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Divine Council Bibliography Project Update

Just some quick notes on this project — all good news!

I have now tagged 3400 of the 4700 entries. I have been doing 100 per day for quite a while now (which is about 2 hrs a day). That means I have 1300 left (= 13 days). So, I can say with a high degree of confidence that the project will be done by the end of the year. (A sentence I never expected to write less than a year ago). That means everyone who has donated at least $50 to it will soon have access to the bibliography. But there’s more to it than that.

Here’s what I need to do:

  1. Finish the remaining 1300 entries
  2. Add the 200-300 *new* items I’ve collected while tagging (yes, it never ends). I still think I can add those and tag them by the end of the year. If I’m 3-4 days over, it’s not going to kill me. We’ll see.
  3. Create a screen-capture video for those who will get access on how to use the bibliography.
  4. Send an email (via Go Fund Me) to all the donors that will give them access to the above video, tell them where it all lives online, and provide log-in credentials.

NOTE:  Once all the above is done, the Go Fund Me campaign will close. That in turn means if you want access to the results, you have until the end of the year to donate. There will be no access granted afterward, and no further donations taken for the project. This isn’t an item for sale. Consequently, if you want in, donate now. Everyone has been paid, and the donation overage has gone toward other projects that I’ll be blogging about soon (and which I’ve alluded to in the past).

Your generosity has proven providential, allowing me to pay people for their help and produce other things that will be useful — and that will support my work in the long run. More on that after December 22. Lots of things to talk to you all about.

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Divine Council Bibliography Survey Results

Well, the opinion of the bibliography donors is pretty clear:



We’ll keep at it.

Interestingly enough, Trey (from the Naked Bible podcast) has found a workaround to the problem — not a solution, but at least a way to circumvent the problem. Though slower than the method we were using, it at least could in theory move tagging ahead. I’ll be sharing that with Dino, who was working on the tagging, this weekend.

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Divine Council Bibliography Milestone

I just wanted to post a brief update on the progress of the bibliography. The divine council bibliography project that was the initial focus of the crowd-funding campaign crossed a significant milestone this past week. Amazingly, all the input of bibliographic items/entries is done. There were times I thought I’d never see that day. Granted, the bibliography will keep growing as more things are published, but everything I have in the way of a book or article that I wanted in the bibliography is now in there. I’ve emptied filing cabinets I’ve had over ten years as part of this process. Melissa’s task was to scan much of what I had stored in paper over the years. I’m amazed it’s all history now.

There are 4,800 entries in the bibliography. That number will fluctuate a bit as we catch duplicates. The first step of the process that I gave Dino was to eliminate duplicates, but a lot of items have been entered since then. We’ll still run into duplicates now and then.

The last stage of the project has therefore begun: tagging the entries. No telling how fast or slow this will be, but it’s a huge task. I want people to be able to sort and search entries. Tags are necessary for that. Dino has already begun adding keyword tags based on article title and (as best he can discern) broad content categories. This will be useful to me as well for research (“What do I have on XYZ in here?”). Once the items get tags, that will be a manageable question to answer.

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Updates: Unseen Realm, Supernatural, Divine Council Bibliography Project

Lots to update you all on.

Unseen Realm and Supernatural

I had a meeting on Tuesday about the progress of the books. Here are the details so that you all know what I know.

1. The Unseen Realm is (literally) being printed as we speak for imminent release.

2. For those who pre-ordered The Unseen Realm on Amazon (or will as a result of this update) – I have been told (and I quote): “There is a very strong likelihood that they will receive their orders the first full week of June.” The Kindle version should be available for download at the same time.

