UFO Seige at Top Secret Atom Plant | UFO CHRONICLE – 1977

By The National Enquirer 12-6-1977 See Also: UFO CHRONICLE | OAK RIDGE, TENNESSEE | 10-26-1950: Huge UFO Reported Over Top Secret Nuclear Site Repeated UFO Activity Reported at Oakridge Atomic Energy Installation – Radar Jammed, Interceptors Scrambled! Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Wants Info on Flying Saucers (UFOs) | UFO CHRONICLE […]

Oppenheimer Hearing Declassified in Full -1954

Transcript of 1954 Oppenheimer Hearing Declassified in Full By Steven Aftergoodfas.org10-6-14       The transcript of the momentous 1954 Atomic Energy Commission hearing that led the AEC to revoke the security clearance of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist who had led the Manhattan Project to produce the first atomic […]