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UFO Over Beijing and 12 Other Provinces | UFO CHRONICLE – 1981

UFO Over Beijing and 12 Other Provinces – The Straits Times (Singapore) 9-12-1981 1981

     Beijing, Fri – China said today an unidentified flying object [UFO] spotted over Tibet on July 24 was seen also in Beijing and least 12 other provinces.
The Straits Times (Singapore)
9-12-1981 1981

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BEIJING CHINA ON ALERT – Australia, UK and U.S. Warn Citizens to be Vigilant

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BEIJING CHINA ON ALERT – Australia, UK and U.S. Warn Citizens to be Vigilant

Christmas warning centres on Sanlitun diplomatic and entertainment district, with Chinese authorities saying steps taken to ensure good public order

Countries including Australia, Britain and the US have issued Christmas security warnings for westerners in Beijing’s popular Sanlitun diplomatic and entertainment district as Chinese police step up patrols.

Beijing is generally safe and criminals rarely target foreigners, although the fashionable Sanlitun bar and restaurant area occasionally sees fights. In August a lone attacker stabbed a French man and a Chinese woman there. The woman died.

The US embassy said in a brief statement on Thursday that it had “received information of possible threats” against westerners in Sanlitun, also home to many embassies, on or around Christmas Day.

The French embassy, Britain’s Foreign Office and Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs issued similar warnings. None of them elaborated.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said he was aware of the reports and that the government paid great attention to foreigners’ safety.
Bathtub booze and knock-off whisky: inside China’s fake alcohol industry
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Beijing police, in a statement, said they had issued a “yellow” security alert for Christmas and New Year, the second lowest level, focused on areas like malls, which are likely to see more people visiting during the festivities.

“Beijing police are planning ahead and taking many measures … to ensure good public order,” it said.

Christmas is not a holiday in China but more and more young people celebrate it as they view it as a sophisticated western custom and excuse to give gifts.

A Reuters photographer saw police commandos with guns in front of Sanlitun’s main mall. Regular police tend not to carry guns in China, and gun crime is in any case uncommon. china beijing security secure u.s. “united states” usa america u.s. christmas “Christmas Day” alert citizen citizenship western foreigner life lifestyle chinese shopping sale “shopping mall” “boxing day” mall 2015 2016 guard holiday holidays “new year” “new year 2016” uniform sales shop road traffic closed new media entertainment trends trendy trending “breaking news” elite knowledge intelligence cctv “elite nwo agenda” coast to coast am alex jones infowars rant truth exposed prepare survival false flag symbolism prediction russia putin bilderberg illuminti movie music video montagraph jsnip4 lindsey williams louis farrakhan collapse order out of chaos

The city overall has been on much higher alert, with patrols by armed police in popular shopping and tourism sites, since a fatal car crash in 2013 at the top edge of Tiananmen Square in which five people died. The government blamed that incident on Islamist militants from China’s far western region of Xinjiang, where hundreds have died in unrest in recent years. Beijing police said in a microblog post (in Chinese) that they had implemented the yellow alert in Beijing’s large and medium sized shopping areas to “maintain social order”.

China’s largest social networks have partnered with the country’s Communist government to create a credit score system that will measure how obedient its citizens are, a chilling prospect that could one day arrive in America if social justice warriors get their way. As if further proof were needed Orwell’s dystopia is now upon us, China has now gamified obedience to the State. Though that is every bit as creepily terrifying as it sounds, citizens may still choose whether or not they wish to opt-in — that is, until the program becomes compulsory in 2020. “Going under the innocuous name of ‘Sesame Credit,’ China has created a score for how good a citizen you are,” explains Extra Credits’ video about the program. “The owners of China’s largest social networks have partnered with the government to create something akin to the U.S. credit score — but, instead of measuring how regularly you pay your bills, it measures how obediently you follow the party line.”

Sesame Credit is operated by Alibaba and Tencent, two companies that run all the top social networks in China, including Weibo, which has over 200 million users. It works by measuring not only purchase and bill paying history but also “political compliance.”

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China Ready for Conflict over South China Sea Islands Dispute

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China Ready for Conflict over South China Sea Islands Dispute

Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece the Global Times has again invoked the likelihood of a war with the United States over the South China Sea dispute, saying Beijing will display a “fearlessness to fight”. Entitled China must insist on island-building, the editorial begins by asserting that China values “regional peace” and is merely seeking to encourage economic development. Washington believes Beijing is militarizing the disputed islands in a bid to expand its geopolitical hegemony and get access to lucrative gas and oil reserves. If there is conflict between China and a military ally of the United States, like Japan, then it is not an exaggeration to say that we are on the threshold of a third world war,” Soros said during a Bretton Woods conference.

Beijing re-asserting the fact that it is prepared to go to war if the U.S. continues to interfere. China needs to make broad plans including countermeasures against more US intrusions. Beijing should be fully prepared, both mentally and physically, for possible military conflicts with the US. China needs to clearly express its unwillingness as well as fearlessness to fight,” states the editorial.

