into it at the beginning of his second term, during the 50th anniversary of the alleged Roswell UFO crash. Kimmel was surprised he waited so long. Clinton also said he looked into Area 51.

Clinton says there was a sci-si movie that about an alien being held in Area 51. So he says he first had people look into Area 51 to find out if there really was an alien down there. He says he found out it was a secret base, and that the people who worked there even had to wear special clothing, but that they were dealing with secret stealth technology, not aliens.

As for Roswell, he says he knew they were going to receive “zillions” of letters about it for the anniversary, so he had all of the Roswell papers reviewed. Clinton didn’t get into the results of that inquiry before Kimmel’s next question, but we do know from previous comments that Clinton says he found no evidence of aliens at Roswell either. More on the later…

As soon as Clinton mentioned he had the Roswell files reviewed, Kimmel asked, “If you saw that there were aliens there would you tell us?”

Clinton replied that he would, to which the crowd clapped. He then said:

What do we know now? We know we live in an ever expanding universe. We know that there are billions of stars and planets, literally, out there, and the universe is getting bigger. We know from our fancy telescopes that just in the last two years more than 20 planets have been identified outside of our solar system that seem to be far away enough from their suns and dense enough that they might be able to support some form of life. So, it makes it increasingly less likely that we are alone.

Kimmel suggested, “Oh, you are trying to give me a hint that there are aliens.”

Clinton replied, “No, I am trying to tell you I don’t know, but if we were visited some day I wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope it’s not like Independence Day the movie. “

Finally, Clinton embarked some sentiments, similar to those given by Reagan in the 80s and repeated several times, that if there was an alien threat that humans would need to unite and forget our petty difference. He noted that was the point behind the Independence Day movie.

Clinton’s UFO History

Clinton wasn’t kidding when he says he looked into UFOs during his presidency. In fact, a story that would make Kimmel proud was printed in a book by Clinton’s friend William Hubbell.

Hubbell was a friend of the Clintons from Arkansas, and was actually indicted for fraud in the Whitewater scandals. Before his indictment he was assigned to the Attorney General’s office as the Associate Attorney General. Hubbell wrote in his book Friends in High Places:

Clinton had said, ‘”If I put you over at Justice, I want you to find the answers to two questions for me,” Hubbell recounts. “One, who killed JFK. And two, are there UFOs?” Clinton was dead serious. I had looked into both, but wasn’t satisfied with the answers I was getting.

In a speech he gave in Belfast in Northern Ireland in 1995, Clinton brought up Roswell. He said, “I got a letter from 13-year-old Ryan from Belfast. Now, Ryan, if you’re out in the crowd tonight, here’s the answer to your question. No, as far as I know, an alien spacecraft did not crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. And, Ryan, if the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies, they didn’t tell me about it, either, and I want to know.”

Someone else who wanted to know was Laurence Rockefeller. Laurance, one of the Rockefeller heirs, worked diligently during Clinton’s administration to fund research into UFOs, and to get official government information released.

Laurance, who passed in 2004, was by no means a black sheep of the powerful Rockefeller family. He held a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, and was the founding trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund for forty-two years. He was a venture capitalist who was involved with, among other things, the rise of the computer era. He helped shape history, and before he passed he wanted the public to be informed about UFOs.

Researcher Grant Cameron, who runs the website HillaryClintonUFO.net, was able to retrieve documents through the Freedom of Information Act that showed Rockefeller was soliciting help from Hillary’s staff on drafting a document to President Bill Clinton in 1995.  The title of the document was Lifting Secrecy on Information About Extraterrestrial Intelligence as Part of the Current Classification Review.

The Clintons never did publicly involve themselves with Rockefeller’s quest for UFO truth, but like he told Kimmel, Clinton did make his own inquiries. Another time when he discussed his Area 51 and Roswell investigation was after his presidency in Hong Kong in 2005.

Clinton took part in a Q and A session with an audience for CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, a large independent equity broker and financial services group. The moderator asked Clinton if there was a list that was passed from president to president with a list of secrets like “’Where is Jimmie Hoffa?” and “What really happened at Roswell?” He added, “Is there something for us to look forward to that will be released that will make the National Inquirer required reading?”

Clinton chuckled, and although he wasn’t asked about it, his answer mostly referenced Area 51:

Well, I don’t know if you all remember this, but there was actually, when I was president in my second term, there was an anniversary observance of Roswell. You Remember that? People came to Roswell, New Mexico from all over the world. And, um… and there is also a site in Nevada where people were convinced that the government had buried a UFO and perhaps an alien deep underground, because we wouldn’t allow anybody to go there. And um… I can say now, because it has now been released into the public domain, I actually had so many people in my own administration convinced that Roswell was a fraud, but this place in Nevada was really serious, there was an alien artifact there. So, I actually sent someone there to figure it out, and it was actually just a secret defense installation, alas, doing boring work that we just didn’t want anybody else to see.

This wasn’t the first time Clinton referenced Area 51. He was forced to do so in 1994. Due to the burning of unknown chemicals at Area 51, several civilian contractors got sick and two of them died. Five of these employees, who remained unnamed, and the families of two of the deceased sued the US Air Force and the EPA in 1994.

The Air Force had a difficult time denying the existence of the base to the media, while at the same time acknowledging the law suit existed. Because of its secret nature, the Air Force said they could not reveal the chemicals that were being burnt at the base, and President Clinton reinforced this decision with a Presidential Determination which exempted “The Air Force’s Operating Location Near Groom Lake, Nevada” from environmental disclosure laws. Thus, the victims’ case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence. The determination requires being reviewed and renewed every year, and every president since Clinton has done so.

The determination did not include the name Area 51, because the name of the base was officially classified until recently. In fact, President Obama had the honor of being the first president to speak the name of the base. Clinton’s appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel may, in fact, be the first time he has uttered those words in public.

Clinton’s UFO Buddy

Johh Podesta was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff and aided in Obama’s transition into the White House in 2008, and is currently a White House advisor. He is also known to be a sci-fi enthusiast, and has been involved with efforts to get the government to disclose all it knows about the UFO phenomenon.

John Podesta (Image from www.americanprogress.org)

John Podesta (Image from www.americanprogress.org)

Podesta served on Clinton’s staff from 1993 until Clinton left office. His final position was as Clinton’s Chief of Staff. He has remained influential in politics through a liberal think tank that he founded called the Center for American Progress.

It has always been known that Podesta is a big sci-fi buff. He made headlines during his tenure in the White House when he had an X-files themed birthday party. He was especially keen on that TV series. For a man at his level to have an interest in sci-fi is not that unusual. However, the depth of his interest in UFOs was revealed when he spoke at a press conference at the National Press Club asking the government to release its secret files on UFOs so that scientists can determine the nature of the phenomena.

In 2002 the Coalition for the Freedom of Information headed by journalist Leslie Kean, along with the Sci-Fi channel (now SyFy), held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to address the issue of secrecy regarding the subject of UFOs. At that meeting Podesta stated, “It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old, and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon.” He made this comment in front of several major media representatives in attendance. The video can be seen below.

Clinton by far, more than any other president, has demonstrated the biggest presidential interest in UFOs. Every time he has talked on the subject he has left open the possibility that there could be more to the subject than we know. It seems he has been open to the idea of alien visitation for some time, even before it was cool. And yes, it is now very cool to believe in aliens.

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