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Front Page News in The Washington Post: UFOs Hovered Over Nuclear Missile Sites (Redux)

Front Page News in The Washington Post: UFOs Hovered Over Nuclear Missile Sites

     Unfortunately, the startling story, titled “What Were Those Mysterious Craft?”, was published decades ago, on January 19, 1979. Based on declassified U.S. government documents, the objectively-written article by Ward Sinclair and Art Harris—appearing on Page A1—provided a tantalizing peek at long-suppressed information having national security implications. In contrast, the absurd article the Post ran last week—in response to my UFO-Nukes Connection press conference in Washington D.C. —basically ridiculed the whole idea of UFOs monitoring our missile sites and instead extolled the virtues of free cookies.

By Robert Hastings
© 10-4-10

Let me explain.

The Washington Post, whose Woodward-Bernstein reporting team toppled the Nixon presidency with its Watergate coverage in the early 1970s, was sent a press release about the UFO-related event two weeks ago. So, who did this iconic newspaper decide to send to the press conference? Why, the in-house jester, Metro columnist John Kelly, who has written about such lofty subjects as horse masseurs, failed sitcoms, and the Oldest Ham in the World. His article began:

“The cookies they serve at press conferences at the National Press Club are the same as the cookies we have in meetings here at The Post. I happen to like these cookies, and so as I cabbed it to the press club Monday I told myself that if the next couple of hours turned out to be a complete bust—if I remained unconvinced by the presentation on how UFOs have been systematically hovering over our country’s nuclear missiles and occasionally disabling them, perhaps as a warning to humankind, perhaps as part of some sort of intergalactic anthropology project—I would at least be able to cadge some tasty baked goods.”

Mind you, the press release I sent out stated that all of the participants at the press conference—most of whom had been vetted by the U.S. Air Force to launch or otherwise work with Weapons of Mass Destruction—would be discussing ongoing UFO incursions at nuclear missile sites or nuclear Weapons Storage Areas (WSAs). According to some of the witnesses, including the event’s co-sponsor, former USAF Captain Robert Salas, on more than one occasion the missiles mysteriously malfunctioned just as security guards were reporting a disc-shaped object silently hovering over them. How such dramatic testimony from six former USAF officers and one former enlisted man could possibly turn out to be a “complete bust” is rather puzzling unless, perhaps, one’s mind was resolutely focused on the aforementioned baked goods.

Let’s see, UFOs hovering over our nuclear weapons sites. Hmmmmm, sounds familiar. Oh yeah, that was the essence of the story the Post ran in 1979, which said, “During two weeks in 1975, a string of U.S. supersensitive missile launch sites and bomber bases were visited by unidentified, low-flying and elusive objects, according to Defense Department reports.” The article went on to report that the unknown aerial craft had been described by eyewitnesses as “brightly-lighted, fast moving vehicles that hovered over nuclear weapons storage areas and evaded all pursuit efforts.”

Ironically, one of the declassified documents featured in the press kit handed out to every journalist at the press conference last week was the very U.S. Air Force report that led to the Post’s 1979 story. Presumably, John Kelly had one of those sitting on his lap during the event. I wonder if he ever thumbed through that, what with that tempting table of cookies located just feet away, vying for his attention.

Regardless, the report in question—released via Freedom of Information Act in 1977—contained numerous NORAD log excerpts that detailed repeated over-flights of ICBM sites at Malmstrom AFB, Montana , by “disc” shaped aerial craft, in early November 1975. The unknown objects were independently observed by several, widely-separated Air Force Security Police teams, tracked on radar, and chased—unsuccessfully—by jet fighters sent up to intercept them.

If this case were not dramatic enough, my own interviews with more than 120 ex-U.S. military personnel over the past 37 years confirm that such incidents occurred, repeatedly, at virtually every nuclear missile base in the country—not to mention a number of strategic bomber bases and nuclear weapons test areas—during the Cold War era and beyond. Most of those interviews may be found in my newly revised and updated book book UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, which is available on Amazon.

During last week’s press conference I was confident that these amazing incidents—as revealed by a small cross-section of the ex-USAF witnesses who had experienced them—would startle at least some of the reporters in attendance. I also understood that CNN’s live feed of the proceedings would exponentially increase the number of journalists exposed to the data, thereby significantly enhancing the potential for additional coverage on a global scale. Apparently my optimism was justified: I am pleased to report that the media as a whole—both in the U.S. and around the world—covered the former officers’ statements and declassified documents’ contents objectively and in detail. Indeed, the response to the event at the National Press Club—both published and broadcast—has been nothing short of explosive, resulting in hundreds of articles and news stories, as one will quickly learn by googling the topic. One especially accurate and insightful article, published by CBS News, may be read here.

But will all of this attention be just another flash in the pan? Will the story—of UFOs disabling our nukes—die a quick death as journalists move on to other breaking news? Perhaps this is inevitable. And yet, I sense that a corner may have been turned. If the media will follow-up on its initial, generally-unbiased coverage, then sixty years of governmental secrecy about UFOs might be seriously threatened for the very first time. We’ll see. Regardless, I do know one thing: There is a Pulitzer Prize waiting for some courageous, determined reporter out there who is willing to ignore the ridicule of his/her colleagues, and the stonewalling by the powers-that-be, to pursue this monumental story to its logical conclusion.