The piece is similar in tone to an editorial by the same publication last week that warned “war is inevitable” if Washington doesn’t halt its demands that Beijing stop building artificial islands. China’s Navy has repeatedly issued warnings to U.S. surveillance planes flying over the region.

Experts have warned that an accidental collision between aircraft, similar to a 2001 incident which led to an international controversy, could spark a deadly conflict. According to Michael Auslin, a war between the two superpowers is more likely than at any point in the last 20 years.

Billionaire investor George Soros also recently cautioned that the ruling Communist Party may see fit to rally its population around an external threat in order to head off a societal collapse in the aftermath of an economic implosion. secretary of the Australian defence department, Dennis Richardson, said today that China’s military build-up in the region, “ creating islands out of reefs in the Spratly archipelago. Once the islands are complete, China promptly colonizes them. Next comes the construction of cement plants, ports, and 10,000 ft airstrips. china war u.s. “united states” “south china sea” islands island beijing fight battle defense “self defense” building peace asia “south east asia” economy military gas energy oil chinese infrastructure media news prepare prepared navy “air force” “u.s. air force” conflict future humanity fear relationship warning surveillance intelligence accident flight shipping training “george soros” social collapse debt russia “elite nwo agenda” “china yuan” rmb currency forex banking daboo77 daboo777 alex jones infowars jsnip4 montagraph dutchsinse anonymous end game false flag attack illuminati movie symbolism david icke gerald celente jim rogers lindsey williams nuke new world order

territorial sovereignty and Chinese “bullying.” “Foreign military aircraft. This is Chinese navy. You are approaching our military alert zone. Leave immediately,” a Chinese naval officer warned the P8-A Poseidon, the US’ most advanced surveillance aircraft, as it flew a mission over the Fiery Cross Reef. China has vowed to step up its presence in the South China Sea in a provocative new military white paper, amid warnings that a US-China war is “inevitable” unless Washington drops its objections to Beijing’s activities.

Claiming that it faces a “grave and complex array of security threats”, including challenges to its sovereignty over the South China Sea, the policy document released by the State Council says the military will step up its “open seas protection”.

While the air force will shift focus from “territorial air defence” to both offence and defence, the Chinese army will increase its global mobility and its artillery will improve its “medium and long-range precision strikes”, it said. Billionaire investor George Soros told the World Bank this week that the planet is on the verge of a third world war that could arise out of an economic collapse in China. Soros said the only solution to the prospect was to allow China to join the IMF’s basket of global currencies so that it could compete with the dollar.

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CHINA STOCK MARKET COLLAPSE – Tanks 8% Biggest One Day Loss in 8 Years. Global Collapse Near?

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CHINA STOCK MARKET COLLAPSE – Tanks 8% Biggest One Day Loss in 8 Years. Global Collapse Near?

China’s stock markets continued to fall Tuesday (July 28), sinking as much as 5% in morning trading before recovering somewhat by the end of the trading day—another sign that an onslaught of government support to keep stock prices high is making investors nervous.

Beijing has vowed to step up its interventions in China’s volatile stock market following a traumatic day on Monday when stocks suffered their greatest losses since 2007. A government controlled stock-buying agency would “continue to buy stocks to stabilise the market”, China’s security’s regulator, the CSRC. The regulator was also now investigating “huge stock sell-offs by some individuals and will punish any malicious short selling Tokyo’s Nikkei fell more than 1%, with a strong yen accelerating the decline. Australian shares fell 0.9% and South Korea’s Kospi shed 1%.

“There are a lot of different parts of the economy that are showing weakness and the collapse of the stock market is just another symptom of the fragility of the Chinese economy right now.” The latest day of frenzied selling – which analysts said reflected weaker economic data out of China as well as a lack of confidence in Beijing’s response to ongoing stock market chaos – was a slap in the face for the country’s Communist party leaders. Beijing launched an unprecedented push to prop up the country’s stock market after a collapse that began in mid-June saw more than $3tn wiped off the value of listed companies. “stock market” stocks china chinese 2015 2016 markets economy “real estate” shares trading investment investor funds collapse market bubble “stock market bubble” “China Yuan” forex “forex trading” banking “bank account” savings “savings account” Shanghai Shenzhen export import wholesale NASDAQ NYSE dollar USD dollar gold silver commodity corporate profit business sale media entertainment trendy trends “binary options” “binary trading” asia “made in usa” “elite nwo agenda” trader loan debt “credit card” montagraph prediction jsnip4 demcad jim rogers marc faber warning global reset gerald celente september october surprise blood moon earthquake big one jade helm 15 end times alex jones infowars crazy david icke louis farrakhan new world order george soros rothschild rothchilds coast to coast am prepper

Markets financial leverage has been effectively reduced, the liquidity crisis has been substantially Six Flags roller coaster, only without any rhyme or reason to its movement. The sell off in the metals and oil is so intense that it has now expanded to agricultural commodities as well. Is China’s Stock Market Fall Really The Great Crash Of 1929 All Over Again? Chinese stocks were suffering huge declines prior to the New York Stock Exchange shutdown due to an alleged “technical issue,” fueling concerns whether the NYSE was actually halted due to the free fall in China. The Chinese real estate bubble has been imploding for the last year. The Chinese economy is barely growing There are millions of unoccupied condos china ghost town chit. There are dozens of ghost cities and empty office towers. It’s the most corrupt nation on earth. We are in the midst of a global recession.It’s pure madness that the Chinese stock market would soar when its leading economic indicators crash to 2008 lows.

