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11 crazy Bigfoot conspiracy theories

11 crazy Bigfoot conspiracy theories

Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, chances are you live pretty close to somebody who does: Sasquatch sightings have been reported in every state but Hawaii over the course of several centuries. In the process, a number of bizarre theories have been put forth to explain how the mysterious beasts came to be, reproduce, and constantly evade us.

1. A DNA test proved that Bigfoot is a part-human hybrid…and deserves U.S.

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PEERANORMAL Episode 11: Bigfoot DNA

Back in 2012 the world heard that Bigfoot DNA had been isolated and genetically tested under controlled laboratory conditions. Those involved claimed that the testing had proven the existence of Bigfoot (aka, Sasquatch), and that the creature was a hybrid between modern homo sapiens and an unknown primate species.In a short time, the story unraveled and the research was scrutinized by experts revealing a number of flaws. But this was not the only attempt at producing genetic evidence for Bigfoot. There were earlier and subsequent tests. Is there genuine evidence for Bigfoot DNA?

The episode is now live.

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Hiker spotted footprints of the Yeti in remote area of the Himalayas

A strange trail in remote area of the Himalayas could come from the mysterious Yeti, according to hiker Steve Berry who spotted the footprint-like tracks on Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutan.

Rather than the footprints belong to the legendary Yeti, experts believe the tracks could belong to a goat, however, a yak herder told Mr. Berry he had seen the yeti about 11 years earlier.

The creature covered in long dun brown-colored hair was about 100 yards from me, before it disappeared. Furthermore the Yeti put one foot directly in front of the other and these tracks are similar to the tracks of the Yeti I have seen, the Yak herder said to Mr. Berry.

Another interesting detail, the area of the supposed footprints of the Yeti is located in the same region of the Himalayas (see above image) where Google Earth has blacked out a large part of a mountain peak and where locals witnesses strange apparitions and suspicious objects.


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2015 Begins with ‘Crystal Clear Photo’ of Bigfoot?

Bigfoot at Hillsborough River, Tampa, Florida 12-26-14

Fisherman Says He Saw Bigfoot Bathing … And He Sent Us A Picture!

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

      One occupational hazard of reporting on unexplained phenomena: You can always count on waking up in the morning to find an email from someone swearing that they’ve just seen Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, a hybrid human alien or a UFO on the moon.

2015 began with a photo from John Rodriguez, a 66-year-old retired electrician, who claims that he was fishing Dec. 26 on the Hillsborough River near northeast Tampa, Florida, and came upon an incredible sight.

“I fish for gar in the river and I bring my camera to take pictures of the birds and what not. I heard a squishing sound, looked over and saw this thing walking through the water and crouch down in the duck weed. It did not look like a guy in a suit — it was definitely an animal. I took this picture and got out of there as fast as I could.” . . .

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Megan Fox defends her “1000%” belief in UFOs

Megan Fox defended her belief in UFOs and other paranormal phenomena in a MTV News interview yesterday.

Megan Fox making her case for UFOs. (Credit: MTV)

Megan Fox making her case for UFOs. (Credit: MTV)

Fox is promoting her new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which hits movie theaters today. She plays April O’Neil, a strong-willed reporter who is friends with the turtles. In the interview, MTV’s Josh Horowitz points out that, like her character in the movie, Fox also believes the paranormal.

Megan Fox on set in New York during the filming of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Megan Fox on set in New York during the filming of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Fox, knowing where he is headed, gets a kind of “OK. Let’s get this over with.” attitude with Horowitz, who clearly finds her beliefs amusing.

They begin talking about bigfoot, and Fox points out that science is making new discoveries all of the time. She says she doesn’t think it is too strange we have not found them yet, “because it is intelligent enough not to be found.”

Horowitz then asked her if she believed in UFOs. Fox replied, “Yes… yes 1000%.”

She asks rhetorically, “How can you not believe?”

Defending her belief in UFOs, she asks, “If they are a more advanced species, why would we be able to find them if they don’t want to be found?”

Horowitz argued, “It just seems like a convenient excuse is all I am saying.”

To which Fox responded, “But until we find things, they had been previous unfound, yet they still exist.”

Horowitz continued to ask her about the paranormal, and she said she did believe in all of it. She even went on to describe a ghostly encounter she had in Mexico.

Fox seemed to be a bit annoyed by Horowitz who kept laughing about her beliefs, demonstrating that even A-list actresses need to endure being made fun of in public when they share their paranormal perspectives.

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Look Who’s Still Here! Bailey Bigfoot!


Nestled in the heart of Bailey, Colorado, sits the Bailey Country Store. This is not just any ordinary country store, but a country store which is also known as, “The Sasquatch Outpost”. Operated by Jim and Daphne Myers, the store carries essential goods from groceries and household products, to camping and hiking supplies, to you guessed it, lots of Sasquatch Stuff! Not only do they carry Bigfoot goodies, but also have pictures posted of local Bigfoot evidence and a large map which guests can mark the location of their own personal Bigfoot sighting. John hears all the latest stories and sightings from the locals, and will be the first to tell you, “BigFoot Exists!”