When the Big News finally breaks—when some unimpeachable, high-level government insider finally admits on-the-record that UFOs are very real and that those who pilot them, although not from the neighborhood, are nevertheless interested in and probably concerned about our nuclear weapons—humanity’s future will take a dramatic new turn. Once that happens, and it will sooner or later, everything we humans thought we knew about reality will be up for grabs.

But some reporters and columnists will never “get it” until that day arrives. Oh well, at least The Washington Post sent a warm and presumably well-fed body to the press conference. The New York Times, on the other hand, uh, geez, don’t get me started.

What Were Those Mysterious Craft?
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Roswell Witness Described ‘Morphing Memory Metal’; A Tribute to Earl Fulford (Redux)

Roswell Witness Described 'Morphing Memory Metal'; A Tribute to Earl Fulford (Redux)

Free at last

     What’s it like to talk freely about a state secret you’ve been forced to live with for 60 years?

“Earl felt like he was out of prison,” recalls Mary Fulford. “He felt like he’d been held for years in a vacuum and finally was released. It was great. The last two years of his life, he was in his glory because he was able to speak up.”

Earl Fulford was one of many who went public two years ago, in a book called “Witness to Roswell” by Don Schmitt and Thomas Carey.

Billy Cox

By Billy Cox
De Void

He was stationed at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947 when he was ordered into the so-called UFO debris field for cleanup detail. Joined by more than a dozen other grunts, and under the hawk-eyed command of MPs, Fulford described gathering more than a dozen foil-like strips of memory metal, which morphed into their original, wrinkle-free shapes after he crumpled them in his fist.

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UFO Reported Near British Nuclear Weapons Facility — Addendum

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UFO Reported Near British Nuclear Weapons Facility — Addendum

     Met the witnesses again in December 2016 and revisited the site of the observation of the massive object near and above the AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) on 11th. September 2004. The witness ML – Michael Lewendon, stated that, “The thunderous-looking clouds were rushing through the object, as if it was a form of camouflage. But the sky was blue – not a cloud anywhere. The
By Ananda Sirisena
The UFO Chronicles
Copyright © Ananda Sirisena 2017

rushing clouds gave the impression, together with the pastel coloured lights, that the object was spinning. There must have been over 40 or more lights around the object, so huge was the UFO. “I felt privileged, felt as if I was gifted to see such an event. Phew, from being scared one minute to amazement in my heart. The craft was hovering 50 yards away, about 200 feet in the air.”

Michael estimated the craft to be 100 -200 metres across and 30 metres deep, with a hint of a dome on top. It could have been larger he estimates, being conservative. After getting out of his van, observing the saucer-shaped object for a full five to seven minutes, during which time he tooted the horn several times to try and awaken nearby residents, the object started to move. No one else came to view and no other cars passed during those few minutes.

“I decided to tell myself to remember every detail, as I was seeing something that was going to be investigated and my information could be of great significance” I had time to place an article by a road sign, which I recovered a few days later, just in case we were somewhere else; the article was still there. “The ship moved off in an arc shape to our left, going up as it moved. Its path took it straight over the atomic research base, 500 yards away and then it went parallel to the M4 motorway, towards London. That is where we lost sight of the ship. I drove up the road to the bridge which goes over the M4 and parked the van again to see if there was anything I could add to this UFO sighting.”

Michael is perplexed at the lack of investigation by the authorities. He wrote to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, hoping to receive some acknowledgement of his report. He received no reply. He even wrote to the Gracious Queen of England, hoping to hear about some sort of investigation by some official body. He is convinced that the traffic cameras covering the motorway would have picked up the object, as well as the myriad of security cameras around the AWE. He asks, “What about weather stations, the BBC, satellite imagery and Google Earth?”

He tells me,

“I do really want any report to concentrate on the reluctance of the government to investigate. This was no little light in the sky at night. It was not for a few seconds, this “thing” was huge and massive, larger than Wembley stadium. It could have been occupied by hundreds of thousands of people. In total my wife and I observed this “spaceship” for over 8 minutes. I need your write-up of our sighting to confront the powers that have the ability to investigate, to go through official archives and come up with an answer. It will be the same results, as if we saw this yesterday. We need to tell the people that I have tried to get an investigation – but who has the power to initiate this?”

“This goes down in history as the biggest missed chance to reproduce that day’s events. They came here to do something, change something, leave something. They never bothered about me and Betty, they never harmed us. The whole point about this is that it never got investigated. There must be evidence in official archives that indicate we might have been in some sort of “time warp”. Instruments in and around this area will show distortions of time and space, some kind of a tunnel. If they look, they will find all we saw. There’s a national security risk for one thing because this “spaceship” was hovering over the AWE. This has implications for space travel, this knowledge belongs to mankind and our children’s children; these archives will show that space travel exists.”