This time it is a bubble in stocks, bonds and real estate simultaneously real estate investing is failing miserably, the Chinese middle class have piled into stocks on margin. Margin debt on the Shanghai Stock Exchange climbed to a record 1.16 trillion yuan on Thursday. When has buying overvalued stocks on margin when the economy is tanking ever gone wrong before? sheep sheeple irrational herds of cattle stampeding in whatever direction they are pushed by their keepers. So what does the Kondratieff wave theory suggest is coming next for us? The U.S. stock market will crash First, the Euro Crash It Starts Today: “A Financial Collapse Is Imminent Within This Six Month Time Period” warnings we have seen Greece essentially collapse, Puerto Rico has gone bankrupt, and China’s stock markets have seen hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth wiped out. banned the selling of stocks! Europe is scrambling to save its currency and Union. In America the conjecture that has been economic growth is slowly being revealed to be the sham that it really is with thousands of nationwide retail store closings, over 45 million on food stamps, and a President who seems to believe the situation has been contained. threat of an epic financial and economic disaster is not only real, but moving full steam ahead right before our eyes.

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CHINA HOARDING OIL – China is Cashing In on Cheap Crude Oil

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CHINA HOARDING OIL – China is Cashing In on Cheap Crude Oil

China’s secretive effort to build a Strategic Petroleum Reserve has given oil bulls comfort that the underpinnings for global oil prices are strong. Yet in the near term, there are reasons to believe this mysterious hoard won’t offer much support.

The world’s second largest consumer of oil after the U.S. began building its strategic reserves a decade ago and recently stepped up construction of storage facilities. China aims by 2020 to squirrel away 100 days of net imports, according to state media. At current rates of imports, that would mean 600 million barrels of crude oil at least. Analyst estimates of how much China has managed to fill so far vary hugely, ranging between 120 million and 260 million barrels. In the long term, China will still buy crude to meet its strategic-reserve target, perhaps even increasing the target if it fears instability in the Middle East. And it will be doing this while the U.S., whose own strategic reserve inspired China’s in the first place, relies less on imports. At least investors can rely on the insecurities of one big oil consumer to put a limit on how low crude can go. oil china “crude oil” “saudi arabia” chinese trading tank shipping “london crude oil” storage shipment “china export” import beijing u.s. usa “united states” america consumer economy demand store storage price “oil price” stock “crude oil” petrol energy gas “green energy” factory car SUV “gas price” sale future humanity cash “china RMB” collapse dollar forex “forex trading” inventory ship 2015 2016 asia “elite nwo agenda” commodity “binary options” savings bohemian grove bilderberg switzerland alex jones infowars rant prank gerald celente jim rogers daboo77 daboo777 marc faber illuminati bankers wall street anonymous end game cern documentary movie george soros russia

This is just the beginning of the oil crisis. Over the past couple of weeks, the price of U.S. oil has rallied back above 50 dollars a barrel. In fact, as I write this, it is sitting at $52.93. But this rally will not last. In fact, analysts at the big banks are warning that we could soon see U.S. oil hit the $20 mark. The reason for this is that the production of oil globally is still way above the current level of demand. Things have gotten so bad thatmillions of barrels of oil are being stored at sea as companies wait for the price of oil to go back up. But the price is not going to go back up any time soon. Even though rigs are being shut down in the United States at the fastest pace since the last financial crisis, oil production continues to go up. In fact, last week more oil was produced in the U.S. than at any time since the 1970s. This is really bad news for the economy, because the price of oil is already at a catastrophically low level for the global financial system. If the price of oil stays at this level for the rest of the year, we are going to see a whole bunch of energy companies fail, billions of dollars of debt issued by energy companies could go bad, and trillions of dollars of derivativesrelated to the energy industry could implode. In other words, this is a recipe for a financial meltdown, and the longer the price of oil stays at this level (or lower), the more damage it is going to do.

That’s what real booms look like. They’re fed by limitless low-cost money – exuberant investors that buy the riskiest IPOs, junk bonds, leveraged loans, and CLOs usually indirectly without knowing it via their bond funds, stock funds, leveraged-loan funds, by being part of a public pension system that invests in private equity firms that invest in the boom…. You get the idea.

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