3. The reason for the delay (and you Logos users, please read what follows carefully) is because Lexham (imprint of Logos/Faithlife) has decided NOT to pre-pub these books. That’s new. For those who understand pre-pub, it says “we’re waiting to see who’s interested in this item and will not push the button on it until our pre-orders match our costs.” That isn’t what’s happening here. Our CEO wants these books launched like the print world launches books. The message is “These books are significant and ought to be read by everyone — so get on the bandwagon.” In preparation for a publicized launch, the video department here has been tasked with creating a professional launch video for The Unseen Realm. I’ll be in it, and three scholars (fields: OT, NT, Systematic Theology) with big names in the evangelical orbit have agreed to be in it, endorsing and talking about The Unseen Realm. The hope is that the video captured will go into post production by June 1, which will mean producing a video sometime during the first full week of June. So, as launch plans have changed, the timeline for the books has changed (a bit). For samples of the video team’s work, go here (there are several videos at the location; I recommend “What’s New in Logos 6″). The point: our video team knows what it’s doing.

4. The team that converts text into Logos books (the Logos software format) is already working on The Unseen Realm, so for those who want the book in that form, that’s on the same schedule. Same for the book in our own reader app (Vyrso).

5. Supernatural is about two weeks behind the above calendar for The Unseen Realm. However, this past week samplers of the book have gone out to about 70 evangelical leaders (think megachurch pastors and popular Christian writers). The company has relationships with the majority of them. We’re hoping that some will endorse Supernatural (and also become aware of The Unseen Realm.

6. As a result of the above, the two books will (obviously) not be “bundled” at the outset (another Logos term). We will likely bundle the books in various formats when two additional items are ready. (Yes, there’s more!) The Unseen Realm will have a primer companion. Doug van Dorn, a pastor in Colorado, has written a Q & A primer based on the content of The Unseen Realm. His primer reads like a catechism due to that style. Doug is very versed in divine council worldview/theology. The title of the primer will be: Sons of God, Seed of Abraham: A Primer to Michael S. Heiser’s The Unseen Realm. The primer will probably be 140 or so pages in 6 x 9 book form. The manuscript is already done (I read through it closely and collaborated with Doug on making sure the content coverage aligns with the book). It’s just waiting for copy edit. The logic of the primer is that readers of The Unseen Realm will find it very useful to have the major content ideas in 1-2 sentence form. Each Q &A comes with Scripture references. There are also footnotes. Pastors will especially find this useful for communicating the ideas in The Unseen Realm over the pulpit or for small group use. This was Doug van Dorn’s idea, and I’m thrilled he told me about it. It’s sweet. Supernatural will also have a small group leader’s guide. The manuscript for that is also complete and waiting for copy edit. The small group leader’s guide was written by Ronn Johnson, a long-time friend of mine and fellow divine council enthusiast. Ronn was a biblical studies professor for many years and, more importantly for this project, he pastored for a good fifteen years (as memory serves). We hope churches will adopt Supernatural as a book to read in small groups, hence the leader’s guide. It’ll be the normal size for those things. We also plan to create video snippets that track through Supernatural and the leader’s guide for small group use.

7. Once The Unseen Realm is shipping, we’ll be getting organized internally to devote someone’s time (at Logos/Faithlife) to setting up speaking events (described here). I’ve tentatively scheduled a couple already, but I won’t be the person working with those of you who want me to come for an event. Someone will be tasked with doing that for me (i.e., telling me where I’m going).

8. The companion website that will go with The Unseen Realm is almost done. It’s about 50,000 words. I’d guess a third of that is additional bibliography. I’m hoping to wrap that up by month’s end. There will be additional bibliography and notes on all 42 chapters, plus a “what’s next” page and a few other things I’ll bring up later. The site is not yet live.

Divine Council Bibliography Project

Dino Schulmeier has already complete the first two stages (of a half dozen or so) of the project. He’s been able to devote serious time to it and has proven to be meticulous. It would have taken me months to cover the ground he’s already covered. The bibliography now stands at 3,187 entries and the next two stages will seem about 750 additions. The work being done by Melissa Nienhuis will produce a few hundred more before that’s all said and done. I’ve also been trolling through journals (I scour about 30 titles for articles on material related to anything I discuss in The Unseen Realm) so that the bibliography is current (minus book reviews) through at least what’s available through 2013. I’ll hand those off to Dino when he completes the stages already assigned.

In other words, this is moving ahead better than I could have imagined.



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