Michael’s frustration about the lack of an official response led him to write a children’s story about their encounter, which he sent to Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. He hopes the Prince of Wales will read the story to his grandchildren. I checked with the British UFO Research Association – they have no reports from Reading for that day. ML remembers that on this bright morning, before sunrise, he saw the crescent of the moon, with a “very bright” light, like a bright star, close to it. Initially he thought that bright light was the International Space Station but now he is sure it was Venus.

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UFO Reported Near British Nuclear Weapons Facility (Redux)

UFO Reported Near British Nuclear Weapons Facility (Redux)

      The source of this report, who I shall refer to as ML, told me an extraordinary story about how one morning, around 6.30 am, he and his wife were returning home after babysitting at their daughter’s
By Ananda Sirisena
© 2010

house when they saw a huge object hovering over a field, to the right of the road that they were driving on. At the time of the sighting, it was a bright dawn with a clear, blue sky. ML had spotted the object first through the trees and, whilst trying to keep it in sight, nearly drove into the ditch on the left-hand side of the road. His wife exclaimed to him to be careful, wondering why he was driving in such an erratic manner. He stopped the van and told his wife to look out through his window. He asked, “What do you see?” She said, “What is it?!” He asked, “What does it look like?” She said, “It’s a spaceship!”

ML informed me that the object was, in his estimation, many hundreds of feet in length, with pastel lights all around it that appeared to pulsate softly. ML further described it as “cloud-like”, saying that the colours around the object were like “moving clouds”. It is possible the object was surrounded by a cloudy mist, perhaps a camouflage, or its colour was a cloudy grey.

The couple observed the object for a short while, which ML estimated to be a few minutes. He had gotten out of the van and climbed up on the bonnet (hood) to get a better look. I asked ML to sketch the object. He was able to do this in a matter of a minute or so. I took him outside to look at the sky and asked him to give me an approximation of the angle subtended by the object. That is, it’s length as it appeared to the naked eye. The figure above is the first sketch made by ML. It shows a classic “flying saucer” shape.

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UFOs Over Romania
UFOs over Romania is a very convincing book loaded with both specific sighting reports and generalized ideas. It is thoroughly researched and a well-written account of UFOs that tries be fair minded and balanced.

     UFOs over RomaniaUFOs over Romaniais a very convincing book loaded with both specific sighting reports and generalized ideas. Romania is noted the world over for its Dracula legends and some of its UFO events reflect a
By Irena Scott PhD

reality almost as incredible. For example, in one, “After visiting the ruins of the Poenari stronghold (from XIV century, rebuilt in 1459 by Prince Vlad Ţepeş of Walachia, “The Impaler”, who was the model for “Count Dracula”),” a couple had a UFO sighting. They saw a giant disc arise from a lake, which they could see perfectly as their eyes followed it in terror. First, they had the impression it would head in their direction, but instead it moved north toward Transylvania and disappeared over the mountains.

Many other such encounters are described often with several witnesses–often very credible technically trained ones, good descriptions of the objects, and even good physical evidence such as radar detections. Out-of-place artefacts are also described.

This book is a thoroughly researched and well-written account of UFOs that tries be fair minded and balanced. The author compared UFO phenomena to the six Blind Men exploring portions of the Elephant parable, and concluded that various fields such as science, religion, folklore, paranormal studies, ufology, and others each have their own means, but each also represent an extremely complex reality.

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UFOs on the Walls of Churches in Romania?

UFOs Over Romania

     As the famous castle of Dracula in Transylvania goes up for sale it is a a remarkable coincidence that featured in my new book is a medieval painting from a church in Transylvania that some researchers believe depicts a UFO (see below).

In Romania, everyday people, especially in the countryside, always considered the heavenly apparitions not as something impossible but as “divine signs” that can happen normally, though rarely. There are countless testimonies in this regard. This belief was reinforced by the fact that the holy characters of the Christian religion, from the Old and the New Testament were seen on occasion coming down from heavens and returning whence they came.

Dan D. Farcas PhD
The UFO Chronicles

Painting of UFO From Church in Transylvania

In past centuries, when, in Romania, most of the population was illiterate, religious teachings were spread and reinforced by the use of frescoes, depicting biblical scenes, covering the walls of churches both indoors and often also outdoors as well. Even if these scenes evoke ancient events and distant lands, the painters painted men and buildings as they knew them in the environment they lived. Similarly, we can assume that they sometimes painted such holy characters in heavenly vehicles that resemble certain celestial objects that they saw themselves flying in the sky (Comets, meteors etc), or that were reported by witnesses of strange airborne apparitions. In areas with Orthodox religion there are many such representations in a variety of different churches.

The city of Târgovişte was the capital of Walachia for several centuries. The construction of the Princely Church in the city was completed in 1583. The frescoes inside have not been repainted but only retouched with all of the original figures and objects remaining exactly the same. As the Romanian journalist Gabriel Tudor noted, on the west wall of the nave, the fresco depicting the moment of receiving the tablets of the Law by Moses on Mount Sinai (the ten commandments), we see a character not mentioned in the Bible: depicted as an angel and placed between two concentric circles, looking as if it had just come out to watch the proceedings. What are those two circles? In any case, surely not clouds which are clearly represented in the nearby paintings in a completely different manner. Also they can not be stars or the moon, because on the same fresco the sun is seen, whose rays are prominently depicted to draw attention that the scene takes place in broad daylight. Could it be that the two circles are a graphic representation, in a primitive manner, of a disc-shaped UFO with a domed top, which the anonymous painter, having not a very good capacity to represent things in a three-dimensional perspective, drew as a circle inside another circle?

