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First Look at the New 60-Second Scholar Series

Below are the covers of the new 60-Second Scholar series. They are now available on Amazon for pre-order, but will only be released May 1. You may recall that Zondervan acquired this series from me, explaining why the old books were retired on Amazon (and now have stupidly high prices attached to them). Each book has been trimmed from 100 short essays to 80.


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60 Second Scholar Books to be Re-published by Zondervan

Many of you have asked about the status of my self-published three-book 60-Second Scholar series. The books are no longer available for purchase on Amazon, and some folks have posted ridiculous prices for used copies. I had to “retire” the series on Amazon because I was in negotiation with several mainstream Christian publishers who expressed interest in picking them up for their own re-publication.

I can now announce that Zondervan has picked up the books for re-publication. The name should be familiar. Zondervan is owned by Harper Collins, and has been a major publishing house in the Christian world for decades. The 100 entries in each original 60-Second book will be trimmed to 80 entries and re-formatted a bit. Zondervan will release the series in May 2018.

This also means that the Logos versions of the series that went up on pre-pub just before negotiations began have been halted. Logos editions of the new series will be produced after the May 2018 launch.

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Naked Bible Podcast Episode 125 – Bible Study Tools & an Interview with Johnny Cisneros

Everyone interested in the study of Scripture wants to feel adequate to the task. But there are many obstacles—real and merely imagined—to being competent in Bible study. In this episode, I interview my long-time friend and colleague, Johnny Cisneros. With skills in biblical language study and doctoral candidate status in instructional design, Johnny is the perfect person to not only help people think better about strategies and tools for Bible study, but to also produce something useful to everyone who wants to develop Bible study skills. The episode is now live.

The discussion focuses on studying Greek and Hebrew words and a new video course developed by Johnny that is about to launch: How to Study the Bible with Word Studies: The tools and methods for meaningful insights from the God’s Word.

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Three New Books by Mike Now Available – The 60 Second Scholar Series

I’ve blogged a couple of times about this series, mostly recently just before Christmas. The books are now live on Amazon. I hope many of you will order all three. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill Bible study guide books. They have an edge to them (no surprise). Remember, these are trade books, not academic works like The Unseen Realm. All three can now be ordered as paperbacks (each just over 200 pp). We’re still working on Kindle editions (waiting for file conversion).

Here’s an excerpt from my earlier post with links to the Table of Contents for each (I’m also still working on how to get a “Look Inside” feature for them).

Series: The 60 Second Scholar

Book 1 – The 60 Second Scholar: 100 Maxims for Mastering Bible Study

  • Angle: Get advice from a Bible scholar about studying the Bible
  • This is not a methods book. Rather, I talk about do’s/don’ts, important tools, points of encouragement, truisms, and (most importantly) how to think about the task of Bible study.
  • 60 Second Scholar Book 1 TOC

Book 2 – The 60 Second Scholar: 100 Insights that Illumine the Bible

Book 3 – The 60 Second Scholar: 100 Observations on Bible Doctrine



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