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Boyhood Encounter with UFO Produces World Renown Artist

Ionel Talpazan's 'Fundamental UFO'

By Scott Simon

      Ionel Talpazan thought he saw a UFO when he was a boy, and never stopped seeing them. Of course, he created them.

Ionel Talpazan was 60 years old when he died this week, of diabetes and stroke. He was a boy in a small village in Romania, given up by his parents and raised by a succession of foster parents. He told interviewers he escaped into the woods one night because he thought he would be beaten.

He saw a blue, beating light in the sky above, and was sure it was a spacecraft.

Ionel began to draw spacecraft; I’m not sure you can call them UFOs when an artist gives them such a vivid, colorful identify.


By the time he died, his works had hung at the American Visionary Art Museum, and museums in San Franciso, London, Berlin, Madrid, and France. Talpazans were sold in fancy galleries from Soho to Chelsea. […]

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Alleged abductee claims aliens communicate through his art

A British man claims that images in his head are sent by extraterrestrials who have visited him multiple times.

Lloyd Canning asserts that he has been visited by extraterrestrials on six separate occasions. The first encounter was allegedly when he was ten years old. Canning, who is now thirty-three, claims that he was abducted for the first time by these visiting aliens in 2005.

The Eternal Spirit. (Credit: Lloyd canning)

The Eternal Spirit. (Credit: Lloyd canning)

He began receiving visions after his first UFO sighting. “Ever since that first sighting I have had these crazy visions that just come over me,” he explains. “When they happen it’s like I don’t have a choice – I just have to paint them.”

The Mirror explains that Canning feels “compelled to paint certain images that he thinks are the aliens’ way of communicating with the human race.”

He has reportedly painted these images for years. But, until 2012, he kept his paintings private because he feared ridicule for his extraterrestrial claims. But, as the Mirror reports, “He now regularly exhibits at alien conventions and is preparing for his first international show.”

Canning has embraced his decision to publicly show his art so much that he quit his job as a scaffolder to paint full-time. Supporting his decision, Canning surmises, “It’s something that I think I have to tell people about, I think I was chosen because I was an artist, and they know they could channel through me.”

Arrival of the Gods. (Credit: Lloyd Canning)

Arrival of the Gods. (Credit: Lloyd Canning)

But he didn’t arrive at that possibility on his own. He explains that the idea was presented to him by someone at a recent event in Leeds. He states, “He said to me ‘there’s a strong chance that you’re being used by extra-terrestrials, they could be channelling through you.’”

According to the Metro, Canning hopes to host a one-man show in Los Angeles next year. But you can see some of his work right now on his website at lloydcanningartworld.com.

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