The writer and researcher of mythology Victor Kernbach (1923-1995), in his book “Enigmele miturilor astrale” (Riddles of astral myths), detailed that similar frescoes have been in churches from Bucharest as the (old) “Saint Spiridon” and “Bucur”. Unfortunately, the first was demolished under the communist regime, but the second exists today and the pictorial representations are of the same type as those at the Princely Church of Târgovişte.

As the Romania author Călin Turcu (1942-2006) noted in his book “Extratereștrii în România” (Aliens in Romania), “On the walls of the chapel Lainici (Gorj County) can be distinguished a picture quite different from the others. The drawing, done in the early seventeenth century and representing the “Annunciation”, depicts, above the Archangel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary, a heavenly “vehicle” with the shape of a double balloon which again can not be a cloud. The flying object ends with a narrow open tube, where red streaks appear to burst and absorbed behind by a red cloud.

On the walls of Tutana monastery (Argeş county), built in 1577, is depicted an “astronaut”, equipped for space flight. It is by no means an earthly character. Images such as those presented above are reported not only in Romania but also in other countries of the Orthodox faith, as in the Decani monastery in Kosovo and on a number of Russian religious icons.

But the paintings with UFOs are not restricted only to the Orthodox churches. One such painting exists also in a Protestant church, in the centre of Romania. Gili Schechter and Hannan Sabbath, from the Israeli Extraterrestrials and UFOs Research Association, commented in an article of a photo of a mural fresco in the Monastery Church, not far from the Clock Tower in the city of Sighişoara (Transylvania). The photo reproduced in the article was made by Cătălina Borta. Under the image is written in German, a passage from Psalm 130, 7: “Israel trust the Lord!” In the image is a large building, possibly a church, above which floats, slightly oblique, a large disc-shaped object, divided in to about 10 large sections. From the centre of the disc pointing down is a sort of spike. Above the bright object is a short column on which you see other objects that are hard to identify.

The authors could not find who did the painting, nor when. However the text can not date before Luther had translated and published, in 1534, the Bible in German. The authors also noted that the same disc hovering, diagonally divided into sectors and with the stick underneath, appears on a number of medals from the seventeenth century, probably chips used in gambling. It issued its opinion that these objects represent the cartwheel described in Ezekiel’s vision.

A similar picture exists in Liber Prodigiorum, a book, written by Julius Obsequens, a fourth-century Roman historian. But the book, which describes the unusual heavenly appearances over Rome, was printed, with engravings added, only in 1552. The authors noted some differences between Sighişoara painting and the objects on the medals; for example, these have almost all a circle of stars on the circumference, while they are not on the object depicted in Sighişoara.

Are these paintings depictions of medieval UFO sightings or do they have a much more mundane and simpler explanation ? As an academic and a UFO researcher I must admit that the images on these paintings are certainly worth a second look and we should not rule out the possibility that they do depict something that today would be described as a UFO.

Dan D.Farcas Phd is the author of the brand new book UFOs OVER ROMANIA published by Flying Disk Press and is out now on Amazon.
Flying Disk Press

About the author: Dan D. Farcas Ph.D.

Born in 1940 in Reşiţa, Romania, he holds an MSc in mathematics and physics and a Ph.D. in mathematics and computers. Since 1968, he was a project manager for several countrywide information systems, mainly in health and science management. He was elected in 1993 a full member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Romania. Since 2011 he has been the President of the Association for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (ASFAN) in Romania. He has published in Romania over 25 books (on IT, philosophy of science, Extraterrestrials, UFOs etc.), more than 1,200 articles and he also has participated in numerous radio and TV debates.

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“UFOs and Nukes” Documentary Critiqued By Skeptic Tim Hebert: Now the Filmmaker Responds

“UFOs and Nukes” Documentary Critiqued By Skeptic Tim Hebert: Now the Filmmaker Responds

     A few days ago, I wrote an article in which I expressed surprise that none of my critics had publicly commented on my documentary film, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, which has been available at Vimeo On Demand since April.

UFOs and Nukes Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons SitesA search of the Internet reveals the extent to which some debunkers have attacked me over the years, following the 2008 publication of my book UFOs and Nukes, in which I present dozens of incidents involving UFO activity at American nuclear weapons sites, as reported in declassified files and military witness testimony. Consequently, I was expecting more of the same once the film was released.

Robert Hastings
By Robert Hastings
The UFO Chronicles

Shortly after my article appeared online, one of those skeptics, Tim Hebert, wrote a critique which, not surprisingly, contains a number of factual errors, convenient omissions and other misrepresentations.

For example, he writes, “There is little to no information offered to the viewer that numerous pages of documents are available that tell an entire different story, or when the highlighted document segments are shown in context to the full document itself, a different interpretation takes shape that has nothing to do with UFOs.”

