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190. Live, UFO Congress, Phoenix

2016-IUFOC-Logo1Live recorded round robin at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona with Stanton Friedman, Kathleen Marden, Chase Kloetzke, Julie & Sam Maranto, Ben Hansen, Keith Arem, Lee Speigel and Travis Walton.

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155. Ben Hansen

Night-Optics-Ben-HansenAlejandro Rojas with the news, guest Fact of Faked, Ben Hansen talks about video analysis of both President Clinton, and Obama when speaking on the UFO subject, and a touching story of his grandfather’s possible involvement with UFOs/Wright-Patterson in the military. Support the show and hear Ben speak about off topic experiences and amazing happenings while filming Fact or Faked. Ben’s website is: www.benhansen.com

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Obama UFO Interview Analyzed | Video

Obama UFO Interview Analyzed
By Alejandro Rojas

      Ben Hansen, former host of the SyFy Channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, took a careful look at Obama’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, especially the portion in which Kimmel asked Obama about UFOs. Hansen says his analysis has given him some “huge” revelations, including that Obama was not joking when he told Kimmel that he can’t reveal what he knows about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Hansen has a background in law enforcement. However, he points out in his video analysis – which he posted on YouTube (seen above) – that he is not a body language expert, just someone with a lot of experience conducting criminal investigations and interviews, and working with body language experts.

Last year, after Kimmel asked former president Bill Clinton about UFOs, Hansen decided to put his experience to use, and analyze what Clinton had said. His conclusion was that there was, “Evidence of significant apprehension, stress, and guarded behavior. Several times when he started down a road and stopped himself in awkward ways as if he was about to say something he shouldn’t.”

This led Hansen to believe that Clinton knew more than he was sharing or he learned just enough to indicate that he should stop looking.

Earlier this month, Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Kimmel decided to ask him about UFOs as well. In the interview, Kimmel indicates that he may have seen Hasnen’s Clinton analysis. Kimmel warned Obama that people were going to look at his facial expressions and every move as he answered these questions to analyze what he was saying.

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Argentina TV station confirms UFO hoax

A UFO flew along the skyline in Buenos Aires, Argentina during a live broadcast on February 28 on the Argentine news cable channel Todo Noticias (TN).

YouTube user jmhz71 uploaded video of the moment during this newscast when the disc-shaped UFO is seen moving from left to right across the skyline behind the anchors.

Huffington Post journalist Lee Speigel showed this UFO video to Ben Hansen, former lead investigator of Syfy’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Hansen immediately doubted the video’s authenticity.

First, Hansen points to the curious lack of any mention of the UFO by TN. Then he highlights issues with the video that suggest the UFO was simply a fabrication.

“I maintain this was most likely an animation hoax because of some common editing errors that appear to be present.” He explains, “If you pause the video right at the 33-second mark, you’ll see that the UFO is superimposed right on top of what appears to be guy-wires which anchor an antenna mast.”

But that’s not the only issue Hansen points out.

He also calls attention to the fact that, at the 40-second mark, “The UFO prematurely disappears before passing behind the brown building.”

(Credit: jmhz71/YouTube)

(Credit: jmhz71/YouTube)

Although these issues highlighted by Hansen are pretty damning, Speigel reports that TN posted a story on its website on Friday, March 6 confirming the alleged Argentina UFO video was a hoax.

Speigel reports, “TN has released an unedited version of the original news broadcast and there is no UFO or any other object in the sky outside the window backdrop behind the news anchor desk where the ‘UFO’ originally appeared.”

TN explains, “The truth is that the video was edited and the UFO was added digitally. Here we show you the original video, without editing, with the full minute from 12:24, the moment in which someone wanted to fabricate a UFO on the air at Todo Noticias.”

It’s unclear if YouTube user jmhz71 is the party responsible for adding a “UFO” to the original news footage.

A validated Hansen took to Twitter and posted:

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Ben Hansen – Fact or Faked: Interplay of media, technology, Hollywood, and validating evidence of ET contact

In the world today, video and cell phone cameras number in the billions. Humans have at their fingertips, access to a proliferation of technology that allows them to record UFO and alleged alien activity. When it comes to documenting UFO and ET events, technology can be our best friend and our worst enemy. Along with the tremendous advances in consumer media, there has been an increased interest by some in devising hoaxes, often utilizing simple home-based computer graphics and movie making software. Viral video hoaxes and other faked events have increased at a staggering rate and their impact on legitimate research cannot be ignored. What role does Hollywood and the Media play in disclosure? Are we being prepared or deceived? Will disclosure be brought about and shared ultimately by capturing events on video? Hansen will discuss these topics and the trends which technology use has created and its influence on belief and ultimate discovery of the truth.

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Open Minds teams up with NV Ops for exclusive deals on night vision equipment

We’re happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with Night Vision Ops, Night Optics USA, and Ben Hansen to bring you exclusive deals on night vision goggles. Hansen, best known for his role on Syfy’s Fact or Faked, is the founder and president of Night Vision Ops, a Bushnell affiliated company. Night vision technology has been, and continues to be, an asset to UFO research and skywatchers world-wide. It is our goal to make it more feasible for individuals to access this technology in attempts to capture and better understand unknown objects in the sky.

Hansen explains:

I joined the night vision industry because I was frustrated with witnessing strange objects in the sky and not having a way to capture them on video. Despite the advances in cell phone and consumer video cameras, they’re just not adequate enough to film toward the sky in nighttime conditions. I’m now working side-by-side with the world’s top manufacturers of military grade night vision and thermal products. I’ve helped encourage them to develop technology which allows the UFO skywatching community the ability to adapt their night vision scopes to record from dSLR cameras to iPhones. You’ve seen Night Vision Ops leading skywatches at UFO conventions around the country because we have the best equipment in the industry and we know your ultimate goals. If you want to experience what 50,000 times light amplification can show you while skywatching or you’re serious about recording the events you’re witnessing…then take advantage of our special Open Minds offers today!”

OM-MAG-2014-flat Night Vision Ops large

Hansen will also be leading a night vision skywatch at the 2015 International UFO Congress and will have scopes for sale throughout the duration of the event.

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