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UFO Sightings Over Chicago Tracked by Local Astronomer | VIDEO

UFO Sightings Over Chicago Tracked by Local Astronomer

By Jake Hamilton

     CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) – Mark Hammergren knows that the truth is out there. An astronomer for the Adler Planetarium – and a confessed X Files fan – he’s lived a life looking up into the stars.

And when it comes to reported sightings of UFOs around the Chicago area, he’s heard a tale or two.

Mark often gets phone calls at the Adler, with people claiming to see unexplainable lights and objects in the sky – unexplainable until Mark starts investigating.

Modern UFO sightings in the U.S. began nearly 70 years ago. During that time, no definitive proof has ever been uncovered.

But that doesn’t mean that the search is over, especially for astronomers.

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176. Marc D’Antonio

IMG_1209Live, on location at Marc D’Antonio’s FX-Models studio, Alejandro Rojas joins us for the latest UFO news, then Marc speaks about UFOTOG’s science based remote detection platters, MUFON photo/video cases and more.  Support the show to listen to the second half of the show is all about astronomy questions and not UFO related.

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UFO Close to Montgomeryshire Border, Claims Astronomer

UFO Close to Montgomeryshire Border, Claims Astronomer

By Ben Goddard

      A KEEN astronomer believes he saw a UFO in the skies above his home close to the Montgomeryshire border – the second unexplained incident within a year in the area.

Jamie Keeling, 28, from Four Crosses was retrieving items from his car near his home when he claims to have heard a low, deep rumbling noise from above.

Mr Keeling says he saw a large black triangular craft flying overhead with a bright, pulsating red light at each corner. The close encounter occurred shortly before 10pm on Thursday, April 9, as the object apparently flew directly over the Powys skyline.

Mr Keeling said: “It was travelling at a constant speed and height. It was hard to tell what altitude it was flying at, but it looked very high and very large in size and was travelling due east.

“My father is a pilot, and I am a keen amateur astronomer, so I know what I am and am not looking at when it comes to things in the night sky. . . .

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Flying Saucers Mapping Earth, says Astronomer | UFO CHRONICLE – 1954

Flying Saucers Mapping Earth - The Examiner (Launceston, Tasmania) 10-29-1954

– click on image(s) to enlarge –

By The Examiner
(Launceston, Tasmania)

* Special Thanks To Kay Massingill & The Magonia Exchange Project

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Wanted: Astronomer with Top Secret Clearance

Wanted - Astronomer with Top Secret Clearance

By Steven Aftergood
Secrecy News

     NASA’s orbiting James Webb Space Telescope will be “the premier observatory of the next decade, serving thousands of astronomers worldwide, and studying every phase in the history of our Universe, ranging from the first luminous glows after the Big Bang, to the formation of solar systems capable of supporting life on planets like Earth, to the evolution of our own Solar System.”

So why does its Director need to have a Top Secret/SCI security clearance, as specified in the job description posted last month on USA Jobs?

Clearly, the secrets of the universe do not lend themselves to, or require, national security classification controls, let alone non-disclosure agreements or polygraph testing.

But in practice, the civilian space program intersects the national security space program at multiple points, and former CIA analyst Allen Thomson suggested that the future Webb Director might need a Top Secret intelligence clearance in order to engage with the National Reconnaissance Office on space technology and operations, for example. . . .

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101. Marc D’Antonio, MUFON’s Photo/Video Analyst

Marc DAndy with an astronomy clip, and guest Astronomer, Marc D’Antonio talks about his work as the Chief Video/Photo Analyst for MUFON, plus his on experience of a close encounter of a USO while aboard a submarine, as well as much more in the extended version of the live show.


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