This is wishful thinking on Hebert’s part. There are hundreds of declassified U.S. government files concerning UFO incursions at ICBM sites, weapons storage facilities, bomb and missile test ranges, and other nukes-related sites. The film presents excerpts from 16 of those documents—made public by the U.S. Air Force, FBI and CIA in response to FOIA requests—15 of which explicitly and entirely concern UFO activity at nuclear weapons locations. Additionally, two Soviet Army documents, smuggled out of Russia, detail UFO incidents at that country’s ICBM sites or nukes storage facilities.

The one American document that does not openly mention UFO activity is a military teletype message, known as a TWX, sent from Malmstrom AFB, Montana in March 1967, concerning the mysterious full-flight shutdown of ten Minuteman ICBMs at Echo Flight. Because the message was only the initial report of an event, prior to any investigation of it, no mention of UFOs is made.

However, two U.S. Air Force veterans—Col. Walter Figel and TSgt. Henry Barlow—have stated for the record that a UFO was reported near one of the missiles moments before all ten dropped-off alert status. Both men appear in the film—the former on audio tape—and make startling admissions.

Figel confirms that a missile security guard had called him in the Echo Launch Control Capsule to report “a large, round object” hovering directly over one of the ICBMs. Further, during my lengthy interview with him—not shown in the film—Figel stated that he had sent out two Security Alert Teams to investigate, one of which confirmed the presence of the UFO. Figel also revealed that he and his missile commander, Captain Eric Carlson, were later debriefed back at Malmstrom by “everybody and his brother” and ordered not to talk about the incident.

Figel’s first taped telephone interview with me, recorded in 2008, may be heard in its entirety. It should be noted that the colonel has never disputed the accuracy of the recording or asked me to remove it from my website. Two other telephone interviews with Figel, taped in 2009 and 2010, are also available.

Tim Hebert and Eric Carlson’s son, James, have repeatedly denied or misrepresented Figel’s comments to me. Unfortunately for them, I have our conversations on tape. The reader may listen to them and judge for him/herself the nature and importance of Figel’s candid remarks.

The other veteran who discusses the Echo Flight incident in the film, former Electro-Mechanical Technician Henry Barlow, was involved in bringing up some of the stricken missiles. On the way to the first ICBM silo, he and his team member were told by radio to keep their eyes open “because UFO activity had been reported in the area”. Barlow was later told that a disc-shaped UFO had been spotted hovering over the missile designated Echo-2 just before the full-flight shutdown occurred.

In any case, Hebert’s characterization of the documents presented in the film—which he claims are misleading because they are either not pertinent or are taken out of context—is simply inaccurate. One may go to my website’s Documents page and leisurely read several of the declassified files that, of necessity, only briefly appear in the documentary.

Robert Kaminski
Robert Kaminski

Also presented in the film are confirmatory revelations about the Echo Flight incident by the Boeing engineer who investigated it, Robert Kaminski, who has written (see below) that his team could find no known technical explanation for the missile shutdown and further mentions that a Boeing-Air Force liaison later informed him that Air Force personnel had categorized the incident as “a UFO event”.

Kaminski To Klotz Letter Re Echo Flight & UFOs (1) 2-1-1997 Kaminski To Klotz Letter Re Echo Flight & UFOs (2) 2-1-1997 Kaminski To Klotz Letter Re Echo Flight & UFOs (3) 2-1-1997 Kaminski To Klotz Letter Re Echo Flight & UFOs (4) 2-1-1997
– click and or right click on image(s) to enlarge

Further confirmation in the film comes from retired Lt. Col. Dwynne Arneson, who was the Officer-In-Charge of the 28th Air Division’s Communications Center at Malmstrom at the time of the incident. Speaking at my 2010 press conference in Washington D.C., Arneson told the media that he had once read another classified TWX, in March 1967, which unequivocally stated that “a UFO had shut down several missile silos in Montana”.

In short, the one document in the film that does not mention UFOs per se, only an alarming full-flight missile shutdown event, nevertheless has multiple, credible witnesses confirming that the incident mentioned in it was indeed UFO-related. Not surprisingly, Hebert fails to mention any of this in his critique—while at the same time accusing me of being unfairly selective when presenting my evidence.

Hebert has long referred to the claim that UFOs are interested in our nukes as “Hastings’ theory”. Actually, I’m only reporting on what has been said by high-level government officials and hundreds of military eyewitnesses. For example, in the film I present a CIA memorandum from December 2, 1952, in which the Assistant Director of the agency’s Office of Scientific Intelligence, Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell, writes, “Sightings of unexplained objects at great altitudes and travelling at high speeds in the vicinity of major U.S. defense installations are of such nature that they are not attributable to natural phenomena or known types of aerial vehicles.”

Other declassified CIA, FBI and USAF documents confirm that UFOs had been sighted at Oak Ridge, Hanford, and Savannah River—all nuclear weapons facilities—during the seven-month period preceding Chadwell’s statement. Indeed, as mentioned in the film, USAF Project Blue Book chief, Captain Edward Ruppelt, once referred to the “ominous correlation” between UFO sightings and atomic bomb production, testing and deployment sites.

