The Big Story of the Bible: Part 2

This is Part 2 of a guest series by Dr. Ronn Johnson.   What is the Bible’s Big Story? Part 2 Dr. Ronn Johnson In my opening post I recommended that locating the Big Story of the Bible can be difficult, and that simply being more fluent in the Bible […]

What is the Bible’s Big Story?

A guest post by Dr. Ronn Johnson I recently heard that we see more images or pictures in one day (whether on our phone, on the TV, on a billboard, etc.) than a pre-Renaissance person would have seen over the course of their entire lifetime. Apparently our brains have been […]

PanBabylonianism: The Wellspring of Middle Earth PaleoBabble

I came across this essay recently. It’s from the out of print book, Mesopotamian and the Bible, edited by Mark Chavalas and Lawson Younger. The essay is by Chavalas, a scholar of biblical studies and ancient Mesopotamia: Chavalas Assyriology and Biblical Studies Century and a Half of Tension The essay […]

It Had to Happen: Heiser-isms About the Bible

A few days ago while I was traveling this popped up on my Twitter account: 10 Quotes That Challenge the Way You Study the Bible It’s a post by Jake Mailhout of Lexham Press about my new book, The Bible Unfiltered: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms. While blogging about […]

What is Christian Middle Earth? A Brief Explanation

I’ve given my theory of Christian Middle Earth (CME) so many times that I can’t remember who’s heard it and who hasn’t. So I thought a post on it was long overdue. In over-simplified terms, Christian Middle Earth is that realm between actual biblical scholars (people with real credentials who […]