I headed back to Bailey in May of this year to follow-up on some of my previous Bigfoot  investigations in that area and to also touch base with a couple of witnesses located there. I had learned early last year there were footprints found not far from an investigation I did which was featured on Animal Planet’s, “Finding Bigfoot”, so I wanted to go to that area and look for any new evidence.


On January 15th, 2013, foot prints were found in the snow at this location, 2 miles from downtown Bailey. Since this is an active investigation, the witness asked that the exact location not be publicized. The witness told me the foot prints clearly showed something extremely large ran and hopped this wooden fence, then followed the metal wire fence in the background up the hill and off into the trees.


This is the actual picture taken of the footprints which is presently posted at the Bailey Country Store.

As shown in the picture, the footprints had a seven to eight foot gate which would signify a run, rather than a walk. Denver Bigfoot investigator Joe Fex and I, found footprints in Bailey a couple of years back that showed a four-foot gate which would signify a casual walk of a biped over eight feet tall. This picture definitely shows something extremely big sprinted rather than walked at that location. Not shown on either picture is the overall location of this area which has a canyon on one side where the Bigfoot came in from, and a mountain ridge on the other, where it was headed. This was not the first time Bigfoot prints have been seen in this location which would mean, “Bigfoot is territorial”.


While I was in Bailey I met with good friend Dennis, who is a Search and Rescue tracker. He took me to several locations where he had seen footprints in the past. This location represented by the picture, is where he had discovered Bigfoot tracks crossing a snow-covered county road. As seen in this picture, the snow was still pretty heavy for the month of May.


This location Dennis had seen this porcupine nest off in the distance, and when he went to get a closer look at it, he found fresh Bigfoot prints nearby. The foot prints had an estimated eight foot gate which would signify a run or a sprint.


The areas where Bigfoot prints have been located have an abundant amount of food sources, from a variety of plant foliage and berries, to elk, deer and Rocky Mountain goats. Bigfoot is an omnivore which means, they can derive their energy and nutrients from a diet consisting of a variety of food sources from different types of plants to basically all animals. There’s a picture at the Bailey Country Store, (ie. Sasquatch Outpost) which shows Bigfoot prints next to what appears to be an imprint in the snow of a fallen deer. What’s interesting about this picture is, the prints appear to show a Bigfoot had tracked and killed a deer. There were no signs the deer was dragged off, but easily lifted and removed.

Most Bigfoot investigators agree that Bigfoot is an omnivore (eats everything) and not a herbivore, which is an animal anatomically and physiologically adapted to just eating plant material. Where the Bigfoot investigative community has disagreement is if Bigfoot is a diurnal or a nocturnal animal.

Nocturnal animals generally have highly developed senses of hearing, smell, and eye site which are adapted to a night life. These animals generally sleep during the day, and hunt and feed at night.

Diurnal is just the opposite. This is an animal which is active during the daytime and sleeps at night. Humans fall into the diurnal category but modern day science, (artificial lighting) have made some humans nocturnal due to their specific types of lifestyle.

As an investigator I lean towards Bigfoot being a little of both, like us humans. Bigfoot is definitely not true nocturnal because we have so many daytime sightings, but they’re definitely not diurnal, because we have night-time sightings too! So what are they?

Noct-diurnal: Ok I made this up, but noct-diurnal would be the best classification for not only Bigfoot but humans as well. I believe Bigfoot sleep at night but stay up late like we generally might on a Friday or Saturday night. Then just like us, they would sleep in, maybe till noon? Of course there’s always an exception to every theory, and Bigfoot have been spotted early in the morning and very late at night, so I think it would depend on that Bigfoot’s general sleeping habits.

From an anthropology or primatology point of view, Bigfoot which is similar to “Gigantopithecus” an extinct ape which lived over 100 thousand years ago which stood nine to ten feet tall, appeared to be diurnal. Most primates are diurnal but at least six different families of primates are nocturnal, so they’re not all the same classification. Generally the nocturnal monkeys have larger round eyes and a smaller body frame, but Bigfoot’s facial features on the other hand, are more like a human. Smaller eyes, smaller ears, large frame, walking up-right, this would put them at the top of the food chain and in a diurnal classification. There is absolutely no reason for them to be nocturnal and only hunt at night. There’s nothing in the forest they can’t handle, including us. Of course only a Bigfoot could tell you for sure; And the shows you watch on television which show the Bigfoot investigators out late at night doing their investigations? Well this is mainly for show entertainment. When the investigators are no longer getting knocking sounds or calls around 2:00 to 3:00am is not because the Bigfoot decided to leave, it’s because the Bigfoot decided to go to bed. It’s that simple, they’re just like us, they need their beauty sleep.

So the next time you’re near Bailey, Colorado in the northeastern Park County area, stop by the Bailey Country Store and say hi to Jim and Daphne and take a gander at their Sasquatch Outpost and all the pictures they have posted there. While in the Bailey area look around, you’ll quickly realize why so much Bigfoot evidence has been found there. And ask one or two of the local town folk why they live there, and their answers will tell you why Bigfoot frequents the area too! It’s simply a beautiful area.



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Daily UFO Headlines 5/15/14

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