Hebert complains that the military witness interviews in the film are too short. Well, if the documentary were three hours long, instead of its current 48-minute length, all of the full-length interviews with the veterans would have been presented, instead of the brief snippets that appear in it. However, anyone buying the documentary at Vimeo also gains access to extended interviews with six of the former USAF missileers. (It cost the film’s producer, Jared Tarbell, several thousand dollars to fly those witnesses to Albuquerque, and put them up in hotels, during the extended interview process.)

Hebert also writes, “[Hastings claims] ICBM launch officers are contacted by above ground security personnel and told of UFO sightings. The officers themselves see nothing (they’re 60 to 100 feet underground) but the security personnel are treated to bizarre aerial performances that are not of this world. Where are the on camera testimonies from those security personnel?”

Actually, I have dozens of USAF missile security policemen on audiotape, describing in great detail the dramatic aerial displays they had witnessed at one base or another. Those verbatim testimonies appear in my book and in several articles at my website. When deciding which veterans to re-interview on video, given the high cost involved, I concluded that the missile launch and targeting officers offered the most comprehensive summaries of the UFO events at their missile flights and, therefore, included those individuals in the film.

I suppose I could go on here but there’s really no point. Those who strongly believe that I am full of shit probably won’t utilize even one of the many links provided in this rebuttal, while those who know that I document my public statements about nukes-related UFO activity, as best as possible, have already read or viewed many of the items I have posted over the years. Regardless, one may view my documentary film here.

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Tehran UFO Incident – 1976

FOIA Reply By Ryan Sprague 10-28-2013

By Ryan Sprague

Lieutenant Parviz Jafari
     In 2013, I sent my first FOIA request for any information and documents pertaining to to the 1976 Tehran UFO incident. This event remains one of the most well-documented and fascinating UFO encounters ever reported by military pilots and witnesses. After receiving a response to my request, I wrote the following article to give everyone an idea of just exactly what I was able to pull from the documents I received, and testimony from several witnesses, including Major Parviz Jafari of the Iranian Air Force. I hope this will give you some insight into this deeply dramatic event.
It was approximately 12:30 am on September 19th, 1976, when the Imperial Iranian Air Force received a phone call at their main command post in the city of Tehran. A civilian from the city district of Sheridan reported seeing a large, bright light emanating in the night sky. The call made several connections and landed in the ear of General Yousefi, Assistant Deputy Commander of operations. His first reaction was to phone the Mehrabad International Airport to see if they had anything flying in that vicinity. They reported that they had nothing in the skies whatsoever. Yousefi then assumed that perhaps the civilian was seeing a bright star or even the planet, Venus, which was quite visible at that time of year. But when Yousefi went out to investigate the object himself, he had no trouble seeing it, and concluded that it was much too large and close to be a star or planet. This is when he made the decision to send a fighter jet into the air to intercept and investigate further.

Approximately 175 miles west of Tehran, an F-4 Phantom Fighter jet was deployed from Shahrokhi Air Force Base. Piloted by Captain Mohammad Reza Azizkhani, the jet made it’s way towards the object. Azizkhani reported that the object was of such brilliance that it could be seen from almost 70 miles away. Whatever it was, it was very, very large. At about 25 nautical miles from the object, Azizkhani’s instruments began to malfunction. Communication capabilities were also dropped. At this point, the confused and scared pilot had no choice but to abort the interception, heading back to base. As he distanced himself from the object, his instruments began to function once again, but he didn’t want to take any chances. He headed back to base to explain what had happened to his superiors.

Lieutenant Parviz Jafari with Plane

In response to Azizkhani’s experience, a second F-4 jet was scrambled to see if it was merely the original plane that somehow malfunctioned, rather than having anything to do with the unknown object. Piloted by Lieutenant Parviz Jafari, he headed toward the object and was able to acquire a radar lock on it. Jafari would later report that the object’s radar signature was massive, comparable to that of a Boeing 707 aircraft. As he closed in on the object, it began to move. Clearly, it was aware of the interception occurring. Jafari tried to estimate the size of the object, but just like Azizkhani’s observation earlier, it was just too bright to make a fair estimate. Jafari, however, was able to make out different colored lights alternating in blinking succession. Blues, red, and orange were rapidly flashing all at once. Jafari continued south, tailing the object. That is when things got interesting.

Suddenly, a smaller object detached from the original, and began a quick advance towards Jafari’s F-4. Defense-mode kicked in as he believed this was an attack. Jafari attempted to launch an AIM-9 sidewinder missile at the object, but just like before, his instruments malfunctioned. All weapon and communication capabilities were lost. Jafari would later state that he even tried to eject from the aircraft at this point, but even that had malfunctioned. He quickly turned the F-4 and made a negative G dive. The smaller object dropped behind him and followed him for a moment, making it clear that it was now in control. Jafari nervously tried to outmaneuver the object to no avail. After a few nautical miles of cat and mouse, the smaller object would eventually break off and reunite with the larger object.

Jafari, having absolutely no idea what he was dealing with, retreated to assess the situation. The further he distanced himself from the object, his instruments and communications returned. He would relay that another object was soon detaching from the original. It made a rapid descent towards the ground. Jafari believed that at that speed, whatever it was would explode upon impact, but stated that whatever it was, it gently landed on a bed of rocks as Jafari severely decreased his altitude to personally witness this. Whatever it was, it landed near Rey Oil Refinery just on the outskirts of Iran, in the city of Mehrabad. Civilian airliners in the area also reported instrument failure in the same area where the object had landed.

Tehran UFO Event - 1976 (Artist Rendering)
Artist rendering of the event. (Artist unknown)

Jafari, making one last attempt to investigate this extremely terrifying and extraordinary encounter, witnessed one more object, cylindrical in shape, buzzing in the area. Mehrabad International Airport was notified, and responded saying that they had no aircraft in flight at the time. However, flight tower personnel were able to corroborate Jafari’s sighting of this last object, stating that it even overflow the towers, all of their electrical equipment going down for a short period of time. Soon, this object made way back to the primary object, a large flash of light occurred, and it disappeared out of sight.

The following morning, the F-4 pilots went out, by helicopter, to gather any evidence of the smaller landed object. They determined that it has landed near a dry lake bed, but when they circled the area to survey, no visible evidence could be found. They did, however, receive a high amount of beeps from their helicopter meters, beeping most loudly as they approached a nearby house. They landed the helicopter and decided to question the residents to see if they had seen or experienced anything at the time of the incident. They didn’t have much to say, but did admit that a loud noise had occurred and bright light filled the area like a large burst of lightning. This would ultimately be the end of the investigation for Jafari and the other pilots, as they were specifically told to move on as if it had never occurred.

Jafari & Co at National Press Club in Washington D.C.

This didn’t stop them from going public, however, and in 2007, Jafari would stand before the National Press Club in Washington D.C., to recount his extremely detailed and unbelievable story before other very high ranked officials and military personnel. The Tehran incident garnered a lot of buzz both in the Middle East and clearly in the United States as well. Soon after the incident, a detailed four page report was recorded by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and was distributed to no less than the White House, NSA, and CIA. Whatever happened in the skies that day in Tehran was a dogfight of perhaps interplanetary proportions. It was one of few cases that stretched national borders, and remains one of the most well documented and perhaps, most dangerous threats to the security of our skies.

DIA File on Tehran UFO Incident - 1976

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UFOs: Theirs, Ours or Whose?

UFOs: Theirs, Ours or Whose?

By Scott Corrales

     In recent years, the news has been filled with stories about drones – unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) -designed for a variety of purposes, perhaps most visibly military operations in the Middle East. In recent days, however, the media has been abuzz with stories of Amazon.com receiving authorization to deploy its own drone fleet… could Barnes & Noble be far behind? We may then be able to say, paraphrasing the wisdom of Master Yoda, “begun the drone wars have.”

The presence of these pilotless aircraft in over our heads will no doubt give rise to more reports of unidentified flying objects patrolling the night skies – unless they can be readily identified as the Domino’s drone on a pizza run. New York magazine treated us to a fine feature on the ubiquity of drones in the contemporary world mindful perhaps that New Yorker magazine had done one in 2012, citing the use of Predator drones by law enforcement in stalking a dangerous militia from an elevation of 10,000 feet. A quote from the article reads: “If you don’t have unmanned aircraft, or if you don’t have plans to get them, you’re seen as a caveman.”

Much as with the Argentinean case published in INEXPLICATA earlier this month (“Argentina: No UFOs in Rio Cuarto, Just Drones”) a number of recent UFO cases (CE-1s) and photographs may well be disproved as being manmade UAVs. This creates another problem – throwing the bona fide UFO photos and reports out with the electronic bathwater.

Dismissing UFO sightings as incidents involving airplanes is not new, but blaming them on prototype tests, experimental aircraft and the wonders of the military-industrial complex can only be taken so far.

The situation was articulated best by Spanish UFO researcher Marcelino Requejo in his book OVNIS:Alto Secreto (Vigo: Editorial Cydonia, 2009) in a section titled “La estúpida hipótesis del prototipo” (the dumb prototype hypothesis):

“Let us now compare the object sighted by Antolín Medina in Chantada in March 1980 with one of the UFOs photographed in Belgium nine years later, specifically during the 1989 flap. […] It was said at the time that the triangular flying objects seen and photographed in 1989 and 1990 over Belgium were nothing more than U.S. B-2 bombers. This is the last straw – someone had to say something! But the problem is that were facing the same old story. “Someone” took the citizens of the late 20th century to be imbeciles and hicks. See here: These modern bombers, 21 meters long and 52 meters wide, make a deafening noise as they fly, lack any kind of nocturnal illumination to avoid detection. In other words, not in the least similar to the silent and “disco-friendly” triangular objects seen in the skies over Belgium, measuring at least 70 meters from side to side, spinning on their own axis, and able to remain suspended barely 50 meters over the ground on more than one occasion.

“Wait, there’s more. If Northrop Grumman, the airplane’s builder, delivered the “Spirit of Missouri”, the first B-2, to the U.S. Air Force on 17 December 1993, how could this device have flown over Belgium four years earlier? Who can believe that an experimental aircraft with a 2.1 billion dollar price tag could be sent for nocturnal flights over Belgium, when the only operating base for the aircraft at the time was in Whiteman, Missouri?
“The Belgian Air Force itself scrambled several F-16s to intercept it, which is unexplainable when we consider that a bomber belonging “our American pals” or NATO (the same thing) would supposedly have the Belgian authorities’ permission and awareness.

“And what can we say about the artifact seen over Chantada (Galicia, Spain)? Another U.S. B-2 bomber? Well, if that’s the case, the American air force was “on sale” in 1980, because they sent the crème de la crème to Galicia…a lovely bomber measuring nearly 2 kilometers long! This, at a time when the B-2 was still on the drawing board!”

Similar efforts were made in the 1990s to explain away triangular UFOs in Argentina as tests of TR-3B reconnaissance airplane over Patagonia. In later years, triangular craft over South America were explained not as tests, but overflights of less-than-friendly governments such as landlocked Bolivia. The reason? Inspections of an extensive uranium deposit that allegedly exists in the Los Frailes cordillera, with reserves in excess of 100,000 tons, and which have attracted the attention of another less-than-friendly government: Iran. The inevitable question arises – wouldn’t spy satellites be better suited for such a task, and might the true nature of these triangle sightings have little to do with espionage or military hardware tests?

During a spectacular lightning storm in the Bolivian city of San Ignacio de Velasco on 17 January 2012, an amateur cameraman picked up what appeared to be a triangular UFO with lights at each vertex. The video was broadcast on Bolivia’s UNITEL network, causing a tidal wave of controversy between those who considered it a fake and those who accepted its authenticity – either as UFO or a U.S. intelligence craft. See video below:

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MUFON Censors Their Former International Director?

MUFON Censors Their Former International Director?

What’s next MUFON? Book Burning?

James Carrion
By James Carrion

      Well I had the most interesting of experiences today on Facebook. I joined the Official MUFON Facebook page and proceeded to post the following, from MUFON’s Website:

“The study of a phenomenon commonly known as unidentified flying objects is a random observational event that makes it difficult to use all aspects of the scientific method but at the same time it is an area where it is very important to use scientific procedures and techniques. The UFO phenomenon does not lend itself to experimentation that allows one to examine the phenomenon in a controlled manner.”

The closest that MUFON has come to using the scientific method was with the AMP project, and years after the data was collected, there are still no published findings.

MUFON has been in existence since 1969…and has had scientific consultants that entire time. Where are all of the scientific research studies it has been conducting? You won’t find them on its website or hiding away in Hangar 1, because they simply do not exist.

MUFON is not scientifically studying UFOs, it is collecting data and has been doing so for over 40 years with nothing concrete to show for it. No hypotheses, no conclusions, so in a nutshell – no science. Collecting data for the sake of collecting data is not science, it is a landfill.

As all of the MUFON Facebook page posts go into a pending status and have to be approved before actually publicly posted, I patiently waited for the moderator to take action, and within a reasonable period of time, my posting was approved. The only one to comment on my post just happened to be MUFON’s Director of Investigations, Steve Hudgeons. Here’s the exact conversation word for word:

Steve: “I am guessing book sales are down…”

Me: “Yes Steve, they are down, given that my book is available for free at http://rosettadeception.blogspot.com. In fact, book sales are non-existent. Go figure.”

Steve: “as I expected…..he is looking for a fight”

Me: “Hmmm… you throw the money angle card at me and accuse me of a fight. How magnanimous of you. As MUFON’s Director of Investigations, perhaps you would care to comment on the substance of my post instead of trying to make this a personal attack?”

Steve: “you make a comment about MUFON on a MUFON page….and you are saying ‘I’ am being personal??? You walked into this room…..I didn’t walk into yours”

Me: “I am sorry. Is that your official MUFON response? Is MUFON now publicly censoring its own membership? Perhaps you were not aware that I am a MUFON lifetime member.”

Steve: “see what I mean?”

Me: “Actually I don’t. Healthy debate is a hallmark of any healthy organization.”

Steve: “we do not debate in here”

Me: “Is that another official MUFON response? What is the purpose of this Facebook page than? Are only those who toe the party line allowed to comment and any criticism of the organization rejected outright?

I then decided to look at the MUFON page posting rules and was in the process of submitting the following, when an error message from Facebook popped up on my screen stating that the post could not be submitted:

Me: “No need to answer…I found the answer in the ‘rules and guidelines’ – This is a page where we discuss and share opinions about anything pertaining to the study, investigation, discovery and science of the UFO phenomena.’ I didn’t see the part that said just MUFON opinions.”

Incredulously, faster than I could hit the enter key, the page moderator removed the entire post. So fast was their response, it would have made a WW2 censorship official proud.

If an organization that claims to champion the search for truth cannot take the least bit of criticism and has no qualms about censoring its own membership, including a former International Director who not only contributed a pretty financial penny to the organization as a MUFON lifetime member, but also contributed thousands of sweat and blood unpaid volunteer hours, what does that really say about this organization and its leadership?

What it tells me is that an organization that resorts to such tactics is not to be trusted with anyone’s opinion or data as the bonfires of censorship are antithetical to the pursuit of knowledge. What will you burn next MUFON?

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